< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was involved in forming or helping to encourage these secret societies back in those times. So many of you still have those energies within you. So many of you are attracted by the twinkle of a jewel that catches your eye in a certain way, and it provides a remembrance of the times in the secret societies. The secret societies, in a way, date back to the very origins of Shaumbra in the time of Yeshua where we met. We met in secret. We met as Essenes, and even as a subgroup of the Essenes to really bring in the Christ seed here on Earth, to bring in the awakening consciousness to a consciousness that has long been asleep.

< MNEC2006-A > Now, this brings up some issues. If you are sitting here in this room, if you are physically present, you have been in an order or a secret society in the past, haven't you. And that is how we have known each other, that is how you and I have connected our energies. For some of you the orders go back to the Essenes. Others, the Knights Templar. Others, to the Brotherhood. Others, to the Illuminati, and for some of you in particular, the Rose Cross. Orders are created, at the appropriate time, for humanity. Orders are created to bring structure, focus, organization and manifestation to particular energies at a particular time.

< Returning 4 > Your spirit has called you to be in the energy and the consciousness of this group known as Shaumbra that has been gathering like this for a long, long time. If you can believe it and imagine it, back into the times of Atlantis - oh, there was an Atlantis - this group has been gathering. Back in the times of Yeshua, also known as Jesus, they were the Essenes. They were the ones who studied at the deep inner levels. They are the ones who have been helping to plant the seeds of new consciousness as far back as 2,000 years ago, preparing for this time that we now live in.

< Returning 11 > There's other pictures as well, pictures of some of the work that you've done; pictures of gatherings when you called yourself Shaumbra 2000 years ago; pictures when you were Essenes; pictures of you with your families back then; pictures of you when many of you had lifetimes under the surface of the Earth, when the surface of the Earth was so violent after the downfall of Atlantis where you lived under the Earth. Oh, let yourself feel it again. Amazing times.

< e2012 12 > Later, joining together in body or in spirit in the time of Yeshua as Essenes, as the ones bringing in the mysteries into this planet and the one heralding in what many thought would be the beginning of a new time and a new age, but all of you knew that it had already begun. Walking with the great Master Yeshua, the lands of Israel, bringing in those energies, seeding this Earth with the Christ energy, the Christos energy. Not to forget the times of Tobias. And so many of you were in those times as well. Tobias, Sr., also called Tobit – Tovius. Tobias, Jr., Sarah, Archangel Raphael. A beautiful story and a time when, again, we were all together, all brought together for this purpose of realizing what we had imagined back in the Atlantean temples.

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua was born and raised an Essene, and in it you'll find a lot of the clues to his life. First of all, his mother wasn't a virgin. You probably figured that one out. His parents weren't married, because the Essenes didn't necessarily believe in marriage. If you were a good Essene, a better Essene, you actually never got married. And I'll show you in a minute why that presented a lot of conflict for dear Yeshua. So the parents weren't married, but suddenly Mary finds herself pregnant. Oh! Of course, she had had intimacy with Joseph. Now, in the Essene practice, the Essenes were like very strict, fundamentalist Jews at the time. Very strict. So what to do? Ah, well, not get married, of course, but to deliver the child and live in a little bit of embarrassment. Not that it was totally forbidden, but if you wanted to be a better Essene, you didn't fornicate at all. No, no, no.

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua was not a carpenter at all! Yeshua wouldn't know how two rub sticks of wood together. First of all, there wasn't much wood in Israel at the time. Secondly, he lived in a commune, an Essene commune. The Essenes were very communal. Extremely. About the only work they really did was growing food so they could live. They were not merchants. They were not bankers. They were not tradespeople at all. They lived in communities of anywhere from a low of 100 to maybe 500 at a time. They were considered outsiders by the rest of the Jewish community. They were considered kind of the weirdoes. Oh! Here we are again! (laughter)

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua trained to be – they actually didn't use the word 'priest' back then – Yeshua was training to be a teacher of the Yahad. A Yahad is the community school. They didn't call themselves rabbis. They didn't give themselves lofty titles like 'bishop' or 'pope.' They were simply … the best possible interpretation would be maybe elder, but even that was not a word that was used because they never wanted to put themselves above others. So let's just call it a teacher. Hm. Hmmm. A lot of interesting correlations. A teacher. He didn't work with wood. He didn't make chairs and tables and things like that. He studied a lot. He studied old scriptures. He studied the rules because the Essenes had a lot of rules. He didn't know how to use his hands. He wasn't a big muscular guy, and he didn't have a trade whatsoever. Interesting. Interesting.

< Discovery 4 > Where did Yeshua go? The desert. Began wandering in the desert. The Essenes were very familiar with Moses. But they also had a different set of commandments. Understandings of Moses have been so distorted and rewritten over the years. The Ten Commandments actually had about 10,000 changes in the commandments since they were given. So he begins wandering in the desert. Where did he end up, as the first major part of his journey? India. More specifically in the area known as Kashmir. Ah, Kuthumi's backyard. Yeah. They didn't know each other.

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua, your 33-year-old creation, what was the whole thing about dying on the cross? Martyrdom? Not a lot, but eventually later on. Eventually later on. It wasn't a lot of news about it back then. The Essenes back in the community, back in the Yahad, was like, “Well, he was asking for it. Look, he was fornicating when he was young. He, you know, gives up his family and the community and goes wandering god knows where. No wonder he got killed.” Kind of. Kind of. There wasn't a lot of tears. He had a small group of followers, friends, and there was mourning there. But it took centuries really for this to get going.