Barack Obama


< Returning 1 > You know who... Cauldre is double checking his information, but you know who Barack Obama used to be in a previous incarnation? I'm going to ask you, I'll give you a few clues here. Sixteenth president of the United States, came from Illinois, was a congressman, fought for one of the greatest causes - not just in America, but on Earth. Put the picture of Abraham Lincoln next to Barack Obama. Look, it's right there! Just paint a little beard on Barack, change the skin of color of Lincoln - you got it. That's it. Abraham Lincoln comes back as Barack Obama to help take not only this country, but the world on to a new level.

< Returning 1 > Can you imagine the difficulties and challenges that Abraham Lincoln had during his time? The ones who fought him, the ones who threatened him? Oh yes, the scenarios are still somewhat similar - the potential for assassination - but it doesn't have to be that way, does it? It doesn't. It doesn't have to end in that drama or crisis. You see, that's where the drama and the fear come in. It doesn't have to be that way. This entity comes back - oh, and it's not just about Barack or Abraham; it's about consciousness - this entity comes back in but surrounded by visionaries, surrounded by those who are consciousness workers bringing back the energy to Earth right now, but this time not for a civil war in the United States. This time for global adjustment, a new vision, and there will be those who get angry.

< Returning 1 > They're going to accuse Barack. They're going to accuse him of conspiring with other countries, of selling out America, of not being patriotic, of being the Anti-Christ and being a Muslim, and everything else. But this one comes back to bring unity, to bring balance. Oh, this one, by the way, very, very spiritual. Abraham/Barack could walk into the room right now - into this room - and sit here and understand and feel comfortable with everything we're talking about, because there is that quality of Shaumbra with him as well.

< Returning 1 > Don't you think that this was arranged in advance to have one candidate surrounded by the energy and love - the New Energy and the new love - and the other candidate playing that role of not being very dynamic or exciting, allowing the focus to be over here? Don't you think that it's something that your vision helped to create? (Someone in audience says "wow.") Wow, is right. Wow, is incredible. It's not happening in 2012, don't wait or you're going to miss the party! It's happening right now.

< Returning 1QA >
LINDA: Louise reminded me that you have referred to Abraham Lincoln in the past as an unsouled being. Hello, what's that about?

TOBIAS: Yes, very true. There was an energy that created this being called Abraham Lincoln and entities behind it that are also creating this being called Barack Obama.

LINDA: Hmmmm….

TOBIAS: It is an unsouled being. There are many energies behind it. We've also talked about things like St. Francis of Assisi and Yeshua and others who come back to Earth as a collective consciousness at a very important and appropriate time. So you're seeing that, experiencing it once again in your lifetimes. And guess who's behind this energy?

LINDA: Saint-G. (Tobias chuckles) Anything else you want to add to that? So does this mean that Barack Obama is an unsouled being? You don't want to go on record with that…

TOBIAS: We don't want it to go out as that. It is the consciousness of this Abraham Lincoln supported by consciousness of many others. You will understand during the Shoud that I was saying that it is not just Barack, but it is about the energies that are supporting or actually creating this entity but with a very strong reference point back to Abraham Lincoln.

LINDA: Thank you.

TOBIAS: So, I guess you could say look beyond the obvious, look at what is really happening. This is the big picture, that it is a consciousness that is creating this entity. So it is really very much like a collective.

LINDA: Very nice, thank you.

TOBIAS: I have to laugh here. Now, these poor people waiting in line here - and you already know the answer I'm going to give you so I don't know why you're waiting - but… (much laughter from audience and Tobias) These are phenomenal times that you're living in, and when you take a look at how this being, this entity of Barack Obama, is being created - and I don't want to get into a lot of the specific energies behind it, we'll do that perhaps in our next Shoud - but there are also, because of this type of a group acceptance, this group energy, there are other groups that do not like it. Now, this could get very interesting, not only in the human realms, but on the other realms.

LINDA: Wow. Thank you.

TOBIAS: I actually had to check with those that I work with if it was even appropriate to announce this tie-in to Abraham Lincoln, because it upsets some of the energies on the other side.

< Returning 11QA > It's also showing the importance of the feminine. Millions of people around the world are seeing the balance of masculine and feminine, both within the women and also in the relationship with Barack. Do you realize that this last week that millions and millions of people across the world started getting the importance of the masculine/feminine on a very literal basis in a relationship? That it's not just the man doing the work, but it's the masculine and the feminine, working together, creating wholeness. Now, they're seeing it in two separate people, but they'll begin to understand it's also within themselves. Another quick note is one of the very prominent angelic beings working with Michelle Obama right now is … Princess Di. So you're going to notice that energy coming out more and more, particularly this year and continuing, but they're going to start making analogies. It's going to start showing up in the news - the comparisons - because that energy is right there.

< Master 4 > It's, by the way, as you probably know, this (President Obama) is a fulfillment of the - I don't like the term - but the Great White Brotherhood's desire. It was an old Atlantean club that we had. It had nothing to do with white and it wasn't all that great. (laughter) It was good, not great. But it was a desire to have America as the land of the new hope when we knew, hundreds of years ago - where we couldn't get the energy unstuck in Europe, we couldn't get the compassion or the acceptance between different countries, there's still too many human issues of power of greed and religion - that this United States was designed as the new Atlantis or the new hope.

< Master 4 > To see now, years later, from my perspective, of course, having been very involved in European politics, to see how a leader of this grand nation could be as spiritual as he is and as his wife is - they can't flaunt it publicly, just as, well, you know from your own discussions with others; but there'll come a time very soon where it's going to be much more open - but to see a spiritual being, a compassionate being, a Black human - not that it should make a difference, but it has - and a young, fairly young, human, to be in this environment was most inspiring. Most inspiring. It gave me a renewed hope in humanity. I have the hope in you; humanity sometimes is questionable.