< Embodiment 7QA > I am going to tell you something that I have to double check for permission. Tobias has talked about coming back to Earth. Well, he's back. He's already back on Earth. He has created for himself one of these empty vessels (Sam). He doesn't want to go through being a baby and a teenager (some laughter) and all of the rest of that. So, he has created this vessel.

It does not know it is Tobias. And, we are not going to identify who it is. It does not know it is Tobias. It is growing up just in a typical life style right now. And, he at the appropriate time - no guessing here - at the appropriate time, he will then manifest his energy into that biological being. He'll integrate with it.

When that happens, perhaps there will be a traumatic event that happens to that biological being. It is like a biological robot. There will be a traumatic event. Tobias will slip his energy into that being. There will be a period of sickness, perhaps where he - this biological being - is hospitalized for Tobias to fully integrate his energy into that being. And, then, voila, he will appear as Tobias. But, he most likely will not use that name.

< Embodiment 12 > As we said, we are committed to working with you through the end of 2007. If you choose to go to the next level, we will stay. I, Tobias, will personally stay up until a point approximately ten years from now… and no longer… and mark my words on that. On this day I commit to ten years, no more. There is no… this is clear. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. My body on Earth is already incarnate (Sam). It is already driving its parents crazy (audience laughter). I have for so very long wanted to come back to Earth. I have so… I miss you… and I miss Earth… I miss what life has to offer.

< Teacher 6 > Tobias is off today visiting his shell body. As he has told you before, there is a biological body that has already been birthed waiting for his spirit to come into it. Part of his spirit is there of course, but the majority of his spirit is waiting to come in. So he can continue to work with all of you from the other realms, continue to encourage you and support you in your journeys and your projects and your creations.

< Teacher 7 > I'm finding great joy right now in coming back into the biology. Part of my energy is now very wonderfully embedded and melded into this biological being. Most of it is still here, but there is something interesting, because I know many of you have been talking about it. You're thinking that I'm now having to put so much of my energy into this biological body, that it's draining my soul energy, my spirit energy. It actually doesn't work like that. I'm finding myself more invigorated than ever before, because the shell body, the new me, is New Energy - total New Energy.

< Teacher 7 > I'm going to call it Sam for right now. Not the real name, of course, but in Sam there is a certain amount of energy that is now very well embedded in there, and sometimes I play jokes on my parents, of course. I allow all of my energy of Tobias to descend down into the biological body and then, when they look at my eyes, they are quite shocked. Because not only are they looking at my eyes but they see a different face - a mature face, a wise face, a very deep face - where normally on a day to day basis they think there's something very wrong and very shallow with Sam, something wrong with him.

< Teacher 7 > But Shaumbra, the point is that it is invigorating. It is my creation. It is my New Energy. It is my new learning and wisdom. I'm learning to become a human in a whole new way right now. Not the same way as I'd ever done it before. You see, I had lifetimes one after the other. We knew each other in Atlantis. We knew each other in many different times, and that series or that progression of lifetimes just kept on building on itself. But Sam is different. It is total New Energy. It uses some of the resources of my past life aspects when necessary. It uses the resources of my grander self, To-Bi-Wah, who is also in the room today. Sam doesn't feed on the grid, on the Field. Sam doesn't derive energy from anywhere within himself. Sam is an amazing child.

< Teacher 7 > There is something interesting. Sam doesn't have any questions in his mind about himself. He doesn't look at himself and think how different he is and how he must try to adjust that to try to conform. He knows he is different, and instead of trying to make himself like everyone else, he is simply trying to make his energy more palatable and more conditioned to everybody else. The difference is he's not trying to become like the other humans around him. He has met some other young children and... I have to say they come from the Old Energy and he is struggling to understand fully their ways. But through some of my past life experience, it is coming to him.

< Teacher 7 > Sam is a creation. Sam is an aspect. Sam is part of my soul but yet has total freedom. You see, that is how it works. Sam was birthed out of a desire that went into an idea and then was created in a focus and now is manifested. But I don't own Sam. I am not all of Sam. He is a part of me; I am a part of him. But yet he has his own freedom. He has his own eyes, his own mind, his own heart, his own sense of identity. And that, by the way, is what gives me the greatest thrill - to know I have helped to create this but yet I don't control it. I bless it. I work with it. I use it as a method of infusing my energy, bringing it to Earth right now, learning more and more about things that you're going through also. What is it like to use New Energy? It's an amazing, amazing concept.

< Teacher 7 > Your creations, Shaumbra, any of them, are Sam also. Your creations are brought to life through this process we call the progression of desire - a soul desire. A soul that has no needs or wants. It just wants to express and create. Every soul has desire. We talked about this recently at School III on the island (referring to a recent Shaumbra event on the island of Kauai), the difference between a "soul need" and a "soul desire." You all have soul desires. Things that go deeper than the mind, go deeper than what you would call the heart, go far, far deeper than the human need. In a way you could say the soul desire doesn't even understand things like human needs and in a way it doesn't care. It doesn't want to get blocked up, doesn't want to get suffocated. It is a desire, a passion, within each and every one of you. It's not what you think it is. It doesn't relate to anything on your human level. It is just a desire to expand, to express, to discover.

< QuantumLeap 3 > Sam is my next incarnation on Earth. His body already exists on Earth as a biological being. He has parents. He lives in a fairly small town in northwest United States. Only child. His parents are both professors, both very much in their mind, by the way, and certainly do not understand this Sam who was somewhat unplanned - or so they think. (some laughter) Sam is an aspect of me, an aspect that I very lovingly and caringly created. Sam is not - how do you say - not all together there. I have not allowed all of my energy to enter into the Sam reality. So much of my energy is still back here in the nonphysical realms where you know me as Tobias or To Bi Wah, and I'm slowly but surely allowing my energy to integrate into Sam. Sam is an expression or an aspect of me, but yet has his own type of freedom, has his own type of personality. You see, a creator creates things and sets them free. A creator is still linked to them, but yet gives them autonomy and freedom.

< QuantumLeap 3 > Sam is an 8-year-old boy at this time. He's quiet. He is very introverted but for very, very good reasons. Sam studies hard because of the pressure from his parents who are teachers. Sam is leading a quiet but a relatively normal life. He has allergies and he has asthma, but this is not a problem or a mistake. It is very deliberate, because Sam - and I, as part of Sam - do not want Sam to get involved in sports, for a very good reason. We don't want to get into that type of energy, so we choose to use the asthma and the allergies as a way of staying very introverted. Both of these will go away as Sam goes through puberty.