< DivineHuman 9QA > Hydrogen is one of the most available physical energies on Earth right now. It is simply a matter of working with these to unlock the potential. It is safe. It is abundant. And, it is even more powerful than what the researchers understand right now.

There are many different types of energies that can be used for sustaining human activities and human life. We see that hydrogen has the greatest potential in the short run. After a certain point of time you will begin to understand cosmic energies then that can be brought in. But, in the short run for Earth, this hydrogen energy is so important.

We would be delighted to answer questions related to this if we gather with you one-on-one, or these are put in writing. But, there are some things that are being overlooked at this time. And, indeed Cauldre does understand that there are times we cannot accurately describe information; therefore, we must come in a different way to describe.

< Clarity 3QA > Yes, there are those who are seeking more wealth. There are those who try to control governments and businesses. But, generally it doesn't work. There are those who literally have worked on trying to control weather patterns. And, their attempts have been minuscule compared to what human consciousness is doing to the weather patterns. And, this includes the use of old fossil fuel energies. If there's anything you want to work with to help resolve, it's the energy crisis on Earth right now. There are less oil reserves than what humans are being told. It is imperative to develop the new energy sources, whether it is from hydrogen, or other type of water-based fuels, whether it is from the sun, or any of these other remarkable energies that are available.

< Clarity 7 > You read sometimes that there is 50 years supply of oil. Probably not. Not unless everyone drastically reduces their consumption. 25 years ... that's probably stretching it, Shaumbra. 15 to 20 years, maybe, before the fuel supplies are at such a point that it doesn't matter anymore. They are so low that oil will become the most valuable thing on Earth, unless, unless another fuel supply is discovered - unless consciousness allows itself to evolve. There is energy all over, and we're not even just talking about the wind, and the sun and the ocean ... not just talking about hydrogen. There is energy everywhere.

< Clarity 11QA > We're going to answer that by saying that water has tremendous amounts of energy already contained within it. But we're going to say that there are yet more efficient ways of energy production. We see that the hydrogen has a very short-term value.

One of the areas that we are also going to be establishing within the Crimson Circle - with you - is the energy research and development, literally about new sources of energy. We're going to be talking about, with a select group, about energy that is contained specifically within gravity, which is actually a very efficient use once it is harnessed; about energy that is also contained in what you would call types of wave forms or frequencies that are floating around in the air, free to use.

The amount of energy needed to produce energy from hydrogen is relatively inefficient. It will only satisfy a small percent of the world's energy needs on a short-term basis. So we're going to leapfrog over that and be working in some other areas of energy research.