vision / envision / awareness

see also: visionary;

< DivineHuman 6QA > All of these things coming to you are appropriate. Indeed, you are doing so much work in your evening journeys on the New Earth. You are also bringing back so many of those energies to this planet Earth. They, in a sense, are within you. They are showing themselves to you through these visions and feelings that you have.

When you try to figure them out in the mind, you cannot. It is much like dreams. Humans try to figure out so much of dreams from the mind and try to be logical. There is how to say nothing logical about dreams.

Now, here is a good example of simply sitting in the moment and asking these visions what they are telling you. Then, instead of trying to hear an answer, FEEL the answer. It is there. It is there. It may not come to you in words. It may be a series of feelings that later on your brain will translate into words. But, initially you will hold the feeling, and that feeling is a knowingness of what is being said in the visions.

< e2012 3 > He asked that you have vision for yourself. You're not too old, none of you. I don't care how old that body is. I don't care if you think you're in your waning years. Actually, those are the best years for vision, because you had a lot of experience. You've got a pretty good center balance now. What you also have is a lot of doubt, and you're thinking, "Oh, it's a lot of energy." It is not. Visionary beings don't need a lot of energy. It's not tiring. Mental beings get tired. They do. Structural beings wear out, just like structural parts and machines wear out. Structural humans wear out, but visionaries do not.

< e2012 3 > What is the vision you have for you - waiting for something to happen so you could react to it? Well, that's a cop out. Excuse me. That's a cop out. That's the way most humans live. "I'll just wait, see what happens and then react to it." Yes. Or having a vision - a vision that is like a huge consciousness magnet - that then calls in all of the resources to bring it into fruition, the energy that allows it to happen, the people.

< e2012 3 > Secondly, I asked why are you here? You're here because you are the visionaries. Just as Steve Jobs was a visionary for personal empowerment devices, you are the visionaries for sovereignty. Visionaries for sovereignty. It starts with you. Don't spend all your time trying to imagine the planet and everybody on the planet happy and everybody getting along and just a big Kumbaya fest. Imagine that for yourself. Envision it for yourself. Envision the abundance. Envision the energy flow. That, when done for yourself, that then creates this new dimension in mass consciousness that has the potential for people who are willing to change their life, one person at a time. It has the potential to change this planet.

< Kharisma 4 >  That begs the question, what is the lie? What is the lie? You say you don't want you to lie to me. I think you are lying to me, and more than that lying to yourself. When you say you don't know, you lie when you say that you don't want yourself to lie to me, because you are lying. You're lying by not allowing you to be who you really are. And it's so easy. It's so easy, but something's keeping you from it. It comes down to, you could say, an issue of worthiness, but it's truly an issue of vision.

< Kharisma 4 > And, my dear friends, it's here. It's done. There is nothing that you have to work at anymore. There is nothing that you have to study. It's the time of the realization, what already is. I used this term “Kasama” with Keahak recently. We're going to be experiencing that, all of us, in a variety of different ways. It's what has already been done, already there. Whether it's enlightenment, whether it's a few extra dollars in your pocket, whether it's your health or your light body or any of that, it's done. It came through a vision, through a desire. It's there. Not out there. That song didn't need to stay out in the future somewhere. That wild expression of creativity or abundance or knowingness or simplicity doesn't need to be out there, out in the distance. Nothing to strive for. It's here. Kasama is the destiny of the soul.

< Kharisma 4 > Because I see it. I know it. It's already there. It's not wishful thinking, and that's the difference. That's the difference with what a lot of you have been doing in your life – “I just hope it's there. I wish or I'll think positive thoughts” and it doesn't work. It's not very effective. You just know it's there. I see it, then it becomes so. It's a beautiful way of shaping your reality. I already see it; therefore, it's there. Therefore, whatever direction things were going, it doesn't matter. Maybe things in your life were going in not such a good direction. Doesn't matter. You just have the vision, and then everything changes. It's, in a sense, playing with time and no time.

< Kharisma 4 > We don't need to go through that big car accident route that's in some of your energies or the cancer scare route. The good part is you get the news, you panic and you wonder if there is some miracle cure out there. But you start to contemplate life. “I wish I'd had the clear vision back then that I have right now.” My dear friends, let's just get the vision now. Much easier. I said at the beginning of this it's actually really easy, unless you get in your own way. Let's have that vision now. And the vision – I don't mean a vision with your eyes. Vision is the awareness. That's what vision means. It's an awareness.