King Arthur


< DivineHuman 7 > When you feel what is out there, you will realize your physical universe is quite empty. But, all of the universes, the layers that exist in and around it, are quite full. Out there in these multi-dimensional states so many of the human experiences and journeys are worked on. For instance, the legend of Camelot and King Arthur that so many of you are so fond of, did not really so much happen here on Earth, we are sorry to say. But, it happened in the other dimensions. It happened in the energies surrounding this place you know as Arcturus. It was lived out there, not in human physical form, but the whole reality, and the concept, and the energies behind it were acted out there.

< DivineHuman 7 > There was a King Arthur, and a Guenevere, and a Merlin, and all of the other characters. Dear friends, this was so important, so symbolic of a time of a change.
You were the actors in that play. When you weren't acting, you were helping behind the scenes. At other times you would sit out in the audience, and you watched the legend of King Arthur and the story of Camelot unfold. And, it did happen there. It did happen.

< DivineHuman 7 > It was a script that was not written in advance. We did not know, and you did not know the end of the story. In a sense, you could say that the story of King Arthur continues in these other dimensions. The story never ended. It continues. You go back there from time to time to reconnect. Many of those energies were brought here to Earth by you because you had been involved in the story.

< DivineHuman 7 > You were… you were King Arthur. At one point you stepped out on the stage and assumed that energy and played the role for a while. And, then another came along and played the role, and then another. Then, you switched roles. You played different characters in this dynamic drama. Then, when you came to Earth, oh, you felt so connected with the story, so connected with the land where it happened. It did happen. Parts and pieces of it happened here on Earth. Parts and pieces did, but most of it happened on the cosmic planes.

< NewEnergy 1 > Was King Arthur real? In a way, in a way… not so much as depicted in your books, not so much as the human king, the boy king. Part of that did occur, in a way. If you go back to the original lands of Britannia, you can feel it there. You can feel his energies. But, it was happening so multi-dimensionally. It has been - how to say - developed into such an energy that all of you have accepted within you. You all relate to it in one way or the other. You all have the Arthurian energies within you. With that are the energies of Lancelot, Guenevere, Morgaine, Mordred, and all the cast of characters.

< NewEnergy 1 > Dear friends, they are ready too to leave. They are ready to bid their farewell, for there are changes that will be sweeping the very lands that they are associated with - the lands of England, what you would call it, the lands of Great Britain. There are sweeping changes there that are coming about in this next 12 months.

< NewEnergy 1 > So, Arthur comes in today and says that there is no need to search for the Holy Grail. It was always within you. It was always the cup of divinity that you had, but you had sealed behind the wall, sealed in these conditions that we talked about in our last gathering (Seven Seals). It was always there.

< NewEnergy 1 > Arthur was killed by his son, which is an interesting metaphor in itself. Arthur allowed himself to the killed by his son in penance for his own sins. You see, he was a warrior. He was a battler. He loved war. He thought nothing of cutting off heads and piercing his sword through hearts, until one day he came to realize there was something stirring within him. And, it was his own divinity. It was his own awakening.

And, he indeed was touched by the energies, the seed of Christ, the energies that so many of you worked on in those early days of Yeshua, and immediately after Yeshua. He was touched by you and the work that you did. He gave up his sword, and he created a new place of peace, a place of prosperity and abundance, a place of mostly freedom. And, then he allowed himself to be killed for his sins of battle. So, his energy comes in on this day, thanking you for the awakening that you gave him.

< NewEnergy 1 > There were certain offshoots of energy from his (Arthur) work, from your work. They were called the Crusades… an interesting thing, a thing that so many of you here right now, the moment we said that word, your energy dropped ten levels. (audience laughter) It was a difficult time then. You were Crusaders. You were the ones trying to carry the new word out, trying to carry the seed of Christ consciousness throughout all of the world. But, dear friends, as you know, it got slightly out of hand. But, you were passionate… oh, so passionate, so passionate that you have not allowed yourself to be passionate since then.

< NewEnergy 1 > Arthur comes in to say that what you did had an effect upon the world. It changed a world. And, it is time now for a change again. And, that is why you are here. He withdraws his energy. Dear Lancelot, dear Lancelot - we will talk about him in a bit - withdraws his energy as well, a loving energy, but sometimes an energy that did not honor so much.

< Embodiment 4 > Many of you are holding energies from the Arthurian times… King Arthur and Camelot and Merlin. You are holding this so that magic comes back once again. We talked about magic recently in the land of Slovenia. We explained exactly what magic is. We brought in the energies of Merlin. We talked about Camelot. We talked about how all of this can be integrated into your day-to-day life. We talked about the fact that magic is nothing more than a belief system that you get other people to buy into. And, Cauldre says here that the tape will be available soon.

< Returning 10 > I'd like to invite in the energies of Camelot into our group today - King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and all of the rest of cast and characters. It's an archetypical energy, meaning that it's an example. It's a way to help us discover. We all have a bit of King Arthur in us, even though there was what you would call a real King Arthur - oh, fictionalized and fablelized now of course - but there was this entity, both here on Earth and in the other realms. It's a very, very important story for humanity.

< Returning 10 > Arthur took responsibility for himself, and this is a very important point here. He took responsibility for himself, indeed, and he became strong. He became mighty. He performed miracles. And Merlin, in the true story of Arthur, Merlin was within Arthur (an aspect of himself) as well as it was an outside being. Arthur didn't need to go to the outside Merlin for the magic. He didn't need to consult with some other being, because it was already in. Merlin on the outside was his reminder that it was on the inside.

< Returning 10 > Now, Arthur, of course, lived in a different time and energy than you did, and one of the things that Arthur did that you might be prone to doing also, but not quite as much, Arthur started taking on not only his own responsibility but everyone else's. Everyone else's. He started to carry the weight of his court on his back; and the weight of his people, his subjects, on his back; the weight of his land, and it became too much for him. And it caused him to forget the basic principle of being true to himself, real with himself. So in the end Arthur took his sword, in anger and despair, and threw it back into the lake. He let it go, and he's here to remind you that you don't have to do that.