chemtrail / chemical trail


< DivineHuman 9QA > There is very little truth in what you call these "chemtrails." There is very little truth in what has been called the "Illuminati." There is a lot of truth in humans blowing these out of proportion, going very dramatic, so they don't have to do the real work.

We encourage you to look up in the skies at the airplanes going by, and breathe in as deep as you can, and understand there are no deliberate poisons that are put in here to try to kill humanity. There are much easier ways to kill humanity. A nuclear bomb would solve it pretty quick. So, dear friends, do not get distracted by these conspiracies.

Yes, there are some elements in these chemical trails as a result of fuels that are not efficiently burned. Hopefully, one day they will be using hydrogen. There are some unburned fuels in here that may be toxic.

But, there is not an overall deliberate plan by either a known or a secret government to take over the world by dropping chemicals on the population. There IS a deliberate plan by individuals to perpetuate this drama and this conspiracy to feed their damn egos! (audience applause) So, dear friends, they watch how all the sheep follow them and do anything they say. Cauldre thinks he might have to run out the back door when we're done. (audience laughter) Dear friends, you come here, asking for truth. And, we will give it back to you as we see.