balance (imbalance) of duality

1. the balance of light and dark (male and female); unity of light and dark;
2. new balance; new balance of duality; divine balance; harmony of duality; new duality;

< New Earth 4 > In your year of 1987, there was a measurement taken and most humans felt nothing on this day. Most did not even know that Spirit was looking at the balance of light and dark. And on this day of December 13, most humans will not know that Spirit is taking a new measurement of light and dark. A new measurement of direction and future will occur on that day. But this date is most significant for each of you here. It is the date when your soul, your being, is asked which way you would like to proceed. It is a measurement of where you stand. It is a request from Spirit for each of you that will come forth that day, to ask if you are ready to continue with the journey. The journey of holding the light. The journey of creating the energy of the new creation.

< Creator 4QA > We come here to work with you on becoming creators. It is about becoming and realizing and manifesting your divinity. It is not so difficult, it is not so difficult at all! It was difficult - nearly impossible - when duality had a different balance, when duality had characteristics that were not so harmonious. But as you come into balance with yourself, as you adjusted the balances of duality within you, and as they are balanced in all humans across your earth, it is becoming much easier to become true creators. Being able to create within your being and from your being will not be so much of a struggle! It will be as easy as allowing Grace to handle the balance. It will be as easy as bringing this energy forth into your being, into your reality, into your divine moment and then playing with the results.

< Creator 4QA > Release the mind. Indeed allow yourself to go out of your mind. There has been an imbalance of energy in the approximate ration of 2/3 and 1/3 between the mind and the heart of humans in the old energy. Bring those back into balance. Simply allow that to be. Simply acknowledge the balance between the "two." Dear friends, you are humans, you are walking in human biology, you are in duality, and those things will continue for a period of time. But now, allow the new balance. We have told you today on the 11/11, that it is the day of duality on earth. It is the day of duality in the Mayan calendar. It is the day when these energies can be brought back together in harmony, these energies of duality, or where they clash. Look at your own life, look at Earth on this day as you walk from here. What do you see? A new harmony or a clash? We see the harmony.

< New Earth 5 > They (your past life aspects) have designated you - the human in this lifetime - to be the "ascendee" for all of them, to be the "healee" for all of them. For as you heal and as you ascend, you rewrite the history of every past life you have had. You literally, my friends, change the outcome of those past lives. It is like taking the script of a movie - a movie that ends tragically, that ends in tears and destruction, that ends in anger and hatred - and rewriting the last page to end the history of that past life, with understanding and compassion and insight into the balance of the light and the dark. In this lifetime your journey has not been what you think it has been. It has not been about the jobs, even necessarily about the people that you have known. The journey has been about healing the past, about rewriting your own history.

< New Earth 5 > Each of you here has released your karma, as you would call it. As we would call it, it is rewriting your history. Each of you that comes here is ready to move to the next step. Each of you that comes here has been going through a process these past few years in particular, a process of cleansing and releasing and healing in preparation to come to this point. In preparation certainly to be the teachers, to be the ones who bring in the energy of the unity, the unity of the light and dark. Each of you have come here after strenuous preparation of your body and of your mind and of your spirit to be the ones who walk into the world to teach other humans about the unity. It is that simple!

< New Earth 6 > And, speaking of appropriatenesses, it was so appropriate on your day yesterday, my friends, what was missing was drama. There was no drama. Oh, certainly there were anxieties that led up to this event. Certainly there was the pressure of the balance of light and dark, of fear and love, that came beforehand. Nearly all humans on this planet went inwards to evaluate, to think, to take a look at themselves, to take a look at moving forward and what that meant. When the final hours came, as the moment swept across your Earth, there was no drama. What we felt from this of the veil was relief, a letting go of pressure, the acknowledgement that things are okay. We felt joy. We felt much relief - that is the greatest feeling that we felt from humans on your yesterday. There was no drama.

< New Earth 6 > Have you ever wondered, have you ever thought about where your Golden Angel exists, where it is, where your True Self is when you call upon it, when you call upon this grand being that you are? Why has it not come forth? Why has it felt like you were a child abandoned by its parents, left to fend for itself, hardened by your experiences, all the time feeling the loneliness, feeling the pain, feeling the abandonment? It is because the greater part of Self of who you are, my friends, agreed to be put in what we have termed an "energy cocoon." This is somewhat difficult to describe, but when the call came out to understand the balance of the light and dark, when the call came to understand the eternal process, the Oversoul who you are agreed to go into a cocoon wrapped in energy, protected by angels so it could not be interfered with. Literally it was enclosed in a shell of darkness so that it could not be interfered with by other beings.

< New Earth 6 > And then your own soul began a journey, an internal journey. Your True Self had always been an outer creative expression, an expression emanating from Spirit, emanating from the source of love but creating outwards. And now, a group of angels agreed to begin an inner work, to begin going within. That was the reason that your own soul went into hibernation, protected by the angels, wrapped in energy to, in a sense, camouflage it. Your parent (in this analogy), your True Self, went into a very internal task. Part of it, part of who you are, remained external as a continuing creative expression with a silver chord attached to the Higher Self, to the cocoon. The information that was being learned and gathered, the experiences of the balance of light and dark, were constantly being fed back to the cocoon which held the True Self. This information was used continually in the internalization process. My friends, the expression is you on Earth, the portion of your True Self that walks in human biology.

< New Earth 6 > When you came here to Earth, you went through a transformation process. Your soul had you take on a biology, as Kryon talked about last night, during the melding of evolution. You took on a role of an actor, acting out many parts, many lifetimes, many expressions. You have been doing a wonderful job of acting. You have been on the stage of Earth, acting through balances of light and dark, acting through balances of expressions, but you have been acting. The you who is sitting in this room is not truly who you are. You know this.

< New Earth 9 > You have been journeying into new areas that even Spirit does not understand. That is why you agreed to come to Earth in the first place. In your lifetimes in the past, in your current lifetime up until recently, you were working under the veil to help to understand the balance of light and dark. It was not a test. It was a new energy construction. You wondered why when you prayed to Spirit, when you prayed to your guides, that many times nothing would happen. It is not that your prayers were unheard, my friends, for you have never been alone. It was simply that we did not know the answers. It is only through you, through your work on this Earth, your work in duality, that we learn. It is only through your work that we learn.

< Creator 4 > Remember when we told you in our last gathering that up until now, up until this very recent time, the balance of light and dark, plus and minus, 1 and 0 has been 2/3 to 1/3. The balance of 2/3 and 1/3 has been appropriate for the lessons, for the learnings and the understandings. Remember when we talked to you of your tuning fork, that it was out of balance, out of frequency. The two tines of the fork had a vibrational balance of 1/3 and 2/3 within you up until this time. And when we spoke last time, we asked you to know now that the two tines were coming back into harmonic balance with each other again. There are still two, but they were harmonizing.

< Creator 5QA > It is also to provide a new balance of the duality of male and female energy. The male/female energy is one of the strongest examples of duality in the second creation. This unusual attribute of the clear marble was specifically chosen by the human angels who you call "gay." We find that such an interesting word - for perhaps there is a certain happiness in not taking on such a strong polarity! They are helping to set the new template that will shatter this old concept of male and female energies.

< Creator 11 > For those who walk on earth in the female biology in this lifetime, you will appreciate the fact that in the Kingdom, sitting on the throne, is predominantly a "female" energy. It is not balanced 50/50, male to female. In your way of thinking, Spirit and All That Is is predominantly female. And again, we caution here. We are using terms for the easiest understanding.

< Creator 11 > This creation (Jack) of the love of the King and the Queen was male in energy for many reasons. The male energy is generally - and again, we use metaphors and symbols - the male energy is an energy that goes to journey. It seeks and journeys. Even in the Kingdom, the male energy was one that had the strength and stability and was also the one that journeyed. So the King and the Queen gave birth to a son, one of male energies, so that it could journey on their behalf.

< Creator 11 > The energies of Jack and of all of you have been predominantly male. This male energy was needed to journey outside of the First Circle, the Kingdom. Each of you has carried a strong male energy, even if you are female in biology. It is time for healing of that (male dominance) now. It is time for healing. It is time for a rebalancing. As you move into the new energy, you will have much more of a "female" balance to your being.

< Creator 11 > Those males who will become fathers of children in the new energy in the next few years to come - what we call the clear fathers, for there will not be a lot of old energy attribute - they will have a new strength and they will have a new balance. These new clear fathers will have a closer and stronger relationship of love with their own biological children. They will spend more time playing with their children than fathers of the past. They will help to raise them and care for them because they will have a better balance within their being. They will have a better balance of the male and female.

< Creator 11 > One of the attributes of a male-oriented energy is that of strong ego. It is not to say that women do not have this also. We would classify the ego as a male-oriented energy. Ego. Dear friends, it was important that Jack took on the male energies. In doing so, the ego was accentuated. This was important and necessary for the long journey that Jack would take.

< Ascension 4QA > Speaking of which, we have talked to you in our recent gatherings and said that the real problems on Earth at this time are not even about religions battling with religions, or countries against countries. The real core energy issue is about the imbalance of male and female. Now, perhaps you will understand why relationships are the first casualty. But, they also have the greatest potential for new consciousness in this New Energy.

< Ascension 7 > But, dear friends, we will speak directly of the energy that causes these and how to work with it. But, we can tell you now to stop trying to fight these low cycles. They are as important as the high cycles. If you do not have the lows, you will not have the highs. Soon you will learn that it is all part of a whole. Soon you will learn that the highs and lows, in a sense, only represented the old balance of duality. And, now you can look at them in a different light.

< Ascension 9QA > Dear ones, the balance is coming now, we are delighted to say. When we read the overall consciousness of women on Earth compared to a year ago when we talked about it, it HAS changed. Some of your challenging situations have put a new focus on the role of women. And, certainly your consciousness as Shaumbra has changed those institutions that were so ingrained in the male energy. Look at what has happened since we talked with you less than one year ago. Look at the changes and at your headlines.

This will continue to change, for there has to come a balance between male and female. And, there has to be a respect for both sides, both sides. All of you contain the elements of male and female, all of you do. You cannot simply replace your old male energy with a female energy. It has to be a balance. Do not disrespect or dishonor the male portion of your consciousness either. But, do allow the female portion to come bursting forth. You will see it.

You will see a new balance of the female energy on Earth. You will especially see it in the people around you. You will marvel at how they are integrating their male side if they are female, their female side if they are male. There will be a new tolerance for the ones you call "gays." They are ones who brought in a much better balance of male and female energy. They are ones who knew there would be challenges, who knew that they would be called sinners, who knew that they would be called perverted. They knew this when they brought in the higher level balance of male and female. It was a way to show the world that you could be integrated in both male and female.

All of this energy is such a signal that duality is unfolding, changing, transforming, and creating New Energy in the number of 4. Give thanks to those who have endured the challenges to integrate the female energy in particular. Give thanks to those who have worked so hard at their conscious levels to bring this in. Look at what is happening in the world around you. There is a whole new respect and understanding for both energies, male and female.

< Ascension 9QA > But, also remember as these changes are taking place, as duality is winding down, as the imbalanced male-female energy is coming back into a new sacred balance, remember that there are energies making their last stand. They do not want to change. You will see things in the news, as Metatron talked to you about, that perhaps shock you, perhaps throw you off balance. But, it is just the Old Energies trying to hold on, trying to hold on.

< Ascension 11 > Do you know that there has been an imbalance of the Mother and the Father energy on Earth for quite sometime? It is time for that to come back in balance. You will find that the Mother energy is coming forth now because her presence is being allowed back in. It is bringing a new balance to the energies of male and female.

< DivineHuman 5 > Look at the new balance of male and female energy that is needed on Earth. Indeed, the churches of the world have a male domination, a male orientation. It is appropriate now for the melding of the feminine and the masculine energies. It is appropriate now. It is appropriate to be the receiver, as well as the giver.

< DivineHuman 5 > We have spoken of some of the difficult times that Earth as a whole will go through as the old institutions are no longer appropriate in this New Energy… as they come to a conclusion… as their walls come tumbling down. So much of this change involves a balance and a meld of the male and the female energy, the feminine and the masculine. We are not talking here about the genders of male and female. We are speaking about the energy of the feminine and the energy of the masculine, the giver and the receiver. It is now time for this to come into balance.

< DivineHuman 5 > It will happen with the completion of the magnetic grid changes. It is time for that to happen within each of you. None of you here are male or female from an energetic standpoint. You are both. It is time that you looked upon yourself as having both energies  Ethe giver and the receiver, the masculine and the feminine, the nurturer, and the one who has the strength. You are all male and female.

< DivineHuman 5 > We take this opportunity to ask you to love, and acknowledge, and appreciate those in your society who came into this lifetime with a contract to bring in both energies within one body. You call them "gay." Many times, too often, they are ridiculed. But they came in with a large contract to meld both energies in one body. At times this has caused them imbalance. At times this has caused them great inner difficulties. They were the first to incorporate both energies at one time. The ones you call "gay" or "lesbians," they are tired now. They have carried much of this energy, this melded energy of male and female. They have done their work.

< DivineHuman 5 > Now it is time for you to accept the meld of energies within you. We are not talking about sex here. We are talking about you. We are talking about your energetic balance of feminine and masculine. It is time for you to accept both parts of yourself. You have gone through much conflict over these years about who you were. You have wondered about how much of a woman you were, or how much of a man you were. Now, it is time to be both. The ones who in your society have been called the gays and the lesbians have paved the way and opened the door, so that it is much more acceptable for you now to carry the meld of energy.

< DivineHuman 5 > She joins us now as the symbol of the feminine energy, as the re-balance of the feminine energy within you, within society, within the churches. She comes in as the energy of Mary, what you would call "Mother Mary." But, it is not just the persona of the one who was in the Holy Scriptures of the Christian churches. Mary represents the goddess. Mary represents the feminine balance. Your Earth is coming into a new balance. The feminine energy is coming in so very strong right now… strong, in order to be able to be balanced side-by-side with the male energy that has dominated Earth for so many centuries. The Queen returns, the energy of the goddess, symbolized through Mary.

< DivineHuman 5 > The energy of the Queen, of the feminine, represented here today by Mary, helps to fill the space that has been long neglected in your societies. She comes here to take her rightful seat for a new balance of feminine and masculine, the return of the Queen, and balance with the King. Allow yourself to absorb these energies of dear Mary. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Queen within you. These energies will be so important in these months ahead because they are nurturing and compassionate. They are giving of life. They are the receiving energies. And, oh, dear friends, how it is that each one of you needs to receive, needs to receive!

< NewEnergy 1 > Look at the changes in two short years at the highest levels of the churches. Look how the churches, the patriarchal churches, are changing. Some of them in their heart of God are actually acknowledging humans, humans who call themselves gay. What a change, dear friends… it is more than a headline in the newspaper, the underlying energy of balanced energy coming back to some of the churches. Those who do not open themselves to allow for the balance of male and female and the acceptance of everyone for who they are… their walls will come tumbling down. They will.

< Teacher 6 > First playing, exploring yourself and then, when you wanted more depth, you start dividing and fighting with yourself to the point where you finally get tired of that, you come into point of acceptance of yourself. That allows the energies to totally change their interrelationship. It allows the energies to dispel with this thing called duality. It allows the masculine and the feminine to join back together. It allows the dark and the light to reintegrate. It allows the acceptance of everything and then when these energies are at that point of acceptance, they're exhausted in the old way, willing to move into the new, that's when real creation, real creativity really start coming back to the forefront.