warrior / fighter

battling energy; male-oriented energy; masculine energy;

< Creator 1 > What you have been experiencing in your life, what you have been observing all around you has been duality - light and dark, right and wrong, good and bad, love and anger. You have been taking a side, so to speak. You have been fighting for that side. You have been a willing and strong warrior. But my friends, all of those activities existed within duality, and you are now moving outside of duality to a new place of oneness.

< Creator 11 > You needed a male oriented strength to leave the Kingdom. You needed this. But this male oriented strength, this energy of the journeyer, was also warrior energy. When you left the Kingdom and you came into the void, indeed you started battling with other. Indeed, this male energy that you have carried with you has been one of structure and discipline. It has been an energy of intellect and not so much heart. It has been one of defending and journeying. You have all carried this with you. It is time on this Day of the Father to heal that and to balance it and to release it. That is what the visitors who come in now are here for.

< Creator 11QA > These are core issues. You are done with your other basic issues. You have walked through and processed those. We are now coming to the core issues. The issue of the fear of being Creator. We talked much today of the ego, of the male energy, of the battling energy. These are all fear issues that will come up.
In a sense, you would like to be "junior creators", or "sub-creators". You would like to have an energy higher and stronger and above you that places controls or limitations on the extent of your ability to create. Dear friends, it is not meant to be that way! There is not meant to be another who is higher. As we said in our story of Jack, one day Jack will inherit the throne.

< NewEnergy 1 > Arthur was killed by his son, which is an interesting metaphor in itself. Arthur allowed himself to the killed by his son in penance for his own sins. You see, he was a warrior. He was a battler. He loved war. He thought nothing of cutting off heads and piercing his sword through hearts, until one day he came to realize there was something stirring within him. And, it was his own divinity. It was his own awakening.

< NewEnergy 4 > It is the energy of Chiron, the Wounded Warrior… the victim… the warrior who has guilt of what he has done… the wounds, the karma, and the remembrance of the past. So, the Wounded Warrior has to come in right now to be part of this Star of David to say, "Are you ready to release the wounds?"… because that is what keeps the two halves from coming back together. That is what is keeping the union of the male and female from happening - is the Wounded Warrior, Chiron. That is what is keeping the separation of heaven and Earth - Chiron.

< NewEnergy 11 > Particularly, in the days of Atlantis, Anna had great desires and ambitions. And, she discovered that in dealing with the inherent energies of Earth - the plus and the minus, or the yin and the yang - that in order to accomplish what she wanted to do - and eventually did do - she had to be a fighter. She had to be tenacious. She had to battle for what she felt was right. She had to battle for her share, literally and figuratively.

< Embodiment 2 > He (Ohamah) was a warrior, one of the worst of all… yes, the barbarian who loved battle… who loved killing… who did it with great passion. But, then he was wounded. For seven years he lay upon the stone and had to be attended to by others to feed him, others to help relieve him, others to sustain his life. And, he hated this, and he was bitter. But, it was an experience that he gave to himself, and he lived it to the fullest.

< Embodiment 4 > Ohamah was a warrior also in Atlantis. Ohamah - how to say - had a very difficult, difficult time with some of the events that transpired during those times. He was one of many leaders of a group that was working in the temples, one of the leaders of a group that was working with energy balances, with energy-sharing with all people.

< Embodiment 4 > When Atlantis began its downfall, he was one of the first who took up arms, who took up the weapons to fight. And, what he saw on the battlefields… what he saw with those who were his own warriors… what he saw with those who were his own family and loved ones… caused him deep anger… caused deep internal wounds. And, he vowed to come back, vowed to come back again as a warrior and annihilate every one of those who had harmed him or his family. And, that vow stuck with him.

< Embodiment 11 > In the movie (Star wars) the one goes over to the dark side, becomes the leader and the commander of the dark side, exploring what it is like. There is the other, Luke, who works on the light side. You see, Luke was training to be a warrior. But, when he went to his advanced training, he had to forget everything that he had learned in his previous training. He had to forget about how to hold the light saber. He had to forget about all of the routines. He had to forget about the controls that he learned, that he became disciplined in as a warrior. He had to let those go.

Remember when he ran into trouble, he heard the voice that came to him, the channeled voice that said, "Feel the force, Luke." It didn't say, "Think the force, Luke." It didn't say, "Analyze the force." (audience laughter). It said, "Feel the force, Luke. Let it flow through every part of your being. Get out of your mind. Let go of the controls. Forget everything you have learned."