whales and dolphins


< Creator 2QA > This is a good question to end with, the explanation of our alien star-seeded parents. This is somewhat complex. In a sense we ask you not to think of yourselves, your physical selves, as being derived from aliens from other planets, particularly porpoises. (much audience laughter) There was - and we will review this in future sessions - we will talk about how the structure, how the framework and the physics of your bodies were set up. But we will ask you to look at the events that are transpiring in your life now. Look particularly at the fears that are coming into your life and know that these originated when you were in the original creation, in the other circle. There were experiences that each of you had that were very intense. These helped to propel an energy that made it possible for you to come here in biological form. We ask you not to think of yourselves, your physical beings as created by grand aliens from other planets in your physical universe. Think of yourselves as being created by your own True Self, by your own creator self through the result of very intense energetic experiences before you came here. You are the parent of yourself.

< Creator 9 > When you first started coming to this place of Earth in your light body, you found it particularly comfortable and appropriate to place yourself in the states of water, for they were not as harsh to your being as the land. You spent much time placing your energy into the aqueous forms that were developing on your planet. Dear friends, among your favorite life-forms were the whales and the porpoises and the dolphins. You spent much time experiencing these new life-forms, for you loved this energy. You loved the playfulness. You loved your ability to express a spiritual wisdom within this physical body. Even to this day you have an affinity for these beings.

< DivineHuman 11 > There is one more kingdom, the aquatic kingdom, as we talked about recently in the place of the water and the rocks, what you call Pahrump (Nevada). You came there and placed your energy with Gaia in the water. Gaia supported you when you first came there, and you were not in the harsh type of biology that you are in now. You to allowed your angel energies to swim in the oceans, then to meld with the dolphins and the whales. This is talked about in the Bible in the first pages (1-21). You will see yourself in these passages. Spirit - you - created the whales that swam in the oceans. They got used to being in this type of reality. The aquatic kingdom is changing also.

< NewEnergy 6QA > It could be said that the whales, and the dolphins, and so many of the other aquatic animals, carry - how to say - carry a very wonderful energetic attribute. So many of you, who are now in human form, first came to visit this place of Earth by projecting your energies into the whales and the dolphins. This is not to say that you had the soul of a whale or a dolphin. You simply… they were a taxi for you. They were a vehicle for you. You allowed your energies to go into theirs. And, they provided a wonderful, wonderful space within their body and their energetic being so that you could get used to all of the energies of Earth.

They have also carried - how to say - a very strong remembrance of your past, of the path you took to get to Earth. They also have carried a very strong energy for Gaia. They have been placeholders and energy holders for you and for the Earth for a long, long time. You are very connected specifically to these type of living beings.

So it is when this very famous one crossed over recently, and it made the news, it was a reminder. It was also letting you know that much of the energies that these dear friends of yours have been holding are now being turned back over to you. There is no need for sadness. It goes back to compassion and understanding the whole cycle of all this. But, it is time for a reminder, to understand - at least from an energetic standpoint - the journey that brought you here to Earth, your early days on Earth.

< NewEnergy 6QA > And, it is also to understand that these beings are - in a sense, difficult to describe - but angels in their own right. And, again, while they leave the planet, at least in terms of their physical bodies, their energies are still available for you to work with. In a sense, they become your runners. So, one more thing to release, and one more thing to honor!

< NewEnergy 7 > We went into great details about this in our wonderful School II - coming to Earth… projecting your energies into matter for first the time… placing your energies into life forms on Earth… into the molecules and even the atoms… to feel what it was like to place etheric energy… to place angelic energy into matter. From there you placed your energy into various types of animal forms - into the dolphins and into the whales. You rode with them, so to speak. It was not your body. You simply placed your energy in them. You can do that now today… when you place your energy in a bird… or a dolphin… or one of your pets at home. You can feel what it is like to place your living energy into another being.

< Discovery 4 > Now, herbs have a wonderful way of resonating with the body, and the body, having come from a long, long time ago, back to the whales and the dolphins and everything else. So, but a lot of these herbal remedies actually wake up, remind something deep within the body of lifetimes tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago when that's all there was. There weren't chemicals. There weren't medicines like you know them now. So you take a certain herbal remedy and it reminds you of things from many, many, many lifetimes ago. It triggers a memory. That's wonderful up to a point. Things were different back then than they are now. The herbal remedy was particularly good for you back then, but it may not do the same thing for you now.