2009 Midsummer New Energy Conference
Breckenridge, Colorado Friday, July 19
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[Anders Holte tenderly sings the Returning Song]

TOBIAS: And for our final time together … and so it is.

Oh, dear Shaumbra, dear, dear Shaumbra, yesterday, it was Cauldre’s emotions, and today, surprisingly, it is my human emotions. I haven’t felt this for thousands of years. I forgot what it was like to cry. I forgot what it was like to have these tears come down my skin. And I don’t know why I’m crying. (emotional) I guess I am getting to be human.

I can’t tell you how good it feels, how long I’ve waited to be with each and every one of you.

Oh Cauldre, stop trying to stop the tears. They don’t care. Let them come down. Geez! They must be tears of joy, tears of happiness, to see each and every one of you, to share in this moment, because it doesn’t get much better than this.

I have a beard (some laughter), tears on it, I guess, but, oh Cauldre, you should really keep it. (laughter) Sorry Linda. (more laughter)

I have my robe at long last, but in spite of all of my urgings, Cauldre still had to put on some sort of pants. (lots of laughter as Tobias lifts up his robe to expose the pants underneath) And now he’s suffering, because they’re of a type of material that really makes you warm. (more laughter) I tried to tell him "The robe - just the robe - is all you need."

(sighing) I’m going to have a glass of wine. I hope you don’t mind. (Linda asks "Now?") Now. Oh, how I’ve waited! How I have waited. (audience laughter and applause)

(Tobias sniffs his glass of wine) Oh yes. This glass of wine, dear Shaumbra, is a symbol of our life together, of joy on Earth, of letting go of all the rules and the regulations, trusting yourself, being embodied - just like the body of the wine - being embodied on Earth, celebrating everything that life has to offer, savoring … savoring … (laughter as Tobias sniffs it again)
Hmmmm ... North American, slightly oaky, a hint of vanilla and no bitter after-smell - symbolic of our journey of the ten years together, symbolic of all of the wine that all of you from around the world have sent in as part of this celebration.

So … I’ve been waiting. (Tobias takes a sip and relishes it) Ahhhhh! Oh yes! (audience applause) Oh, I am human again! Ahhhhh …

And then, being with the dearest friends you could ever imagine, in the safest space on the planet right now. This - this - is what it’s about.

Take a deep breath. Savor this energy, this day, this celebration of life. Here we have the essence of Kryon still all around us - I can feel it right up here on stage. The essence of Quan Yin, the essence of the Pleaidians, the essence of White Eagle and Mark, Chief Joseph (Referring to the previous channelers) but mostly the essence of each and every one of you. It is thick. It is thick in here. It is expanding as we speak, but you know that. You can feel it.

A Moment to Rebalance

Oh, dear Shaumbra, I invite you right now to take a deep breath and open up your heart and your body. Take a moment here before we get into the discussion. Give your body permission to heal itself. It knows how to, in this safe space. It knows how to balance the energies. It knows how to bring itself into a higher vibration. Oh, sometimes it does things that you may not understand. You may not understand why you have a digestive situation or a back situation, but trust your body. It’s not working against you. It is you. It knows how to balance and repair and heal.

Give it permission right now to do it and don’t tinker with it. Don’t mess with it. Don’t override it. Don’t over medicate it.

Take a deep breath and in this exquisite space let your mind balance itself. It’s going through a process unlike anything it’s ever gone through. It’s releasing you and it, your intellect. It’s finally seen the light and the light is the divine consciousness. The light allows the human intellect to expand, to get out of its prison, to go beyond any limitations that were ever put upon it.

Take a deep breath and in this divine space that we share welcome your spirit. It’s been away for longer than I’ve been away. It’s been wanting to join you in this celebration of life, and now it can. You don’t have to fix anything. You don’t have to quit anything or lose anything or learn anything or become something different than who you are. It loves you, because it is you and it wants to be here right now.

You don’t have to force anything. That’s the blessing and the beauty of this new age. You don’t have to work on it. You just have to choose it and then be it. It happens, naturally.

Let’s take a deep breath in this moment of being, of awareness, of Self. Amazing.


About Sam

Dear Sam, my next incarnation, is lying in a hospital bed right now. He had a bit of an accident this morning, precisely, and not coincidentally, at 11:11 your time. As I told you a while back, Sam has allergies. Not because he did anything wrong or has bad karma, but it was part of the set-up for our life, to keep him more introspective in his early years, to get him into feeling sensitivities, to keep him in his own divine space. Many of you have sympathy allergies right now, don’t you? Sniffling, coughing and sneezing, just like Sam.

Sam accidentally took too much medication this morning. He was having a bad, bad bout of his allergies and forgot that he had already taken some. When he got on his bike and was riding into town, he wasn’t paying attention. Something happened and he slammed head-on into a car. He broke several bones in his body. He was knocked unconscious. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital, but nothing serious. Nothing life threatening, but enough to knock him out for a little bit.

He’s sleeping right now in his hospital room. (Tobias reaches for a drink and Linda offers water)

Water or wine?! (laughter and applause) Good Lord after 2,000 years!

As he’s sleeping right now in his hospital room, I’m infusing … I’m embodying myself, the divine - not just of Tobias, but of all who I am - into him. Sometimes it takes that, dear humans. Sometimes it takes getting out of the mind, getting out of the thickness of the energy here on Earth. Sometimes it takes going out, and during this process right now, I’m entering coming into Sam. And I can feel it.

I can feel it in the way I’m with Cauldre and with you. I feel so much closer, but yet further in an old way. And I feel so much more of the humanness right now, and a thing called pain. I feel so much more alive, in a way. I feel the excitement of this adventure in the human body, and I’m apprehensive. I’ve shared with you that the forgetfulness started months and months ago, as I was becoming more Sam and less Tobias. The forgetfulness about where we come from, who we really are.

And then as I was allowing myself to get closer and closer into human form, I stopped. I said, "I’m not going to play that game anymore." Oh, it was seductive. I could feel the draw on my spirit. I could feel the draw of that seductive energy on Earth wanting me to forget, and I could feel a part of me wanting to play that game - hide and seek. But as intense as that seduction was, I said, "Let’s not do it this time. Let’s be fully embodied in this human form and let’s remember." Oh, I know there will be times, lapses of forgetfulness. There’ll be times when I get so involved in being a young boy, a teenager with my romances, that I’ll forget. But I brought the key in with me.

You know what? You brought it in with you too. You don’t have to wait to go out of your physical body and come back in. You always had it, and you can make that choice to remember, clearly and fully.

But let me give you a little hint. It’s not what you think it is. You’re waiting for big, grand flashes of light. You’re waiting for super-intelligence. You’re waiting for psychic abilities, to be a magician. That’s old human stuff. The remembrance of the divine is absolute simplicity. Purity. It doesn’t need to have this human grandness. It doesn’t need to do party tricks. It doesn’t need to impress other people. And more importantly, it doesn’t need to impress itself. It doesn’t need to fix anything. It definitely doesn’t need goals. Goals are very human. It is pure and simple and complete unto itself.

So while I’m infusing, embodying my energy into Sam, let’s talk for a little bit. But I’m going to invite you to feel this experience of returning, of coming back, of Sam and I making our connection - but you making your connection as well.

To Be Us 

Yesterday Kuthumi gave a history, some of my background. He talked about the times in Atlantis and the times under the Earth. And he talked about coming back to Earth and the history of Tobias. But I’m going to share a little bit more with you today.

I am, indeed, Tobias - at least for a few more precious minutes - but the whole concept of Tobias is really all of us. All of us. It is my souled being that was Tobias 2500 years ago, but it was an agreement that all of us had, that we would combine our love, we would combine our desire, we would combine ourselves into this thing called Tobias - To Be Us. It’s always been us - you and me, the person next to you, the ones watching in over the Internet - it was always about all of us. To Be Us.

We chose that instead of a traditional type of what you would call archetypical energy or collective consciousness, the likes of which you have seen in Yeshua and some of the others, this time we would bring our essence together carried on the souled being of myself, and we would help to herald in a new time on Earth. That began thousands and thousands of years ago.

You put in part of yourself into Tobias. We all gathered together, and approximately 2,000 years ago, you began seeding Earth with the Christ consciousness, seeds that have germinated over the past thousands of years, and are here today marking this New Energy era for humanity.

You have been an intimate part of Tobias from way back when. That’s what attracted you to this work. That’s what attracted you to other Shaumbra. That’s what caused all of us to go through this journey together, feeling what it’s like to go through an embodied reincarnation, what it’s like to bring in the divine, what it’s like to face the challenges of the Old Energy human, what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost everything, like you’ve gone into the darkness. You’ve been a part of this energy called Tobias - To Be Us.

So today as I am embodying now into Sam, you are also going through your own returning process, that part of you that was part of Tobias returns back to you right now. As I am making my returning into the body of Sam, that part of you is returning to you right now. You’re also going through a rebirthing process at this very moment.

In a few short minutes the essence of Tobias will no longer exist. It’s not needed anymore. You will become your own Tobias. I will become my Tobias. Linda will become hers. Tobias won’t go on anymore, because we’re all going to own our own Sacred Self.

In other words, dear Shaumbra, it is graduation. We have arrived. We’re disbanding Tobias, bringing it back home from whence it came.

Take a deep breath and feel the return. It’s not just me; it’s all of us. I’ll have a toast to that.



So at this important time I know there are questions on your mind. I know you’re wondering … you’re wondering, "Am I ready?" I can feel it. "Am I ready?" Part of you is saying yes, part of you is so ready to go forward. But there’s that other little voice, "Am I really ready, Tobias? Maybe some other Shaumbra are, but am I?"

I look at you - each and every one of you - and I know that you’re ready. Perhaps even a bit past ready, over ripe. (some laughter) Yes, you’re ready. You know, a human can study and study and study and have lifetime after lifetime after lifetime on Earth, thinking there’s something more they have to do or prepare for. But the moment you say, "I’m ready," then it’s time. Then it’s time.

You have to make that choice within yourself. Are you ready? You have to take a look also at the changes. You’re not going to know necessarily what those changes are because even we don’t know. We know things like your biology is changing, your mind is changing, your intellect, the way you do things. But other changes in your life we don’t really know. But we know one thing - it’s an evolution. It’s an opening and expansion. It’s not a collapse. You don’t lose anything. You open up.

You have to take a look at the changes that will come in your life and make your decision - "Are you ready?" - but I look at you and I know each and every one of you is.

The other question that you’re asking, at some part of you right now - and I have deep empathy for this question because I’m feeling it right now in me. Another question is, "Is it real?" Is it real? Are you making all of this up? Are you delirious, like you’ve heard from a few people, or perhaps a lot of people? Is this thing called New Energy and Spirit and the other realms - is it real or are you just having such a challenge facing physical reality that you have to make these things up?

Dear friends, again, you have to make that decision for yourself. If you choose it, then it is real. It is real. If you want to play the game of denying or pretending, well then reality shifts and changes and becomes very blurred and confused. You hear it from Kryon, You hear it from many, many others, Adamus, Kuthumi. There are many mansions - many mansions - and this is but one. This is important indeed. This is a bright light on the sphere of All That Is, but there are many mansions. There are many realities. If you choose that this is real, this journey of open consciousness is real, then it is.

Next question, that’s on the mind of so many of you. "What do I do? What should I do, Spirit? What should I do next?" And I tell you, Shaumbra, you’re going to walk out of this room or leave this mountaintop and ask that question, "What next?" It’s a natural question. "What should I do? What should Shaumbra do? What the hell is Saint-Germain going to do?" (laughter) That’s a natural question! "What should I do?"

And my answer to you, which I gave to you in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid not so long ago - it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter because you can do anything you want. You don’t have karma. You don’t have contracts. You’re not bound by anything - unless you choose it. It doesn’t matter because what you do is going to be divine. Just, please, do something. Keep that energy moving and rolling - not for my sake, not for Spirit’s sake, but for the sake of your own evolution and expansion.

You’re going to feel physically better when you’re expressing. Spirit is expression and expansion. You are Spirit, therefore, expand and express.

We’ve talked about it before. It’s been a theory, but put it to practical application - it doesn’t matter what you do. You’re afraid of doing wrong. I can understand, coming in this close to Earth right now. You don’t want to do the wrong thing or make the wrong choice, but one of the things Adamus is going to work with you on is watching how, in New Energy, it doesn’t respond like Old. It doesn’t go good or bad. It goes to a natural - what you say - evolution or rebalance on its own without you having to push it up hill or drag it behind you.

Try anything. You’re evolved, enlightened beings. You’re not going to deliberately make mistakes or hurt people. Although a caution - because I’m getting such a taste of this human condition now and a remembrance - you’re going to do things out of love - out of self-love - you’re going to do things that are going to hurt other people. But it’s not because you’ve done it consciously; it’s because of the way they’re responding. They want you to be a certain way. They’ve been feeding or reacting or playing the game with you in a certain way, and when you break that game, some of them are going to feel hurt and they’re going to try to put the guilt back on you. But it’s not yours.

Do anything. Do something. Enjoy life.

Next question - fourth question. I’m going to need a drink for this! (Tobias chuckles and takes another sip of wine) I’m not sure it’s because of the wine or coming in so close to Sam now, but whew!

Fourth question that you ask - "Who’s going to be there to support me? To work with me? To help me? You’re leaving - or coming back - Tobias, but you just said Tobias is disbanding now. It’s not going to exist the way it did. Who’s going to help me?"

Dear Shaumbra, there are legions of angelic beings waiting to work with you, waiting to shuttle or convey energies back and forth between the physical realm and the angelic realms, waiting to be there for you, but they’ve been given strict instructions by you. "Don’t do it for me. Don’t make my decisions for me. Don’t make it happen for me. Don’t do it for me. Assist me, support me, be there for me, help to balance the energies, help to bring in energies that serve me," because all energies are waiting to serve you if you allow them.

There are legions of angels who are ready. They’re not your guides. They’re not there to solve your problems. They’re there to love you and they’re there to help expand and distribute energies across the dimensions and then back to you for you to use.

Dear Shaumbra, you also have each other. What an incredible connection of love over the years that you’ve had. Being able to use modern technologies to instantly talk to others, to share your stories. Oh, continue to share them, please, because you’re not just sharing on an email or in some chat room, which Sam is slightly addicted to. You’re sharing energies that go beyond the Internet.

As you know, the next step beyond the Internet is true wireless communications without having all these devices. You’re going to be learning how to communicate without any equipment, not even your iPhones or blackberries, and you’re going to learn to do it very efficiently, very clearly.

You have each other. You have this thing called Crimson Circle. You have a staff that … I want to take a moment. I know Cauldre’s talked about it, but I’m going to add my own input to it. You have what they call "the staff." These are the ones who work every day, volunteer to work at your meetings, help to bring in the energy, and they’re doing much more than what appears to the eye. They’re not just working on the computer and paying bills and sending out shipments. They’re a focal point of energy for Shaumbra. They’re right in the middle of it. They’re helping to distribute it. They’re helping to expand all of your energies. It’s not just the human job they’re asked to do. It’s not just turning knobs on control boxes and equipment or doing the various other things, planning the workshops. They are right in the thick of your energy.

Love them, because some days it’s overwhelming. Some days they’re feeling your challenges, your difficulties, your … Some days they’re feeling when you’ve had desires to leave Earth or anger at other humans or loathing of yourself. Because they are in the system, they’re feeling it. They’ve agreed to it out of love for you. Do love them back.

The Return

Who else do you have? Who else do you have? Well, I’m coming back in just a matter of moments. I’m coming back. I’m going to be here. As Kuthumi was saying yesterday, Up until now it hasn’t been possible for … well, I have to chuckle when you say ascended master - it’s just a sovereign being. That’s all it is. But it hasn’t been very possible for a sovereign being to come back to Earth in physical form.

So we’ve come back, the legions of sovereign beings - about 9,000 - we’ve been coming to you through channelers. We’ve been coming to you through mediums and psychics and other sort of ways. And some, like Adamus, can make a temporary illusion of being in human form, but it disappears after no more than a day or two. We’ve been coming back in different ways - burning bushes (laughter) and all these different gimmicks that we’ve tried with you, a few ghosts now and then. But I’m coming back.

The spiritual physics worked out so I could do it. And you know, when they asked for volunteers on the other side and in the Third Circle club, I raised my hand first. I couldn’t wait to get back.

But you know what? Next week there’s going to be two more ascended masters who are coming to Earth. One, a natural birth; the other, a young shell body. By the end of next month, there’s going to be over 30 ascended masters who have rebirthed on Earth. By the end of the year, there’s going to be over 120 ascended masters who have rebirthed on Earth. And by mid next year, there are going to be over 1,516 ascended masters embodied back on Earth for you. (audience cheering and applause)

They are coming to join you. They’re not coming to save you. They’re coming because of you, because you’ve helped to change the consciousness of Earth. You’ve made it possible for the sovereign beings to come back. They’re going to join this sphere that your speaker (Wolfing von Rohr) talked about yesterday - this sphere - and they’re going to be bright lights. They’re going to be points of consciousness on Earth, and their points of consciousness are going to connect with yours - and they’re here because of you.

They’re coming after you, so to speak. (giggling in audience) They’re coming … following you. (much laughter) They’re following you, in your footsteps, and many of them are going to go through exactly what I’m going through - a bit of drowsiness, a bit of forgetfulness. They’re not just going to come back in instantly knowing everything. They’re going to have this type of adjustment period.

These ascended masters coming back to Earth are going to work with you in many, many ways - some very human and direct, some in the other realms tightly connected to Earth - but they’re going to work with you to bring the consciousness of this planet to an unimaginable level over the next few decades. This is the shift. It’s happening right now. As Kryon said before, don’t wait until 2012. You’re going to miss it.

As the ascended masters come and they connect with you, which they will do - they’re going to energetically connect with you - this is going to cause great change on Earth, continued change on Earth. It’s going to cause the human masters - you - to step forward.

The sovereign beings, the ascended masters coming back to Earth now, they’re going to need guidance, particularly in their early years. They’re going to need the books you have written. Can you imagine just one book that one of you has written getting into the hands of an awakening ascended master, reminding that ascended master of everything that they are? A class that you do, a song that you sing?

Do you get the picture now of what you have been doing here on Earth? Do you understand why Kryon, Kuthumi, Adamus and Tobias have been telling you? You didn’t get it. You didn’t understand. You forgot who you were. You forgot the master that you are.

You helped to pave the way. You helped to open the doors, not so the ascended masters can come in and teach you, but so you can work shoulder to shoulder, side by side with them.

Let’s take a deep breath and acknowledge - please acknowledge - who you are.



Right now Sam is hearing a voice - laying sound asleep in his hospital room - hearing a voice. And that voice, becoming so loud right now in his head, that voice is saying, "Who am I? Who am I?" It’s coming from across time and space. Sam is hearing it in his physical body, "Who am I?"

(Tobias opens his eyes)

And then with open eyes he says, "I Am that I Am. I Am that I Am."

(much emotion) And now, dear Shaumbra, I’m going to ask each and every one of you to open your eyes to who you really are, to why you’re really here on Earth, to why we’ve had this journey together - the most incredible journey of love I could ever possibly imagine. How it’s been an honor to work with each and every one of you, to share your trials and your tribulations, to share your love, to share your accomplishments and to share your discoveries. I ask each and every one of you to open your eyes now, to who you really are.

You have many days, months and years ahead of you. You have many things that you can do, that you can become. It’s wide open to you.

Ascended masters are going to be here soon. They’re going to look you in the eye, just like I am right now. Keep your eyes open, and one day a young man might come up to you, say "I Am that I Am."

And so it was.


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