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< New Earth 6 > And, speaking of appropriatenesses, it was so appropriate on your day yesterday, my friends, what was missing was drama. There was no drama. Oh, certainly there were anxieties that led up to this event. Certainly there was the pressure of the balance of light and dark, of fear and love, that came beforehand. Nearly all humans on this planet went inwards to evaluate, to think, to take a look at themselves, to take a look at moving forward and what that meant. When the final hours came, as the moment swept across your Earth, there was no drama. What we felt from this of the veil was relief, a letting go of pressure, the acknowledgement that things are okay. We felt joy. We felt much relief - that is the greatest feeling that we felt from humans on your yesterday. There was no drama.

< New Earth 9 > Now we move to the third area, that which we call the emotions. Now your emotions, my friends, have been an interesting substitute for Spirit. As you know, you have not carried your full spiritual potential with you in your physical body on your side of the veil. So your emotions have been a substitute, in a way, for Spirit. In the new energy your emotions will be a driving force for you. They will allow responses to take place. Your emotions, what comes from your inner being, your desires, will cause action and reaction. Now your emotions in the past have been used to play out dramas. Your emotions have been used to feel things, to understand joy, to understand darkness.

< New Earth 9 > There is no room or place anymore for drama. But yet you have a tremendous amount of energy coming from your emotional center. Begin to allow this emotion to be used as a driving force. It is a fuel for your own creations, your own spirit in this new energy. This is difficult to describe, my friends, for things will start happening in you and around you. You will begin to feel a new connectedness. You will begin to feel a new partnership. This is your True Self beginning to come in as you allow it to happen. This is your True Self melding with you while you are still in human form on Earth. Again, it is simply a matter of allowing this to take place, of allowing this to happen.

< Creator 6 > The first three lessons, dear friends, were foundation lessons. Lesson One: "Accept all things as they are." This was the lesson of the short wall, of standing behind the short wall. This was the lesson of stepping out of duality and drama, standing behind your short wall and observing all that goes on around you. From this lesson you came to understand how easy it is to get trapped in duality. By standing behind the short wall, you have seen how easy it is to feel the addiction of wanting to jump back into the fray.
By standing behind the short wall, you gain a new perspective, a somewhat distant perspective, but not necessarily disimpassioned. You a better vantage point to watch all that happens, and you see the interesting dynamics of other humans. You begin to understand duality as it truly was.

< Ascension 7 > In Lesson One of this series we said, " It is not about you anymore." You are off the karmic cycle. You no longer have to go through karma. It is not about you anymore. When you are in the middle of some conflict with other humans, understand that it is not about you any more. They are still going through their processes. They are still going through their karma. They will engage anybody who happens to be close by and attempt to pull them into the drama. You do not need to go there with them. It is not about you.

< DivineHuman 1 > When you sense change all around you, do not get swept up in the drama. Understand that things ARE changing. Understand that the world is not falling apart. The world is renewing itself. Humankind is evolving. Evolution requires letting go of the Old so that the New can come in.

< DivineHuman 6 > We realize that there is something that we need to look at and address. It is drama, drama. (audience laughter) We have all been going through it lately. In a sense, we don't know another way. We have become so embedded in drama that we think that everything in life is about drama. As Shaumbra, we know that drama can be fun, but it can also deprive us of energy, take energy away from us, valuable energy that we need.

We realize that we no longer have to get involved in dramas. Our families try to pull us into it. At work we are always pulled into someone’s drama. We get pulled into drama about world events. We get pulled into drama about things within ourselves, about our own issues of self-worth. We get into our own health dramas. "Why is that negative, dark energy invading my body? I must go annihilate it. I must go wipe it out with light and good stuff." In a sense, we have not understood what to do if there was no drama. There seems to be such a void if there is no drama.

We now recognize that we do not need to participate in other people’s dramas. Yet we can be fully involved in living. Stepping out of drama does not mean that we have to be neutralized, that we cannot have fulfillment and enjoyment. We simply don’t have to get into the dramas.

The drama is what Tobias talks about in the lesson of the short wall. It is about being in our own place of peace, when we are also in a place of total compassion for others and their journey… whether they are having a difficult life, or a wonderful life… whether they are going into self-destruction… or whether they are in great pain… or whether they are totally being fulfilled in life… we have compassion for them. When we have total compassion for our fellow humans, we do not need to get involved in drama. We understand the game that they are playing, and we love them for it. We have compassion.

With our own families, drama has been the way of life for them, and for us. Oh, they know how to hit our buttons and get us right in there! Then we have a wonderful game going with all of us. They feel bad when we are on the outside, when we are not getting involved. They think there is something wrong with us. They think we are strange when we do not want to play the family drama game. (audience laughter) But, in a sense, we have been sitting over in the corner saying to ourself, "I will not be in drama! I will not be in drama! I will not be in drama!" (audience laughter)

Now, we can be in the midst of their drama, but we can be in a very peaceful space, a very compassionate space. We will know what to do in the moment. We do not have to prepare our script for when we go home, what to think, what to say. We will be able to smile at them and enjoy what they are doing because we are in such great compassion.

Being in a place of compassion is also being in a place of peace, knowing that we don’t need to change a thing, that they are being completely appropriate, that they are learning about who they are with what they are doing. Being compassionate means we can be peaceful. It means we do not need to be expending great energies trying to play the drama game, or trying to get them not to play the drama game.

Being compassionate means being peaceful. Being peaceful means that we retain the integrity of our own energy. It also means that we have the energy then to be there to serve them.

Some of them, as we know, will never be ready. Others will see how we stand in this place of love, and admiration, and compassion for them and can enjoy the entire experience. They will come to us when they want to know how to make their life peaceful.

As we move out of the Old ways, and we move into the New Energy, we recognize drama for what it is. We recognize that we no longer need to play that game. We recognize that even though life without drama seems a bit boring, (audience laughter) that in the New Energy we find there is a new fulfillment, a new understanding, and a new joy that makes drama look like such a childish game.

So, we tell ourselves today, "See drama for what it is." Understand that we don’t need to play it unless we want to. We have compassion for all of the others. Through compassion we can love them. We can let them play their games. But, we don’t have to be affected. It is time to replace drama, replace it with fulfillment, and joy, and true compassion for what the others are doing.

< NewEnergy 6QA > Understand that there are many, many humans on Earth that love drama. It is an up-and-down cycle that they need to feed them. It is duality at work. They love it. So, as we said, be compassionate, but also be compassionate with yourself. You don't have to stay in that situation. Now, you might wonder how to remove yourself from this. Some of the fear elements come out. Simply go to this platform of safety, and from there make your choice. Make your choice to not be embroiled in all this. And, you'll be amazed again at all of the new dynamics that come into play.

< Embodiment 5 > It is easy to get caught up in the dramas. It is fun sometimes. You will find that you will be able to go back and forth into dramas but without getting stuck in them. Dramas are wonderful, as long as you can then get back out of the drama. It is only when you get sucked in, only when you find yourself holding the energy of the drama that it is difficult to get back out. But, Shaumbra, you have accepted this very unique… very special task… this task of coming to Earth at this time… being the dreamers… and once again helping to move the energy.

< Embodiment 5 > It is very easy right now to get caught up in drama. That's a nice diversion. It brings you back to, in a sense, a warm and cozy place in the Old Energy. Drama is all around you and very easy to get caught up in. And, again, if you want to play in drama, at least acknowledge that's what you are doing. That way it gives you an easier way back out. It is very easy to get caught up in all of the conspiracies. There are no conspiracies, Shaumbra, not for you… unless you choose them. Conspiracy, by the way, simply means a joining together of ideals and goals and thoughts, a joining together so there are some who conspire, conspire to join together their ideas for whatever purpose. Some conspire to think that the world is being overtaken by sinister forces… and then it is… for them.

< Clarity 3QA > You have everything you need within your being. Our advice, dear friend, is not to spend your energy, your days worried about conspiracies. Most of the conspiracies are filled with an energy that you might be familiar with - drama. Conspiracies have to have drama and enormous amounts of it to work. Conspiracies work on fear, fascination, drama. And, it is a hypnosis, no different than the type of hypnosis that is being used on those who do occasionally try their conspiracies. We wouldn't get all wrapped up in that energy because it can tie you up and drain you faster than the reality of the conspiracy itself.

< Clarity 4 > Drama… some of you love the drama. You feed off of it. Either you're intimately involved in it, or you're on the peripheral of drama from others. Sometimes you say to yourself, "But I'm Shaumbra. I am a spiritual being. I cannot get involved in the drama." But, yet you are always around it. It is always happening with people around you. And, you perhaps say, "Well, why does that happen? Why does there always seem to be drama around me?" It is because you are feeding off of it. It is a very strong, seductive, dualistic energy. It feeds your spirit. It feeds your reality and your consciousness.

< Clarity 10QA > Most humans do not make choices in their life. They simply go through life. I suppose that in itself is a choice, but not a very enlightened or liberated choice. Most humans don't consciously make choices about what they want to do, or how they want to express themselves in this lifetime. They get caught into their cycles, they get caught into their dramas, and pretty soon they're making no choice at all. They are simply experiencing life but from a very nonauthentic point of view.

< Teacher 6 > It is also the potential, in this explosion of the consciousness elements that have collided, it is the potential to clear out old structures - energies that have been suppressed, hidden, buried, locked away, distorted, perverted, all the rest of these things. You have a beautiful moment here that is taking place, but a moment that goes unnoticed to most humans because again, what are they focused on? The drama of the collision. And we paint this picture here - they're focused on the fire. They're focused on the earthquake. They're focused on the drama.

< Teacher 7 > If you can't - if you can't see the humor in this blessing called life, if you can't see the humor in this... basically this theater of life, this game that is being played by humans... it's going to suck you in. It's going to take you right into its drama. It's going to feed off of you. It's going to twist your thinking, and it's going to get you to believe that it's you. It's going to get you to believe that you're the one with wars going on, you're the one with disease, you're the one with deep and dark and depressed feelings. It's going to get you to buy right into this game that we've called mass consciousness. And as you know, then it becomes so difficult to get out.

< Returning 2QA > Fear is an interesting energy. Fear is used often by humans as a way to make them feel alive, because it is a very dynamic energy. So they bring fear into their life for whatever reason - fear and drama - and it makes them feel alive. They remember that they're here. It gets them out of their mind for a little while, believe it or not. But then fear is a very interesting energy. It's very addictive and it will keep coming around until you no longer are focused on it, until you can breathe through it and understand you don't need that drama - that's all fear is, is drama - you don't need it in your life.

< Returning 2QA > Why do people create drama? Indeed. So they know they're alive. And what's the byproduct of drama that they get? I'll give you a hint - attention from others. Because they can't love themselves, they create a drama that makes them feel alive, they suck in energy from people around them who love them and would give them attention and get in there with them so they don't have to love themselves, and now you have a wonderful, wonderful creation going on. Oh they scream about it and they kick about it and they suck you into it, but what if you went home, met with your daughter and applauded her - applauded her (Tobias claps his hands) - for creating such a wonderful drama in her life.

< (Next) 1 > You go into the quiet zone and have a hard time handling it, but yet there's something really wonderful about. It kind of doesn't matter anymore. A lot of you have been experiencing it. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You start to understand that drama is really emotional junk food. You're tired of the drama (distraction/game). You feel weary of it, but you don't know what else is out there. In a way you're trying to replace old drama with just kind of new improved drama, but in the quiet zone, there tends to be no drama. That's where many of you have been.

< (Next) 6 > So, I Am that I Am, because I don't give a damn. I Am that I Am, because I accept all things as they are; all things as they are in their perfect state of being. People would say, "Well, you know, you should care. You should care about politics. You should care about the environment." No, because actually you're going to be more effective in a potential change of consciousness by not getting caught up in the drama. By not getting caught up in all the drama.

< (Next) 8 > But the artificial consciousness that comes out of Emotion Drama has a way of really attracting energy. Therefore, the mind, with its artificial subset of emotions, thinks, "See? Emotions are real, and I'm very emotional," because it can attract huge quantities of energy. Emotions attract energy. Drama, which are emotions in high gear, really attract energy. That's why so many people drop drama bombs, because it brings in a rush of energy. A rush of energy, and they can't live without it.

< e2012 2 > I would have to say that most humans are addicted to drama. They really are. You've seen it. They can't live without it. The moment that drama goes out of their life, they get bored. They get uneasy. They get desperate. So they will create something. They will destroy something of their own, or usually something of somebody else's, in order to feed. Now, feeding is just energy that's kind of gotten into motion - kind of a weird motion - and then they take a big bite out of it. They just like being around it. It's stimulating. That's a vampire, somebody who's feeding off of others.

< e2012 2 > When you get into New Think, the drama goes away and with it the need to have highs and lows from a mental or emotional standing. You're going to feel a bit odd, because emotion even starts going out the door, and you're going to say, "Geez, I just feel emotionless, but funny, I feel much happier."

< freedom 8 > Passion has been put down, suffocated through the mind, through hypnosis, programming, and ultimately you – as a souled being, as an I Am Presence – you cannot continue to live in a passionless reality. Ultimately, you cannot. It's not going to kill your existence. You're just going to have to blow up to get yourself out of there, and there's no need for that. But no, what happens is when you're living in a relatively passionless reality, what does one do? They create drama. They create a lot of drama as kind of a very false type of passion. But that's not passion. That's living in the world of the blind.

< freedom 8 > You're going to bring in energy and it's going to be attracted to the pure state of the I Am consciousness. You're going to find how playful it is, how creative it is, how fulfilling it is. Things like drama, things like struggle, efforting, tension, straining, tiredness, all these become a thing of the past. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen very quickly. And in doing so, you're going to enter into a new world, a new reality for yourself. You're still going to be in the world of the asleep and of the blind so it will be awkward at times. It will be uncomfortable because you're going to be working on different levels. You'll feel that you're no longer in the world or necessarily of it, but that too will come back into balance. You'll assimilate, you'll adapt this new “I Am” Self in the old “I Was” world.

< Kharisma 7 > Humans don't do so good without drama. It gets boring. So they'll intentionally screw things up so they can rebuild it. Yeah, they do, all the time. There's nothing wrong with that until you get tired of that singularity – drama, drama, drama, drama. But in mastery, it's like, “I'm going to have some drama and I'm going to be non-drama. I'm going to just …” It's the “and.” When you are so free that you can choose wherever you want to apply your consciousness, and multiple places at the same time, ah! My friends, that is mastery. Embodied mastery.

< Wings 9 > The human self has been filled with emotions. It's been living in a sea of emotions. It's been addicted to drama and emotions. There's no place for that where the Master goes. It's false, a false reality. It's actually false energy dynamics – emotion, drama, all the rest of that. When one doesn't understand the difference between energy and life, they tend to get very addicted to drama. It's one of the few things that brings a little energy into their life. There's no place for that in a Master's life. The Master is dealing with the Master's energy, with pure energy.