< DivineHuman 1 > It was much more fun to think about the alien conspiracy than it was to think about his own divinity. It was much more fun to get angry with the government, and the Illuminati, and all of the others for the supposed conspiracies, to worry about what chemicals were being dumped from airplanes. It was much easier to think about these things and to get caught up in duality than it was to walk the path of the Divine Human. But, underneath dear Mark knew this was not the long-term answer. It was a diversion and a distraction.

< DivineHuman 9QA > There is very little truth in what you call these "chemtrails." There is very little truth in what has been called the "Illuminati." There is a lot of truth in humans blowing these out of proportion, going very dramatic, so they don't have to do the real work.

We encourage you to look up in the skies at the airplanes going by, and breathe in as deep as you can, and understand there are no deliberate poisons that are put in here to try to kill humanity. There are much easier ways to kill humanity. A nuclear bomb would solve it pretty quick. So, dear friends, do not get distracted by these conspiracies.

Yes, there are some elements in these chemical trails as a result of fuels that are not efficiently burned. Hopefully, one day they will be using hydrogen. There are some unburned fuels in here that may be toxic.

But, there is not an overall deliberate plan by either a known or a secret government to take over the world by dropping chemicals on the population. There IS a deliberate plan by individuals to perpetuate this drama and this conspiracy to feed their damn egos! (audience applause) So, dear friends, they watch how all the sheep follow them and do anything they say. Cauldre thinks he might have to run out the back door when we're done. (audience laughter) Dear friends, you come here, asking for truth. And, we will give it back to you as we see.

< NewEnergy 3 > You talk about this thing called the Illimunati. The Illuminati was indeed a conspiracy. There was a group who used energies to try to control the world. But, you know what they found out? It was no fun trying to control world. It created more headaches than they wanted. They had all the money they needed. They didn't need to try to control. Actually, they began letting up control about ten, twelve years ago of time. They realized it wasn't that much fun. There was also an energy that was coming into Earth at the time that was birthing through you, through others who were going on the spiritual journey, that said that this was not part of the New Energy. It had no place in the New Energy.

< Embodiment 8 > In my lifetime as Count Saint-Germain I worked with many different small groups. I called them my "radiance groups." Many of you participated in those. I worked with groups in my lifetime, such as the Rosicrucians, the Free Masons. I worked with the Knights Templar, the friends of the Templar, and the Illuminati… and many others. Our theory was to have these small - what are now known as - secret groups dispersed all around Europe with a few in America, and to provide a type of radiance, a type of continuing energy that would keep the enlightened ones, what we call the "walking masters"… I don't ever want to hear you call me a "master." You are the Masters, the walking Masters. These radiant groups were put in place to send energy out to all of you, whether you were involved in that group or not. It was like a lamppost or an energetic plug-in along the way. So, the work has been difficult.

< Embodiment 8 > It is interesting to note that these groups were formed. These secret societies were formed because the power of the church was so strong at the time. The arm of the church was strong, and it was brutal, and it was violent. And, we had to have these secret groups to maintain a type of balance of energies at the time. Many of you were in those. You were - what you would now consider - energy holders for those groups. You have ascended into the status of Energy Movers. But, you were energy holders. I know some of you can remember the times of the gatherings, the gatherings of the Knights Templar - does that ring a bell for some of you? - the gathering of the Freemasons.

< Embodiment 8 > The Illuminati, a wonderful group, had gotten a bad reputation along the way until one of your more recent books has come out, helping to understand the whole purpose. Illuminati… radiance, Shaumbra… radiance… a light… a light that penetrated into the walls of the church. The Illuminati was a group who understood that there was something beyond what the church was proposing and expounding. There was something beyond the rules that were laid down by the church. The Illuminati understood that the spirit, the light, is within every man, woman, and child on Earth. It is not contained in the walls of a church. It is not contained in a single book. When will humans come to understand that each and every one is God also? When will humans stop fighting in the name of God, stop having these wars and struggles in the name of God? Let that Old Energy go.

< MNEC2006-A > I, Adamus Saint-Germain, have been responsible for setting up many, many organizations and orders on Earth before including: the Knights Templar; the Masons; the legendary but very real Knights of the Round Table; and my favorite, the Illuminati. And although the Illuminati has gotten a bad name because of influences from those who did not like what we were teaching - teaching the meld of science and spirituality, teaching the truth - the Illuminati has always been one that is near and dear to my heart up until this moment.

< MNEC2006-A > Now, this brings up some issues. If you are sitting here in this room, if you are physically present, you have been in an order or a secret society in the past, haven't you. And that is how we have known each other, that is how you and I have connected our energies. For some of you the orders go back to the Essenes. Others, the Knights Templar. Others, to the Brotherhood. Others, to the Illuminati, and for some of you in particular, the Rose Cross. Orders are created, at the appropriate time, for humanity. Orders are created to bring structure, focus, organization and manifestation to particular energies at a particular time.

< Returning 3QA > We're going to recreate in a New Energy way the Mystery Schools right here on Earth, and it will be intense and I will have absolutely no tolerance for those who want to get into drama, who want to talk about aliens, who want to talk about the Illuminati - by the way, which I started, so I don't want to hear any questions about that. We are going to bring back the Mystery Schools, but they're not going to be a mystery. They're going to be very open and very out there.

< WalkOn 2 > I have spent many, many years in lifetimes past advocating science at a time when there was a tremendous amount of superstition, a tremendous amount of control from religious organizations that defied basic science. So, through an organization called the Illuminati, which was a group of scientists and philosophers and mathematicians, we, they brought forth to this planet an understanding of what eventually would become the scientific method using facts as a basis, as a part of determining the current nature of reality. But science, like so many other human endeavors, got caught in its own power games, got caught in its own limitations, became very enclosed, very limited and restricted, and it now looks at the nature of reality through only the eyes or the perspective of its science, when there is so much more out there.