number 4 / quad

energy of four; balance of four;
new balance
; divine balance;

< Creator 3 > You will also notice, dear teachers, as you diligently and earnestly work with these foundations lessons - somewhat boring perhaps but important lessons for where we are to go from here - you will begin to notice in particular the number "4." You have been in duality up to now. You have been in "two." You will begin to notice "4." We will explain more of this in the future. But to understand, to use your mathematics, 2 squared is 4 (22 = 4). Understand that you are moving beyond duality, but you are not overcoming duality. It is not being eliminated. You are going to a new type of dimensionality. The number "4" will become important. You will begin seeing it. It will jump out at you. It is a reminder. It is a reminder to live in the divine moment. It is a reminder that you are changing from within.

< Creator 3 > Your mathematicians are currently working on a new quantum theory. It has not been announced yet. It is not known, and it could be several years of time. There are new discoveries in this. It will quite possibly be referred to as "quad" mathematics where there is a new understanding of the balance of "4," of quadrants or four sectors.

< Creator 3 > This is all evidence showing that there is a new energy here on Earth. You are in duality. It will be difficult to overcome duality as you know it here. It is not appropriate even, friends, to return to singularity. You are in duality, but there is a new type of duality that you will come to know soon. The number 4 will represent this. The number 4 will remind you of this.

< Creator 3QA > In the past, technology in the past has been abused, as you would define it. Technology was used in Atlantis, and the results were not quite what you would have wanted them to be. Now there is a melding of technology and your spiritual growth. It is up to you, the enlightened humans, to help bring this forth, to help combine technology with your deeper spiritual aspects.

Your next step in this process will be the quad math, as we discussed earlier, with new discoveries that exponentially accelerate what you now know as your dual digital technology. And these discoveries, as we say, are within several years of your time. Again if you look at the number 4, you begin to understand the strength that lies within it. Even your year 2011 is a 4-number which is the year before your final transition - what is thought to be your final transition of 2012. There is now much of a melding between technology and the understandings inherent in these and your own spiritual growth. In the past these have remained somewhat apart.

< Creator 3QA > Quite simply it was not appropriate for you to be there. Lightworkers will find more and more of these types of strange events occurring. And again we always ask you to look for the number 4 implanted in these situations. This will be a clue to you not to go to a place of fear or panic, but to understand there are many changes under way.

< Creator 3QA > We will say at this time there is no third creation in effect. This is somewhat difficult to explain here. We ask you to go back to our discussion earlier of quad mathematics. As the second creation begins to unfold, there will not be a linear path of new creation. It will unfold exponentially. It will unfold in a squared basis - not quite the right term. That is why there is so much focus right now on the second creation. It creates a template that will be used as you go into the quad mathematics of creation.

< Creator 4QA > Indeed there is, they work hand-in-hand together. As we have mentioned, your mathematicians will soon bring forth information that would help to define this in greater detail. It is not appropriate for us to move into the specific areas at this time but we remind you that there will be more prevalence of the number four in your life. It may appear as simply the number four, it may appear as a combination of two’s. This is all indicating the shift away from duality, as you have known it, into a new type of energy creation dealing with quads.

< Creator 5 > Now, as this fourth marble moves into your being, the other three marbles - the white, the black, and the other clear - are attempting to throw it out! They consider it to be a foreign energy that is coming into their structures and patterns. They do not understand where it comes from, and there is turmoil within! And you wonder why your backs and shoulders ache so much! (chuckling) You wonder why there is emotional struggle within your being, when you thought your life should be balanced. You are taking on the attribute of the fourth marble. The other three marbles are very confused right now, for they have never had a fourth marble since you left the kingdom. They have never had a fourth pattern. We have spoken to you before about the importance of the number four. And this is the core of it. This is the essence of the balance of "four" that we have spoken of.

< Creator 5QA > You will continue to see this element of "four" and multiples of "four" as we have mentioned in the past several Crimson Circle sessions. We have talked of the importance of "four." When you see this number, it simply will let you know that you are on the right path. These are the little markers. These are the little assurances that you get that you are headed in the right direction.

< Creator 6QA > We have spoken of the four and the marbles. We have spoken of the new balance. This balance occurs as the fourth element comes in. Lesson Six - Within you there is Divine Balance. This is the knowingness, the internal peace and understanding that all things will come into Divine Balance if you allow them to be, if you allow them to be. Within you is all of the capabilities and tools - you need to search no further outside. You simply need to allow this Divine Balance to resolve the issues in your life. It is important here to do this without limitation. When you threw your issues into the air tonight (during the channeling), this was symbolic of having no limitation of releasing.

< Creator 6QA > We have spoken much of "four"; we have spoken of the "quad"; we have spoken of "four issues"; and we have spoken of "four marbles." There is much to this number of four. It is not a numerological thing, dear friends. It is not what you would call a sacred number. It is a number of the shift in energies and consciousness. The number "four" contains the vibration of "our" ( O-U-R ) which relates to the new energy between you, your human self and your new awakening divine self. It is "YOURS."

< Creator 8 > Here you sit not understanding who you truly are or understanding what is truly taking place! Some of you think your life has little value. You think you have not accomplished much in this lifetime. You have fear of being a failure. Dear friends, we weep at this thought! We weep at this perception. We know you are the first to take on the new energy, and at the same time, you are healing the past. You are resolving the conflicts that occurred in your universe and your galaxies. These occurred on dimensional levels than what you would expect. You are working to resolve these, to bring these together, to move from duality into the new energy of quad. The energy of the quad is balanced. It is the energy of creation in your material world. That is why we honor you so deeply. That is why we know you will be wise and compassionate teachers.

< Creator 9 > There will come a time when you will have access to all of the memories of your entire journey, when you will have remembrance of your journey. It will be like a library that is available to you. As far as returning Home, we know you too well! We know you are the adventurers. As you cross into the new energy, and as you take the "quad leap" into the energy of 4 - oh, dear friends, we know you so well - you will want to venture off again, creating new dimensions and new places. You are ones whose feet never stay put. We will be right there at your side as you go off into your new ventures, as we have been with you for a long, long time.

< Creator 9 > As these waves go out, they change the vibration in the things, not only within you, but also outside of you. The vibrations that emanate from you then touch other people. They touch the Earth. They touch the skies and the waters. They touch human consciousness. These waves of love have no need for intent. The spiritual balance is already there. There is the balance of "4," a new spiritual balance for your Earth that is contained within these waves that come from you. There is no need to put intent on them. They are balanced unto themselves, and when they touch other elements, or other vibrations, or even consciousness, the balanced love vibration of "4" has the potential to help balance and to help rejuvenate all energies that they touch.

< Creator 9QA > Most humans have been taught that there is right and wrong. It is the old duality, the old energy. In the new energies you are finding that there is the ALL. It is no longer about left, right, or center. It is no longer about the white marble and the dark marble. It is about the "four" that work together.

< Creator 9QA > When you use the broad brush… when you begin the new vibrational process… again we say to you, do not have specific intent. If you do have the need for intent, simply intend for divine balance - a balance of relationships, a balance of biology, and abundance, and in particular, for your own self worth to be balanced. Put no other spin on it. Ask for nothing in particular. Do not make demands of Spirit, and do not beg Spirit. If there is a need for any type of wish in your heart when you create with a broad stroke, simply have it be balance. Balance in the energy of "four" that you are moving into has a powerful factor that ties directly back into your divinity.

< Creator 10 > Did you know it was predicted that if you got past the potential chaos around your millennium period, that if you got past the potential destruction and the potential breakdown of systems, it was predicted that the next major change would come in the year 2012, what you call the end of your Mayan Calendar? This is what many have predicted to be the time of a quantum leap from the energy of "two" to the energy of "four." A shift from duality to divine balance. And did you know that this year 2012 is not set in concrete? Through your work, the work of Shaumbra and the work of all humans of Earth, this date is moving forward faster and faster. Do not hold out for the year 2012 for a quantum leap of self and then of mankind. It could be sooner!

< Creator 10 > Then dear friends, as the changes occur and you learn to bless them, be in Divine Balance (Lesson 6). Allow yourself a new balance, not of duality, not of two, but in a Divine Balance of four. We discussed the four marbles. In the past there was a dark element and a light element, and third element that changed like a chameleon and would take on attributes of the light or dark. But we also said that a fourth element of energy, a fourth marble, would come in and provide a needed balance to take you past duality into the new energy. Those lessons were about releasing and understanding and doing so that changes would come about.

< Ascension 2QA > Most ways you approach how to make money, how you draw in your abundance, will be different than what you have learned in the past. You have been taught this thing about working for an hourly pay. This does not make sense in the new energy. It is different. It is, in a way of speaking, an entirely new physics revolving around this number 4, which we have spoken of so often. The "quad math" ties in with the quantum leap that you are all going through. The convergence of science, of technology, of knowledge, and of spirituality is coming together at a very rapid speed. It will converge in these next few years of your time. Do not assume what you learned in the old energy will apply in the new. There is a new physics on Earth.

< Ascension 6 > It is a "4" year, but it is the balances of a "2" on one end and a "2" on the other. It is a year of shifts and changes, and it is a year about transitioning into a very important new energy. We have been speaking to you about "4" for quite a period of time. As a refresher, the "4" is "2" squared. You are going from duality - the energy of duality - into the energy of the "quad."

< Ascension 6 > Now, we shift into a new energy. You are not only shifting into a "4" year, but you are also shifting into the fourth age of God-man, of God-woman. There have been three ages before this. We will not go into all those details on this day, for we like to talk, (chuckling) but sometimes we are asked to keep our discussion within time limits. But, you are entering into your fourth age as God in human form.

< Ascension 7QA > When you see the number "two," for instance, it represents duality. When you see the number "four," it represents moving into the new consciousness. When you see the numbers "one and one," it represents duality once again, but shown in a different way. These are all little awarenesses that you are coming to. You, in a sense, placed them there as a reminder that you are coming into new awarenesses.

< Ascension 8 > When the agenda stops, this creates something new. It creates a new love, dear friends, a new love. When you take agenda off, combined with the grand wisdom that you have gained over lifetimes and lifetimes… now the elements of duality (three marbles) can meld together (union=love), each with their own imprint intact, but no longer as opposing forces. They can meld together and create, not one, but a spiritual quotient of 4. That is why we have spoken of 4 over and over.

< Ascension 8 > Duality is the energy of "two." It brought you here to help you understand who you are. It was a play-tool for you, this white and dark marble. When you release agenda, do not put a spin on either one of those energies. They combine, in a sense. As you could say, they make love with each other. This creates the energy quotient of "four." This is the new understanding of love.

< Ascension 8 > The important thing, more than anything… as agenda is taken off, there is this melding (love)… there is this new dynamic of what used to be duality. But, it is now going to this energy of four, rather than two.

< Ascension 8QA > In a sense, it is a very crude indicator of your own vibrational changes, your heightening vibration. So, you will see this… what is called your Schumann resonance… increase, but it will not be in a predictable pattern. This is similar to what we spoke of at the beginning of our session today. You will see changes all around you. You will see extremes of polarity taking place in human consciousness. Then you can see how this change in consciousness then affects the magnetics and the vibrations of Earth. All of this is a delightful and wonderful way of saying that you are on course, that you are on the path. It is time for the energy of duality to transform into this New Energy of "four" that we have spoken of.

< Ascension sp > Duality is shifting its consciousness into a New Energy. It is no longer of light and dark, no longer of good and bad. Duality is shifting its consciousness into a New Energy, what we have called the energy of "four." Four is a very stable energy, a balanced energy. With it will come new learnings and new understandings and indeed New Energy. But, because of this rapid shift, we find that you are at a delicate point. Your Earth is at a very delicate point.

< Ascension 9 > Now, we will have many more discussions about this. But, it is to say that duality is not destroyed or denied. It is expanded. You go from "2" to "4." You will see that there are four wave patterns in the New Energy, ups and downs, but also side to side. They intermingle with each other and intersect with each other. This changes the perception of the lows, because there is a new balancing wave that flows on its side. This is the New Energy. It still contains the essence of duality, but it has a whole new dimension to it.

< Ascension 9 > We all told stories of journeys back in our days. That is how we explained things. That is how we expressed enlightenments. And, indeed, even Siddhartha had four realizations… and four enlightenments… and met four humans on the road. It is not just I, Tobias, that does that! (some audience laughter). There is a significance to the number of "four." It is the New Energy. And, there is a significance to any story of Shaumbra on the road. When Shaumbra is on the journey for truth, you are accompanied by the ones who call YOU master. They go by the name of Yeshua, and Metatron, and Gautama and all of the others.

< Ascension 10 > A scientist/mathematician has even written a book about this, published since our last gathering ("A New Kind of Science" by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Media). It has created quite a bit of interest, quite a bit of debate. But, the essence of the research contained in this book, self-published by the author, is now making its way into the mainstream. It shows that if there are three elements (white, black, clear marble), each with a different type of energy, and a fourth energy (the fourth marble) that is added to it, this will create a type of New Energy. The research shows how the patterns of nature are created, and how it can be created in the New Energy. It talks about the sequence of energies and how they work. But, it is always an energy of 4. It is always one element of the 4 influencing the other 3.

< NewEnergy 4 > They have been separated. Don't you see? They have been separated for a long, long time. The core energy of separation is the male and female energies, the Adam and the Eve. Ever since you left Home, you see - ever since you began exploring Self - you divided yourself. You do it now in physical form, male and female. There is a masculine and a feminine energy, a yin and a yang. That is all the Star of David is… separated, pulled apart (like a diamond split in half). What happens when these two are brought back into alignment together? Instead of six points, there are four.

The energies (male/female, light/dark, divine/human) were meant to be brought together. And, in seven days from now is the time. It is the potential for this to start, for these two equilateral triangles to come back together.

< NewEnergy 4QA > But, for those Shaumbras who are in this land of Israel and any of the neighbors surrounding that land, it is a time for the realization that this can be healed. It is a time to bring back together the Star of David, which originally was the shape of a diamond - four points - to bring these back together in this New Energy of four. It is time to bring this together for all of you here - even in your own lives - to provide the melding of these two pieces back together, as we spoke of… the male, the female, the light, the dark, the divine, the human… to bring these all back together.

< NewEnergy 6 > It is a safe energy because it is no longer duality energy… you see. New Energy is balanced. It contains the four elements - the light, the dark, the neutral, and the Christ seed all together. It is balanced. As we talked about so long ago in our discussion of the four marbles, the four elements, after a while, after the Christ-light element comes in, the Old elements of light and dark and neutral begin to take on the attributes of the Christ energy, of the divine energy. They embody the divine energy. And, it sets up the energy of "four," a balanced, balanced energy. It is a safe place to be. That is why we can come here today with Quan Yin and say that you are in a safe energy now.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, so much here, and we share this today, because we are moving into this whole realm of creative imagination energy. And, it starts with the safe space. We have spoken of the safe space in a Shoud not so very long ago. We set the energy there, and we continue it today. We talked about the fact that New Energy is safe energy. It is balanced. It is an energy of "four." It is like a stool that has four legs, rather than three, or just two. A stool with two is very imbalanced. But, one with four is safe.