Kuthumi lal Singh

Kout Hume La Sing; Kathume;

< NewEnergy 11 > This dear one goes by the name of Kout Hume La Sing… indeed, the energy of Kathume coming to visit. He comes in during this special time when there are energies that are dancing on Earth, energies that are dancing in the cosmos also. On our side of the veil there are some of us… we have our own special clubs, so to speak. We are ones who have been on Earth. We are the ones who have walked in your shoes, and have returned to this side to assist you and to guide you.

< NewEnergy 11 > The energy of Kathume is such an important part of the Order of To-bi-wah, in a sense, the more modern, the more contemporary - how to say - projection of the To-bi-wah energy on Earth, for he lived in your 19th century. He was human, as I was, as dear St. Germaine was. Indeed, Kathume and St. Germaine spent much time together on Earth in physical body working together.

< NewEnergy 11 > Kathume has been called a Master, for in his last incarnation on Earth, he was able to help balance his own energies. He was able to do something that we are going to talk to you about today. It was in a different time and a different era on Earth, and much of what he learned and taught others went unheard. But, the time is right now for Kathume to come back, for Kathume to come out and play.

< NewEnergy 11 > He helps to bring in the energies of wisdom and love together at the same time. He comes to this gathering of Shaumbra today in his golden robe of cashmere, walking through the group here - walking through even to the ones who are connecting on the Internet - sharing his love, and sharing his compassion. He will be spending quite some time now with each of you, helping you with this whole area of energy balancing in the New Energy, the ability to go between the worlds, the world of the New and the world of the Old. Indeed, he is a Master of this.

< NewEnergy 11 > Kathume is a wise one, one who we spend much time working with on our side. Kathume, when he was on Earth - how to say - had a close relationship with the one you call Madam Blavatsky and St. Germaine. And, the three played games with each other, for they knew how to go between the worlds. They would appear to each other, even when it was not in physical form. They would communicate with each other with the unspoken word. They helped to set an energy so many, many years ago here on Earth of this whole ability to walk between the worlds.

< NewEnergy 11 > And, that is what you are doing now, dear friends. The worlds you are walking between are different. They are the worlds of New Energy and Old Energy. You're also learning to walk between the worlds of the physical and nonphysical, walking between the worlds of masculine and feminine. They are different worlds, in a way, the way it is perceived on Earth. They have been separated. They (Kathume and Madam Blavatsky) learned to walk between both worlds, back and forth to truly bring in the energies of all sides. Kathume comes in to help you walk between all of the various worlds that exist all around you now. You are ready for it. You have asked for it. You have asked for this opening to occur.

< NewEnergy 11 > There are times when you will be feeling Kathume coming to you during your normal waking state, for he is very adept. He does not have to just show up at night during the dreams. He is adept at coming in during the day. He has held his energy back for a while now. He has been wanting to come in. Some of you have been getting clues or hints about his coming in. He has been holding back until the appropriate time and the appropriate energies on Earth and some events that are occurring now and will be occurring quite shortly. Kathume's energy can be called upon at any time, not in particular to answer specific questions, but to help as one who - how to say - perhaps holds your arm, guides you as you are learning to go between the worlds.

< NewEnergy 11 > Kathume comes in at this time to help teach each one of you many of the things he learned when he was recently on Earth. He asks all of you who are listening - and all of you who will connect to this later - not to refer to him as "master," once again because YOU are the Masters. He will address you as such. He will call you Master Bill or Master Mary out of honor and respect. And, that's how you will know that his energies are close. But, he asks you not to address him. It is quite embarrassing for him.

< NewEnergy 11 > He (Kuthumi) will be here to help you walk between these worlds and share much of the knowledge that he gained when he was on Earth. He will be helping to bring in also the energies of St. Germaine at specific times. So, you may be feeling - how to say - double-teamed from both who come in. But, dear friends, dear Shaumbra, we know you are serious about this opening up. We know you would not be satisfied by staying within this shallow 3-D reality. We know you are bursting at the seams, so to speak, to want to open up, but still not quite sure what this means. So, we send in all of the appropriate energies now to work with you.

< NewEnergy 11 > We ask you to listen and to be aware of their energies. These are energies, by the way, both of Kathume and St. Germaine who you have known before and worked with before. There is a trust that is already built-up with both of these entities. There is an additional trust that comes to play because they have both been on Earth for many, many incarnations. So, you can relate to them unlike beings sometimes who have never been on Earth and do not have the empathy or the actual experience to know how far things can open, or how fast they can open, and still stay in balance.

< NewEnergy 11 > The first is the potential shift for you individually - if you should choose it - in your perception of finances and money, and how you bring these things into your life. With this whole energy dynamic of Earth and Venus and the Sun is a perfect time for us to help facilitate this change. That is why Kathume comes in once again to help you shift between the worlds, to shift your thinking, Shaumbra, of money, of finances. If there is any place in particular you have a very focused third dimensional concept, it is about how you bring money into your life. It is time to change that.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, during this time of transit with Venus - with the facilitation of Kathume - we are going to help those who are willing to begin a major shift in your perception, your consciousness, and reality of money. It may hurt a bit (audience laughter). In a sense, this might be like a big celestial spanking that we are going to give you (more laughter) - with your permission - because you have found yourself so locked into this whole area.

< NewEnergy 11 > You've seen them. You've met them. Some of you have been them (more laughter) in the past. But, you now are able to see the imbalance in those ones who profess to love everything, but yet when it is turned on them, they cannot handle the light of love. So, with Kathume coming in now to do some work of energy shifting and shaping, he is also going to come into your face about remembering to love… and, now loving yourself in a whole New way.

< Embodiment 3 > Now, there are many out there who think of this Kuthumi as being - how to say - very scholarly, very serious. But, that was not at all the way I was. I never took life that serious. I had fun with my life. I traveled. I went all over. I talked to many people. I had great joy. Kuthumi, that I was known as, was no lord, was no prophet… simply a human who had an incredible thirst and hunger to understand life and energies.

< Embodiment 3 > It has not been so long ago that I (Kuthumi) was in human form, that I was on the Earth, so I do understand where you are. But, I am here today to impress upon you the importance of embodying these changes in a delightful and light way.

< Embodiment 3 > Your soul is the collective of everything that you have ever done and been and thought. It is ALL of your experiences. That is your soul. But, your spirit is the life force energy within you. The spirit is actually the one resisting all of these changes. I studied this. I studied this in my lifetime. And, I was shocked at my own findings. I was shocked at what the others - the other entities who I worked with - told me. And, it took me many, many years of practical experience to discover this is true.

< Embodiment 3 > I have to tell you that I want you to feel my energy for a moment here. Guess what movie I was in… two, two I channeled… I brought my energy in. It was the movie "Star Wars." Yes… guess who I played. C-3-P-O! (much more laughter at Kuthumi's reference to one of the robots in the movie, the robot programmed for protocol, a worrier throughout the entire movie) I did… I did. That was me. Through the writer, through the voices, I brought in C-3-P-O. Recognize me? It was so much fun!

< Embodiment 3QA > This can be very deep stuff. This can be very difficult stuff - if you want it to be. Or, it can be very simple. It can be very joyful. It can be very humorous as Kuthumi brought in today. He has that capability. He has us laughing here so many times. He was, in so many ways, a bit of an annoyance because of his humor with St. Germain and Madame B all the time. He has the ability to go in and let energies be free.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St.Germain) helped to create the energies of the one that you call Saint Francis of Assisi, an unsouled being, who I helped to create with Kuthumi and some others. I have been incarnated on Earth as the energy of Francis Bacon, commonly known also as Shakespeare. But, with my deep love for writing, I have also incarnated as the energy of Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain. It was an incredible lifetime. I traveled the world. I wrote my stories. I shared many times with so many of Shaumbra. I actually had the one that you know as Cauldre in my employment for a short period of time in the place that you would call Virginia City when I had a newspaper there (Territorial Enterprise).

< Clarity 8 > Kuthumi, another grand being who DIDN'T have trouble disconnecting. It was not a difficult process for him He didn't have to go through the suffering, he just let it go. He went off, indeed, by himself for a long period of time. Stayed away from friends and family, moved away from even the university life, which he loved. He went off by himself and said "I'm going to do this the easy way, the fun way, and disconnect. I'm going to be my own being." And he let go also. He did it, actually, with much of the love and the compassion of Gaia. Not connected to Gaia but working with those energies to let go. So Kuthumi is another independent being. A godded, souled being who has let go of all of the connections and all of the ways of feeding.

< Clarity 10 > Kuthumi. Very authentic. Very authentic - had no need to impress anyone, was very independent on his own, loved people, loved nature. But more than anything else, the one thing I can say about Kuthumi, he is the epitome of learning to love himself. He is not narcissistic. He doesn't spend - how to say - days and days in front of the mirror. He learned to love himself. He learned that everything that he had ever done in any of his lifetimes was the greatest gift he could give himself. He's an example of authentic.

< Teacher 1 > So as these old energies (in the impasse) are waking up, they tend to be confused; they tend to be a bit grumpy; they tend to be very hungry for energy. Kuthumi has been working with a team that has been going back to these awakening energies to help them understand what is going on, to help them understand that there's this place called Earth that was created, created to help them find resolutions to their issues. This place of Earth is finally raising its level of consciousness and it is causing all of these other realms and dimensions to wake up.

< Teacher 1 > So there is quite a bit going on in those levels. That's why some of you some days might feel scattered, might feel a bit frustrated. You are feeling your home, your angelic family. So he (Kuthumi) has been back there for the past year of time working with these awakening dimensions or realities from the past (impasse).

< Teacher 1 > Even though he's quite the character, quite the comedian, dear Kuthumi is one of the wisest and simplest beings I've ever met. And I say "simple" with the highest form of respect. When a being - any entity - can simplify their energy, can simplify everything about themselves, they are truly sovereign. A sovereign Being is not a complex one. A sovereign Being doesn't have all of these complex systems within it, they become very simple. Why? Because everything is integrated. Everything becomes integrated back into a very simple angelic resonance.

< Teacher 1 > Kuthumi is simple. Kuthumi is wonderful. That is why he was asked by the Order of the Arc, and particularly by Archangel Michael, to go back and work with some of these old energies (in the impasse) that are waking up. He talked to you recently also about the energy of gnost, the solution, the fact that no you really don't have problems, you just really haven't let a solution come into your life. And I'm speaking not to just Shaumbra, I'm speaking to all who will listen. You just haven't had a solution. Kuthumi brought it in such a beautiful and simple way.

< Teacher 2 > The world's problems can be solved tomorrow morning if every human would understand this simple concept. I have to give a lot of the credit for this to Kuthumi. One thing he discovered in his searching for himself, is that he had given himself away so that he would have to re-find it. But it was always there. No need to give it away. Pay particular attention when you're working with your students.

< Teacher 5 > So here I am, Kuthumi lal Singh, sounding, acting somewhat like a man even though I said I am not a man anymore. I'm man and woman together. But in many, many lifetimes I came through as a man. In one lifetime- in particular - as Balthazar- one of the three wise men, indeed. Indeed. That was me, helping to deliver the gifts - a little bit of incense, a little of myrrh here and there. You know, get in good with Yeshua. He's going to be famous! (laughter)

< Teacher 5 > I did incarnate in that lifetime 2,000 years ago as Balthazar, helping to bring in the Christ seed energy. I was a Babylonian king at the time, but I knew, just as you knew, that there was something happening on Earth. Couldn't put a finger on it, couldn't necessarily identify just what it was, although the prophets, they talked about the new Messiah coming. But who would have thought the Messiah would have come in the way he did. What I mean by that it wasn't just the baby Yeshua. It wasn't just about Mary and Joseph. It was about the birth of the Christ seed on Earth at the time. It was about not only Yeshua coming to Earth, but about you coming to Earth. About you incarnating.

< Teacher 5 > I (Kuthumi) have had many, many incarnations on Earth and one of the most memorable that I had was approximately 500-600 B.C. I was known back then as the philosopher called Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher. It was a very interesting lifetime because back then in this land of Greece there was so much changing in its own consciousness. A new civilization was coming to life preparing for the Christos era of humanity.

< Teacher 5 > In Greece there were thinkers. In Greece there were creators. Greece was developing a new civilization and a new culture and I (Kuthumi) - I was right in the midst of it. I was a philosopher. I was a mathematician. I found it fascinating because I was trying to understand the world - understand nature, understand spirit - through math and through philosophy. I had a love and a passion for this philosophy. I had a love for trying to understand how the numbers worked, how the numbers made logic and sense of the universe, of the stars. I would spend my days, my years, playing with the energy of numbers.

< Teacher 5 > That lifetime as Pythagoras was followed then by the lifetime as B... Balthma... Baltherus. Sorry about that, Cauldre is saying. New words flying his way... In that lifetime I was noble but I continued my philosophical studies. I continued my mathematical studies. But something new entered in now. It was this whole area of spirituality. It was the first lifetime that there was a renewed focus on the spiritual aspect. That is why I was so keenly interested in this whole birth of Yeshua, this whole Christ energy coming to Earth. I studied the stars to understand how and when the Messiah energy would become present on Earth.

< Teacher 5 > I studied the books. I studied other philosophers and the religions to understand how we were beginning to create something new and different on this incredible planet Earth. But yet I would have to say even in that lifetime (Balthma) I got stuck in my own self. You see, I was a seeker. I had been a seeker as long as I can remember. That energy of being the seeker was carried over into yet other lifetimes, lifetimes where I continued my work as a philosopher and as a mathematician.

< Teacher 5 > In my most recent lifetime on Earth I was known as Kuthumi lal Singh. I continued that passion. You see, the passions - what you study, what makes your heart sing, what makes your brain click - they tend to follow you lifetime after lifetime. So I came back to Earth as Kuthumi, born in the land of Kashmir in India.

< Teacher 5 > It is interesting because at the very time that I was Pythagoras the philosopher, was also the time on Earth where Buddha was embodied, where Buddha was beginning his energy. It was also about the same time where Tobias was on Earth. You see, we, as humans and as groups, develop patterns and then we follow these patterns. We continue to work with them until those very patterns are ready to evolve and transform. And then we move through the old energy into the new.

< Teacher 5 > So I came in as Kuthumi lal Singh and I studied from my very early days. My parents, they were scholars. My father in particular encouraged me to read and to study. But in a sense all he was doing was encouraging me to follow the path that I had already chosen. My studies took me to London. I was born, by the way, in 1829 and my studies then took me to the area of London where I spent much time studying at Cambridge, much time learning as much as I possibly could.

< Teacher 5 > I (as Kuthumi) fancied myself again as a philosopher, as a studier and as a seeker of truth. I studied very, very hard, day and night, had no social life whatsoever. I kept myself confined to my room, confined to the classes. I studied very, very hard for four years. At the end of this four year period, while walking the path along the university one day, while finally taking note of things that had always been there - the trees, the sky, the birds - I suddenly realized I knew nothing.

< Teacher 5 > I (as Kuthumi) had studied, I had worked hard, but hadn't learned a thing about life. Learned all about philosophies, I'd read the great ones. Learned so much about science and math. But this one day in particular there was an opening, like a door opening into my soul, and I looked in and realized that I hadn't learned a single thing. Oh I was good in my mind. I was quick. I could memorize things. I could recite things, but yet I hadn't experienced anything.

< Teacher 5 > So I set out, not even leaving a note, and began my next portion of the journey. That next portion of the journey lasted approximately 40 years and I traveled all throughout Europe. I traveled back into the lands of my home in India and I finally ended up ultimately in Tibet where I spent the rest of my life, no longer studying, but writing down and sharing my experiences. I spent some time with the ones who founded the Theosophical Society. I spent much time with the dearest one, the one who could think and feel at the same time. She was an inspiration to me - Madame Blavatsky - a woman who was filled with so much passion for life.

< Teacher 5 > The moment I (Kuthumi) met her (Madame Blavatsky) I knew what I needed to feel within myself. She was an intelligent - extremely intelligent - woman. One of the finest I'd ever known, but that woman could feel. She could feel energy. She could feel passion. She could feel the life in a flower, ah, more than I had ever felt life altogether. She could feel anybody's energy and help them to rebalance themselves. Not that she was necessarily a healer, but she was a feeler. I spent much time with her, learning to understand how to open myself up even more to experience.

< Teacher 5 > The biggest thing that I learned in that lifetime (Kuthumi), and the reason why I come to talk to you today, is I learned that philosophy was really, as was said here earlier today, really a bunch of crap. And I come here today to make the announcement, the profound announcement, that philosophy is dead. Philosophy is dead as of this point. "Good!" you say. "Good."

< Teacher 5 > This (creativity replacing philosophy) is one of things that, even well over a hundred years of time ago, that Madame Blavatsky and I (Kuthumi) spent hours and hours discussing. But ultimately we knew we even had to stop the discussion. It was time to just go out and experience. But we couldn't experience it to nearly the extent that you can right now because the consciousness and the energy was different.

< Teacher 6 > Kuthumi's going to take on more of an active role with Shaumbra this year. He's been off in the other regions of the dimensions much of this past year helping to balance things having to do with your spiritual families, having to do with essences of you from a long time ago. Helping to create some new bridges and links so the energies can open up and flow once again, both in your reality here and in these other realities that you are not consciously aware of right now. But now that his work there is done, now that these conduits have been opened up to allow the flow of what you would call your True Self into this reality, he's going to be here as your inspirer.

< Teacher 11 > As I talked about the last time I was here with Shaumbra, in my last lifetime as Kuthumi my sole objective, much like yours, was to find enlightenment; was to discover the truth and the answer; was to come back to make it my final lifetime on Earth. I came back in as Kuthumi lal Singh, born into the lands of what are now India, Pakistan; educated in Europe where I studied and studied to try to find the answers. And you can't. You cannot. Let go of that concept, because there is not just one truth. There is not just one answer. There is not a secret that God or the angels are keeping from you. There is not. I drove myself to the brink of a mental breakdown because I had too much energy in the mind trying to figure everything out, and I see some of you doing that. Actually, I see all of you doing that - trying to figure it out. And you can't. That is one of the fallacies of life.

< Teacher 11 > After my breakdown, I decided to let it all go. The stress and the pain and the anxiety were far too great. I let it go. I let go of philosophy. I let go of searching. I let go of the whole concept of spirituality, because even back in my time spirituality was so burdened with Old Energy concepts. So I let it all go, and then I wandered. Not wandered as in lost, but wandered as in discovering and learning and experiencing. I wandered throughout Europe. I wandered into the parts of North Africa. I wandered back into my homeland, experiencing every moment, every drop of life that there was to offer. And I finally came to a beautiful conclusion ... a beautiful conclusion that I live by - even though I'm not in body - that I live by even now: Life, particularly life on Earth, is an interactive art gallery. That's all it is! It's an interactive art gallery and you are in the midst of it.

< (Next) 12 > History is one of the greatest fiction of all times, because history, well, your history, your history of your incarnations, is really not. As Kuthumi pointed out, he was really not Pythagoras. It's the lineage, perhaps, the cousin or brother of his soul, but really wasn't Kuthumi, and he wasn't Pythagoras or Balthazar or any of the others purported to be. That's a linear progression of the spirit, and true spirit doesn't progress linearly. There's an association, you could say, with those aspects of the soul - cousins, a familiarity, and indeed, some bleed-through, because they came from the same soul source - but as Ah-Kir-Rah pointed out to Kuthumi, it's really not you.

< e2012 4 > when Kuthumi was giving his talk about his life after enlightenment; after he had gone through his mental breakdown, laying in bed for nearly two years, finally getting up one day and deciding he’s going to live. Now, this is a bit of a challenge, because most of the Ascended Masters – the 9,000 or so ones who ascended – have their enlightenment and within days, maybe weeks, maybe a year or two, they leave the physical body.

It has been too difficult to stay in this dense environment. With enlightenment, it is very difficult to put up with mass consciousness, very difficult to be in this solid mass – hurts the body, very difficult on the consciousness – and many of the Ascended Masters felt like they were being sucked back out of enlightenment, even though that wouldn’t have happened, but there is a kind of a water-boarding effect. You just feel like it’s going to happen.

So many of them left. Not Kuthumi. He walked the Earth for many, many, many years after his enlightenment. And he told the story of what he did after he left. He gave this advice to Shaumbra – so simple, so brilliant. He said, “It’s as easy …” – oh, and Aandrah is going to understand this simplicity, this distillation, this wisdom.

< e2012 4 > So he said, “It’s very simple.” Distilling it down to the essence, he said, “It is as simple for any of you as saying, ‘Yes, I am enlightened.’ Not ‘I want to be enlightened,’ not ‘I’m going to be enlightened,’ not ‘Someday, maybe, I have to study for it.’ ‘I am enlightened.’” That’s it. That’s it. You can quit now – “I am enlightened” – because the moment you say it, it starts happening. The moment you feel it, it starts attracting those energies. Suddenly, as you feel it – “Yes, I am enlightened” – you start to believe it. You start to live it. Everybody else believes it. You just walk out on the street and start telling people.

< Discovery 4 > Where did Yeshua go? The desert. Began wandering in the desert. The Essenes were very familiar with Moses. But they also had a different set of commandments. Understandings of Moses have been so distorted and rewritten over the years. The Ten Commandments actually had about 10,000 changes in the commandments since they were given. So he begins wandering in the desert. Where did he end up, as the first major part of his journey? India. More specifically in the area known as Kashmir. Ah, Kuthumi's backyard. Yeah. They didn't know each other.

< Emergence-3 > And our dear friend, Kuthumi. I liked what he said also in his encounter with Ah-Kir-Rah, his soul. Oh, he was so mad at his soul. Could you imagine that, being mad at your soul? Yes! (laughter) A lot of good it does you! He set up his soul to be the enemy. I mean, it was truly the enemy. And there were times when he realized it was his soul, but other times he thought it was devil, a demon and he set up the soul to be his enemy. But he finally, well, he finally did some of the things we'll talk about today. He finally got to the point of being able to hear the commune from his soul saying, “Kuthumi, it is not what you believe, it is what you allow,” and there is such a being difference between the two. Such a big difference.