Harmonic Concordance


< NewEnergy 4 > There is another event that is coming about in one week from now. You have given it the name the Harmonic Concordance. Oh, dear friends, there is so much more behind this than what meets the eye! Before we discuss this we want to point out - it is not the event that changes you; you were the ones that created the event. The event, this Harmonic Concordance, the alignment of certain stars, certain planets… it was going to be there anyway. It was going to happen one way or the other. But… but, if the consciousness of humanity hadn't been right, you would have missed it. It was a potential that was coming into alignment. But, perhaps you might have never seen it. It might have had to come back around a long, long time from now.

< NewEnergy 4 > One week from today an interesting alignment takes place… also at a time of a lunar eclipse… a hiding and then a revealing, a light and then a dark. The Harmonic Concordance is the alignment of the planets into the Star of David. And, particularly in this area that we are sitting in right now - this area of the mountains in Colorado - it will be almost a perfect alignment. It will be experienced all over the Earth. It is the alignment of the planets to create a perfect Star of David. A Star of David… it is created by two equilateral triangles overlapped onto each other.

(Note: The November 8th Star of David will be created by the following six planets, astrologically speaking: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron. The Sun, Mars, and Saturn will form a grand trine in the element of water. The Moon, Jupiter, and Chiron will form a grand trine in the element of earth. These two trines overlap in the heavens in the shape of the Star of David. "Coincidental" with this formation will be a full lunar eclipse with the Moon in the sign of Taurus. For more information there is a one-page description of this eclipse and Star of David in the current issue of the magazine, the Mountain Astrologer. The description here is very similar to Tobias' discussion. There are also many other sources on the Internet regarding this event.)

< NewEnergy 4 > It (Star of David) is also the symbol of the Merkabah. But, what it really is, and what your Merkabah really is… we are often so amused at humans who do all this spinning of the Merkabahs. (some laughter) You are digging yourself in deeper and deeper. You don't understand the very simple nature of the symbol and of your own Merkabah. Two equilateral triangles, one on top of the other to create the Star of David… they represent the essence of duality. One points upwards. One points down… up and down.

< NewEnergy 4 > One triangle is the male energy. It is the phallic energy… the out-going energy… the action energy .The inverse is the feminine. It is the grounded energy and the nurturing energy. It is the vessel. Yes, it is the vessel. It is the chalice, as so many of you have been reading about (referring to the current novel entitled "The Da Vince Code," author Dan Brown). These two energies overlap - male and female. They are up and down. They are also representative of - what you would say - light and dark, good and bad. And, they are representative of divine and human.

< NewEnergy 4 > They have been separated. Don't you see? They have been separated for a long, long time. The core energy of separation is the male and female energies, the Adam and the Eve. Ever since you left Home, you see - ever since you began exploring Self - you divided yourself. You do it now in physical form, male and female. There is a masculine and a feminine energy, a yin and a yang. That is all the Star of David is… separated, pulled apart (like a diamond split in half). What happens when these two are brought back into alignment together? Instead of six points, there are four.

The energies (male/female, light/dark, divine/human) were meant to be brought together. And, in seven days from now is the time. It is the potential for this to start, for these two equilateral triangles to come back together.

< NewEnergy 4 > It is the energy of Chiron, the Wounded Warrior… the victim… the warrior who has guilt of what he has done… the wounds, the karma, and the remembrance of the past. So, the Wounded Warrior has to come in right now to be part of this Star of David to say, "Are you ready to release the wounds?"… because that is what keeps the two halves from coming back together. That is what is keeping the union of the male and female from happening - is the Wounded Warrior, Chiron. That is what is keeping the separation of heaven and Earth - Chiron.

< NewEnergy 4 > The wound is deep. That is part of the reason for the anger also that you have been experiencing. Why… why the wound? Will the wound ever heal? Or must we continue on this cycle again, a cycle that could span tens of thousands of years? The alignment that is coming about (Harmonic Concordance) - that was going to be there anyway - the alignment is very rare, very rare. There is the eclipse that happens with it, the hiding of the moon energy, the hiding, the - how to say - something that comes between the male and the female. But, it is also a time of clearing.

< NewEnergy 4 > It is not the event that causes the change. It is you that caused yourselves to see the event. But, within it is potent energies and a realization of where you are at right now. At this time of the alignment… it is like a huge billboard in the heavens… showing you where you are at… showing you all of the variables that are involved… showing the separation of male and female, right and wrong, human and heaven.

< NewEnergy 4 > We would say on our level, our way of thinking, more significant than this thing you called the Harmonic Convergence. That was a potential to awaken. It was a measurement of Earth. But, this is an incredible signal, an incredible sign saying, "Are you ready? Are you ready to bring in the male and female into your body… into your reality… get over the Old notions of what you thought male and female were? Are you ready to bring these back and not feel embarrassed about it? Are you ready to say that there was never a light and a dark, that there was never any wrong in any of your journeys up until now, the time when your journey stopped? Are you ready to allow Home, the energy of the divine and the energy of the human to meld? (divine integration)"

< NewEnergy 4 > This (Harmonic Concordance) will be a significant event. What should you do on that day? Celebrate! Celebrate the fact that you are even aware that it is here. Celebrate the fact that all of the energies line up now to bring healing back to the Star of David. It was never, ever meant to be pulled apart. It was never meant to spin in opposite directions. It is a whole unit. It is the melding of everything. If there is any spinning that takes place, it is when the triangles are melded back together. You know what happens when you spin this new element? It creates a circle when you spin it. It has four points when looked at two-dimensionally, but it creates a circle. The circle that even the astrologers see in this formation is a reminder of completion, a journey completed, time to go to a New level.

< NewEnergy 4 > Chiron had to come back, for it needs healing. It is an aspect. It is part of you. It is still wounded. You have put it off somewhere else. You don't like it when Chiron comes around in your charts. You try to put it off somewhere else. You try to even hide it behind other planets. But, it comes in full force now for the wounds to be healed, for us to move forward, Shaumbra, and for you to move forward. Allow yourself to be healed. Understand… understand that there never was any wrong. There was only experience. Understand that as Spirit can love you so much, then you can love yourself also.

< NewEnergy 4 > After this interesting date (11/8/2003 - Harmonic Concordance), even an interesting - how to say - not just numerology, but an interesting energetics of the numbers. It is an eleven (for November, the 11th month), which from our side of the veil right now we see representing "duality." It is an eight - November 8th - the eight from our side representing a symbol of "infinity." It is a five when you add together your year numbers (2 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 5). That is our number of "change." It is "infinity" in the center, duality on one side, change on the other.

What interesting dynamics! Part of you wants to stay in the Old duality. But, you realize that it will seem like infinity, or an eternity, if you don't move forward. So, you have to change. Why do you think we bring in Raphael to help you move beyond this? Very interesting, interesting numbers in all this!

< NewEnergy 4 > At this time of November 8th (11/8/2003 - Harmonic Concordance) - and for every day that follows - is a time for the divine plan to meet the human plan. You've kept them separate, much as these two triangles have been separate in the Star of David. You have kept them separate - your divine plan and your human plan. And, this also brings in anger.

< NewEnergy 5 > When you gathered together on this Harmonic Concordance, you helped to bring in more of this New Energy, to make it easier for the energies of God, of Home,(Elohim) to come here, to make it easier for the energy of the divine within you to reach out and expand, to grow within. It was a delightful time we had with you. And, indeed there will be other milestones along the way, other dates and times that help to - what you would call - anchor this energy, to help it bring it in. But, the process has started. The changes are occurring. They are going in you and through you right now. It was a delight for us to share this procession, this ceremony with you, this healing of a very Old wound, what we'd almost term the last grand wound to be healed before this time of 2007.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, so much of the energies that you and others have been working to create for this balance of masculine/feminine came into manifestation, came into this reality, with the advent of the Harmonic Concordance. Now those energies are available for you and for everyone else to use.

The balance of the male and female is really understanding all of the aspects - the sensitivities, the empowerment - all of these aspects. It is just bringing it into your life. It does not necessarily mean there is going to be drastic physical changes. It is on more of the emotional or the spirit level this balance of energies.

The very fact that you ask this question indicates that you are bringing this balance in. You are aware that both masculine and feminine need to allow and to hold a space for each other. And, then they naturally do. It is a - this balance of masculine and feminine - is a natural process. It is. The energies want to come back together. They want to share with each other what they have learned while they have been separate. They want to come back together. So, we say there are no techniques or gimmicks. There is no particular school you have to go to. It is about creating the safe space. And, they will reunite with each other.