Quan Yin / Kwan Yin / Quon Yin

purity/essence of feminie frequency;

< NewEnergy 6 > We ask you to welcome in the energy of Quan Yin (also spelled Kwan Yin or Quon Yin) on this day. Quan Yin… meaning purity of the feminine frequencies. Quan Yin is not a person, so to speak. It as an archetypical energy. But, she is filled with life… indeed. She is filled with love, and compassion, and mercy. Quan Yin is an energy that has been embodied in many living beings, amongst those MarySophia… many, many others… primarily embodying in the feminine body, the feminine vessel. But, on occasion too Quan Yin has embodied in the male energy as well.

< NewEnergy 6 > She comes in now after the Harmonic Concordance - and only after the Harmonic Concordance - in a new way. Oh, she has been around. Quan Yin had a commitment to stay in the energies of Earth as long as there were those who are on the cycle of karma, the cycle of lifetimes. Her energy can come in now in a whole new and very potent way… now that we've all gone through the Harmonic Concordance. She comes in here now, whether you are male or female.

< NewEnergy 6 > She is symbolized by the white lotus. She is symbolized by the number 33. If you have been seeing this lately, Quan Yin and the energy of Quan Yin is right with you. She is symbolized as the vessel, as the nurturing energy, as the energy that gives birth. She is the essence of compassion and mercy. And, she is so very present with us in our space today. The energy of Quan Yin can be embodied within any of you, as we said. It is not like she is a person. She is an archetypical energy that you helped to create, that first began making its presence known some 2500 years before Yeshua. But, she made her presence on Earth very strongly known approximately 400 years after Yeshua left.

< NewEnergy 6 > Quan Yin, as we said, has embodied in many, many physical beings, but now this energy is available. It is an energy, in a sense, you could say, that is already within every one of you. Quan Yin is the feminine frequency, the vessel of life. More than anything, you could say, Quan Yin is the energy of New Energy (divine+human, yin+yang), the portion of the New Energy that is the birth giver, that is the vessel of creativity. She comes in now… dormant in some of you, quite active in others.

< NewEnergy 6 > If you want to feel, and see, and touch, perhaps even smell the essence of Quan Yin here today, there is one who has agreed to - how to say - allow this, to show this, for she works with it so very closely. Talk to the master, the "Doctor of Breath" (referring to Dr. Norma Delaney), if you want to see and feel the love and the compassion of Quan Yin, for they have been working together for so very long. She, the Doctor of Breath, has embodied Quan Yin within her. All of you have that potential. It is not reserved for anyone. All have the potential of embodying compassion and mercy. All have the potential of bringing in the energy of the white lotus, the 33 that also corresponds to Yeshua's number. And, that should tell you something.

< NewEnergy 6 > Why does she come in now? Why do we have this gathering of Shaumbra in the Now several days ago? It is to bring forth a very interesting dynamic of New Energy that is now available for you. But, it must be grounded. It must be grounded. We talked to this group several days ago about this New Energy, an attribute, an attribute of the New Energy you are moving into. What we told them, and what we want to share with Shaumbra all over, is that there is something very special in this New Year with New Energy… something that may take a bit of time to realize what it truly is… how it integrates with you and your life. This attribute, this energy, is that, dear Shaumbra, YOU ARE NOW SAFE. YOU ARE NOW SAFE. New Energy unto itself is safe. It is balanced. Old Energy was in a constant state of flux, and change, and imbalance; therefore, you never felt safe. You never felt safe to be yourself. So, we bring in New Energy; it contains the element of "safe."

< NewEnergy 6 > Quan Yin comes in on this day where she asks to help all of Shaumbra across this world at this very moment right now to ground the safe energy, so that you can embody it, so that you can take ownership of it. Remember - no effort. We see some of you out there efforting, trying to bring in the safe space. It is there. It is there… no effort needed. What does grounding look like? Ah… acceptancebreathing it into your body… breathing it into your space, into your reality. That is all. It is so simple!

< NewEnergy 6 > The energy of Quan Yin comes in to help you ground. The energy of Quan Yin comes in because the feminine wasn't safe. The feminine was being overpowered. It was being abused and taken advantage of. Quan Yin can come in now, fully balanced feminine and masculine energy. You see… Quan Yin is not truly a woman. Quan Yin is now the embodiment of the masculine and feminine together in one vessel together. Quan Yin has come in today to honor you, and to thank you, and to work with each of you in truly grounding the safe energy of New Energy.

< NewEnergy 8 > We know her by the energy of Myriam, a dear one who comes from the lineage of Abraham, who was also known as Deborah, who led one of the twelve tribes of Israel, a great, great leader of man and woman. Myriam embraces the Quan Yin energy also and helps bring it to life. Myriam is a teacher, a disciple, an apostle who walked with Yeshua, first as Yeshua's student and learned so much, but then fell into her own power and her own right to stand side-by-side with Yeshua… for there had to be a feminine balance, you know.

< Teacher 5 > And, of course, the dear one, Kwan Yin, is out. She is with Norma - Andra - and Garret in this land of the Kiwi right now. They're working on something very, very special in this land, and on their whole trip they've been helping to bring in a new understanding not just of Kwan Yin, but of the energy of Sophia. We'll go into that energy with you, and Tobias and Kwan Yin will talk more about it.

< Teacher 5 > But you know now that the energies of the masculine/feminine are coming back. Well look at me for instance. Integrated with the masculine and feminine - I'm not a man, I'm not a woman, I am that I am. I am both. I am none. I've gotten rid of that costume a long time ago so that I could be all that I am. But Norma, Garret are working with Kwan Yin and the energy of Sophia at this time of transition, this time of melding back together all of the energies. They are going to be bringing that to Shaumbra as a whole.

< Teacher 6 > Kwan Yin has been very quiet, sometimes not so quiet, mostly quiet in the background. Kwan Yin has stood for compassion. Kwan Yin has stood for the energy of Isis, the feminine aspect. Now that you are allowing yourself to be feminine-masculine joined together again, you're going to find her energy. It's going to shift and change this year. She's going to go beyond compassion. Compassion is of course the total acceptance and honoring. She's been working with you and working with the Crimson Council to help you understand the sense of compassion.

< Teacher 6 > Kwan Yin now, this year, in the new era of consciousness, is going to be working with you with this foundation of compassion and now saying, "Now what do we do? Now that you've accepted yourself wholly, completely, now that you have compassion for every other human and you honor their path and you honor their choices, now what are you going to do about it? Now that you have this foundation of balanced energy, compassion with yourself, what are you going to do? What is your next step, creator? What do you choose?"

< Returning 5 > Ah! Ah, here is what separates an enlightened being from a normal, regular human being - the ability to love unconditionally. It's the essence of Quan Yin. It's the essence of Mary - Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. It's the essence of Sophia, and so many of the other energies that have total compassion and love.

< Kharisma 2 > Quan Yin is here to teach compassion for those who need to hear about it, and there are many who do – compassion for themselves, compassion for others – allowing them to really accept things as they are. That's the true definition of compassion. It's not about feeling bad for someone. That's really screwed, because you're conveying a psychic energy – “Oh, I feel bad for the poor beggar on the street.” That's not compassion. That's your own set of limitations being inflicted or projected on them. So she's taught a lot about compassion, but generally these beings that are in this consciousness – really not ready for enlightenment. They're on their way, but they're not ready. So there's not a lot who she has taught who are now ascended beings.