"to draw in," "to lure in," "to manipulate," to devious desires and unhealthy wants.
attraction of power, opposing energy, drama;

< QuantumLeap 9 > Seduction is all around right now, and why? Because, just like when you let out your breath and kept pushing it out and pushing it out and pushing it out, it creates a vacuum that wants to have something back. In this case, air. When you pump out the water out of a sealed glass container, something happens within that glass called a vacuum. That vacuum wants something back in its emptiness. And that is the seduction of Earth right now.

< QuantumLeap 9 > The seduction is the emptiness of old consciousness. The seduction is the old consciousness wanting to have everything back, feeling itself being siphoned off, feeling itself being let go, and it's creating a consciousness void or vacuum. It's going on all over the Earth, it's not just you. You thought all this was about you, didn't you? It's not just you. It's all over Earth right now. It is the old needs and wants and desires. It is the want to return to the old ways, to go back, to have itself and its old identity.

< Master 3 > The potentials allow you a series of choices that you can make, and then you go through life choosing which potential. And generally you're going to choose the one that has the strongest energetic effect on you - not necessarily the best for you, but the one that is the most seductive. The most seductive potentials are the ones you're going to pick. They often lack logic. They often work in other realms of you. They're very, very seductive, and then you make yourself think that this is a good choice. It is just seduction. So you don't always choose what you really want. I know it seems like a contradiction, but you don't always choose what you really want; you choose what seduces you.

< Master 3 > You're used to feeling seduction. You're used to feeling power. You're used to feeling opposing energies.

< Master 3 > The future hasn't happened yet. Its potentials are there. The future hasn't been written. That's why psychics and seers and prophets get it wrong the vast majority of the time. Why? Why? Why? Because they're seduced before they ever come to truth. Well, seduction is a form of truth, but they get sidetracked.

< Master 3 > Releasing the structure of energy back into an energy that serves your new consciousness, whatever that is, but not a consciousness based on yesterday. As we walk into this potential - these potentials beyond the old grid and the old belief systems - there's no seduction. There is no basis for seduction in your New Energy potentials. There's no such thing as death. There's no such thing as having to live. It just is. These potentials don't have to solve any problems or fix any issues or change anything, because these new potentials don't have old imbalances. They are brand new. They are the new fruit of your joy and passion, and they're here.

< (Next) 8 > Earth, living as a human, is extremely seductive. Extremely. It has this seduction, which every one of you have felt. As challenging as being here is at times, it is also very seductive . Drama is seductive. Power - more seductive than sex itself. Imbalance is seductive, because the consciousness will always be trying to find a way to rebalance, you see. Being here as a human is highly seductive in every way. That can be good. It can give you great joy and great experience and sensing - there's nothing wrong with seduction - or it can be devastating. It can rule your life.

< (Next) 8 > If that seduction gets into your sexual your sexual make-up, and into this little place in the mind There's a little place in your mind, not a physical literal place, but part of your thinking is tied into sex, and that's why they say sex can be addictive. It's not, but the mind has a way of believing it is. The mind has a very interesting way of using this natural seduction. Seduction energy can be great; it can really invigorate you. It doesn't have to be bad. But the mind can trap it into this little part of its limited understanding of things, and it can continue to trigger a being based on sexual fulfillment, but that fulfillment is very, very temporary.

When the sexual fulfillment - and I'm not just talking about physical, but there is an energetic, a spiritual fulfillment to sex - when it is false, when it is put into this brain pattern, it can never be fulfilled. So the person is constantly feeling this seduction, the sex. No matter how much sex they have, they can never be fulfilled. That part of it is addictive. In other words, the brain has gotten into a pattern it doesn't know how to get out of.

< (Next) 8 > By the way, there are no addictions to anything. Brain, the mind gets into patterns and doesn't know how to get out. In a way it doesn't want to get out. That is the seduction that it falls into. There are no addictions. I don't care what science says about physical addictions, there are none. None. All comes from here (head). So maybe, just maybe, we can start working on energy flows and energy dynamics that will help a person realize that they are not trapped in their structures. They're not trapped in their crystal, so to speak. They're not in their own prison.