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< New Earth 6 > You wonder why we honor you so much for your journey! You are the angels of our family that agreed to go through this most difficult process. You will emerge the grandest of beings. We do not know what this will look like. We can only anticipate. We can only guess. But from the energies that we can see, and from the reflections that we see in your universe, we see the creation of new stars, of a whole new universe (the Third Creation). My friends, it is so much grander than even what you can see in your (physical) universe. This new angel that emerges will be a sight to behold and this has all been part of the plan. And you have been an intimate part of it.

< Creator 3QA > We will say at this time there is no third creation in effect. This is somewhat difficult to explain here. We ask you to go back to our discussion earlier of quad mathematics. As the second creation begins to unfold, there will not be a linear path of new creation. It will unfold exponentially. It will unfold in a squared basis - not quite the right term. That is why there is so much focus right now on the second creation. It creates a template that will be used as you go into the quad mathematics of creation.

< Embodiment 10 > We spoke recently to a group of Shaumbra about the Third Circle opening up. The First Circle, of course, was Home, the energy of the Kingdom, All That Was. The Second Circle was everything outside of Home, the existence, the reality that you have been in ever since you went through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void and began creating. Now, you are on the very edge of completion of that cycle. The New Earth that we spoke of a week ago is indicative of that. The New Earth could not be built; it could not even be conceived, if it was not the appropriate time. There are so many questions about the New Earth: where it is… how it is progressing… who can go there. But, none of this would be possible, Shaumbra, unless you were at the point right now of completing the Second Circle.

< Embodiment 10 > "What is the Second Circle?" you say. It is everything outside of Home. It is your playground. It is where you are learning to be Creators. It is Creator-ship training. That is what you have been doing. You have been learning how to be Creators. You have been doing it in various ways, multi-dimensional. Then, you come to Earth, and you do it here in this very limited, very harsh reality, your last step and your last stop before going on, before going on into the Third Circle.

< Embodiment 10 > Words will not even do this justice, Shaumbra, in trying to describe the Third Circle. Let us just say it is the place for full Creators… full Creators without limitation, without restriction… full Creators, what you have always thought of as the capabilities, the abilities of Spirit itself… full Creators, when you're not limited to any dimensions, any type of specific reality. We are going to ask you to feel it from the heart, not from the mind. But, you are at this point now in the evolution of humanity in the fulfillment of the Order of the Arc where it is time now to go beyond while you are still here on the Earth… still here in these human bodies… still going through this beautiful, sometimes frustrating awakening process. You are doing so many things to open the doors for others, to help others free their energies.

< Clarity 8 > Some of you are going to go to the New Earth, you're going to work with new energies, helping to understand what they truly are, what they mean, how they can be applied back on old Earth - if humans are interested in doing that. Some of you are going to go to the New Earth for a while and then choose to go beyond into what we call the Third Circle. This is a realm that is very difficult to describe because this is where you go from being a god in training to a full God, full rights. Full rights. It is hard to even imagine because it is so expansive. Some of you are going to go there after this lifetime.

< Clarity 9 > It (New Earth) is a place of training. It is a place of great research, energy research. It is also a point of separation, meaning it is a way-point, a stop-over between quantum leaps of consciousness. It is your doorway to the Third Circle. The Third Circle is where you are a full creator, full God also, and the Third Circle is where you create your own universes. In a sense, you could say that right now here on Earth you are God also, but you are gods in training. You are learning what it is like to be creators in a very limited, very slowed down energy. But in the Third Circle it is wide open. You take what you have learned here and then apply it there with the wisdom that is even beyond words.

< Teacher 3 > What you (Shaumbra) are learning through this series of illusions and mazes that you are going through is something that none of the others have learned. We said to you a long time ago that you are the first to go through this pathway of ascension. And ascension simply means that you are evolving to your next level; that you are integrating all of the parts and pieces of Self together into a whole; that you are completing a cycle, a circle even, and moving from this place of Earth, which is one of the most difficult and challenging experiences - and I speak from experience myself - on your way to a new level. We call it the Third Circle.

< Teacher 3 > This (the Third Circle) is where you go after your self-training. This is where you go after your self-initiation, to the next realm of pure creator being. But you go there understanding the consequences of choices. You go there understanding how energy itself works and how new energy can be created. You go into the pure creator realms, understanding what it is like to divide and separate yourself and then bring it back together into a new identity. You go to these new creator realms, understanding that there are always actions and reactions to choices, to things that you do as a creator. You go there with a new type of wisdom and understanding.

< Teacher 3 > There will be those who assist them and serve them, and yes some of those assistants and servants, some of those Master Teachers may be you. When you leave this physical lifetime, before you go off into the Third Circle, many of you are going to choose to spend time at the New Earth, spend time helping to teach angel beings... many of them who will come from your angelic families seeking you out ... and you will sit with them. You will help them to understand the consciousness of what you experienced.

< Teacher 3 > Those who study at the New Earth library will study your consciousness, will feel your experience. They will understand the wisdom that you gained. Then they will go off on their own. They will come to Earth, for all must pass by way of Earth. It is written. It is known. All must pass by way of Earth before they can go off to the Third Circle. So what you are doing here Shaumbra is indeed significant. Indeed, you are the Masters. You are the first to go through this, and I, Tobias, ask you never to forget that.

< Returning 8QA > It's interesting as Saint-Germain talks about ascension and explains it in his own way to Shaumbra and says, "When you go into ascension, what we metaphorically call the Third Circle, you are free, and you're sovereign and you're an absolute creator in your own right." Oddly enough, about … let's see, Saint-Germain knows the number … about 76 percent of Shaumbra feels that's really boring. They, in a sense, don't want that freedom. They, in a sense, very much enjoy what they're doing on Earth, which is fine. But we're challenging Shaumbra now to be able to experience that freedom, to be on Earth in physical body and to absolutely enjoy the experience of life.

< MNEC2009-T2 > The spiritual physics worked out so I could do it. And you know, when they asked for volunteers on the other side and in the Third Circle club, I raised my hand first. I couldn’t wait to get back. But you know what? Next week there’s going to be two more ascended masters who are coming to Earth. One, a natural birth; the other, a young shell body. By the end of next month, there’s going to be over 30 ascended masters who have rebirthed on Earth. By the end of the year, there’s going to be over 120 ascended masters who have rebirthed on Earth. And by mid next year, there are going to be over 1,516 ascended masters embodied back on Earth for you.

< Master 5 > So the soul passion. Feel your own soul passion for a moment. That is what's causing your reality. It can be stated in many different ways; I just gave you four simple basic statements of the soul's passion and desire. It could be stated in a lot of different ways, but it's to know thyself, to express thyself, to bring thyself together again and to move thyself into levels never realized before. Some of you might call that the Third Circle, sovereignty. Yes, yes with a twist, and the twist is New Energy.

< (Next) 7 > The dilemma of being sovereign, being in what we call your Third Circle - it's a metaphor of being totally self-sufficient - and when they get to this point, they have to make a big choice, and most of them don't. Most of them let it linger, but it will come back to them. And they say, "In the Third Circle, I'm it. I Am that I Am. What do I do every day? Who are my friends? They say, "It sounds really boring. I think I'll delay my ascension for about 20 lifetimes." But truly, once you understand the I Am, you don't have to worry about boredom or other beings or what to do. Time becomes a total illusion. And could you imagine, perhaps, just being in love with yourself and that's enough? Not needing the outer reflection, the outer energies? Could you imagine just being with you for an eternity?

< Kharisma 2 > So, my dear friends, I do have to my credit 852 who have been my students, who I have taught in the past. Now I'm teaching a very large group. You could say that actually prior to coming to Shaumbra, I taught, worked with, guided, whatever you want to call it, approximately 52,000 beings in the Mystery Schools in the past. That's actually not a lot. It's not a lot. Of those, 852 – whooshhh! – up in the Ascended Masters realms. “Ascended Master” just means you can do anything you want, whenever you want, however you want. It's kind of cool. But that's not new. You already knew that. (Adamus chuckles)