habit / vice / addiction

enslaving energy
residual energies from the past;

< Creator 7QA > For all who are touched by these words, your contracts have concluded! There are residual energies that continue to cling on. These are, these are very interesting. These are things that we are studying on this side. When you have moved through a door and you’ve gone to another room, why do the old energies cling like they do? We are finding through you that as you spend more time in what we call your inner room of your new house, the quiet room; and you spend more time allowing these old energies to run their course, there is a smoother transition. We are learning through you that the energy structures of the old habits are not so easy to release. When you struggle with them, rather than love and accept them, when you try to arm wrestle them, when you try to fight them, they become stronger and they tend to hang on longer.

There is a group of humans that is working with some advanced energies, literal vibration waves that will help release these old energies. These are like your own energy parasites that hang on to your energy composition. They can even go through the changes of your enlightenment with you. What we have learned, through you, is that when you give them power, when you try to fight them, they hang on longer. We will discuss more of the technology this group is working on quite soon, as this information is nearly ready to be brought forth. We apologize that we cannot give you a better answer at this point, but we are learning along with you.

< NewEnergy 8 > These were things that you… experiences you gave yourself. And, perhaps, the outcome wasn't what you thought it would be. Perhaps, you felt you got stuck in something that you would call a vice or an addiction. Perhaps, it was something that you felt was beyond yourself, out of control, a demon within yourself.

This is the day of healing all of those demons. And, you can let those out now for us to see - and for yourself to see - the value of what you gave yourself. Any darkness… anything that you despised about yourself… you can open up now, for the time and the energy is different. You can look at these things about yourself that you have carried like old trash, with such a sense of guilt. You can let those out today, and look at them, and see the gift that is truly contained even in the most despicable things. There was a gift for yourself. It is time to stop battling these parts of who you are.

You know… so many times we hear you talking to yourself. You say you wished you were stronger. You say you wished you had more will and determination to overcome these things. It is not about having strength. It is not about willing them out of your life. In a sense, when you try to overpower these things you don't like about yourself, it only gives them more energy.

< Embodiment 6QA > We don't feel any of you should place any rules or restrictions about sexuality. In other words, you shouldn't say that it has to be this way or it has to be that. There is not a right or a wrong in it from our concern. However, as a Creator and as a human who has a sense of responsibility, understand the implications with your mate. If your mate feels comfortable with this, that is one thing. If they are not, then you have some decisions to make with yourself. There is nothing wrong with having multiple partners. However, many have abused this in the past, for they have sought to take energy and power from other people. Sexuality is the fastest way to abuse another person, to literally take their energy, to use it to feed yourself. Sexuality can be a highly addictive energy.

< Master 1 > We're going to explore entire new frontiers, and it's not always going to be comfortable. "Comfortable" is an illusion actually, much like as the Leap! film says, everything is an illusion. We're going to explore part of those illusions today. It's going to push you out of your comfort zone because your comfort is nothing but habits. Habits are comfortable, even if you hate them, even if you don't like them. They're games that part of you loves to play, because you know you're only going to get hurt to a degree; but on the other hand, you're only going to have a certain amount of fulfillness, satisfaction, expansion of your own energy.

< (Next) 1 > So there is this addiction that you've all had, and we're going to clear that out, an addiction to the storms, to the drama, to the need for improvement, all that other stuff. We are so done with that now. Aren't we? So I truly have to say, for the first time I've felt the evidence of this at our recent gathering in Munich, where I felt that Shaumbra is really ready to go, to get rid of this addiction, to stop focusing on the storms. The storms are real. The storms in your personal life and all the other stuff is real. It's not about burying it or denying it or overcoming it. You will never overcome it. It's about what potential you're going to choose.

< (Next) 7 > In Atlantis it was discovered that you could really get somebody to work hard and long by programming them for a little bit of pleasure. So literally an energetic center that was located right in here … (Adamus points to his lower abdomen) Right in this area was energetically, kind of mechanically and psychically implanted there. And the elite of Atlantis used that to make people work long and hard, because at the end of the day they got just a little treat, a little treat.

So this pleasure center is still there, until you free yourself of it. And you're going to obey, you're going to follow rules, work hard, do all the rest of it if you just get a little pleasure now and then. And then it becomes very warped and then you think you're a bad person, that you have vices, that you have no strength or self-control. It was all designed that way, to make you feel bad about yourself, that you have these vices. There are no vices. You're not addicted to anything. Believe me.

< (Next) 7 > Alcohol, sex, these are triggers that start right there (pleasure center) and then go into your brain, and then you say, "I'm addicted, therefore, I'm flawed, therefore I have to keep suffering until I get stronger or better. I need to go out and find some savior or messiah. How could I possibly be God also because I smoke cigarettes?!" Get over it. I've known a lot of really good drunk Ascended Masters. (laughter) But you burden yourself with this guilt, "There's something wrong. I'm a pervert," not me, but you. "I'm a pervert. I eat too much. I eat too little." This was all part of the programming, therefore, you're not free; therefore, you buy into all that crap, and it's so easy to let it go.

< (Next) 8 > If that seduction gets into your sexual your sexual make-up, and into this little place in the mind There's a little place in your mind, not a physical literal place, but part of your thinking is tied into sex, and that's why they say sex can be addictive. It's not, but the mind has a way of believing it is. The mind has a very interesting way of using this natural seduction. Seduction energy can be great; it can really invigorate you. It doesn't have to be bad. But the mind can trap it into this little part of its limited understanding of things, and it can continue to trigger a being based on sexual fulfillment, but that fulfillment is very, very temporary.

When the sexual fulfillment - and I'm not just talking about physical, but there is an energetic, a spiritual fulfillment to sex - when it is false, when it is put into this brain pattern, it can never be fulfilled. So the person is constantly feeling this seduction, the sex. No matter how much sex they have, they can never be fulfilled. That part of it is addictive. In other words, the brain has gotten into a pattern it doesn't know how to get out of.

< (Next) 8 > By the way, there are no addictions to anything. Brain, the mind gets into patterns and doesn't know how to get out. In a way it doesn't want to get out. That is the seduction that it falls into. There are no addictions. I don't care what science says about physical addictions, there are none. None. All comes from here (head). So maybe, just maybe, we can start working on energy flows and energy dynamics that will help a person realize that they are not trapped in their structures. They're not trapped in their crystal, so to speak. They're not in their own prison.

< (Next) 10 > At the same time all this is going on, there are parts - a lot of parts - of the Near Earth realms … these are the nonphysical realms that you could say surround Earth. That's where the ghosts and the spooks hang out. That's where your aspects that are all screwed up tend to hang out when they're not pestering you. That's where beings with very deep convictions, strong belief systems, particularly those of a religious nature; this is where the addicts and the others hang out in between lives. They don't go to heaven; they don't go to hell. They go to the Near Earth realms, which is kind of heaven and hell all at once.