bi-present / interdimensional living

be in the expanded now; expanded consciousness;

< Returning 6 > Sam is becoming very bi-present. Bi-present - the new word. It means the ability to be in the moment, like you are right now, but be many different places at once. It seems like a contradiction, but it is not at all. You do it right now whether you know it or not. You're just going to become greater masters at it this year.

< Returning 6 > Sam is very much awake right now. He's also roaming around in the Crimson Circle website. And at the same time he's feeling my presence in his human reality, and his presence in my reality. He is doing all of these things simultaneously and seamlessly, and as he becomes more proficient with it, he becomes more aware of all the nuances and the different levels of this. That is called being bi-present. It is allowing yourself to be in multiple dimensions and realities in a single time.

< Returning 6 > Instead of having to hop around from different points of presence or different reality levels, being bi-present means that you allow the lines of all the different dimensions - and remember dimensions do not stack on each other, they mingle with each other - but it is allowing all of these to come into convergence at the same point. The Point of Presence.

< Returning 6 > In the past it was very difficult to do this. It was overwhelming to the body, and the mind could not fathom it. So you had to find yourself jumping into different realities and focusing only on that one. You could be in the state of daydream, or very focused on a project on Earth, but difficult to do both at once. You could be in your sleep state where you go off in your dreams, or you could be wide awake driving the car down the road. But it was very difficult to do both at once.

< Returning 6 > In this year you're going to find that you also can become aware of your own bi-presence, doing many things at the same time. They don't have to confuse you. They don't have to throw you off. Many of you are concerned that you're going to - how to say - lose your place, lose your balance and get thrown into some big abyss. When you let go, you're going to realize that you actually expand very gracefully. All of the different realities come into your Point of Presence in convergence. That is what it means to be bi-present.

< freedom 2 > There are many new Earths. And these new Earths are where the first timers who've never been embodied in this Earth before are going to go. But it's also one of the potentials where you can go without having to leave your physical body and really start experiencing this interdimensional living. “What good does that do if I'm just in some dream state off in the other realms?” Well, because one of the things about the New Earth is it doesn't have the heaviness of duality, the heaviness of physicality there. So you can actually go there and rehearse and practice and play before you do it here. In other words, you can get a feel for what it's like to be really free, really liberated. You can get a feel for what it's like to go and be abundant, wildly abundant, and you go play there and then bring it here.