dreaming / fantasy / wandering / visionary

daydreaming;  aspiration;  imagination;  conceptualizer;  potential-maker;
illusionconsciousness expandinggoing beyond;  opening up;
expanding your consciousness into other dimensions;

< NewEnergy 8 > The imagination lies somewhere between the heart and the mind. Somewhere between the heart and the mind is this creative area… this area where you can explore potentialsdaydream the potentials… and then bring them into your life. So many of you have been daydreamers ever since you came to Earth in this lifetime. You've been scolded, punished for it even. Daydreaming is one of the parts of the imagination. Dreaming is one of the parts of the imagination. Dreaming does not include all of the potential of it. It is one of the aspects of imagination. The imagination is real… is very, very real.

< NewEnergy 8 > Let us go into the fourth for a moment here. Some of you are well beyond this right now anyway, but let us go into the fourth, the one that is closest to your Earth energy. It is an interesting - what you would call - dimension. We call it an energy zone. It is the one where disincarnate energies tend to hang out, the earthbound souls who have left the physical body, but have not come back fully to our side. They hang out here in this dimension. This is where so many of you go - how to say - in your daydreams as a get-away place. This is an energy that is very familiar to Earth energies, but yet without the physical form.

< NewEnergy 10 > What is imagination? What is the mind? What are dreams? What is reality? The imagination again is not located in a single part of your body. It is an aspect of who you are that has always been there. It has been shut down for so very long. Again, as we have said, you have been told not to daydream. You have been told that your ideas are crazy. Not at all, Shaumbra! Your ideas were just ahead of their time. The daydreaming was part of the whole process in this awakening that you have gone through. It was important to do that. This whole area of imagination is the divine energy coming in. It is the aspect of you that has wings so it can go out and explore potentials.

< Embodiment 5 > And, there is another group off to the side, a group of dreamers. They are sitting on the lawn away from the other… dreaming… talking about what can be… talking about what they're going to do in their lifetime… talking about things that aren't even necessarily related to human nature. They are dreamers. They are philosophers, even at this young age. They are talking about concepts. They are talking about possibilities and potentials.

Shaumbra, as you know, you are the dreamers. You are the dreamers for humanity. You are the conceptualizers. You are the ones who go beyond. You are the ones who envision a new reality and a new potential.

You've already played the other games that were there on the playground. You've done this thing of fighting. You've done this thing of swinging, of building, of chitchatting. You have experienced that. You have felt what it was like. In all of these lifetimes of yours you've experienced these different things. And, now you are the dreamer. You are the potential-maker. You are the ones who are helping to create the new future. You are the ones who are wondering what change would be like.

And, when you do this in your small group - or even by yourself - something happens to the whole group. When you are saying, "I am ready for a change; I'm dreaming of a change," it starts a new energy in the whole group of all of the other ones who are playing on the playground… you see. If you weren't dreaming, the changes wouldn't occur. If you weren't dreaming, like you have been doing, if you weren't considering change and new potentials and probabilities, everything would remain at a status quo.

But, the minute a dreamer, or a group of dreamers, comes forward and wonders about - what next… what if… what can we do… how can we soar - it not only changes their energy - or in this case, your energy - it changes the whole group energy. The young students in the playground - who are the dreamers, the young ones who are wondering about what lies beyond - affect everyone's energy… you see. The moment they start dreaming and considering change, considering what's next, it changes the whole group dynamic. And, it changes everything on that playground… you see. And, all of a sudden, new things start to come in.

< Embodiment 5 > The point we are trying to make here, Shaumbra, is the dreamers, the pioneers, set the stage for change to take place. Then, they become the first ones to begin experiencing it. But, it changes everything for everyone. It sets up the potential for that. That is what you are doing. And, the point of I, Tobias - and the point of Metatron today - is to help you to understand once again why you are here. You are the dreamers for human consciousness. You are the group that has gone off on your own and pondered new realities. The status quo cannot be any more, at least for you. It is time for change. It is time for something new.

< Embodiment 5 > Part of the question has been - will the rest of human consciousness, the rest of humanity, be ready for the changes that are taking place? Or, would you need to leave this place of Old Earth and go to the New Earth in order to truly experience your new dreams? Part of the challenge has been being a dreamer on Earth while many are not dreamers. It is difficult… and it is loneliness… and it is frustrating. And, you wonder where their dreams are. But, their dreams are also in you… you see. The rest of humanity is dreaming in you and through you.

< Embodiment 5 > So many of them (the rest of humanity) don't know how to have their own dreams and aren't ready to have their own dreams. They are experiencing what it is like to be on Earth. They are experiencing a story. They are living within that reality. They have no room for dreams, so they are dreaming in you and through you.

< Embodiment 5 > Shaumbra, you are doing this, not just for yourself, but on behalf of all. You are the ones setting up the change. You are the ones that are helping to create this whole thing, what you call the "quantum leap." You dreamt it. You dreamt it, Shaumbra. You dreamt it many lifetimes ago. You have dreamt it over and over again since the days of Atlantis. You have dreamt it from the moment you were born onto this Earth. From the moment you took that first breath in this lifetime it was about dreams and new potentials and of quantum leap. You have been dreaming it ever since.

< Embodiment 5 > Shaumbra, sometimes being such a dreamer, you've also tried to be so normal, tried to fit in with the rest of them. It doesn't work. We know you know that. It doesn't work. How many years of your life have you spent trying to fit in and be normal? The dreamer simply doesn't. You have no patience with normality. You have been there and done that, and you know it is time to move on. When you try to force yourself into these other groups on the playground with the other students, it is like suffocating. It hurts. It is difficult.

< Embodiment 5 > But, Shaumbra, you are the dreamers. You are the ones helping to change the energy for them. This is not easy work. It is not easy work. Oh, we will discuss ways where it can be much easier. But, you have always known it was going to be difficult, being the pioneer and the dreamer, being the one who facilitates the change, being the one who helps create this quantum leap on behalf of All That Is. It is not easy work, but yet you have given yourself of it. You have persisted. You have stuck with it. And, here we are. It is not easy work, Shaumbra.

< Embodiment 5 > It is easy to get caught up in the dramas. It is fun sometimes. You will find that you will be able to go back and forth into dramas but without getting stuck in them. Dramas are wonderful, as long as you can then get back out of the drama. It is only when you get sucked in, only when you find yourself holding the energy of the drama that it is difficult to get back out. But, Shaumbra, you have accepted this very unique… very special task… this task of coming to Earth at this time… being the dreamers… and once again helping to move the energy.

< Embodiment 5 > It is important to continue to move energies, continue to help them flow. It is important that energies find their way into this - what you call - human reality and human consciousness right now. Energies from the other realms… the other dimensions… energies that are pure in a neutral form… but other energies that are simply the creations of dreams… the creations of potentials… they are all wanting to come in right now.

< Embodiment 5 > It is important to have energy workers on Earth - or Energy Movers - on Earth right now to keep up the flow of energy that is taking place, particularly as we are accelerating towards the quantum leap in only a few years of time. There is more and more neutral and pure energy coming to Earth right now than at any other time. It is coming in fast… it is coming in fast. It is attracted by what is going on here. It is attracted because humans are calling for it. It is attracted because of your dreams for change.

< Embodiment 10 > The point here, Shaumbra, is you try to control your - not only your thoughts - but your dreams, your creativities. Probably for good reasons, you learned a long time ago how powerful you truly are. So, what did you do? You started controlling, rather than creating. You started limiting, rather than opening up.

< Embodiment 10QA > Some of the dreams that you've had - and we've talked about lately - are not being manifested because you have limited the pathway for that energy to come into your reality. You have shut down all of the routes, the pathways, because you said, "It can't come in that way. That would be bad. I cannot think bad things." Even when you try to realize those dreams that we talked about, you say, "I can only dream of the dream as bright and fluffy and goody-two-shoes."

< Clarity 3 > I was saying before that your laboratory is/are these outer realms. You go into the outer realms, the non-physical realms. And, there are a variety of them. They are different shapes. They have different energetic attributes. You go there in your dream states, of course. You also go there in your daydreams. You also go there in your imagination. You don't go there in your visualization and affirmation, by the way. You don't go into the creative realms with affirmations. Affirmations are disciplines for the mind. But, they are not… they don't have anything to do with imagination and creativity. Visualizations are a focus of the mind. And, while they've had some benefit, they are very, very limited.

< Clarity 3 > So, you go into these outer realms. And, this is where you concept. This is where you daydream a song long before the song has words or notes to it. Words and notes are attributes of the third-dimensional consciousness. But, you go out there, and you play with energies. You play with frequencies. You play with different types of sacred geometries. Sacred geometries have nothing to do with mathematics. It has everything to do with energy formation and flow… you see. And, you all go out there; there is not a single one of you that doesn't.

< Clarity 4 > It is happening when you are driving down the road. There is a feeding that's going on at that time. What is happening when you're driving down the road? Perhaps, the impatience of needing to get somewhere… perhaps the living by the clock, needing to rush off somewhere… that feeds you as well. Perhaps, you daydream when you're driving down the road. That feeds you. Whatever it is, Shaumbra, look at it. Every aspect of your life, feel it. Feel exactly what's going on.

< Clarity 4 > You feed yourself through the air, just through breathing. Breathing is an incredible way of feeding yourself. It feeds your reality. It feeds your reams and desires. Breathing feeds your spirit. It is more than just taking the oxygen from the air. There is spirit energy in the air. And, you breathe that in. That feeds your reality base. It feeds your sense of beingness. When you do the deep spiritual breathing, it feeds partly your own desire for grander consciousness and expanded consciousness.

< Teacher 1 > Dreaming creates a sense of longing and desire, which in itself is an addictive energy. Dreaming lets you always hold it outside of you, never truly having to take responsibility. Dreaming is a very - how can I say - a dreamy energy, a soft and fluffy energy. You dream all of these wonderful things but can you go beyond being a dreamer and be a creator? Bring it into these realms on Earth. That is why you are here. You came to Earth to do it, to manifest it in the densest energy ever known.

< Teacher 1 > But also what was really going on, and some of the very difficult issues, the buttons that were getting pushed, were about "Are you ready to go beyond dreaming and wishing and hoping? Are you willing to go beyond some of this creative work - and creator work - that you do during your sleep state, that you do in some of these astral realms, are you willing to bring it into Earth now?" That is a difficult question.

< Teacher 1 > It takes a different type of human angel being to go beyond the dreams and really let it manifest here on Earth, because then it becomes very obvious. Once you begin manifesting it and bringing it into your reality, it's right in front of you. So there are all the questions about "Am I a good enough creator?" Or, "Am I too good of a creator?" Are you such a good creator that you make a joke about moving heaven and earth and the next thing you know there's a tremendous storm outside of your house that nearly rips your house and all the trees down? That makes you think twice about your ability, your capability as a creator.

< Teacher 2 > It would be very difficult for you to do the job of teaching your celestial families while you are so focused here as a human on Earth. You are doing parts of it when you journey off in a daydream, when you... sometimes you think you are watching your television programs and you are so far out, (chuckling) you are somewhere else. Haven't you ever noticed when somebody walks into the room and says "Oh, what just happened?" Even though you're staring at the set, you have no conscious recollection of even what you're doing.

< Teacher 10 > So we gathered up, oh, some of their - what you would call - their expanded energy. You see every time a being allows themselves to imagine or wander into the other realms ... you've all done it. You've had a large question or problem or issue, you couldn't figure out the answer, so you did something - you went out for a drive or you laid awake in bed late at night - and you basically put your energy out. You didn't know where, you didn't understand why, but you let it do this thing that we call wandering. And literally a part of you then wanders. Part of you goes out into the near realms. Part of you goes even into what you call the crystalline realms. And that is exactly what we collected from these twelve brilliant scientists and Tesla.

< Teacher 10 > Their wandering consciousness is here today to listen in, to feel your energy and to help to understand how not only to go beyond, to truly allow yourself to wander, to expand, but - the key - how to bring it back, you see. How to bring that energy back.Most of you have had the experience. You have let yourself open and wander and go out to the other realms, but, as you start to refocus your whole consciousness here on Earth, you lose it. You forget it. The mind takes over, cannot comprehend what has been brought back from the other realms, so you lose it. Well that causes even more frustration and aggravation, because you know at some level - the knowingness level - you know that that energy is there. You know that the answer is there, but yet you can't figure out how to get it back in.

< Teacher 10 > Anything, any desire, any what you would call creative thought can be shot out of the Now into these other dimensions to the point that it appears that none of these exist anymore. You've lost your idea, you've lost your thought and as a human you may get frustrated. But what's happening is they're out. They are wandering, but not only wandering, they are zooming off to collect the energies, to collect the information, to collect the support, to come right back into the Now moment for you. It's kind of a boomerang effect. You throw it out there, it will come back - and when it comes back, it will look and feel different. It will tie into the energy of your gnost, your solution, and then the trick is making sure that you comprehend it. It's come back - all of the energies, the answers, have come back to the Now - but now you've got to recognize it. You've got to activate it.

< Returning 1 > Now, part of the key to this whole process that you're going into now is the remembering - when you return back from your nightly journeys, when you return back from teaching or helping to create the energy to a new Earth - now remembering what you were doing. That's going to open the pathways and the corridors to remembering so much about who you truly are. Remembering is about giving yourself permission before you go to sleep at night, giving yourself permission when you first start awakening in the morning. It's like you've been out in the space shuttle but going into many different dimensions, and when you return back in to your physical reality in the morning, before you get that brain going, before you start thinking about the long lists of things that you didn't get done yesterday that you think you're going to get done today, stop. Feel into your whole body, into every part of you, and allow yourself to remember what you've been doing during the night states.

< Returning 1 > You've been going off to the New Earth, many of you. Some of you have been intensely working with your own aspects, trying to create that safe space within your reality here as a human, welcoming them back in. Some of you are doing tremendous work right now in the dream states in the release of Gaia. As we've talked about, this entity of Earth is slowly leaving. Oh, not because She's had it, not because She's upset, but it is time. It is the time right now for humans to take the responsibility for Earth, for themselves, for their spirits, and many of you have been working intensely with this whole transitioning of Gaia.

< e2012 2 > So that's a child. Unfortunately, they're taking so much of the experience out of childhood right now. Ah, imagine, Shaumbra, somebody starting a fantasy school. And fantasy would include the study of mathematics. That is a fantasy. It truly is. Modern, current math, geometry - it's all fantasy. And accounting - that's creative!

< e2012 3 > He asked that you have vision for yourself. You're not too old, none of you. I don't care how old that body is. I don't care if you think you're in your waning years. Actually, those are the best years for vision, because you had a lot of experience. You've got a pretty good center balance now. What you also have is a lot of doubt, and you're thinking, "Oh, it's a lot of energy." It is not. Visionary beings don't need a lot of energy. It's not tiring. Mental beings get tired. They do. Structural beings wear out, just like structural parts and machines wear out. Structural humans wear out, but visionaries do not.

< e2012 3 > Secondly, I asked why are you here? You're here because you are the visionaries. Just as Steve Jobs was a visionary for personal empowerment devices, you are the visionaries for sovereignty. Visionaries for sovereignty. It starts with you. Don't spend all your time trying to imagine the planet and everybody on the planet happy and everybody getting along and just a big Kumbaya fest. Imagine that for yourself. Envision it for yourself. Envision the abundance. Envision the energy flow. That, when done for yourself, that then creates this new dimension in mass consciousness that has the potential for people who are willing to change their life, one person at a time. It has the potential to change this planet.

< e2012 5 > What Garret is talking about here is the integration of your dreams. You've taken a lot of time, you've felt in a lot of the integrating aspectsyour dreams are an aspect – you've spent a lot of time with all these other aspects. Now you come to this point of distillation where it's integrating your aspirations, your ideas, your fantasies, your magic. Integrating dreams – so important for you this year. Sometimes this concept of dreams and goals they cross over each other a bit. I'm not a big fan of goals, because you're setting usually mental and oftentimes unrealistic expectations for yourself.

< e2012 5 > However, dreams are from the heart. Dreams are open. They continue to expand, whereas a goals is very linear. It stops at a certain point. Dreams are held by so many of you in another realm – the daydreams, the feeling into things, the imagining things – but they're out there. They're outside the tube that we're going to talk about in just a minute. You don't bring them in. I think for Shaumbra this is perhaps the most important thing for this year – integrating your dreams – because in your dreams is your soul, is your wisdom, are your potentials. Dreams are potentials. Your soul is potential. So integrating your dreams, bringing them into this reality.

< e2012 5 > Now, that doesn't mean that you then have to try to plan the dreams and try to force and work the dreams. Just let them flow in. It doesn't mean that you need to suddenly – if you had a dream about dancing on a big stage in France, but you're 78 years old – it doesn't mean you need to actually go do that. See, that's where you get mental and linear. You can have that dream and the essence of it, and do it without ever having to travel. You can have that dynamic in your life, integrated with you.

Once you start integrating, you'll realize it doesn't have to be fulfilled on a physical stage; it could be. It doesn't have to be on a big stage in Paris; you could create your own stage. It doesn't have to be done literally, as the mind would sometimes say you have to do it. You look underneath the surface for the symbolic energy.

The symbolic energy is more about the expression, the joy, the singing, the sharing with people. That's the symbol. The literal part would be saying, “I have to go to Paris and I have to do it at this theater on this date, and …” That's where the frustration comes in and the anxiety, and that's where the mistrust comes in, because if it doesn't happen then you think you did something wrong.

When you feel into your dreams and you integrate them, you suddenly realize the specific doesn't matter. You look in the underlying energy – singing, joy, creativity, sharing, energy, movement – those are the important things. Suddenly, you'll realize that the literal – what you thought was literal – having to be at a specific place with a specific number of people, was irrelevant. Irrelevant.

< e2012 11 > Now, the fact is, you can be in many dimensions. You can be in many realities at the same time and be aware of all of them. But it starts with being present right here. This is the point that you receive the energies. This is the point where you receive your soul. This is the point where you receive your I Am-ness. When you're not here, when you're off into your own little dream world or daydreaming, no matter how much you had passion for this thing of enlightenment, it's not going to find its way to you. You're not going to receive the abundance that's right here.

< freedom 5 > If you're going to have a dream, a vision or an aspiration, bring it here or let it go. Because it was kind of warm and fuzzy having these multi-otherly-dimensional dreams. Kind of nice having them out there where they weren't subject to all the hardships, all the traumas and the dramas of this reality. Big waste of energy having them out there somewhere. Big disappointment, in a way, also, and it created such a division within you, because you had your everyday reality and then you had your dreamy-dreamy world. Time to bring those together. It is needed for you to start bringing those in.

< freedom 5 > In here (heart), there's a dream, a real aspiration, sometimes coming from the soul, sometimes from the self, sometimes the soul self, and it has passion attached to it, and that passion is what brings dreams into reality. That passion is what breaks through barriers, and there are a lot of barriers to break through in bringing your dreams in. That passion is what draws energy, and energy then helps to manifest and make real your dreams.

< freedom 5 > Now, I'll add a little footnote here: Your dream. I didn't say your creating-reality-for-somebody-else dream. That's where, again, people get very confused or get in trouble, because the minute you start trying to dream for others, you're mixing consciousness and energy. It doesn't usually work so well. But it's a very difficult thing. There's such a desire to say, “Yes, but I, you know, I want my children and my family to be happy.” Forget about it. Truly, it's not up to you. It's going to be a very frustrating dream.

< freedom 6 > So now we can focus on this Free World Bank. What is it? It's an energy reservoir that's been on hold. It's actually been building momentum, you would say, gaining interesting, getting grander and grander all the time, just waiting. Waiting for the convergence of those humans who are really ready to give themselves permission to be Embodied Masters, enlightened beings on this planet. Waiting for this moment, because it was known all of the while that they would need tremendous resources for their dreams – their real dreams. Not the old mental, limited, polluted dreams, but the real dreams.