< NewEnergy 1 > We will let you observe to see what happens. And, as you watch the events in this wonderful land, the land that birthed the energies for so many of you, that birthed the energies for the continent of Europe, that provided the gateways for those who came to the Americas, to found the free land… oh, this is all woven together. And, at the core of all this is the Arthurian energies. They are here. They are such an integral part of who you are, or who you have been. Dear friends, from this came the Crusades. From this came the search for the Holy Grail… all metaphors, but all taken place in reality.

< Embodiment 2QA > Indeed… we have to say that this place, which you now call America, was the place for… it had been designated for the New Atlantis. The Indians, the natives that were here, were the caretakers, the keeper of sacred energy. They were literally the ones who helped to come here first to plant the energy for this New Atlantis. The New Atlantis is also what you would call New Energy.

So, they were here taking it and holding it. And, in a sense, there was an agreement that they would leave. And, in a sense, as it happened so many times on the human levels, there were many battles and wars that were fought over this. But, underneath there was an agreement to leave. And, in a sense, you could say, as odd as this sounds, this was the best way that they could choose to leave and fully leave.

The Anasazis that preceded them… they left in a different way. They left in a type of - how to say - where it didn't have to be war, it didn't have to be the killing of the physical body. But, they also found when they left in a type of vaporization that they did not fully leave. Part of them still stayed.

So, the Native Americans that are here chose to leave this way. And, you would have to say that - again, as strange as this may sound - that it was an honor for them to leave that way. That was the way of their world… you see. It was the way of passion and bravery and warriorship. Ohamah understands this (some laughter). He thinks that there is nothing at all unusual about this.

But, part of what all of you should honor the natives for was they helped to create the sacred energy for the New Atlantis, which is America. And, this allowed a safe space for peoples from all over the worlds to come. You call this "the melting pot." There are peoples from every race, every part of the world that have come here. It is a place of the New Hope. It is not the only place. It is one of the places. But, it was a place where we could say had the most energy and potential put here. One of these days we will talk about several of the countries and regions that were as a backup… but, in a sense, not just a backup either as an other dimensional type of gathering place. So, anyway, we ask you to honor the natives for the way they chose to go because it was and is a way of honor… you see.

< Master 4 > It's, by the way, as you probably know, this (President Obama) is a fulfillment of the - I don't like the term - but the Great White Brotherhood's desire. It was an old Atlantean club that we had. It had nothing to do with white and it wasn't all that great. (laughter) It was good, not great. But it was a desire to have America as the land of the new hope when we knew, hundreds of years ago - where we couldn't get the energy unstuck in Europe, we couldn't get the compassion or the acceptance between different countries, there's still too many human issues of power of greed and religion - that this United States was designed as the new Atlantis or the new hope.

< Master 4 > To see now, years later, from my perspective, of course, having been very involved in European politics, to see how a leader of this grand nation could be as spiritual as he is and as his wife is - they can't flaunt it publicly, just as, well, you know from your own discussions with others; but there'll come a time very soon where it's going to be much more open - but to see a spiritual being, a compassionate being, a Black human - not that it should make a difference, but it has - and a young, fairly young, human, to be in this environment was most inspiring. Most inspiring. It gave me a renewed hope in humanity. I have the hope in you; humanity sometimes is questionable.

< (Next) 7 > Freedom is sweeping across the world right now in an unprecedented way. And we started working on it - well, we've always been working on it - but there was a big push for freedom back in the 1700's, throughout Europe. And oh, this was a difficult one that I and many of you were involved in - how to free Europe of the kings, the royalty, the earls, the knights, and those who controlled and manipulated the energies. And we tried to set up a free Europe, also free of a lot of the political boundaries, free of the old energies, some of the old conflicts.

And as things did not work out so well, we - we, meaning the Orders that I was working with at the time, myself, many of you - we set up this place called America as the … it was called the New Atlantis, the free Atlantis, the free country - also Australia - as the free countries. And the call went out and many of you came here to experience a new kind of freedom that hadn't been seen on this Earth in a long, long time. It worked to a degree. Now we're going to the next level of freedom, and it's literally sweeping across the world. And people feel freedom, the desire for freedom within, because they do have most of their basic needs.

< (Next) 12 > History is the greatest tale, because it doesn't contain all the elements. It's often written as, what you say, by the victors, it's written by the scholars. There's so much misinformation about the times of Yeshua, for instance. And people take it so literal. The history of this country is not what is written in the books. Well, some of it is written in the books, but the truth of this country, America, is really not in the books.

< (Next) 12 > Europe was in turmoil back in, well, for as long as I can remember. But Europe was in particularly turmoil in and around the 1600 and 1700s. A lot of battles and wars, small, very powerful families controlling a lot of people and their lives, and it couldn't endure anymore. Something had to change. But the system didn't want to change. The system was rather happy with itself, but the consciousness of the land - the physical land and the consciousness of the people on those lands - was tired and done, for a variety of reasons which I'll get into in this dissertation. But primarily it was at a point in the change of an era, a change of an era that you're experiencing now in its cumulative changes.

< (Next) 12 > There had to be a change ultimately in the balance of the masculine/feminine, which was not very present in Europe at the time. Very male dominated, very masculine energies, even with some of the queens that I knew and worked with. They still were very, very controlled by the council of men around them.

< (Next) 12 > Europe at the time, although we put a lot of effort into trying to bring some balance, Europe at the time was not going to be accepting of the new understanding of Spirit, of God. The church, which I loved dearly in its early days, please don't mistake that, I loved it dearly, as did you. I was part of the group, a large group, that helped to create it, that helped to bring in the energy of Yeshua onto this planet. And then, oh, five, six hundred years after the founding of the church, it started getting the corruption of humanity, of the sexual energy virus, and particularly of the masculine imbalance.

< (Next) 12 > The church took a stronghold all across Europe in politics, finances, absolutely in art - which was a shame, because as I've said before, art will save the world. It truly will. The church had a stronghold in government and all the dealings. Of anything that happened, you could be sure the church had a hand in it, good or bad. Oh, they had a hand in some of the corruption and some of the criminal groups at the time. They had a hand in any dealing, any distribution of product, which is really distribution of energy. So it wasn't just the preaching of the sacred texts, which absolutely are sacred, if you go back to pre-translations, beautiful things that are said in there.

< (Next) 12 > So there was this great imbalance that we were having difficulty resolving. Always a fight against these other forces; one of the reasons why some of the groups, like what's called the White Brotherhood - it was actually never called that, it was The Brotherhood - the Freemasons and the others were started. Started (a) so people really could study the mystics and (b) so that they could actually get a job outside the church. Kind of like a free union at the time.

< (Next) 12 > I dealt extensively with the likes of Madam Pompadour, Maria Josepha in Germany, Margot of the French regions, and many, many other of the feminine or the female royalty. Many of them had actually attended - secretly attended - the Mystery Schools. Most of them, incarnate in Europe at the time - the late 1600s and throughout the 1700s - had incarnated into the royal families, the positions of power, specifically to try to help change the balance of all that was taking place in Europe.

< (Next) 12 > When they (members of Mystery Schools and royal women), when you, when I and the others working on it realized that it probably wasn't going to happen, that it was more difficult to clear out the old house and to rebuild it - the House of Europe - we realized that there was a new land, a free land that had been actually set up, preserved for a long, long, long time, called America.

< (Next) 12 > It doesn't matter who discovered it - Norway - but the point of it is that … Eh, they'll fight about that for eternity. The point is that we realized it would be easier to set up a new land, a free land, what was called the New Atlantis. It was easier to bring some of these feminine energies over here, and some of the women and others - women I just mentioned - were integral to setting up this country. Now, the history book talk about the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and you know a lot of men's names. They came in later. They also - a good number of them - understood what was happening. They understood that it was these women of Europe, wives of the kings and the princes and the barons and the counts, that were helping to create this.

< (Next) 12 > America would become a beacon. It would attract people ultimately from all around the world. The only way this country could have worked out was to have people from all the lands of Europe and from Africa and from Asia and eventually what you now call South America. And it would be indigenous, and it would be the ones who had been on Earth for a long time and the new ones. They call it the melting pot, but it had to have that balance, had to have the balance of feminine energy here. And it had to be tolerant, even of religious organizations. It had to be tolerant of the church. You'd think that we'd say, "No, keep the church out," because they're the ones who were causing so many problems in Europe with masculine imbalance and what we call the sexual energy virus.

< (Next) 12 > So this grand country was set up, and there were many who came here before the Mayflower. They weren't written about. There were many who came here to energetically prepare this land. Some of you may have recollections, because your soul might have had an incarnation present at that time. Very similar to when the angelic beings came to Earth before it was ever populated with any living thing. The angelic beings came here and seeded. So it was that groups actually came to America long before the history books talk about, and seeded.

< (Next) 12 > They talked to the indigenous, the First Nations people, the, what you call, the Indians, about creating this new Atlantis here. The indigenous ones totally understood. It is part of their lineage and part of their history that they passed down from generations to generations, "Someday this great land would house people from all over the world, people of high consciousness, people of understanding of what's going into the new era of humanity." And the original dealings with the indigenous ones were favorable and fair, equitable and truthful. Unfortunately, later on it turned out that some of the indigenous didn't really want to give it up, as they had agreed to.

< (Next) 12 > The Anasazi's - let's talk about them - they understood that at some point this land would house people from all around the world looking to set up the land of liberty. They left, all at once - poof! Oh, you could say, well, it was a disease - it doesn't matter. You could say it was a mothership - probably not. No matter what you say, no matter what history says, it doesn't really matter. But they understood, and many of them incarnated back into what you would call the early settlers in this land.

< (Next) 12 > This land was infused with the feminine and the masculine energy in a very healthy balance of both. It was set up on the principles of liberty, freedom for each and every person. Yes, I know you can argue that it took hundreds of years to get there, to get the vote for women. It didn't matter, because women really were the influence … or, I should say, the goddess, the feminine, was the underlying influence in this country. So people came here and this was set up with a large quantity of freedom. And we've talked about freedom in some of our other messages before. Do humans really want freedom? It's questionable. But at the time of the founding of the country, yes, they did.

< (Next) 12 > So this country was designed as a beacon to radiate out to all the other lands, all throughout Europe, throughout Africa, Asia, all throughout the world what this freedom could be. It was known early on that this country would have an abundance of resources, money, what you would call power - but it's really just the ability to attract energy to serve you - and it was known that this country would be strong in terms of going through some of the darkest, darkest times on Earth with some of the world wars and some of the other events, that this country would remain strong. It would remain the light for some of the darkest areas of humanity. It would remain strong even when there were beings from outside places, outer dimensions, trying to interfere.

< (Next) 12 > This country, in its essence, knew that someday it would release that role. There wouldn't need to be one strong power on this planet, wouldn't need to be one place where there was a huge amount of abundance or power, and that's exactly what's happening right now. The New Atlantis is working. I know many of you wonder about where this country is going, why the economic problems. Well, the economy is a problem all over the world, for the most part. Recently somebody asked did I foresee the economy of the world collapsing? It already has. That's the beautiful part. It did! It's based on really nothing these days, other than perhaps trust, and people have gone out of trust.

< e2012 2 > I am Dracula. In my last days in the Mystery Schools, end of the 1700s, mostly in Romania, Transylvania, we, all of us, we were doing some amazing, amazing things there. We knew it was time to close down the Mystery Schools, for you to go back out into the world. We knew that a new era was coming. And when we did, you - all the students - went back out into the world. Some of you went back to Europe. Some of you went into Russia, here to this newly emerging Atlantis, now called the United States. You took this wisdom. You took the understandings with you.

< Kharisma 10 > Thirteen colonies, 13 original colonies, and of course, the number 13 – not bad at all. Actually, it's a very, very sacred number. But it's gotten its bad rap, Friday the 13th. As so many of you know, where did Friday the 13th come from? Why 13th? Well, it had to do with the Knights Templar who were called to various locations in Europe on a Friday the 13th a long, long time ago on behalf of the church and the governments; called to a meeting, to a grand gathering and celebration, and executed on that day. So ever since Friday the 13th has had this reputation, this energy around it. Most don't understand it. They just hear “Friday the 13th.” They're superstitious. Thirteen, a beautiful number; thirteen colonies started the United States of America.

At dawn on Friday, 13 October 1307 (a date sometimes spuriously linked with the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition)King Philip IV ordered de Molay and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested.

< Kharisma 10 > Thirteen colonies started the United States of America. And the Declaration of Independence, which actually wasn't called that at the time it was written and signed; the Declaration of Independence, actually voted on by the Continental Congress at the time, voted on on July 2nd – not July 4th, but July 4th had a little better numerological date – and it was finally ratified, the final drafts. But there are certain things in it, and again, I (St Germain) was there embodied, kind of, working with the Founding Fathers; also a large, large influence that I and the Freemasons had in developing this.

< Transhuman 11 > This place that is now called United States of America was set up as a new world, a new Earth. It was a place for freedom, although it's never really been free. It's never been free. There was the supposition of freedom, but actually, because of the early ones who came over were very involved in the Church, there wasn't a terrible lot of freedom. There was a lot of angst about other religions if you weren't part of the English Church – and that's why I chose to be English just so I could maneuver around better – but it was designed for people to come from all over the world to meld, to have certain freedoms. It was designed not as a democracy so much as a Republic, but the people had a voice in it, which they really didn't have in most other places in the world and particularly in Europe.