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< Returning 2 > As Saint-Germain recently told the group, there are many other earths being created right now. This - what you would call - experiment of the original Earth has proven to be such an energetic place for the development of the soul, that there are many other earths being created right now. You might think that's odd in spite of the problems that this Earth is facing, but is it really? Is it really? Is it just perhaps a change that this world is going through? It's enough of a rise in consciousness that other worlds of the exact same physical characteristics are now being created, perhaps in other dimensions but with the same specifications. It's a lot to think about.

< Returning 2 > Some of you have been getting a type of call lately. Just when you thought you were going to ascend and never come back, now you're getting a call for these new earths, these new worlds. They too need the teachers. They too need the ones to bring the seed of the soul in, the seed of life force energy in. So I know some of you have been struggling with that lately, because you're hearing this call. How could you as pioneers of consciousness and human reality not have a little piece of you that wants to go to one of these new places?

< Returning 4 > You spent a long time here - some of you fourteen hundred, fifteen hundred lifetimes on Earth - and now it's happening. The energy in all of the other dimensions is starting to move once again. It is expanding, but not like it was expanding before. The energy consciousness had a certain way of moving long before Earth was ever created. It's moving once again but it's moving quite differently. It's moving with a new consciousness and a new sense of itself.

As a result, the spiritual families - the angelic families from where you came - they are moving again as well. They are waking up. They are able to once again start moving and freeing their energy. And that's why we've told you in recent gatherings that Earth is the original. It is the first of the physical planets, and after Earth there will be many, many others like it - maybe not in this dimension that you're familiar with, but because of what has been learned here, it helps to create many other Earths where many of your spiritual families will go to, to learn about themselves. To learn about this great gift that spirit bestowed upon them called the unique identity - a soul, a Godself.

< (Next) 5 > There's not just one New Earth anymore. The original New Earth that we talked about, this mirror of physical Earth, was a starting place. Remember, there are billions of angelic beings who have never been embodied in matter, who've never had a physical experience, that have been waiting to come in. Your spiritual families, standing back and watching as you've been going through your experience, wanting to go through their own. This Earth, this physical Earth that you live on, can accommodate about 10 billion, maximum, right now, for a lot of reasons. So where do the others go? To the new New Earths. What are the templates for those new New Earths? Right here.

< (Next) 5 > Some is altered from what you have come to know here on Earth. Some of the very harsh things of this physical Earth won't necessarily need to be implemented on these other New Earths. But these beings - the angelic beings, billions of them - are wanting to go through their ascension, their discovery of the I Am. They want the answer to the question "Who am I?" That's why the New Earths are being built. That's why this Earth - what this Earth is going through these next few years - is so important, is so profound. And that's why you've chosen to be here.

< (Next) 7 > Humans are seeking freedom. By nature any angelic souled being ultimately has to have freedom. Ultimately. The question I have today for this group and for everybody listening … and this is a very important question, because it has a lot to do with where Earth goes, where this planet goes from here. But it has an overwhelming implication on all of the new Earths that are being architected right now, that are under construction, because as goes Earth goes all of the other Earths.

< (Next) 7 > This one Earth can't possibly hold or accommodate all of the angelic beings who are looking for the human experience. And all angelic beings must go through a human experience on their way to ascension. That is the … you would say it's the easiest way. It's not very easy, but it is the way of ascension - to become fully embodied, to become into yourself - so you're not just airy, gaseous matter in angelic form; you're actually living and experiencing it. Angels really can't experience. They really can't. They can - how would you say - they can kind of sense things. But only here on Earth, and subsequently the new Earths, can you experience life.

< (Next) 10 > Oh, what is Gaia going to do next? She's going to go to the one hundred and more new Earths that are in design and construction right now. Rocks like this that are going to be impregnated with life force energy. And she is going to go there with all she has learned, and she is going to go there with a cadre of other angelic beings, some who have recently been in human form, to go there and to bring life to other planets. And she's going to go to the nonphysical dimensions where there are replicas - not in physical form, but in energetic and consciousness form - and she's going to go there and she's going to breathe her life into these nonphysical celestial places so they too can become like Earth.

< (Next) 10 > And Gaia is going to take many volunteers to work with her, many others to go to this one hundred and some other places that are under construction right now. Some in their very final stages to be able to accept other angelic beings who have never experienced Earth, who have never experienced this beautiful sensual thing call life - real life.

< (Next) 10 > The integration of this physical Earth into New Earth, you've been working on it. You, my friends, have been working on it, and everything that you do here on this planet, everything that you're doing on the new Earth, now it's become new Earths.

< (Next) 10 > "What is this whole purpose of the new Earth? There are billions of angelic beings in the other realms from your spiritual families - spiritual families that you were leaders of or you were the progressive element of those spiritual families, the ones whose connection you could still feel deeply into - they're waiting. They're waiting, waiting for you, waiting for a space. There are not too many spaces left on Earth anymore in physical body. Tend to get precedence for those who have been here before, they kind of elbow their way back into the physical body.

< (Next) 10 > But the energies in the cosmos, which at one time came to a standstill - which is not a good thing for energy to do, but it came to a stop, came to a standstill - they are moving again. They're moving again. That's why I say there's going to be some very strange astronomical cosmic events taking place, because it's moving again. So what was thought to be true, what was known about the universe - all this plotting and planning - is going to start falling apart soon because it's basically not true. It's an illusion looked at through illusionary eyes and illusionary equipment.

< (Next) 10 > And as the cosmos, as the omniverse is starting to move once again after a long sleep, after stillness, which energy is not good at doing, suddenly it's moving. Suddenly, there are members of your spiritual families from whence you have come who now want to move on for themselves, want to move forward in consciousness. They are looking or feeling here to Earth, into your journey and your experience. You are a Standard. You are the path, in a way. Being that there's not a lot of room here left on this Earth - this Earth can possibly handle up to 10 billion people, even that's pushing it - there are these new Earths.

< (Next) 10 > You've been working on the prototype (New Earth). This is like a science fiction story, isn't it? It is a prototype that you have helped to develop, taking the best of humanity, the best of Earth, the best of life, sans duality, without duality - nice, nice touch - without the heavy forces. Duality on call, just-in-time duality, but brought in when you need it, released when you don't want it. Sounds like heaven. Ah, yeah. These are the new Earths. They'll be able to take on - oh, and some of them are huge, makes this little original Earth look small - they'll be able to take on billions of beings.

< (Next) 10 > Suddenly you have these new places. They've been seeded with high consciousness, seeded with a potential of high consciousness from each and every one of you. Suddenly, hundreds of these new Earths - over a hundred - are going to open up. Soon. Soon. They'll be places for your brethren, your spiritual families to go, to start their journey of integration, of coming into a whole different type of environment that helps them to understand the I Am, to understand their Source. And it's all happening right now. It's an amazing, amazing time to live.

< (Next) 10 > There'll come a point - I truly feel, I truly know - in your lifetime when new Earths and this physical Earth merge together, but there's still too many beings on this old Earth with very old agendas; with a lot of investment in power; a lot of investment in abuse and energy feeding. Forces that are supported by beings in the others realms, the Near Earth realms, that are fighting still, that are trying to control consciousness and humans on Earth. And until that struggle is resolved, until there's a greater understanding of what's really happening, we won't see the integration yet. Yet. But I do believe in your lifetime that it will come to be.

< (Next) 10 > So the question is, are these beings interfering also with these other new Earths? Are they now going to be going there and feeding? Probably not, because the dinner table here on Earth is much tastier than anyplace else. Oh, you have so much history, you have so much depth, you have so much drama that these other places don't have. How can you go and feed on a new Earth that really doesn't have duality? Why would you want to go feed on one of these new Earths or try to control it when basically people aren't in drama, and they aren't in duality struggles with each other?

< e2012 2 > When I say it's probably your last lifetime, and I would say most every one of you here, some of you will choose to be aware of your ascension that's already occurred. Some of you are going to go off to these new Earths. There's a calling for you. They want you there. They want you there, and it's going to be pretty easy. You get to be the big cheese. You get to talk about how you built Earth, how you create it. You get to feel pretty good. A lot of you are going to go there. You're going to choose not to recognize your ascension quite yet. Why? You want another shot at it. You want to do something still, and it's going to be very, very tempting on New Earth. Very tempting.

< e2012 3 > So many of you came to this planet on behalf of your angelic spiritual families. You came here to learn something that would eventually set them free. Everything in the cosmos had kind of come to a big stop, and couldn't move anymore, and you came here to learn what had happened. You came here to go through a series of lifetimes, kind of reliving some of the events. They weren't in physical form but physical form allowed you to have a whole different understanding. The work that you did has freed the energy in creation with your spiritual family. That's why there's so many in line now to come to this planet or the New Earth. They are free. It is moving again. You're out of a job.

< e2012 3 > There's more and more beings that want to come here. So there's kind of a push almost even for that population - a push of beings that want to come in. And, you know, in the middle of the act of love, somebody forgets to put a prophylactic, because, you know, all this kind of haze from all this energy from the ones who want to come in. So the situation here, the way to relieve that? New Earths. More than one. We've talked about it at length, setting these up so that angels can have the experience of Earth on these other places. They're not necessarily physical, but they're very real. The templates of New Earth are being set up by you. So, population. New Earths. That's one of the things you're doing. Helping to develop these new places for the new angels. Not only that, but you're teaching there as well. You're teaching there.

< freedom 2 > There are many new Earths. And these new Earths are where the first timers who've never been embodied in this Earth before are going to go. But it's also one of the potentials where you can go without having to leave your physical body and really start experiencing this interdimensional living. “What good does that do if I'm just in some dream state off in the other realms?” Well, because one of the things about the New Earth is it doesn't have the heaviness of duality, the heaviness of physicality there. So you can actually go there and rehearse and practice and play before you do it here. In other words, you can get a feel for what it's like to be really free, really liberated. You can get a feel for what it's like to go and be abundant, wildly abundant, and you go play there and then bring it here.

< freedom 2 >