sans-zone / quiet-zone

the final phase in the awakening process;

< Master 10 > This zone, also, you're in or you're just getting there. I'm not sure what to call it. Perhaps you'll help me to discover a name, but in this zone, in this - really, it's the final phase that one goes through - philosophy doesn't mean anything anymore. It's all B.S. Spirituality - you suddenly realize how phony so much of it was. How it was like fly paper; it got you stuck. It was amazing in one way, but how it's really a lot of crap. It really is. You don't sit and tell a person about compassion and about, you know, the path that they're on when they're down on their knees. You tell them it's going to be okay. Everything else is really kind of crap. Later, you come back and you can explain in nonintellectual terms.

< Master 10 > Anyway, in this zone, some of you I would say have entered it. Others are going to be entering it this month. It's beautiful. It makes all of this destructuring a thing of the past. What happens here, to use Tobias' immortal words, it doesn't matter. Stuff comes up in your life. Those aspects come back to just give you hell, and you just take a deep breath and it doesn't matter. You don't have to give yourself fancy little spiritual cliché phrases. You don't have to go to your quote of the day, your marshmallow messages, your fluff and puff cereals, or anything else like that. It all seems now so ridiculous, so contrived; perhaps helpful at some point, but now so childish.

< Master 10 > Here you're going to … in this zone, for example, some of you has experienced this recently. An aspect - an unintegrated aspect - and there's still some out there, the big bad ones - but you're realizing they're not so big and they're not so bad - but they come in to give you a ration of intellectual hell. You know what that's like. All of sudden you've got this stuff going through your mind. Where did that come from? "I was having a nice day, and suddenly I'm abusing myself." Doubt. Please, the doubt is only yours if you accept it. In this zone, these aspects come back and they try to really terrorize you. They're really testing you. They're really seeing if you're really up to the awakening. But they come back in and suddenly it doesn't make a difference. Suddenly you're not involved in this intellectual/emotional dialoguing with yourself. Suddenly, you're not doubting yourself and giving yourself these old put-down words, these old …

< Master 10 > You know how that happens. You don't feel good about yourself for whatever reason, I don't care - you're getting old, you're tired, you did something wrong, you feel you're not as good as somebody else - and suddenly you're in that old doubting thing. What do you do? You throw a little sugar and syrup on it, and even say things like, "I Am that I Am" without believing it. Or you maybe go run and read some spiritual quote or something. It doesn't work anymore in this zone. It doesn't work, and that's the beautiful thing.

< Master 10 > Suddenly, reading religious, spiritual text - as Kuthumi would say (gags) - you can't even do it anymore. It seems like so yesterday. Suddenly, all this intellectual dialoguing for the sake of spirituality is so tired and so old. Suddenly, you just laugh - literally, you break out laughing - and say, "It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter."

< Master 10 > It's a beautiful place to be. You know, it's a type of quiet. It's a type of quiet that you haven't experienced in hundreds of lifetimes. You could say it's an awareness of a new balance. It's not about meditating. It's not about praying. It's not about any technique. This zone is perhaps "Sans." It's nothing. It's nothing and it's everything. Sans. Nothing. You don't need anything here. It's the true beginning of the realization of the I Am, not just saying it. Matter of fact, in this zone you come to a point where you don't even want to say it anymore. It just is. It just is. This, my dear friends, is really where you're at.

< Master 10 > What happens here is everything kind of goes into a quiet beauty … quiet beauty. You don't have to effort anything. In a way you don't care about anything, because cares become old. Yeah, there's still the human pressure to make money, pay your bills. But in a way you kind of don't care any more. "So what. They can have my house; I've got me. Nothing better than that." Now, the funny thing is it doesn't turn out that way, for the most part. You don't lose the house. You don't lose your health. You don't lose all these things. You gain. You gain. But we're going to go back to distractions next month, so I'll warn you right now. There are some distractions in there also.

< Master 10 > Please understand you're coming to this "Sans" zone, this quiet zone. It's the calm after the storm. It's after the storm, after this relentless, grueling battle that took place back here in this destructuring zone, and still remnants of it here in this melding. The quiet zone. I bring it up so that you can give yourself permission to experience it this next month. Give yourself that experience of saying, "You know, it just doesn't matter." It's not indifference, and it doesn't mean you don't care. It doesn't matter because you know how it all works out. You know the end of the story before the other chapters are ever written. It's so simple.

< (Next) 1 > You're still having some of the residual effects of destructuring, and you're still feeling it at some times, but you go into this next zone - the quiet zone. Everything gets really quiet as you really slip into this "X" spot. It gets very quiet, sometimes unnervingly quiet. "Where's the commotion? Where is the drama?" for those of you addicted to dramas, for those of you who just like to have a lot of stuff going on. It is very unnerving, and then you do this thing that will assure that you get some drama (distraction/game).

< (Next) 1 > You go into the quiet zone and have a hard time handling it, but yet there's something really wonderful about. It kind of doesn't matter anymore. A lot of you have been experiencing it. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You start to understand that drama is really emotional junk food. You're tired of the drama (distraction/game). You feel weary of it, but you don't know what else is out there. In a way you're trying to replace old drama with just kind of new improved drama, but in the quiet zone, there tends to be no drama. That's where many of you have been.

< (Next) 1 > We move into the next zone. It entails allowing yourself to transcend the old limits of the mind. The mind is probably one of the most adaptable, programmable and actually flexible and amazing parts of you. The angels - the angelic beings - do not have minds. So they don't really understand how brilliant a mind is. You now are a Body of Consciousness with mind and spirit and body and gnost and aspects and everything else. It's really quite amazing. There are non-human, non-physical beings who would kill to have what you have - literally, if they could. Fortunately, they can't, so they manipulate instead. They want this.

Can you imagine? Just imagine for a moment: you're an angel, you've never come to Earth. But imagine just contemplating having more than just this fuzzy wuzzy angel being self; very … kind of … airy fairy, I guess, is the right word; the integration of a mind; the ability to take on physical form; and eventually to be able to be in or out of physical form by choice. You have to experience it. You have to really get into it first.

They want this. They want it because it's a type of fulfillment. It's a type of - they feel - the advanced being. That's why I have to laugh when I hear people talk about these ETs, these aliens, these advanced civilizations. Until you've been in physical form and had a mind, been here on Earth and learned to integrate the I Am or the Godself, there is no more advanced form anywhere. Anywhere. It's just a bunch of mind junk.

With a being who says they're from an advanced civilization - I highly doubt it, and I have been around a little bit. Haven't met anything more advanced than a conscious human being, because you have the body, the mind, the spirit; because you are learning right now how to choose, how you want to work with those. Do you want to be physical or do you want to be non-physical? Do you want to be mental for a moment to help figure out something that requires mental or be the divine? Or how about the combination of all of it? That is the most advanced species in all of creation and can only be found here on Earth and can only be had by experiencing lifetimes on Earth through the birthing process.

< (Next) 3 > And that's why - I irritate people sometimes - but I say get off of the astrology. Now, I love astrology, but not when it's an addiction. I love crystals when they're adorning my hands and my body … as in jewelry. You know, I love Tarot, when it's done right, when it's empowering. But all of these things, including - sacred ground here - including Shaumbra can be makyo. All of these things become distractions. They are false. They are put into place for a couple of reasons. One, to fill a void, because when you get to this part of the awakening process, suddenly you perceive up ahead is a big void, a big nothingness. In other words, you can't see past the release of all the human games, so it feels empty up ahead. So often you then put makyo in the path, you put a lot of distractions in the path to fill a void.

< (Next) 3 > I have seen very wise, amazing, radiant spiritual human beings who are very, very evolved on their path, as you would say, who are ready to take that final step into what you would call the ascension status and suddenly they go makyo on me. Suddenly, they get into falseness at the last moment. They have to fill it with something. They're literally afraid to go to this step - 100 percent trust in self. They can get to 99.9, but that has been a fearful line to cross.

There's always a hold out. "I can trust everything about me other than …" and you fill in the blank. "Other than the way I look; other than my intelligence, how I appear to others." It's a big trap for spiritual workers, spiritual leaders. Suddenly, they think they have to come off a certain way in front of others - wise, intelligent, seeping of white light and blessings and wise statements. Not at all! Not at all. Actually, the true spiritual teacher and worker gets real human, because they're not afraid of it. They're not afraid of it. So, absolute trust.