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vitamins; minerals;

< Embodiment 6QA > It all depends on the energy behind the very reason why you are taking these. Some people begin to rely on vitamins and supplements. They get caught into a habit or a trap. And, they think they have to have these. So, they take them ritually. They take them everyday. They set up a wonderful and interesting regime behind them because they think they have to have them.

There are times when your body will need certain supplements. It will perhaps need iron or magnesium or calcium as a boost, particularly when you're going through very rapid energy changes. It is time to listen to your body. Your body is not necessarily going to say that you need a certain type of vitamin, but your body will tell you that it is time perhaps to try some supplements.

And, even if you go to a supplement store that sells these things, you will be attracted to the right thing. Or, if you're not sure, simply try the - how to say - the supplements that contain all things that you need, the multiple supplements. The important thing is taking them because you feel the need for your body to have these versus taking them because you think you have to do it everyday.

You personally were very correct in what you did. Your body was ready to release the routine that you were in. But, there are times when it needs a boost. There are times when it needs that extra reinforcement.

This is much like - how to say - there will be times your body needs certain types of foods. And, we have discussed this over and over again. Sometimes it will need high levels of protein, other times high levels of carbohydrates. It is very difficult right now for any Shaumbra to try to say, "This is my exact diet. This is my exact prescription for vitamins and supplements."

So, this is hard to write a column about because you are going to - how to say - be… it would be hard to say to people that they have to listen their body because most of the readers would not understand that. But, we want to - how to say - as you do your research, and you help to share the energy of these supplements with people, help them to understand that they have to be an active participant in whatever they put in their body.

They cannot simply open that pack of vitamins and throw it in their mouth and expect their body to rebalance themselves. They have to participate. They have to want a healthy body. They have to want to have energy flowing in and through them. Before they put those tablets in their mouth, they have to energize them and balance them with their body before ingesting them. And, that would be one of the most important things to convey in the work that you do.

< Clarity 10QA > That actually- the supplements that Shaumbra takes are actually throwing your bodies out of whack. I would suggest, not just for you, but for any Shaumbra, if you are on a heavy supplement type of program - taking regular supplements - you're going to want to get off of these. It's sending the wrong signals to your body. If you are doing these on a daily basis, cut back to only once every few days. Eventually cut back to once a week, and then eventually let these go.

Your body knows how to take care of itself quite well. But when you're throwing supplements and enzymes and all these other things into it, your body throws up its hands, so to speak, and says "I'll just go along with what they're trying to do to me." But, it has its own intelligence and abilities and we know many, many Shaumbra are taking all of these supplements. Everything from vitamins and minerals, things for weight or loss of weight, and all of these other things. You are absolutely confusing your biology. Get back to the basics. Talk to your food. Talk to your body.

< Discovery 4 > Now, herbs have a wonderful way of resonating with the body, and the body, having come from a long, long time ago, back to the whales and the dolphins and everything else. So, but a lot of these herbal remedies actually wake up, remind something deep within the body of lifetimes tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago when that's all there was. There weren't chemicals. There weren't medicines like you know them now. So you take a certain herbal remedy and it reminds you of things from many, many, many lifetimes ago. It triggers a memory. That's wonderful up to a point. Things were different back then than they are now. The herbal remedy was particularly good for you back then, but it may not do the same thing for you now.