the magnetic master;

< New Earth 5 > Those who gather in the room here today, those who have been brought here by appointment, as odd as the circumstances may seem, have all been part of this family of crimson. For each of you, as you know in your hearts, is a teacher. Each of you is a minister of love and of light. Each of you has worked with us, and we have all worked together in the Kryon energy. So there is a familiar feeling here.

< New Earth 6 > Those who have come to weave the energies, they too are no longer here. It is no longer necessary as we have passed the marker that Kryon has referred to so many times. It is truly the beginning of empowerment.

< New Earth 6 > When you came here to Earth, you went through a transformation process. Your soul had you take on a biology, as Kryon talked about last night, during the melding of evolution. You took on a role of an actor, acting out many parts, many lifetimes, many expressions. You have been doing a wonderful job of acting. You have been on the stage of Earth, acting through balances of light and dark, acting through balances of expressions, but you have been acting. The you who is sitting in this room is not truly who you are. You know this.

< Creator 9 > Several years ago, in this very room where the circle now gathers, the Kryon explained the other attributes of the guides. They stated that as you go through experience, and you reach a new understanding or enlightenment as a human angel, your energy would fill the vessels that the guides carried with them. It was like a golden, liquid light that filled these grand vessels carried by your guides. It was filled with your enlightenment and your new understanding. The guides would collect this wonderful energy of golden knowledge and wisdom that you exuded.

< Ascension 1 > As you know, there has been tremendous work being done on the grids, for these past 11, 12, 13 years. There have been adjustments that the Kryon has been making in response to your changing consciousness and in response to the decisions you are making. Each time you make a decision to open parts of self, to integrate the divinity, there is a corresponding change in the grid. Not just in your portion of the grid, but the grid for all.

< Ascension 1 > Now there is work to be done! There is still work that will take place on the inside, as the rest of you (other realities) catches up with your new consciousness (gotten with your new divinity). There will be work to do with others. And dear friends, you will find that in the next year of time, as the final completion of the grid adjustments are done by the Kryon and all of other entities, you will find things are still somewhat chaotic, but you will find new potential coming into you all of the time. As things happen in your life now, we want you to consciously remember - it is not about you. It is now about the service that you chose.

< Ascension 2 > You are about to cross another marker here in the next year or so of your time, and that will be the completion of an energetic tapestry that is being created to enable you to truly hold your divinity (new divinity), to truly access all that you are. This is the work of the Kryon with the grids. You will cross that marker also. You have crossed many, many. But the important one is that you have moved from the old into the new. You have gone from one lifetime to the next. You have ascended. Perhaps it doesn't look like what you thought it would - but then what did you expect? (audience laughter)

< Ascension 6 > There is much work being done in the final adjustments of the spiritual grids of Earth. There is a team, an entourage that many of you are so familiar with. It is the energy of the Kryon that is changing these. They can only change the grids in direct response to your changing consciousness. It is not that the Kryon does the attunement, and then you change. It is that you have been changing, therefore, giving permission and allowing the Kryon to make the changes in the grids.

< Ascension 6 > As we gather here now as family, they (Kryon) are working at this moment on these changes, on the attunements of the grids. What this will do is allow you a new type of access to all of who you are (full divinity). It will allow a new type of fuel. It will allow a portal from your full divinity in order to illuminate that seed of Christ that is within you. It is a ray of sunlight that comes in, that breaks through a cloud cover that has been around you for so long. And, this ray will directly beam upon the Christ seed that is germinating within you. This ray, this beautiful golden, copper, whitish ray will shine, and it will bless your divinity. It will bless the Christ seed, and allow it to grow in new ways.

< Ascension 6 > The year 2002 is about the final adjustments of the grids. It is about the Kryon finishing their work. The Kryon will complete what they came here to do, in order to allow this ray of divine light, of your OWN light, to shine down upon your blossoming Christ-self. The clouds are going away. The veil is being released.

< Ascension sp > You are coming into a consciousness where you are able to hold in your divinity. You are coming to a time where the grids have been changed and altered in response to your growth. It is a time when the work of Kryon in changing the magnetic balances is coming to an end.

< Ascension 11 > That is why we honor you so much for the work that you do. What you precipitate, what you start, sets up a pattern that enables others to then use those tools and those energies for transformation in their own life. You are the teachers. Apocalypse - lifting of the veil. The very work of the Kryon changed the grids in response to your changing consciousness. As the grids are adjusted and changed, this lifts the veil.

< Ascension 11 > Something miraculous is happening here. When you left Home, there was a limited or finite amount of energy that left with you. There was a finite amount of energy that entered the void, what is now your known universe. Oh, that amount of energy was vast, but it was finite. Through the journey that you have taken ever since, and the journey of many lifetimes on Earth, you are creating New Energy. That is a miracle! You do not see it yet in your own life. But, you will come to understand what we are talking about. You will understand why the Kryon is so excited about the work you do, why all of us who gather here honor you.

< DivineHuman 3 > There is much happening on Earth right now. In the next few months the alignment of the grids will be completed. This is the work that the Kryon has been doing for so many years now. The Kryon has been aligning the magnetic grids of Earth, the grids above you, the grids that encompass the Earth on the outer realms. The alignment of these magnetic grids has been taking place so that you could bring in more of your divinity. The divine energy is not necessarily contained in the grids, but the grids influence how much you could bring in.

< DivineHuman 3 > The grids also create the strength of duality. The grids also create the veil. Indeed, the veil causes you to forget who you are and why you are here. But, your consciousness, and the consciousness of all humans on Earth, is changing now. The Kryon, the magnetic master, came to this planet with the entourage to adjust the grids so that you could truly bring in and hold your divinity. That work is coming to a conclusion here in the next few months. There is not a specific date. At the end of this year Kryon will start to depart. Kryon will move out of the way so you can own and balance your own divinity. You will be able to bring in a higher amount of your divine energy at this point.

< DivineHuman 3QA > Indeed, it was not Kryon who created the grid, but it was Kryon who has had the responsibility for adjusting it in response to the changing vibration of humans. Now, Kryon came in some years ago to make the final adjustment. This will allow you to truly own and to hold your divinity. The magnetic grid is like an intersecting highway of energy that wraps around the entire Earth. There are specific points on the grid. There are physical, magnetic, and electrical properties to this grid.

The Kryon came with an entourage from all parts of this creation to adjust it. This allows a release of energy that you can bring into your life. Now, you say, "How do you connect with it?" You have always been connected with it, but you have not always been able to utilize the full potential of the energies. You stay connected to it, but now you can handle all the energies that are available. This was not so much possible in the past. If you had tried to bring in these energies, it would have burned out your circuits, burned out your physical, your mental, and your emotional body. But, now you are able to handle these energies. So it is that the Kryon makes the final adjustment. Then it is up to you what to do with it. It is up to every human on Earth what to do with this new potential. Nothing is held back now. It is all yours.

How do you realize it? Indeed, you are always connected, but how do you realize this potential of energies that is in the grids? Be in the moment. As you said in Shoud today, it is to breathe. It is to feel. It is to be in the moment. It is to realize that you attract everything to you. Now, we don't want to see you, Shaumbra, going out and trying to write books and do classes about how to reconnect with this energy and make it work. It comes to you. It is that simple. It comes to you.

Then, you put it into effect in your life, depending on the situation at hand. Then, you breathe life into it. You give it life through your being. Through all of your physical and divine senses, you allow this energy to come forth. This is where what we call the magic begins. This is where you can do things you never thought possible, understand things you could have never understood before. As you stay in the moment, you will realize more and more of the potential of divine energies that are available. In a way it is a combination of the energies of the grid (sorrounding earth), the energies of the Earth grids (crystalline), as well, and your divinity blossoming within you that all intersect together to create a tremendous new potential.

< DivineHuman 4 > I am Kryon of magnetic service, and I have been here for eleven and three years together. In 1987 (Harmonic Convergence), in the month of August, Archangel Gabriel sent forth the call. Gabriel sounded the trumpet for all who were ready to awaken, to come forth and to do the work as we transitioned into the New Energy. And you heard the call deep within your being. You responded in your own appropriate ways.

< DivineHuman 4 > The entourage of Kryon heard the call and heard your response. And, in the year of 1989 the entourage came to Earth to adjust the grids in response to your changing consciousness. The work would take fourteen years to complete. At the end of this time you would have the potential of all of your divine power, the divine power that has laid in the cocoon since you left Home, waiting for the time, and waiting for the cycles to be completed, waiting to become available to you.

< DivineHuman 4 > So, in the year of 1989 the entourage began their work. On January 1, 1992 the Kryon came to Earth, fully present to begin the true work of the adjustments of the grid. And, 144,000 humans were called to begin the work. 144,000 humans upon the Earth were called to be in service during this time to begin going through the ascension process. This was a move from an Old Energy to a New Energy or divinity.

< DivineHuman 4 > My work on Earth is nearly complete. It is an emotional and difficult time for me to be saying good-bye to you. I have never been in human form. Indeed, I am only an aspect of who you are. But, what I have enjoyed in all of this time is being with you, something I never realized I could enjoy and experience so deeply. The Kryon has fallen in love with the very humans that he has been here to serve. We’ve had so many meetings and gatherings and individual private times together. It is difficult for me to move on at this point. But, the work is nearly complete. How could I stay when it is time for you to take over?

< DivineHuman 4 > My time on Earth is coming to a close. But, I will always be with you. My work now takes me to in new place where I will come to know you again, but in a different way. My work now takes me to this place that brother Tobias has talked about, this place that Archangel Michael will be talking about much in the months to come. It is the New Earth. The Kryon will go to this place of the New Earth to help you and to help the other angels set up the new magnetic grids. But, it will be different than the grid types that you have an Earth. It will be much different. The grids of the New Earth will allow you to travel without body. These grids will allow you to create again nearly at the speed of thought. The grids that I will set up will allow you to always be in communication and connection with every part of who you are, every part of Spirit, all at the same time. It will be enjoyable work for me and my entourage.

< DivineHuman 4 > While I have been working on the outer magnetic grids of Earth, you have been working on the crystalline grids of Gaia, the corresponding grids that lie within the Earth. The way you have been working on these and affecting these is by releasing all of the past, by releasing the energies of who you have been in past lifetimes, by releasing the energies that are pent-up. Dear friends, you have been working on the crystalline magnetic grids of Earth while I have been working on the magnetic grids surrounding Earth. Together we have created changes. We have created new potential.

< DivineHuman 4QA > The Kryon moves off to the New Earth, off to the next assignment for Spirit. Understand, dear friends, that the Kryon is you, an aspect of who you are, parts of all of you that venture forth in response to your own changing consciousness. You can still talk to the Kryon, for time and space do not prevent us from coming and talking to you. But, the Kryon moves off to other work that is appropriate.

< QuantumLeap 8 > Last month was a time of measurement of consciousness on Earth. It is done on a regular basis, and it is lead by the group called The Kryon. Most of the entities who are channeled right now on Earth by humans also participate in the process. It is difficult to define how exactly this measurement is done, but it is a feeling into, or as Saint-Germain would say, a diving deep into the consciousness of humanity. And as each one of the entities dives deep and allows their findings to be collected on a consciousness level, it creates a type of measurement.