new contract / re-enlist / multiple lifetime

living multiple lifetimes in the same physical body; opp: old contract
new lifetime; new self; new divine self; divine human; new human angel;
new ascension status;

< New Earth 1 > And at this point on your path it is our time to say good-bye to you. Those who have guided you or have been in your company, it is our time to bid you farewell. For we cannot go where you are going at this time. Those who are and have been your guides for lifetimes after lifetimes, your celestial friends who you visit at night, your family who is the Crimson Council, cannot go with you. And this is a good thing. You may ask why this is - why you must take this next part of the journey alone and it is quite simple. It is not possible for you to know your divinity, to know your Godself again if our energy is interfering, if our energy is surrounding. That is why we say good-bye at least for the time being, sending you on your journey by yourself. It is time for each of you to reconnect with who you truly are.

< New Earth 13 > There came a point in time in your life within the past several years when you were asked, or when you came to a decision point, about whether to stay here on Earth or whether to leave. You came to a critical time. Each of you was asked differently, each in your own way, whether you would stay on this Earth or whether you would return Home. Think back for a moment. You may recall this time. For some of you, it occurred in your dream state. For others it occurred while you were driving down the road or while you were reading, or perhaps while you were ill.

< New Earth 13 > The reason why we mention this on this day, dear friends, is that each of you here knew you were coming to the end of your old contract. You had fulfilled what you came to the Earth to do. At that point you could have left. You could have departed the physical body and come back Home. Obviously the ones here (and the ones reading this also) chose to stay! (laughter) In a sense, as we jokingly say, you "re-enlisted" in spiritual service. You "re-upped." You knew that there was additional work to do on this Earth. That is why you are here.

< New Earth 13 > All of this is part of the process that began when you made the decision to stay on this Earth, to re-enlist in spiritual service. All of this, my friends, is about moving into your new house, the "New Camelot." It is about accepting the Divinity within you. For eons of time under the veil you have not understood who you were. You have not been able to hold the empowerment of yourself, even if you wanted. You have not been able to bring in the fullness your own Divinity.

< New Earth 13 > There comes a point in your own transformation where it is difficult to see the suffering that other humans are going through. This may be your own family or friends or people you work with. It will cause a sorrow for humanity as a whole. The sorrow will be deeper and potentially harder to deal with than when your guides left. The sorrow will be more difficult to face than even when you were given the choice to leave Earth or remain by re-enlisting in spiritual service. It will be more impactful and more sorrowful to you than any of the things that you have gone through in the last 20 years of your life.

< Creator 1 > As you wrote those final words in the final chapter in the book of your life, we know many of you experienced great sadness and then a feeling of loss, a feeling of lack of purpose. That is because you finished what you came here to do, but there was one caveat in that. You knew if you could finish that book in record time, you could write a new one. That is why you are here now. But that book has no guidelines or margin lines or preset number of pages. You are creating it as you go. That is what you are doing here.

< Creator 3 > The one that comes in today that joins you in the first circle, who sits beside you now waiting for release, ready to return Home, is the very person that you have been in this lifetime up to now. It has been you, the person that was born 30, 40, or 50+ years ago of time. It is the person who you have always identified with as YOU, the person that carries the name that you have upon your driver’s license. (chuckling) This entity comes in today - and you thought it was you sitting in the chair! (audience laughter) Dear friends, you are indeed in a graduate status.

< Creator 3 > You have made so many changes in your life! Now, the person that you have been all these years of your life is ready to go Home. And from that, a new entity, a new personality, a new spirit arises. That is who you are now. You are released from the old contracts, and released from the old karma. You are looking at a new "book of life" now, each of you… a "book of life" that has nothing but empty pages, waiting to be filled with your new creations!

< Creator 3 > You wonder why sometimes in lines you are ignored, like you don’t exist. You wonder they forget your order at a restaurant! (audience laughter) Dear friends, that is because the old self that you saw in the mirror has been slipping away for some time now to make way, to make ready for the newest incarnation of Self. This new Self is not bound by karma and contract. It is not bound to the past but lives only in the present!

< Creator 3 > There is a gift now that they give to each of you, for all who sit here, for all who read this. You wondered, Cauldre, why we stopped you before you walked out the door (of your house) today? You wondered why we asked you to bring the Sword of Truth, the Excalibur, the only time it has been brought before this group? (The sword was placed on the mantle prior to the meeting.) For the one that sits beside you now passes you the Sword of Truth, the Sword of Empowerment, the sword that has been the source of truth and power for your very being for all these days. It is being passed to you as the one thing you do indeed carry into your new house.

It is the one thing indeed that goes on the wall in the gallery of your new house to remind you of all you have been and all you have done. It is there to honor all of your experiences that have brought you, that have brought this Earth, and that have brought all of creation to this point.

It is simple. It is symbolic. It is now time to accept this, to pass the torch from one being to the other. Usually this occurs between lifetimes when you leave the physical body. The new sword is passed to you before you return to Earth in the next incarnation. But now it is passed to you while you sit here, while you stay in the same body, but a body that will soon undergo many changes! Accept the truth for all that you are and all that you have been.

< Creator 3QA > Indeed it is not that the old self has died. The old self has completed its journey, its contract. The old self has taken a job, so to speak, that it has done very well and worked very hard at. And now it can be released. It can return back to what you would call Home. There is much honor in this. The term ascension is not one that we use so much, for there are many misunderstandings of this that come from your churches and even from your New Age materials. There is the assumption that when you ascend, you will immediately be healed of all things, that you will know all things, and that you can do all things. But in a sense, yes, indeed you are ascending. You are changing. You are now being able to accept your divinity into this reality. But we only caution you about what you assume ascension is. Again we ask you to understand that things will be quite different than what you have thought. They will be powerful and wonderful but we ask you to hold no assumption of what this ascension process is.

< Creator 5 > EXPECT CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE AND BLESS THEM. You have asked to be the ones to learn, to grow, and to experience. You are the ones who have asked to move into your next lifetime on this Earth. You are the ones who said you would move past duality into the newest of the new energies. Would it not be reasonable that there would be changes in your life, and in some of your cases, for all things to seemingly be ripped from your being? You are making way for a new energy.

< Creator 7QA > It is best dear friends to put down your ways of old astrology at this time … for yourself. For humans who are not walking into the energy of the new earth, astrology is absolutely appropriate for them. For yourselves, you have moved into your new lifetime. How do you chart that? What degrees do you place on the birth of your new Self? It is no longer appropriate to be guided by the stars. We remind you that you created these very stars! You have transcended the need to be structured by the energy of the stars … objects and energies that you placed there!

< Creator 10 > The inner challenges you are going through do not relate to past lives, for most of those with the exception of small residual are gone. The challenges you are going through for the most part do not even relate to this lifetime, for as you know, you feel so separated from who you were five years ago and twenty years ago and thirty years ago. It is difficult to even relate to yourself back then. Why? Because you have changed. Because you have moved into your next lifetime, even while you are here. The challenges that you are going through now relate back to your original crossing of the Wall of Fire. There was a deep trauma with this. There was deep shaking up of everything that you had ever thought that you were.

< Creator 10QA > But dear friends, in your original contract was a "what-if clause." That "what-if" clause said that if indeed, you were to move to the next level without these traumatic things happening, then what would you do? And that is why we sit here with you now. That is the very reason we began these very specific lessons and discussions in past. The date of August 19, 1999 was the predicted date of destruction. This was also the time when we began these discussions in the teepee (see Tobias channeling "The Departure of the Guides", August 21, 1999).

We began to work with you on your "what-if" clause. That being if things DID work out, then dear friends, there would be a need on Earth for teachers, those who had done much internal work, much internal processing and transformation. These would be the ones - and you are the ones - who agreed to go into their next lifetime while staying in body.

< Creator 10QA > As we have said to you before, each of you has been given at least one, but in many cases numerous opportunities to leave this Earth to come to our side. You would return to be angels and runners for those who stayed on Earth. But indeed you chose to stay, to move to the next level.

< Creator 12 > There has been much work you have done in this lifetime. As you know, things could have not worked out quite so well. There could have been destruction. There could have been termination around the time that began at your second world war, up through the time of your millennium. But that did not happen. Here you sit. Here you sit, ready for the next step, ready for the next level.

< Ascension 1 > Remember our words that we have spoken before: You do not go Home. It comes to you. This is the beginning of a new part of your journey on Earth, a journey that began some 2,500 years ago. Oh, yes, you have been around even longer than that. But the latest chapters of your book are 2,500 years old. You are opening those paths from Home to you. We will talk much about this in the next year or so. We will talk about how to do this, how to affect your life, how to help others, how to welcome the new visitors that come from Home to see you.

< Ascension 1 > But we tell you, each of you, all who are touched by these words, you have already done it. Surprise! Who did you think would be there waiting for you, when you are the first? What did you think would happen when you ascended? The definition of ascension is when you stay in a body in the same lifetime, but yet move to your next lifetime. And all of you have done that. All of you have made the decisions in these past few years to stay. That is why we are here. That is why the ones who represent the potential of your True Self come in on this day, specifically to applaud. You have gone through the gateway of ascension. Ah, but the joke is that now the hard work begins!

< Ascension 1 > It is not about you anymore. The "you" is from the past. The "you" that you knew before was on the karmic wheel. You went from lifetime to lifetime, trying to resolve and balance (past life aspects : karma). It is not you anymore. You have ascended past that. Indeed their old energies will always be close and always be familiar, but it is not you anymore. Do you understand what we mean? It is not about you. You have moved beyond. You are not seeking ascension anymore. You have ascended.

< Ascension 2 > When the human goes through death there is so much emotion and fear in this. There is so little understanding. In a sense, the anticipation of death by all, not just by people who are lying on their deathbed, but by all… this anticipation builds up a tremendous wall of fear that needs to be released now. In ascension status, dear friends, you do not need to die. You continue on. You do not have all of this anxiety associated with the process. There is a period of grieving, indeed. And there is a long period where you are going through deep inner changes. All of you who are connecting to these words in one way or the other are experiencing this type of thing. But you do not have to die. You do not have to leave your body. You move into your next lifetime. What is different about this new lifetime versus your other ones is that you are not bound by contract.

< Ascension 2 > You are about to cross another marker here in the next year or so of your time, and that will be the completion of an energetic tapestry that is being created to enable you to truly hold your divinity (new divinity), to truly access all that you are. This is the work of the Kryon with the grids. You will cross that marker also. You have crossed many, many. But the important one is that you have moved from the old into the new. You have gone from one lifetime to the next. You have ascended. Perhaps it doesn't look like what you thought it would - but then what did you expect? (audience laughter)

< Ascension 4 > We started this series by letting you know, dear friends, that you have already ascended. You have already crossed through that vibrational line that separates you from your old human self. You have already moved from one lifetime to the other and stayed in the same physical body. You have already finished the Book of Life of all of your lifetimes. No more karma, no more contract, simply clear and empty space to create in any way you choose. And, we are so tickled at the words that were said at the opening of this gathering, "if you dare, if you dare, you can create anything!" You do not believe that so much yet, but you can create anything - if you dare. Instead of taking one small step, take one very large one. This is perhaps a little frightening at first, but you will see what a difference it makes.

< Ascension 10 > You have gone from one lifetime to the other while staying in the same physical body. Most of you even kept your same name even though you have crossed into a new lifetime. You have maintained much of your previous identity. There is that part of you that does not want to let go, and yet another part that desperately wants to let go. You are seeing the conflict in your own life, the challenges in your own life. There is such a desire in you to hang on, but yet you want to change - an interesting energy drama!

< Ascension 11 > In Lesson One of the Ascension Series we shared with you that you have already ascended. What did you think would happen? What did you expect? And, who did you think would meet you when you ascended? Ascension is moving from one lifetime into the next without changing your physical body. You have gone through one, perhaps two, and for a small number of you, three lifetimes already in these past few years. You have gone through these rapidly.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, create our own job descriptions. We came into this lifetime to complete some of the soul level contracts that we had. In our new lifetime in the same physical body, we write our own job descriptions. We create each moment, and each day, and each potential in the future. We know we are without old contract. We know we are without karma. We know it is up to us what we want to create. We write our own job description.

< DivineHuman 6 > What is happening with cloning on Earth is also something that will be worked on intensely on the New Earth. You see, the principle is simple. You are not your body. You are Spirit. When you choose to leave your old physical body, you can clone yourself. You can go from one lifetime to the next without having to go through the whole traumatic birth process. If you want to stay on this Earth, you do not have to go through the long and rather painful cycle to get back here. You can just hop back into a new body. Dear friends, there are those who misunderstand. You are not cloning Spirit. You are simply cloning biology. There are those who do not understand that life is eternal. You can change your physical body very easily. It is coming.

< NewEnergy 3 > Anyone here, reading this, listening to this - anyone here who thinks that they are a walk-in… think again. Nothing walked into you. The physics of Earth are not set up like that. There have been a few isolated cases where there was intense agreement prior to a soul coming into a body for a lifetime, but these are very limited. You are not a walk-in. You are an ascendee. You moved from one lifetime to the other while still staying in the same body. You transformed your consciousness. And, yes, you may feel totally different. You may feel like a new person because you are, in a way. But there wasn't some outside entity that one day walked into your body.

< (Next) 5 > Metatron, a lot of the others from the Crimson Council, myself, are asking you to stay. Why? Just for the fun of it. Just for the fun of it. And why not? Think of it in terms of reenlisting. And think of it in terms of you don't get a bonus for reenlisting Think of it in terms of your original service being done and you can leave, but do you really want to?

< e2012 3 > So many of you came to this planet on behalf of your angelic spiritual families. You came here to learn something that would eventually set them free. Everything in the cosmos had kind of come to a big stop, and couldn't move anymore, and you came here to learn what had happened. You came here to go through a series of lifetimes, kind of reliving some of the events. They weren't in physical form but physical form allowed you to have a whole different understanding. The work that you did has freed the energy in creation with your spiritual family. That's why there's so many in line now to come to this planet or the New Earth. They are free. It is moving again. You're out of a job.

< e2012 3 > And that's a tough one, because that's really one of the core reasons you came here. You dedicated yourself to that, and when that's done, you do feel kind of like, "Well, now what? What do I do?" This is at a very deep level. Your mind may not recognize it, but you do. So you tend to have strange things - dreams of reenlisting in the military, reenlisting in a service organization, wandering around aimlessly trying to find if anybody needs your help, and they don't. You know, it's kind of an aftermath of getting the job done.

So you say, "Where was the grand celebration? Where was this big celebration for the work I did? My spiritual family's free now." They'll have it later, but right now they want to leave you alone. They know what you did, but they want to give you time, right now, for yourself. It's been a journey. It's been a lot of battles, been a lot of trials and tribulations just doing this, and they know right now that you just need time for yourself, with you.

< e2012 9 > Another thing that you are all doing is living multiple lifetimes within the same physical body. Within the same physical body. Bypassing the physical death. And typically for all of you, you've gone through – and this is general – but you've gone through about six lifetimes in this physical incarnation. You really have. You've gone through six what I would call quantum changes. And actually about three or four them really in the past ten years, some earlier. So it's an interesting thing. In this new generation of humans that you're helping to create, you can have a new lifetime and stay in the same physical body. It's an amazing concept.

< e2012 9 > Now, you're not responsible for those other lifetimes. You're not responsible for any other lifetime. Some people don't like that statement, because they still feel that it was them. Something you did when you were 24 years old that you still have to carry that cross around. You can if you want, but you don't have to. So many of you are still carrying around things that happened even five years ago, even a year ago, and carrying the burden of that and saying, “I still have to learn the lesson. If I don't carry that on my shoulders, I'm going to continue to do bad things.” The new generation understands – the new you understands – that wasn't you. That was another lifetime.