< DivineHuman 8 > The wars that you have right now are based on religion. It is not the economy. It is not oil. It is about religions. There is old karma at play here. There are conflicts between the Christianity and Islam. There are conflicts between all of the churches. It is coming to a head now. And this is so appropriate. This is so appropriate. Dear friends, this is why you are here on Earth now, and why you are Shaumbra. Yes, you see… you were the ones who created these churches. You were the ones who created the New Thought so very long ago. You helped to build the religions.

At some point in your soul, you knew it was time to let go and to allow yourself to come to a new truth and a new understanding. You saw how the divine word was distorted, and twisted, and changed for human purposes. And it saddened you. It still saddens you at your core. So many of you walked away from not only the religious orders but also from life. You know what I am speaking about.

You came back in recent incarnations, but you led lonely lives off by yourself. You were disillusioned by what you had created and what had become of the churches, disillusioned by the wars, by the lack of compassion and love. You were disillusioned by the energies that were created through the churches, that went out and tried to conquer the world. So many of you were involved in past lives in one of the many, many, many crusades, and not just the Christian crusades, but the crusades of Islam and the crusades of many other religions.

You left the very churches that you loved so dearly, the very churches that you had helped to build. Then you went into seclusion. You tried to forget who you were. You saw the result of what you had tried to create. And, you did not like it so much. So you hid yourself. You went on a lonely journey… some of you here for many, many lifetimes… dozens of lifetimes… alone… removed.

< NewEnergy 1 > We will let you observe to see what happens. And, as you watch the events in this wonderful land, the land that birthed the energies for so many of you, that birthed the energies for the continent of Europe, that provided the gateways for those who came to the Americas, to found the free land… oh, this is all woven together. And, at the core of all this is the Arthurian energies. They are here. They are such an integral part of who you are, or who you have been. Dear friends, from this came the Crusades. From this came the search for the Holy Grail… all metaphors, but all taken place in reality.

< NewEnergy 1 > There were certain offshoots of energy from his (Arthur) work, from your work. They were called the Crusades… an interesting thing, a thing that so many of you here right now, the moment we said that word, your energy dropped ten levels. (audience laughter) It was a difficult time then. You were Crusaders. You were the ones trying to carry the new word out, trying to carry the seed of Christ consciousness throughout all of the world. But, dear friends, as you know, it got slightly out of hand. But, you were passionate… oh, so passionate, so passionate that you have not allowed yourself to be passionate since then.