The Clarity Series SHOUD 1 Q&A Session
Presented to the Crimson Circle August 8, 2005
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And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we return for this time of answers and questions. We know that those who are asking the questions on this day truly have the answers within them, but it is simply a matter of - how to say - being able to put this out into reality, to express it, to vocalize it. That helps you to be more clear about the answers.

I want to make a few notes here about today's Shoud before we go into the answers and questions. We want to first of all say that - as you have been discovering for some period of time now - that when you begin to open up, when you begin to clear now, that this Old way of handling your life, dealing with your life, this thing called logic, begins to change. It is very difficult to even imagine going out of a state of logic because logic was… well, so logical (some laughter). It was designed to make absolute sense out of a very focused and limited amount of energy standards or a limited amount of criteria. And, it did allow you to operate within this reality.

But, again, as you expand, you're going to find it challenges the logic. You are going to find that you need to get out of just that way of existing. You say, "But is there a new logic?" No, there is not. There is a new way of being, but it is not logical. It does not follow a linear path. It is totally different.

Some of you are already experiencing now this whole way of living in a New Energy, but yet it is difficult to define. It is difficult to understand. The mind becomes so overtaxed, or it just simply doesn't understand the data coming in, so it goes into a type of freeze and sometimes - how to say - a total meltdown.

Some of you find it difficult. Your sense of time and space seems to be evaporating. Some of you are so used to keeping track of every linear moment of time, and suddenly that all disappears. Now, we know you feel that you are losing your balance, or perhaps losing your mind. And, quite literally you are, but at the same time it is being replaced with a whole different type of operating system, a whole different way of dealing with energies and potentials.

So, we're going to ask you, particularly in this next month of time: be very lenient with yourself. Let yourself go. Let yourself not become overly concerned about trying to stay in the Old way of doing things.

Sometimes it can be disconcerting indeed because you are truly making tremendous changes. Sometimes you - how to say - are going to get very frustrated because you're not sure yet how to bring in this whole New way of dealing with energies. But, it is a natural part of you. It is not a system that you need to design. It is already there. It is simply a matter of letting that come forward and using it. Some of you perhaps feel dizzy; you feel disoriented. You feel that you can't remember things. It is, again, because you are going to a whole New way of perceiving information, getting off of the logical.

So, during these next 30 or so days we are going to ask you to be very open, in particular, to allow the imagination to come in, even if you think these are - how to say - crazy thoughts or even crazy voices. Don't suppress them. Let them flow through. You can be clear about them. In other words, understand their root energy. But, don't suppress them. Let from flow through.

This flow right now, in particular, is so important that we are going to ask you to do breathing in particular this next month. That is a physical way of keeping the flow going. Breathe on a regular basis. There is a beautiful and wonderful - how to say - a breathing disc that was done by the "Doctor of Breath" that you may want to get so that it can guide you through the breathing.

But, opening up right now is most important. It is particularly important because of this massive amount of very Old dark energy that has come onto Earth now; it has been infused. You'll find that it's very important to continue your flowing and your breathing so as not to get caught up. You're going to see dramas intensify here for a period of time. Things intensify as this Old dark energy that was brought in tries to find its way into some type of form or some type of manifestation.

So, one other point we want to quickly make here: as you work with clearing, as you experience clearing each day… whether it is clearing your food… or clearing concepts… or thoughts… or perhaps meetings at work… or anything… clearing your sex life would also be good (some laughter)… but, as you do this clearing, you're going to start to see into energies in a whole new way. Sometimes this can be challenging because as you get back into… as you break through the illusion and get back into core energy, sometimes there is a tendency - how to say - not to want to come back to this reality. And, for a little while it will appear that you are switching back and forth between different types of energy levels. It will be hard coming back into your normal human energy level.

Some of you will find yourself… a few may find yourself not wanting to stay in the human consciousness and the human reality… come back to our side. And, a larger number of you are going to find yourself right in between - not wanting to come to our side, but not wanting to return to your full human consciousness. This is not a good energetic place to stay in. It is not clear at all to be in-between. It is good to be very clear in your Now moment, your present human reality, but yet expanded into the clarity of all of the energy building blocks that make up this reality. But, when you're clear about that, about what the energy building blocks are, then the illusion doesn't affect you in the same way.

So, with that we would be delighted to take your questions.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (a woman at the microphone): Greetings, Tobias, I feel such gratitude to you for helping us. There's… it's just so heartfelt and so big… the help that you give us. I just can hardly find words to tell you. But, thank you, thank you, thank you. And, I just feel so compelled to come to Crimson Circle, to be a part of this. I feel such recognition and familiarity with you. I'm wondering if there are any experiences that we have had together, or our relationship… what was our relationship that might help me to be more clear and be more in the flow now?

TOBIAS: Indeed… and you asked me not to kiss and tell (much audience laughter).

SHAUMBRA 1: Can you tell a little bit? (more laughter)

TOBIAS: Indeed… there are… we are… all of us… all of Shaumbra is linked on many different levels, whether it is in actual lifetimes here on Earth, or whether it is in the work of the Crimson Council on our side. So, our lineage is very long and very old.

The - how to say - some of the more poignant times, in particular, were in the Temples of Tien, where you were one of the priests, or priestesses, as they would call it now. You were one of the workers of energy. And, for a period of time I was one of your students and perhaps gave you more than your share of troubles at the time. But, I was what you would call a very stubborn student. But, once I, through your help, was able to break through some of these blockages that I had, I ended up later to be one of the teachers also in the Temples of Tien. So, that was perhaps one of the more interesting times that we have had.

But, in a sense, all of our energies are interwoven. And, we're all back here right now to do a couple of things: a) was to awaken into a new consciousness. That was the primary mission of you and of Shaumbra: to awaken in this lifetime, awaken essentially in the cocoon and to emerge out of it. Then, from the awakening was to go through the release, to take structure off of Old Energy so that it could flow once again.

And, finally now we come into the third phase of our work as Shaumbra. And, that is to express and bring into reality all of the tools, all of the things we have learned together, to bring to Earth now the fact that you can live multi-dimensionally, to bring to Earth now that the human experience doesn't have to be filled with suffering and sickness and disease. And, it is so important right now to bring the concept to Earth that it is not about force anymore. New Energy is a non-force. We don't have to do this by preaching or evangelizing or trying to recruit. We do it simply by being.

And, that is what you are doing in your life. Sometimes you and I talk. And, you wonder what you should be doing. And, I keep telling you, dear, over and over. I say to you, "Honey (audience laughter), right now you are doing this. You are helping to bring into consciousness the grand potential of no force."

Imagine a world where there is no force. We are not talking simple, sheer physical. I'm talking about spiritual force. I'm talking about mental force, where things are manifested easily. You see, when we get beyond the concept of God as force, then you'll find all of a sudden the need for physical labor is done only when you enjoy it. When the concept of force goes out the door, it opens another door of consciousness that comes in that can turn technology into useful practical tools. And, we could go and on about this.

But, you are doing the work now. I'm going to personally ask you to spend time clearing. You have many layers of sludge built up here (more laughter) about your own work and your own passion. And, there is a - how to say - you have a feeling that it has to apply pressure. You have to feel the labor, the work, whatever it is that you do in your body and in your mind, that it has to be difficult. I'm going to ask you to clear all of that and go back to the root core of your own passion in your own life right now. The answer is so simple and so there. But, I have to have you find it. I cannot do it for you. So, indeed we have shared many times. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 1: Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear brother Tobias, what is going on with Israel and Israeli Shaumbra? And, what is the potential?

TOBIAS: Indeed… indeed I, Tobias, have so much of my love and my heart in this area of Israel, in the Mid-East. And, right now it is the place where the energies of Earth, the dualistic energies, are at their strongest. And, Shaumbra is bringing that into their own energy. Instead of Shaumbra coming together in unity and love, Shaumbra is finding ways to manifest the very duality, the very anger, that is part of the land.

When we went there a while back, we talked about the importance of the land. And, we talked about all of the potential that lies in a crystalline form in that area for a new understanding of God. As human consciousness and their perceptions of God change, you will see that it has come primarily from that whole area. It is an area of religious battles, religious strife and struggle, religious power plays.

We are going to ask Shaumbra here in this moment to rise above that. You get caught in it. You become part of it. And, then you find yourself running in circles. You find yourself depleted. You find yourself angry, tired, and lacking in abundance because you are letting those very energies of the land affect you.

I am going to personally recommend that you go in - so many of you who live in Israel - go into yourself and find, if this feels appropriate to you. So many of you need to get out before you can be effective when you come back. You are stuck in its energies. It is holding you in, much as - how to say - the Kryon talked about the tar pit. Israel is like your tar pit. You need to get out of it for a while, so you can come back in a new way. There is much work to be done there.

We are going to invite ourselves back. Whether Shaumbra is unified or not, we're going to invite ourselves back. And, this time - how to say - we're not going to be as nice as we were before. We're going to truly move some energy. And, it may not be for everyone who is there. But, this is such a critical area for Earth right now. And, the work Shaumbra is doing can have such an impact. But, you've gotten yourself in your own tar pit. Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, I want to thank everybody first. The channels that I've been reading here have relieved so much burden from my life. And, I want to live now. And, the second thing is I want to thank you for committing to stay with us for our next level. My question is: I have two daughters that have passed away in the last five years. And, I struggle with letting go of them along with my story. And, I… maybe if I could understand maybe what I didn't learn or am supposed to learn from it, and also what relationship do I have with them now? Are they off somewhere in a dimension where I'll never see them again? Or, are we going to be family again?

TOBIAS: Indeed… and this is one of the most challenging things a human will ever go through: the loss of their own children, the ones that they brought into this world and cared for and nurtured. First we have to say that both are - how to say - they are not working in the Earthly realms. One has come back to Earth already. The other is - what you would say - far removed from the Earthly realms in a type of - words are difficult sometimes - but it is a type of study program, having to do with multi-dimensional energies, but not in contact with the Earth realms.

Now, because of the very special place that you had with these loved ones, there is always a connection there, even if they are far, far away. But, it is a - how to say - it is not a place where you would go to try to counsel them or them to counsel you. This connection, this place you go, is simply to touch energies and touch love.

Both chose to be on Earth for a brief period of time primarily to go through their own type of clearing. And, both chose to leave the Earth so that they could come back at a more appropriate time. As I said, one has already come back. The other, the older one, has not yet, but will be coming back in in the next - we don't like years - but in what you would call perhaps the next five or six years of time.

Right now there is so much built-up energy and sorrow and grieving and guilt that is here that is a like a ball within you. It is time not to mentally try to get over this anymore but to have an emotional release to set that energy free. Part of you doesn't want to. Part of you feels guilty about truly letting go.

And, this is a situation here where you are so ready to let go of this energy, but yet it is so balled up that here we're going to suggest working with a facilitator. And, there are many in the room here today. It won't take a lot of work to go through this. But, this is a step that is important for you now to move forward. And, you will begin understand the beauty of how all of this is played out. So, the appropriate - how to say - facilitators will talk to you afterwards about letting go of this last vestige of energy that is holding you back, and to know that it was all very appropriate.

SHAUMBRA 3: Okay, can I ask you if the one that has come back to Earth is maybe one of my grandkids or another family…

TOBIAS: It is not. It is not one that you know at this time, but if you are able to truly have an emotional release, not a mental release, but emotional letting go of some of the trauma and the sorrow of this, you will end up meeting this one…

SHAUMBRA 3: Oh, cool.

TOBIAS: … later on in life. And, it will become very obvious by the words that are said that you've known each other.

SHAUMBRA 3: Okay, cool, thank you.

TOBIAS: But, this one chose not to come back into the family because there is, as you know, some very Old heavy ancestral karmic energies that would've held her back.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, I have been with my current job for 5 years. I have had many great experiences and opportunities with this company. But, it's become clear that my time there is coming to an end. I'm ready for a change but feel some fear around it. Can you help bring some clarity to this?

TOBIAS: Indeed… fear is a wonderful energy because it is intense. It is very strong, and it is actually very clear. But, you are seeing it as the illusion of the fear of losing your job here, or whatever the fear happens to be. But, actually we are going to be talking in Shouds in this series about fear energy and how to move right through it, and have it work for you like a catapult, have it move you to incredible levels of New Creator-ship.

So, go into the fear. Take a deep breath. Clear it. You're going to see the pearl that is laying there for you. And, yes, we understand, by the way, when you have a job that is secure, and it is providing for you, that it can be fearful to just walk out. But, as you clear the energy, you'll understand why you first brought it in and why the fears are there. And, that will truly open it up for a whole different type of job opportunity for you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, I am new to this energy, as if you didn't know.

TOBIAS: Not at all… you are not new to this energy. You only have the illusion that you are new to this energy. But, you have been with us before in Atlantis. And, you were literally with me in one of my lifetimes, not as Tobias, but in one previous to that. So, you are quite old.

SHAUMBRA 5: So I have been told.

TOBIAS: But, you simply look young.

SHAUMBRA 5: I have many questions. I want to ask everything. I want to know why I can blow electric appliances many, many times. They even catch fire.

TOBIAS: Because it is fun to do (some laughter).

SHAUMBRA 5: I have a daughter who is very rebellious. And, I have a son who is very… he carries a lighter energy. Things are changing. I don't… it's all new… I'm a student now. For some reason my comfort zone has been pulled from me. Why? Where am I supposed to go?

TOBIAS: Indeed… any change… and by the way, you have accepted the change in your life. And, that is why everything is moving so fast and sometimes it seems to be out of sorts. But, you have accepted that it is time for you to move into the New Energy. So, everything turns upside down. You can ask any of the other Shaumbra here about their lives and what has happened in these past few years. But, it turns upside down before it… it has the illusion that it is upside down because it is like a spiral, but it is spiraling in every different direction.

It is literally moving you to a whole new understanding of yourself as God, as Spirit, as an incredible human angel on Earth right now. So much of it is about letting go of things that don't serve you anymore in your life. It is not any type of - how to say - punishment from Spirit, as some things literally go from your life because they don't serve you. You can do all of this so much easier with regular breath. The breath just keeps everything flowing, and to let go of this concept of how you think it should be, and simply have fun with this experience of awakening.

SHAUMBRA 5: Thank you. May I ask you one more question?

TOBIAS: Indeed.

SHAUMBRA 5: The people with the white eyes… who are they? They stop me and stare. Their eyes are very clear; they're white to me, not blue, white. Why?

TOBIAS: Indeed… you are - how to say - you are perceiving them this way. In reality it is not a literal thing. But, you are perceiving them this way because there is a spirit to spirit connection. You have known them in many ways before. There is a type of recognition that is taking place between you that - how to say - so there is the illusion that you look right past their eyes, so to speak. These are ones you have known before. And, you are making a reconnection with them.

SHAUMBRA 5: Thank you very much.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, incest is a strong secret, pervasiveness issue for many. Can you provide insight?

TOBIAS: Indeed… this energy of incest is perhaps one of the strongest forces for taking or imprisoning the energy of another human. But, far beyond just their human energy, it goes into their spirit energy. It is a way of enslavement or entrapment. It establishes some of the most wicked karmic energies between two people.

There are - how to say - we are going to do a special session just in this. But, we're not going to focus on just the energies of incest, but literally how to get out of that prison. We know there are many Shaumbra who still have those very dark energies, and as much as they have tried to let them go and to forgive or to try to fight their way out of this, these energies are still there.

And, we don't want to dishonor this subject with a very brief answer, but rather to say that any time there are sexual energies involved it is the easiest way to steal energy from another. And, it crosses over from lifetime to lifetime. There might have been an incident in one lifetime of sexual abuse or incest, and that energy crosses over. The enslavement of another person or another soul carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

Some of you have carried, did carry, over energies from other lifetimes into this based on sexual abuse, and then found yourself trapped in it again, perhaps somebody else doing it to you. Some of you have been psychically manipulated by non-physical beings into actually thinking that you were being physically abused. This came to you in dream states or in altered states of being because those old connections from past lives are still ingrained.

And, we are going to do a very special session, but, mind you, it has to be at the right time and the right setting. It's going to deal with the sexual energies. We are going to bring in the energies of Quan Yin through the "Doctor of Breath" because we will need that at this time when we are dealing with this. And, also in doing this special session, we're going to ask for a small group of victims of incest to join us. And, it will be a closed and private session, but it will be recorded so the information could be made available. But, it will not be done in conjunction with any other sessions. It will be by itself.

Literally, it is one of the easiest, fastest and most wicked ways of entrapping one's soul. And, we are going to do some soul releasing in this special session. But, it has to be at the right time.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, Tobias, how are you? I have two questions. One is: was that Saint Germain yesterday that appeared to me? And the other is…

TOBIAS: We are going to stop you here first. We are going to ask you to take a deep breath and clear and feel the energies. And, who was that that was there?

SHAUMBRA 7: I thought it was Saint Germain that…

TOBIAS: And, there you are (some laughter). We want you to get, all of you, to get used to now trusting your feelings. It indeed - how to say - it was… it came through the Saint Germain energies. It was the energy of Saint Germain. And, it was there for a very specific reason to help keep you from taking a wrong turn, so to speak. But, yes, we are going to ask you now to clear and to feel your knowingness. You see, you played this song before. It said, "Have A Little Faith In Me." Who do you think was singing that song to you? It was yourself.

SHAUMBRA 7: The other question is: the same… you get asked a lot about relationship. I have a very old, long term relationship, but it seems to be an ancient one and very old. I can't seem to be able to end it. It doesn't seem to be able to…

TOBIAS: You can't end it? It's very easy. We understand that there are mechanisms called walking out the door (some laughter), or anything you want. We are going to make a point here. You have a choice… you have a choice. And, there is an illusion that the relationship is old, ancient. And, it is not nearly as old as you think. And, there is the illusion that you can't get out of this. But, karma in itself is an illusion. The fact that you can't get out of it is an illusion. It is very easy to get out of… you see.

SHAUMBRA 7: It keeps evolving as I evolve.

TOBIAS: Indeed… indeed, and perhaps it is time to absolutely release that relationship at the core of your being. Clear it. Go into the core energies of why it was there in the first place. And, then release it. Release it like you would let go of two birds in your hands. Release it like you would let go of your very favorite pet. Release it like you would let go of something you truly love, that you loved so much that you didn't want to keep it restricted anymore.

When you release something like that - for all of you - when release something because you love it, it lets go of Old Energies that may no longer be appropriate. It allows everything to evolve in a new way. Sometimes you have to cross that fear that it truly may be gone, at least for a while. It truly might go. But, the relationship has so much incredible energy but, as you said yourself in your own words, that there's a feeling of being restricted or trapped in it. Let it go and see what happens.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.

TOBIAS: We don't mean to interrupt you, but we want you through your question… it applies to everyone. It is not your question. You are asking for everyone. You have a choice. You have a choice. And, it is a beautiful relationship, by the way.


SHAUMBRA 8 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, and everyone. I feel my mom is crossing very soon. And, I want to know what I can do to ease that for her and my family through this grand event.

TOBIAS: Indeed… Saint Germain is going to be giving a long discourse in this in one week of time. But, we are going to give you a few simple answers here.

There is… the letting go is the most important thing all of you can do right now. Now, that is difficult because you go to your family, and you say, "We have to let her go." And, they think you are cold and heartless. But, actually it is a greatest act of love and compassion.

The transition is in process right now, meaning that there are energetic movements within her that are already leading to this. But, when humans who are still energetically fully present here hang on, it makes the transition very difficult. It is about letting go. And, during the actual period, the final period of transition, simply it is best to hold the hand of the one who is transitioning, to breathe with them. If you get into their breath, and let them get into yours, the transition will be absolutely filled with love.

And, allow your grieving afterwards, but understand it is your grieving for you. It is your grieving for a being who was here on Earth who you shared with physically. But, allow for your grieving without holding onto them. Saint Germain is going to get into the details during the Dreamwalker School about how to actually escort one over to the other side. But, for all of you who are looking for just the basics, it is about releasing; it is about breathing with the person. Oh, when they cross over, and when there is that breath-work, it is wonderful. And, then it is about letting your own grieving take place.

SHAUMBRA 8: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you. And, we do not see this as being a terribly difficult transition here.



QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, I am very drawn to going to the retreat in Wisconsin in September. But, I can't decide if it's because the timing is right, or if it's that I'm looking for answers outside of myself.

TOBIAS: So, we're going to ask you to take a deep breath and do a little clearing on this. Get out your mind here, out of the mind and into the heart. Clear… feel the core energy, not of just the workshop, but the core energy of where you are at right now, of some of the changes that are going on and will take place in your life. Clear and feel the passions that are in your life right now. Get out of the head. Bring it down. Clear. Now, we're going to ask you to ask the question again.


TOBIAS: You don't remember the question?

SHAUMBRA 9: Yes… Tobias, I'm very drawn to going to the retreat in Wisconsin in September.

TOBIAS: How does that feel when you say that?

SHAUMBRA 9: I feel very excited about it.

TOBIAS: And, is there something beyond here just looking for answers outside of yourself?

SHAUMBRA 9: I think it might…

TOBIAS: No, don't think.

SHAUMBRA 9: Okay, I feel like the timing might be prefect right now…


SHAUMBRA 9: … for me to get answers that I need.

TOBIAS: Now, we're going to ask our studio audience today (some laughter): Did that answer feel clear or muddy? All those who feel clear, say, "Aye."

AUDIENCE: Many "ayes."

TOBIAS: All those who felt muddy, say "Aye."

AUDIENCE: Some "ayes."

TOBIAS: Ah, "clear" wins (more laughter). It was a very shaky "muddy" answer. The "clear" aye was very strong. We're simply teasing with you. You are feeling something, but what is happening? You bring up a beautiful example for everyone. You feel something. You feel a desire, but then the mind jumps in. The doubts jump in. "Oh, perhaps, I'm simply doing this because I need some answers outside of me. Perhaps, I'm not as strong as I could be." See, clarity says, "There is a passion and a desire." But, clarity also says, "Look how the fears jump in." You know what the fear is?


TOBIAS: Yes, you do. But, I'll tell you anyway.


TOBIAS: The fear is that it's going to change your life. The fear is that it's going to spiral you into something that you have had as a passion for so long. But, you have hidden it. You are like this incredible flower that's ready to blossom, but the doubts come in, and they muddy everything up. Go back to the root energies, the root energies you feel.

You said that you feel the passion to be there. Why? Because we are going to spend three intense days. And, we are going to do some clearing. We're going to do some inter-dimensional work. We're going to go to some very interesting places that don't exist here on Earth. So, you felt that, but then you thought. See: the feeling versus the thinking. You thought, "Well, maybe I shouldn't go." Actually the true energy behind your doubt was that you didn't deserve this. So, go back and do a lot of breathing and a lot of clearing. And, then we will see you there (audience laughter).

SHAUMBRA 9: Thank you.

LINDA: Last question.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, Geoff is turning 50 on August 26th, and I'm turning 50 on August 18th. And, I was told recently that strengthening my body through exercise would help carry light out into the world as I go from practicing law to speaking and writing. And, I'm just wondering what kind of… what you had to say to us "baby boomers" who are going out into the world in different ways in this chapter of our lives.

TOBIAS: Indeed… I can make that very clear. It is about no longer accepting the illusions of age. This can be one of the first groups to transcend that… all of that. Oh, we see so many things: Old perceptions and concepts… everything from the way your body acts and reacts… and about again what to eat and not to eat… and particularly about sex.

And, we see that when you - not just you, but all of Shaumbra - you are inundated with this information that now there's going to be more of it because there's more of you that are growing - how to say - more graceful and more mature. You are going to be inundated with hypnotic messages that say you're getting old… you're getting decrepit… you're losing your mind… and you're losing the control of your body.

We watch these commercials and these advertisements through you. And, we are amazed that you believe it, and you accept it. "Oh, my gosh the person on TV is losing control of their bowels, and so I must also!" (audience laughter) What you are doing is you are buying into the illusion. So, we are going to ask you to first of all when you see any commercial: clear, go to the core energy for what it really is. It's not that commercials are bad, but they are hypnotic. You buy into them. So, we're going to ask you to clear all of this.

The physical body, actually at this point in your cycle and your years, can be at one of its most resilient and energetic states. The muscle mass starts going, and there is a good reason for that. Muscle is an older energy tissue. And, it is being replaced by another layer of energy tissue that cannot be seen. It is not a physical tissue. But, you can start incorporating that into your body. You don't need the muscle - what they say - muscle mass. You don't need that mass anymore. You can be very resilient.

SHAUMBRA 10: That means no more working out in the gym?

TOBIAS: Not the way most humans work out. They go and beat and abuse their body. It you can't smile during your workout, don't work out (some laughter). You should have joy. You should… if you are working out right now, you should clear the energy so that you can release old muscle mass, replace it with a whole new level of energetic structure. It is invisible, non-physical energy that comes in and starts incorporating. It creates its own network with your tissues and particularly - with all of you - with your bone structure. Invite it into your bone structure so the bones aren't: a) dependent on the Old way of structure and so fragile, and now they can become more resilient.

But, this is the first group to show that age doesn't have to bring upon the decay of the body. We get very emphatic here. But, we want all of you to enjoy living in your body. And, then the day you decide not to live in it, don't go through months or years of disease. Walk out of your body. Drop it. Leave it behind like a pair of old underwear (audience laughter). So, right now the body gets decayed and diseased and old and the last years of living are miserable. You should able to walk directly out of your body. Yes?

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.


So, Shaumbra, we bring this Shoud to a close. It has been the honor of Hossaf and of Metatron to be here today. Hossaf will continue with his energy, with working with you. And, again we're going to remind you to bring the experience of clearing into your life each day. Don't force it. Don't struggle with it. But, just bring that experience in. You are going to start perceiving everything in a whole new way.

And so it is!

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," in Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

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The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. The "Shoud" is the portion of the channeling where Tobias steps aside and the energy of the humans is channeled directly by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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