light body / light form / free energy body / living body

angelic body;  etheric form;  energy body;  light form;  non-physical being;  
body of consciousness
;  essence body; 

< Creator 4 > As difficult as it is to understand here, dear friends, you created with such expression and such passion - passion that is still within you - and finesse that you literally went to the edges of creation. When you got to the edges, there were rumblings. When you got to the edge of creation, my friends, something happened that you and Spirit had never experienced before. It was the transition from oneness into a duality. You were at the fringes of it. You were not in human form at that time. You were in what you would call your light body. But you began to feel changes. You begin to feel something unusual and very uncomfortable.

< Creator 7 > Energetically, Jack was not in his light body that he knew from the kingdom, and yet he was not in dense physical form. His energy was spinning faster than that of humans on Earth as you know it, but significantly slower than when he was in the First Creation. We are not speaking of the vibration or the quotient of love here. Jack was not solid. Jack was not "light." He was in between (chuckling), in what you would think of as a gaseous state of being.

< Creator 8 > There were many, many angel entities in your new universe at the time, and of course, most of these wanted to be part of this new place of Earth. When there was an asking for volunteers, dear friends, you were among the first. You were among the first. You initially came to Earth in non-physical form. You shifted your energy with the assistance of many, many entities on the other side. You shifted your energy in such a way that you could enter the energy dimension of Earth. You visited Earth in your angelic form a long time before you ever came here in biological form. You and the others came here to set up the energy templates and the grids. You came here to set up the weavings and the foundations. You visited this place to become acclimated, as well as to help set up the energies. There was much assistance from the angels that were not going on your journey.

< Creator 8QA > When you came to this place of earth, you accepted many new conditions. You agreed to forget who you were and where you came from. You agreed to forget the journey that brought you here. You agreed to take on a body of biology in place of the energy body as you had known. And, you agreed to leave behind this energy of spiritual passion that you had carried with you from the kingdom.

< Creator 9 > Before you came to this place of Earth, there were many preparations that had to take place. Your energy took on biology. You took the physical form. The preparation for this took eons of time. But before you came here in physical form, you visited Earth in spirit, in the light form that you were. As the universe were beginning to take structure, you journeyed to Earth in light body to get adjusted to the attributes of this planet, to get used to the dimension of "two" which is expressed in matter. You needed these visits to Earth, and they were done over much time, but that were not done in physical body. They were done in your light body, for you had to adjust your being to this new, slow-vibration energy of Earth. You were used to vibrating very fast. You had to adjust to vibrating very slowly in order to adapt to a physical body.

< Creator 9 > When you first started coming to this place of Earth in your light body, you found it particularly comfortable and appropriate to place yourself in the states of water, for they were not as harsh to your being as the land. You spent much time placing your energy into the aqueous forms that were developing on your planet. Dear friends, among your favorite life-forms were the whales and the porpoises and the dolphins. You spent much time experiencing these new life-forms, for you loved this energy. You loved the playfulness. You loved your ability to express a spiritual wisdom within this physical body. Even to this day you have an affinity for these beings.

< Discovery 7 > Your body, when it was in its old ancestral DNA, could not have handled that rapid of a transition, transformation. Could not have handled that quick of a change, and it would have caused such an energetic imbalance that it could have led to things like – and very specifically – things like diabetes. If the body tries to change too quickly, the energy inputs and throughputs would cause diabetes. Secondly, cancer. It would, again, send stray signals throughout the body and cause cancer in certain parts of your body. So you're bringing it in, this new level of light energy, as you're making your changeover from your ancestral biology to your own true light body. And it's happening most of the time while you're sleeping, but sometimes in your waking state. Sometimes you feel that your body is going to hell, but it's not. It's reorienting. It's changing.

< Discovery 8 > Next it was used for simple memory and the simple kind of a relationship of time and space. The true light body really doesn't understand time and space. Doesn't want to. It doesn't acclimate well to time and space. So it's like a big puffy, drifty thing. So it was very difficult to stay embodied here. But through this connection device called the mind, you were able to do that. The mind also allowed a discernment in this dimension that the divine intelligence, let's say, really didn't have. Divine intelligence had no familiarity with this physical reality, and therefore, very little sense of any discernment.

< Discovery 8 > It's also through the mind that … as much as the mind was that connection device for your light body to originally come into the physical, mind will also be an integral part of letting the true light body in. It was used to kind of adjust the light body in the past, but now it's actually going to allow that light body. And the mind has become so good at the chemical and electromagnetic and some of the other energy pulsations that it knows how to kind of keep a balance now. So it's actually through the mechanism of the brain that a lot of your light body will come in. We'll get into that in more detail. It's happening right now anyway.

< Discovery 10 > This biological vessel has been foreign for a long time. When you came here to Earth for the first time in your angelic body, your nonphysical being and suddenly started taking on biology, it was very awkward, very uncomfortable. Now, you spent lifetimes and lifetimes trying to adjust to it, but more than anything, the biology has been like monkey on your back – a monkey that's constantly smacking you in the head, constantly chittering in your ear, constantly crapping on your back – and you put up with it. You put up with it and you just get used to that monkey on your back, but something intuitively tells you that it's a foreign object. It's not really supposed to be there.

< Discovery 10 > Your light body wasn't resident somewhere else in another dimension. It was always right there. It was always right there. The light body doesn't come from heaven or some angelic storage bin. The light body was the essence – the essence of embodiment, the essence of the senses, the ability to be within other dimensions and elements, in this case, your earthly dimension. It was always there, that essence. It's what you would call the flame or the passion of the body. Forget about the size or weight or age. Just feel for a moment into that essence – the passion, the sensual passion of being in body. That's the light body, my dear friends. That is the light body.

< Discovery 10 > I'm even going to ask you right now in this merabh to forget about your anayatron. Tobias and I have talked about the anayatron, your body's light network, but guess what? That's going away. That was the old placeholder for your true light body. It was there. It was real. But it was just a placeholder until you were ready to accept the essence, the light body. It's going to be transforming as well. You don't need it anymore. As you integrate the physical into the entire Body of Consciousness, there is no reason or no need for some network, some system that communicates back and forth within your entire body from cell to cell. There's no need for it, because every cell is always in communication, always has the entire essence of the light body within it.

< Kharisma 1> What you're feeling at a very deep level, and this is why I spoke of Kaiko, the inner passion, that burning fire within. Why I spoke of it last month was because it's that Kaiko, that passion, that unexplained, the unknown knowingness that's actually bringing up the light body.

< Wings 4 > I'd love to show you what is happening at your cellular level, your DNA and within. You are totally bringing in a very different – I don't like the term light body, because everybody thinks of this fuzzy, glowing thing, and it's not that. You're bringing in a true energy body that's relatively independent, where you no longer have to be feeding off of other people or food or anything else. A true energy body. It's a nonparasitic body. And every physical body, every human body is parasitic. First of all, you have parasites in your gut right now. They're there. Listen (laughter). “Erggh! Let me out of here!” (Adamus uses a squeaky voice and more chuckles) And your physical body is parasitic. It needs and feeds on energy, whether it's other people, whether it's food or anything else. You're addicted. The true energy body that's coming in doesn't need that. It's – I don't want to say 100 percent – but it's mostly independent.

< Wings 7 > You're allowing in your free energy body, going beyond ancestral DNA. This ancestral DNA thing has been going on for millions of years. You're trying to change it in one lifetime right here. You're trying to – by the way, it's also known as the light body. I do not like that term so much, because everybody gets this fluffy vision that they're glowing and everything else. You're still going to have biology, but it's going to be yours, and it will be more energy efficient, but you're not necessarily going to be glowing, okay, like light body. I like to call it the free energy body. It doesn't need any other energy. It's nobody else's. It's not connected to DNA or any of that. It's yours. So you're doing that. You took on a big task.

< Emergence 8 > There's a transformational process that's occurring in your body right now, changing it over from an old biology to a very, very elegant, living Free Energy Body. And no matter how much you try to figure out how the electricity gets through the wire and no matter how much you try to dissect it, you're not going to be able to do it. First of all, your mind will never understand what's going on right now, and even if it did, you couldn't affect what's happening by having an engineering's understanding of the transformation from a biological DNA-based biology into a truly Free Energy Body that's all yours. The mind couldn't do it, but yet it's happening. It's happening as I speak right now. It's happening at all sorts of levels within you, and it will continue to happen if you allow it and experience it and stop thinking about it.

< Emergence 9 > When you redo your relationship with energy, it changes all that. It's literally changing the DNA, and it's changing your anayatron. Ultimately, you'll have this thing called a Free Energy Body, a lot of you call it the light body. Eh, I'm not so fond of that term, but your light body, your Free Energy Body. You eventually end up with that Free Energy Body after you've completely changed the relationship with energy in this lifetime.

< Emergence 9 > I haven't talked a lot about the light body, because it's a huge distraction right now. Huge distraction. First of all, it's already happening, and you don't have to do – you can't do – anything to facilitate it to make it faster. And if we were talking about it, all you'd want to do is make it go a lot faster. You'd get distracted because it's not about the light body. That's makyo. Makyo. Makyo – remember, your spiritual distraction, spiritual bullshit. You'd be focusing on the light body because you want to be healthier and younger right now. But the reality is before you can really even – before we can talk a lot about light body, it's more about your relationship to energy; which, all things considered, isn't that good. Isn't that good. You have a very, very old relationship to energy, like it's out there, like it doesn't belong to you, like you have to work for it. None of these things which are true.