mass consciousness / human consciousness

collective consciousness;  general vibration;  mass belief system;  mass hypnosissystem;

1. collective consciousness of humanity on earth;
2. angelic mass consciousness made through the Field;
soul or the spiritual consciousness of the angelic part of yourself;

< New Earth 4 > You wonder what you have been seeking and missing. You wonder about your soul mates. You wonder about your true love. You wonder why you do not feel whole. It is because you have hidden - intentionally - this Christ light in your consciousness. You have protected it like the parent protecting the child. And now that you have gone through your cycles of life, now that you have gotten off the karmic wheel, now that energies of the planet and the human mass consciousness and in particular your own energy are appropriate, this Christ light that you carry is ready to come forward. Nurture it like a child. Assure your Self that you are safe and protected. Assure your Self that you are in the greatest place of trust and grace with Spirit, and that you would bring no harm to your Christ light, to your Christ child. For it is wanting to be birthed once again.

< New Earth 5 > But now as the Earth, the consciousness of Earth splits, and moves into two separate consciousnesses, and as you move into the New, it is appropriate for you to once again open the doors, to once again allow your power out. My friends, you were not wrong growing up. You were not wrong with the insights and the thoughts that you had. You were not wrong with the different belief systems and structures you had. You were simply being a lightworker. You were not wrong when the others took a different approach than you. You were simply being a lightworker. You were not wrong when you felt things in your heart and knew things in your mind that others did not feel. You were not wrong. You were simply being a lightworker. You were simply feeling the connectiveness to the Christ energy that you had put away so, so long ago. You were not wrong when you studied different arts, when you felt the strong need to be alone all by yourself, removed from other humans. You were not wrong. You were simply a lightworker who was coming back in touch with your Christ-self. You were not wrong when you were attracted to, should we say, different, unique lifestyles, beliefs, ways of doing things, ways of looking at things. You were not wrong. You were simply being a lightworker.

< New Earth 6 > You saw peace across your world. You saw humans coming together to fix the problems before they occurred. It was the time of celebration, not just of your calendar, but a celebration that you had come to a mass consciousness of peace and acceptance and tolerance. This event was not created by Spirit. This was not a date that was set from this side of the veil, somewhat like your year 2012 is. This was a date set by humans. There was much work that occurred to get here, to reprogram, to change, to make the appropriate balances.

< New Earth 9 > Those of you who gather here, those of you who read this information - this is the classroom. What we mean by this is that there are a number, a small number of humans, who are crossing into what we call the New Energy Earth. We have spoken of this in previous channels. We have said that the consciousness of Earth began to split after the measurement of December 13th, 1999. There is a literal split of consciousness occurring where there are two Earths living side-by-side simultaneously but yet each with different energy attributes and characteristics. There is a small number of humans who at the measurement of your December date agreed to be the first to transition into the new energy, agreed to set the architecture, the template, for the new energy. That is the group that sits here tonight, the group that reads these messages, and other humans, but the numbers are few and small. That is why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.

< New Earth 9 > Then there was the measurement in December. The measurement was to determine the energies of the two Earths, the split of consciousness. This was made appropriate by something that happened on a more cosmic level. Prior to this there was at the core of creation the unity of what you would call light and dark - and we caution here that sometimes the human words escape the total appropriateness of the energy of the event. But at the core of your known creation what had once been two parts, light and dark - what had been two mirrors to each other - were brought back into unity. When this occurred, it was then appropriate for the split in consciousness of your Earth.

< New Earth 9QA > The veil is created through mass consciousness. Even if you are aware of the presence of the veil, and even if your intent is to dissolve the veil around you, there is still the very strong electro-magnetic structure of the veil created through the mass consciousness. You, as an individual, cannot dissolve your own veil, but together with your intent to reduce it, to clear this fog, and with the intent of the others in this group, and then as you teach the others in your world, the veil will dissolve. Now because of your vibration level at this time, the veil to you individually will have less impact in your life than to an individual who is still walking in the old energy Earth. So to an extent you do have control over this. But do not become frustrated with trying to break through the veil.

< New Earth 13QA > It is to say that in the consciousness of all humanity it was known that Earth could either go through a period of destruction, or there was also the potential for Earth to ascend, as you would say. There are some that have been doing more study and preparation, so the changes were not so radical. And this group in particular, those here on this day (and those reading these messages) have been working very deeply, so in spite of the seeming roller coaster that you have been on for the past several years, you are much more prepared to handle this energy than most others.

< Creator 6 > The ones who join us tonight are the ones who have never come to Earth before. They are the ones who have never crossed through the wall of fire, but are anxiously awaiting the proper time. They are the ones that will begin coming in within the next five years of your time. They will be the ones crossing through the wall of fire. They will go to a type of reception room, or transition room, before they can take on a physical body, before they can come into the consciousness of Earth.

< Creator 9QA > It (experience the new energy) will not be eons of time. Most of you will begin to see it in your lifetime. You will come to that place of your own divinity. You may not see it in the world outside of your house, but you will see it within yourself. When you do, you will have a greater understanding of what is happening outside of you. You will be filled with compassion and understanding. It has been prophesized that there is a turning point in your Earth, a quantum leap point in the year 2012. From the Crimson Council perspective we say that you are ahead of schedule. It will not be in eleven years of your time. You will begin to see the true quantum leaps closer to the year 2007, based on the changing human consciousness. This ties back into the first question. The closer you come to this point of quantum leap, the more conflict and turmoil you will see around you, but it does not have to be within you.

< Creator 12 > The divinity that is within you is coming forth right now, but it needs a vehicle. It needs a conduit to come in to your reality. It comes into your now through breathing. Oh, there are those who have practiced and known this for quite some time, and it has been effective, but now more than ever, it is truly a tool for each one of you. Up until now it has been difficult, perhaps almost impossible, to bring your divinity deeply within, into your human reality. The mass consciousness of Earth would not allow for it to come in easily. That is why it has been so difficult and challenging. That is why there have been those who have sought this for ages of your time. But now with the point of consciousness and the time that we are at, it is possible to bring this into your life.

< Ascension 1 > We have discussed this before, that some 2,500 years ago of your human time the energies were right and appropriate to begin bringing in what we have called the seed of Christ consciousness. Up until then the balance of energy of the human and of the spirit was not ready to fully receive this. In your days of Alt (Atlantis) and Mu (Lemuria), you tried many different things to pull in this energy. There were many technologies that you used to try to integrate, to try to find your divinity. But as you know, it was not the time. It was not appropriate, and as you know, your divinity cannot be brought in through technology alone. It is a meld of your own inner opening, your breathing it in. It is a combination of mass consciousness. It is technology. It is all these factors brought together.

< Ascension 3 > We see that with the events and the major leap in consciousness from four weeks and four days ago that changes will continue to sweep the world. What we see is that there will be a change at the core level of your own churches and religions. There has been much energy focused on these recently. This will continue. The churches that hold an imbalance of energy, that hold duality, can no longer survive in the new energy. The churches that promote separation between God and man cannot hold their own as you move into the new energy. The churches that create an enemy, the devil, other religions… they cannot move so well into the new energy.

The churches hold a tremendous imbalance of duality energy at this time. You will see them always associated with the core of the problems, as you have for thousands and ten of thousands of years. You will see this continue, but you will see their walls come crumbling down, meaning they will be forced to change, to be more open, or they will crumble and be out of existence.

< Ascension 8 > What is your own Earth going through at this time? In a way, it is going through the type of energetic changes that YOU have gone through over these past 10 and 20 and 30 years. You can look at the energies and the cycles of Earth, and you can see what is happening if you look into your life in these past years. Think of what it was like for you, 10, 20 years ago - the turbulence… the quest to understand who you are… the quest for identity and meaning. The consciousness of humankind is at that point now.

< Ascension 8 > This is what Earth and humankind are going through now. Many shifts, looking for meaning. When the consciousness of Earth discovers that those who have held an energy of leadership and authority and trust have misused that… oh, dear ones, there is much anger… there is much feeling of being intruded upon… there is much mistrust! That is what is happening now. Look at your own institutions and your corporations. Look at the churches. We have spoken of this before. The walls come tumbling down. The trust leaves. That is happening on Earth now.

< DivineHuman 5 > The changes you have done within youself, the releasing of the Old, and the accepting of your divinity… this is what truly makes a difference. We know you have been going through many internal struggles, many clearings. This is truly powerful work. This work makes a difference more than anything else. When you change your vibration (by divine integration), you change everything around you. You change the vibration of the mass consciousness. You change the vibration of the angels and the archangels. The true work is what you have done inside yourself.

< DivineHuman 5QA > We would first begin by saying that everything has consciousness… everything… everything. The Earth, the trees, the leaves on the trees, the animals… yes, even the things that were created by man - plastic bottles, a chair, the light. Anything has consciousness. It has a unique vibration. Indeed, as you become more and more sensitive, as you drop all the old filters, you can see these.

The consciousnesses are very multi-level. For instance, an individual bird such as a blue jay may have a consciousness of his own. And, then there is the consciousness of all blue jays, the "blue jay" consciousness. Then there is another level - the consciousness of birds. Then there is another level beyond that - the consciousness of animals. Then it incorporates the consciousness of all of Earth. So, it is very multi-layered and multi-level.

< DivineHuman 7QA > In a sense, you could say that the consciousness of humanity will not allow it (universal energy) to be brought back here. It is too potent for human use right now. It makes your nuclear weapons look crude, crude and small. There is enough consciousness and vibration of the planet to know that if this was brought back now and put into hands of those who have agenda, it could be very catastrophic. There are those who were aboard the Columbia, in a sense, that, yes, did give their lives today to assure that this wasn't brought back at this time.

< DivineHuman 9 > What you see happening in the war is a result of your changing consciousness. Yes, the war is your fault. (audience laughter) It could have been devastating. It could have been Armageddon. It could have been all across your world - World War III - but this time played with nuclear bombs. The war, yes, is your fault because it is isolated to a small area. There are only a small number of humans who will transition during the process. They have given of themselves for the changes to occur. The war will be quick. It does not have to play havoc on human consciousness. The war is televised in real-time in your Expanded Now so that you can see the effects, so that all of humanity can tap in and go through a consciousness change, go to a new point of separation.

< DivineHuman 11 > Consciousness is simply awareness… awareness. Awareness can be a very personal thing. It can be personal awareness where you are aware of yourself and what is going on within you. That is personal consciousness or awareness.

There is group consciousness as well. We have talked before about groups who have traveled together, long before they ever came to Earth, even traveled together here on Earth. You and your biological family are almost certainly part of your own group consciousness. You have been together before. You came back together in his lifetime.

There are religious groups. We have talked about some of these. The ones that you would call the Mormons have a group energy, a group consciousness. The Jews indeed have a group consciousness. There are many different types of group consciousness. It's an awareness. It is an attraction that draws you to continue to work together over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

Then, there is mass consciousness or human consciousness. You see, you all share a type of journey together, every human who is alive here on Earth right now, and any who have ever had a human journey or human lifetime. You are part of mass consciousness. It is a collective consciousness. It can be tapped into at any time.

< DivineHuman 11 > You wonder why sometimes there is a new invention, and it is invented by three, four, five different scientists/inventors all at the same general time, yet totally unfamiliar with each other and living in different parts of the world. It is no coincidence. They are all tapping into mass consciousness. When mass consciousness reaches a certain level, then things can be invented through the creative process. When the vibration of humanity reaches a certain point, that provides a type of energy where the corresponding inventions can be brought into reality.

< DivineHuman 11 > Thomas Edison, who we have spoken about before - how to say this - he would call himself Shaumbra as well. There were others working on the same general types of things at the same time. He was simply tapping into mass consciousness.

< DivineHuman 11 > Mass consciousness can be a wonderful thing. But, it can also hold you back. So many of you have been going through frustrations lately, wanting to know why things didn't happen faster, wanting to know why you feel like you are trying to break through, but it is almost like a type of rubber membrane where you can't break through.

Dear friends, for the most part, that is the effect of mass consciousness. You see, you are part of it. It is like a giant ball. You are part of it. You are in there. It has held you back. It served you well, but now you are ready to go at a speed faster than mass consciousness. You are at the point now where you can release that grip.

< DivineHuman 11 > So many of you have deliberately stayed in mass consciousness because it was comfortable. You knew it well. Some of you have stayed in mass consciousness because of your loved ones, your family, your friends, wondering what will happen to the relationship if you let go of your grip of human consciousness. Would you also be letting go of them? Some of them rely on you so, so dearly, so heavily. They rely on you, in a sense, like you rely on Gaia for support, and nurturing, and rejuvenation. At the deeper levels you felt that if you let go of mass consciousness you would also let go of that relationship.

< DivineHuman 11 > Some of you have deliberately stayed in mass consciousness so that you can be more empathetic healers and facilitators. You felt that if you let go that you would also release that link that helps you to understand your client or patient. You think that if you let go of mass consciousness, you would go to a different place. And then who would be there to help them to heal? Some of you have stayed in mass consciousness because you didn't know that you could leave.

< DivineHuman 11 > Today in the First Paradigm of the New Energy we say that, "Mass consciousness is an agreement that has served its time with you." Mass consciousness is an agreement. You see, you all agreed to it. The angels, Gaia, the plant forms, the animal kingdom… you have all agreed to it. But, it no longer serves you, if you choose. So, to Gaia all across the world, to Shaumbra who are sitting here, Shaumbra who are listening in or reading, and to all who will come to this place on their path, we ask you, "Do you choose to release mass consciousness? Do you choose to let go of the grip that you have had, the grip on the general vibration?"

< DivineHuman 11 > We do not like getting into these large conspiracies. But, we did - how to say - warn/talk to Cauldre before the day ever started. Indeed, indeed, they are some - somewhat humorous here - but some strange people directing strange energies at you. It is not about you. They do not want to see the first of any group of humans begin to leave mass consciousness. They have something to lose in this process, a certain amount of control.

< DivineHuman 11 > But, we do tell you one thing. When you let go (mass consciousness), you cannot go back, at least in the way you thought you could. When you go back to mass consciousness, it will be totally different. When you tap into the human energies, it will be from a New place. It might be somewhat disconcerting at first. But, you will be released of that veil, of that layer that has been holding you back.

< DivineHuman 11 > There should be a clue in that for all of you here if you are wondering about this question of leaving mass consciousness. It has to do with unfulfilled versus fulfilled. These are major energy changes in this New Energy.

< NewEnergy 1QA > Dear friends, simply the understanding of what mass consciousness is and making the choice that you are ready to leave, everything else sets up. Your divine nature feels and hears this. See, this as an example of creating with broad strokes. Then you begin the process of being released from mass consciousness. The experience is unique to everyone. It is not something that we could say there is a specific feeling… or there is a specific color you will see… or a specific event. It is simply saying, "I'm ready to release."

Now, we turn this by saying that you would have never posed the question or heard the channel if you weren't ready to release mass consciousness. This was something you were ready to do. It is simply now crossing that point where you say, "I do choose to leave." All the dynamics were being set up within you anyway. It is now just a matter of knowing that you left.

You will see subtle differences in your life at first and within time some rather major differences. The subtle differences that might surprise and shock you are sometimes a feeling of even more separation from friends, and family, and from humanity in general. But, later on that comes back around and transmutes into a very deep empathy and compassion because you have walked in that place.

Other little signs will be a feeling of disorientation because you have let go Old energy ties. You may feel that you are - how to say - sometimes losing your memory. Or that you are not highly focused. All of these things are part of that, but then it comes back where you can be grounded in the New Energy.

< NewEnergy 2 > We continue the energy on this day to help release the suffering that you think has to be part of your reality. We challenged the group on that day to let go of the suffering within them. You do not need it in your life. But, you believe in it. You are almost stuck in it. Even though we say, "Are you ready to leave mass consciousness," you bring suffering with you. It is so imbedded that you think that it is part of you. When you leave mass consciousness, you can leave so many things behind. But, in your suitcase, you carry suffering.

< NewEnergy 4 > Responsibility is such an interesting thing. Even in your practical lives that you live now, it is so important. We are asked over and over again, "Dear Tobias, what can we do to change the governments of the world?" Take responsibility for yourself. The governments are simply manifestations of the group consciousness, whether they are dictators… whether they are corrupt leaders. It is all a manifestation of that populous that reports to them.

< NewEnergy 4 > When you take responsibility for yourself, you will find yourself immediately outside of mass consciousness. You might live in a certain political social structure, such as a dictatorship. But, when you take responsibility for yourself, you are not affected by that dictatorship. You might live in a land of corruption. But, when you take responsibility, and you understand that you are no longer corrupt - you are divine - then you can live in that land of corruption, but you don't have to become part of it. Leaders are strictly a reflection of the consciousness of the people. That is all.

< NewEnergy 5 > But, it also did affect the overall consciousness of Earth. You helped to raise not only the vibration but also the level of the New Energy. You see… vibration as we have talked about before is an Old Energy attribute, things vibrating back and forth. You helped to raise that vibration level over all of Earth. But, you also helped to bring it in to grow this thing we call New Energy. New Energy doesn't vibrate. It expands in all directions simultaneously. It is totally going in all directions at the same time… quite a bit different than vibrational energy.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you move into the New Energy, you will find that your body does rebalance itself much faster and much better. We know many of you have asked - and will continue to want to ask - about the advances in medicine. There will be some. They will not overcome cancer within your lifetime. It is too deep within the human consciousness right now. It is there for a reason. It will not be overcome. It will be controlled, but not overcome.

< NewEnergy 9 > God is simply a reflection of human consciousness - that is all. Do you realize that in the days of Atlantis we didn't even understand the concept of God? We didn't have a God. If someone had come up to us and talked to us about God, we would have had no idea of what they were referring to. We were trying to find the source of life, the fuel that ignited all of life. But, we didn't understand the concept of God.

< NewEnergy 9 > It wasn't until the time of Abraham when - how to say - God talked to Abraham, and said, "There is just me… one God… that's all. We don't have to have many gods. There is one." It was really the consciousness of humanity talking to Abraham, saying that it is time to understand that God was within… that there is a oneness to God… that there are not all these separate gods fighting each other, vying for control. You see… that was human consciousness at the time. That is all consciousness could comprehend.

< NewEnergy 9 > Man created God… you see. The consciousness of humanity is God. It is time for that to change. It is time to go to a whole new level of Truth, Shaumbra. Some might call it blasphemy. Some might call it Satan. Some might fear because it has been so ingrained within humans - deep, deep ingrained this energy of God - that we have to hold on to the Old ways. We have to appease God. We have to worship God. Now, Shaumbra, you have so much wisdom. Why would God need to be worshiped? Honoring yourself, loving yourself, having compassion for yourself… ah, that is the New consciousness of God.

< NewEnergy 9 > There is also the energy of mass consciousness that limits the imagination and creation. In a sense, you could say you are so bought into it - or were bought into it - that you are held back by it. There are other things now though in your life - creations, imaginations - that could be more challenging to manifest because of the dualistic energy and the mass consciousness all around you.

< NewEnergy 9 > But, right now there are certain imaginations that would be more difficult to manifest than others because of mass consciousness or group consciousness, energies that your own family or friends put upon you. We are going to be talking to you and reviewing once again how to recognize what's within and what is outside of you, how to release these energies.

< NewEnergy 11 > So, between the electromagnetics changing, the intensity of the magnetics changing, even the gravitational pull of Earth, and the Schuman resonance… all of these things are affecting the body and the mind. All of these things help hold a focus on this 3-D reality… you see. And, now they are changing.

Many people cannot handle this in their body or mind. They do not understand what is going on. You, Shaumbra, have a different understanding. You have gone through the difficult changes. You are no longer tied into the mass consciousness. You can still feel the changes in your body and in your mind at times. But, you are not dependent on it anymore. That is why we asked you quite some time ago, "Are you ready to leave mass consciousness?"… so that we could take you out of those energies… so that you are not so dependent on the electromagnetics of Earth for balance and adjustment… so you didn't have to depend on the cycles of Earth to hold your balance. You allowed yourself to leave a while back.

< Embodiment 6 > But, you care for them because they are part of you, and you are part of them. They are part of the consciousness of humanity, and you are part of the consciousness of humanity. It has been tremendous to see how humans have responded. And, it is tremendous now to see not only the physical and the financial energies that are flowing into this area but also the spiritual, also the celestial energies.

< Embodiment 6 > What else holds you back? To a degree - mass consciousness. You are here on Earth. You are surrounded by mass consciousness energies, the energies of humanity. Remember quite a while back when we asked you, "Are you ready to leave mass consciousness?" And, all but a few said, "Yes." You have. You have given yourself permission to leave. But, it is still there. It still has a way of influencing you from time to time. But, you don't have to be stuck in it. Especially as Energy Movers, you can allow yourself to move beyond the consciousness. Yes, it will come in, and you will feel it, as so many of you felt the energies of the earthquake long before it happened. You felt that it was a potential that was probably going to be manifested. It was part of mass consciousness preparing for a change, and you felt it. But, it doesn't have to hold you back. It doesn't have to hold you down.

< Embodiment 7 > You focus on this lack of abundance. You are so stuck in it. And, the fact is that there is the potential of money abundance just waiting to come into your reality. But, you are not letting it. You hold Old belief systems about it. You think that you have to work within the system. I will tell you one thing - in my lifetime as Saint-Germain I never worked within the system. The system is mass consciousness, and it will grab you and pull you into it so quickly. Tobias has asked you if you are ready to leave mass consciousness, and most of you said, "Yes." But, you are still stuck in it. You have to work outside of the system.

< Embodiment 8 > It is a very delicate and very fragile time, and a time where we want to cut to the chase. There are only a few years left. And, years on our side are nothing. They truly are not on your side either. They go by so quickly. This is not a panic or a desperate situation. But, we know there is an important energetic event that is taking place - the "quantum leap" where a significant portion of mass consciousness reaches a level to transcend vibrational energy and go into expansional energy, that it affects everything else around it.

< Embodiment 8 > Here is another one - you know you're hypnotized when you worry about going crazy (some laughter). You spend so much of your time worrying about if you're going to go crazy. Why? Because it's this hypnotic effect that has its hold on you that's trying to maintain the hold because it loves you. So, it's devised this thing called "the crazy check." (more laughter) You say, "I think I'm going crazy, so I'll hold back. I'll go back into my hypnotic state because I'm going outside of normal. I'm going outside of mass consciousness. Somebody might notice me (more laughter). I have to keep a low-profile."

< Embodiment 9 > So, you have all of these things, Shaumbra, all of these things working. Some of them work directly through the mind. They are stored in the mind… activated by the mind… empowered by your mind… some of these belief systems. Others are at deeper inner levels within you. Some come from what we call the "one chakra." Some of the belief systems are being fed in like rivers feeding into the ocean… fed in from other lifetimes… fed in from mass consciousness. So, you have this myriad of belief systems all around you.

< Embodiment 9QA > Indeed… and we brought up the issue of stepping out of mass consciousness to give all of Shaumbra a taste of what mass consciousness is truly like. When you agree to step out of this, there are still many things that will try to hold you back in, in particular, your own belief systems. You have been having your own challenges within yourself about where abundance comes from and about jobs. And, we do want to clarify the record - we never said you should leave the job. We simply said that there are new types of jobs. You don't have to hold an Old Energy way of manifesting.

Abundance is strictly a set of belief systems. Abundance in your own life is also about allowing yourself to have it in. It's about stepping out of your limitations, as Adamus said today. Some of you think that because you are spiritual that alone will bring the abundance in. You have to understand that it still - how to say - takes a type of energy moving on your part. As we told a group a number of years ago, abundance begins when you begin. Abundance is sitting there waiting for you in your life. You don't have to work in the Old Energy way to achieve it. As a matter of fact, it's really quite simple. It is waiting for you right now.

But, now we put the question back on you - What do you want to do? What do you want to… how do you want to move energy to have energy then come and move back with you? That is how abundance works. When you begin a process, everything around you responds accordingly. So, we are going to ask you to begin anything… to do anything… not feel trapped or stuck anymore… but to begin any movement… and to understand that even if it is not - how to say - the correct movement, you will adjust and correct yourself accordingly. There is absolutely nothing that is limiting abundance from coming into your life. It is there. It is ready for you.

< Embodiment 10QA > Indeed, you'll get to the point where you can truly be an observer without getting into all of the drama. In other words, you can see things for what they are. And, Adamas gets quite - how to say - emphatic about the churches. But, he sees it as a tremendous overlay, a tremendous state of hypnosis that is serving those who enter through its doors. But, for so many other humans, like Shaumbra, it is now - how to say - a barrier. It is a heavy weight. It is literally holding you back. For those who still go there, there is total honor. But, for you who are asking us to come here and help you to understand what is going on - why you feel stuck, why you are frustrated, why you feel empty - we have to be very direct.

And, we are not saying it is good or bad. We are just saying the churches - which are simply a consciousness of humanity - the church energy is holding many of you back. Go back and look at the controls that you have, particularly through the parent-self, based on the early church teachings. Then, go back and look at the controls, the massive series of controls, that you have from past lifetimes when you were in the churches. You took the vows. You spent hours on your knees and hours in very disciplined types of procedures or ceremonies. And, it does carry a tremendous overlay. We are not - how to say - saying churches are bad. We are not saying they are good. They simply have an overlay or hypnosis.

< Embodiment 11QA > There are many - how to say - we don't like using the term "portals" or even "vortexes." But, there are many energy pathways that are opening up right now. These are a type of, in a sense, grids or matrixes that connect the Earth to the New Earth, that connect the Earth as you know it to the Order of the Arc and ultimately to "the field," the source of all energy potential. As the consciousness of humanity is changing, these new pathways are opening up very quickly.

And, that is what you are witnessing, one of these opening up. Through the human eyes you are going to see it in various different ways. Some will see it as a light burst. Some will see it as a large shadowy movement across the sky. But, what it is is an opening that is occurring. It is New Energy pouring into Earth as a potential.

< Clarity 3QA > Indeed the weather patterns, particularly the storms, are as a result of consciousness of humanity. These storms come in to help clear. And, there have been so many hurricanes, for instance, in the last year or so of time that start and also affect the area of the Bahamas, of Cuba, and now going up into the Gulf. These are the energies of Atlantis, clearing out old stuck energies, allowing a new type of Atlantis to come back up. So, indeed it is coming from the consciousness of humanity. Is it the result of deliberate and calculated planning by sinister forces who want to take over the world? It all depends. It depends on you. If you choose that to be, then you're going to live in that reality. You're going to live with these sinister forces around every corner. And, you're going to spend your days and your time worried about what new conspiracy.

< Clarity 3QA > Yes, there are those who are seeking more wealth. There are those who try to control governments and businesses. But, generally it doesn't work. There are those who literally have worked on trying to control weather patterns. And, their attempts have been minuscule compared to what human consciousness is doing to the weather patterns. And, this includes the use of old fossil fuel energies. If there's anything you want to work with to help resolve, it's the energy crisis on Earth right now. There are less oil reserves than what humans are being told. It is imperative to develop the new energy sources, whether it is from hydrogen, or other type of water-based fuels, whether it is from the sun, or any of these other remarkable energies that are available.

< Clarity 4 > So, laws… they are belief systems. And, some are afraid to even think beyond them, to say, "Why is that there? Well, that is quite silly." Or, perhaps it serves a reason. But, there is an energy, an underlying energy that supports consciousness. Laws - no matter what city, country that you are in - they help to define mass consciousness. That is all they are. They're defining mass consciousness. And, you were told that you have to accept them, one way or the other; this is the way the law is. You have to believe in it, and if you don't, you'll get thrown in prison. Well, if you believe that, then you will create that. And, you'll go right along with the game. It is time to go beyond that, Shaumbra, time to move beyond.

< Clarity 4QA > It is called basically mass consciousness or hypnosis and the concept that we are all tied in together in one way or the other. So, when you do the healing on one, indeed in a sense, you do do the healing on many. At least it sets up the potential. If you take one who, for instance, has cancer, and there is healing work on that, the healing, rejuvenation or rebalancing that is done on the cancer patient and the results of that rejuvenation now make their way into mass consciousness so others at some point who may have cancer can now draw on that rejuvenation energy that was experienced by the original client… you see. It all ties in together. It is about creating potentials.

Now, in the second scenario that you outlined where you have the client or the patient, in this case they are taking on, the client in particular, is taking on the woes of the world into their own self. They are tapping into mass consciousness in picking up illness on behalf of everyone. And, in a sense, you could say that they are allowing themselves to be the martyr. And, they feel that if they take on imbalanced energy, bring it into their body, and then can transmute it, this will help everyone.

We don't recommend doing this, Shaumbra. This is a bit, as we say, of a martyr role. And, even though in mass consciousness it's having some effect, it is not a good thing to carry crosses, as Yeshua will tell you (some laughter). It is not a good idea to carry the sins and the burdens and the sufferings of others. Not only is it difficult on your spiritual and biological system but, in a sense, it's not honoring others. If you try to take on everybody else's sickness, thinking that you are the one that will help cure and heal them, but you are just taking on their sickness, you are not honoring the sickness that they gave themselves or could be giving themselves. They are feeding themselves in a way that they are choosing. And, now you are discrediting or dishonoring their reality creation. So, we don't recommend that at all.

< Clarity 5 > That is all life on Earth is - hypnotic overlays… you see. Oh, you know it intellectually and perhaps haven't felt it in your heart. But, in a sense, you could say you're really not here. You're really not in this human body. You're really not in this lifetime. You're really not sitting here in these chairs.

In a sense, they are all hypnotic overlays, very strong, very, very powerful belief systems that you've let yourself go into. Don't be mad at the belief systems or the hypnosis. You induced it on yourself. And, then you melded it with the belief systems of other humans to create this mass consciousness overlay. And, here you are.

You could say, in a sense, it is like a science fiction because while you feel you are here, in a way you're really not. It is but one aspect and one potential. We're not saying it is unreal. It is only a reality, a reality (illusion) that (you believe that) you are living in.

< Clarity 6 > It starts feeding itself from the collective you. It starts feeding itself also right here… and right here… and right here… you see… everywhere there is the energy and the consciousness of music. It doesn't exist off locked inside some mountain somewhere. It is all around. The energy of music is everywhere, just as is the energy of painting, or the energy of scientific discovery. And, that probability potential self that has just joined you in reality through the imagination now starts feeding. It can start picking up chords. It can start picking up the understanding of the current musical scale, which, by the way, is a limited overlay in itself. It can start picking up the feel and resonance of instruments from the air… you see. Mass consciousness allows all of this to be floating around at any time.

< Clarity 6 > You pull in a probability of yourself that wants to invent - let's say, for instance - a new energy resource for Earth. Earth needs it right now. It needs a new way. So, you want to start bringing in the probability and potential self that understands how to bring energy from water. You bring it in, and it starts feeding on mass consciousness, information that's stored. We know some of you talk about the Akashic records sometimes. There is a "human consciousness record," just floating, just all around. You literally can start picking up energies and information out of the air, bringing them in to the probability self, bringing them in to you.

< Clarity 6 > Some of you have had the experience lately, saying, "But, I don't know where I knew that. I felt so smart. I must have been channeling." No, you were bringing in probability selves, potential selves. Those potential selves immediately start hooking up to the feeding, the feeding from mass consciousness, and also with permission feeding off of the grid, feeding off of more omni-universal databanks, and then begins to experience and play with that energy… you see. So, all of the resources are right here. You bring in that potential. You let it start feeding. That is why some of you hear songs being played that you've never heard on the radio, but they're coming through you. You're tapping into mass consciousness.

< Clarity 6 > You want to know how to - how to say - work with nuclear physics. Oh, yes, you can study books, but an interesting thing happens. You've created a probability self that chooses to know about nuclear physics. As you start reading the books, all of a sudden your understanding grows exponentially, a quantum leap. Well, you're reading, but there are other things happening as well. You're connecting to mass consciousness information. And, you're bringing it in, not through the mind, but through your own crystalline connection.

< Clarity 6QA > We continue our gathering here in the Shaumbra Service Center. A place where you can truly just be. A place where you can ask the questions of yourself, put them out, let them go. And the answers come back. Sometimes from this place we call the crystalline realm. Sometimes from synchronicities all around you. Sometimes it comes into your heart or into your mind. Sometimes the answers are delivered by other people or circumstances into your life.

< Clarity 7 > In a sense the Whole will create itself into pieces and ultimately each piece of the Whole, having its own sovereign nature, will totally want to disconnect from the Whole. So if you had total access and remembrance to the crystalline realms, you would still be tied into the Whole, you see, or tied into the Oneness. Much like right now, you are still tied into or feeding off of the field that ties you back into a type of oneness or in a mass consciousness. So at some point you cut yourself off from the crystalline realms so that you could develop your own sovereign nature.

< Clarity 7 > You're given this sovereign potential. God in your own right, but how can you learn how to be a God (severeign being) in your own right if you're continually interconnected with all of these old systems, you see. How can you be a God in your own right if you're still feeding off of the field. How can you be a God in your own right if you're still running back to the crystalline realms that are part of an angelic mass consciousness, you see. So you cut yourself off from the crystalline realms consciously.

< Clarity 7 > Somebody mentioned earlier today, "We create our own spaceship, we create our own planet." You are. You're creating your own personal reality. You're creating your own new dimension. This is the whole part of the process that leads to becoming the sovereign being where creations are fast, where creations aren't dependent on mass consciousness and other people. So much of your life right now is still tied into mass consciousness. Years ago you voiced your approval to start releasing it, and you have been, but you've hit a new level of what you would call release or letting go of even mass consciousness.

< Clarity 7 > You're truly - as a great one said - you're truly going out on a limb. Your own limb by yourself. Just you. Disconnecting from the crystalline realms, from the field, from mass consciousness, from your old belief systems. Yes, sometimes you feel like you're stripped bare, but in that being stripped bare, you have a whole new sense of freedom. A whole new sense of fulfillment. It is the Soul's purpose - that one purpose of a soul, if you choose to believe it - that you become totally sovereign.

< Clarity 7QA > When you're connected to the Field, you are indeed connected to mass consciousness, angelic consciousness, to everything. By disconnecting, by getting off that feeding, you learn how to go inside and awaken those things within you that give you total freedom and total independence. It doesn't mean that you will never have loved ones, never share with other people, never have groups that you associate - it means that you're going to be doing it in a different and an independent way. Instead of feeding off of your job... which by the way, that's going to have to go sooner or later. Instead of feeding off of your family and your mates, instead of feeding off of mass consciousness, you become energy independent. Sovereign. Complete unto yourself.

< Clarity 7QA > So many of the - what you call - television shows and movies and these type of things, they are based on rising consciousness. They are not necessarily channeled directly as in what we're doing right now. But as consciousness rises and consciousness or humanity is more willing to accept a broader sense of truth, this opens the doorway for the writer or writers of such a show to tap into new script material. So it's not channeled from entity to entity, it's channeled from consciousness through entity and comes out as a television program. But it is only as good as the level of mass consciousness and the acceptance of the writer.

< Clarity 7QA > These loving beings, they also absorb the energy of their owners or of consciousness and then reflect that. So a pit bull is simply, again, a reflection of portions of humanity, the portions that can be very loyal and affectionate but can turn in a flash and take off arms and legs.

There are ways to help release old mass consciousness energy out of animals. Sometimes they get very stuck in their owner's energies and it is not always necessarily fair to them. They absorb the owner's energies and get so caught in it, they don't know how to get out. So there are some very simple techniques that will help release a pet out of its owner's energy and disconnect from it.

< Clarity 8 > When we bring our energy in close, we find that we get caught, not in the Shaumbra issues but, right now literally as I, Tobias, am here talking with you, I can feel the heaviness of Earth. I can feel the drain of mass consciousness. When I am in a state like this with you, there are those who are in the near realms - they are not in a physical body - but they even come in. And they want to take energy.

< Clarity 9QA > It has been a difficult month because you are quite sensitive and Shaumbra in general is quite sensitive. You were feeling this whole, very thick and very heavy energy on Earth right now and so many of you take it on as your own. You take it on as your own issue. We keep encouraging you to understand that it's not about you. You are just feeling this Old Energy Earth and New Energy Earth deciding to postpone the marriage for a while.

It's a good opportunity to remind Shaumbra, once again - again and again - it's truly not about you. You are feeling things that are taking place on Earth, sometimes you're feeling past life aspects, sometimes you are feeling new energies rolling in. You pretend - not just you, dear, but Shaumbra in general - you pretend that it's about you. You pretend that you created some sort of difficulty in your lives, but you're really just feeling other people's energy and the energy of mass consciousness in all. If you allow yourself to not let that inhibit you or affect your own life, you're going to be a much better and wiser teacher to the others.

< MNEC2006-T > There was this Atlantean implant that went into many, many, many - too many - and eventually because of this, this flowed even into the ones who didn't have the implants. This implant of mind control was so strong that it actually seeped out into the consciousness of all. And even if others hadn't had this type of mind control or brain surgery, it eventually found its way into consciousness of everyone. And it still exists today.

< MNEC2006-T > But we found it very difficult to bring that energy from the other realms, that freedom from the other realms, back into the physical, back into the 3D world, because the consciousness was so strong. The consciousness of Atlantis almost provided a wall or a block that kept us from bringing back that type of physical and mental freedom back into our reality. So we existed together for a long, long time. We existed in an altered state of consciousness. We weren't 3D, we weren't totally 4D. We had created our own dimension.

< MNEC2006-T > What was happening in overall consciousness at the time was that this imbalance of the four legs of the chair, the imbalance of the four aspects of Self that was designed on angelic levels, was now being distorted because of the conformity of the body, the control and the experiments of the mind. This fourth leg - gnost - just began to fade away because it wasn't being used anymore. It was being blocked off.

< Teacher 4 > There are forces, there are energies and there are histories that would choose to keep you back, choose to keep you going through the same old cycles and patterns. Some of these forces, some of these energies are yours. Yours ... your limitations, expectations and fears holding you back. Many of these energies are coming from the humans around you - mass consciousness itself. Mass consciousness would hold you back. Not that it belongs to anyone, not that there is a conspiracy, it just is. Mass consciousness is an energy pool that you have been part of. It loves you. It doesn't want to see you go. And it will try to make sure that you cannot see beyond it.

< Teacher 4 > Energy (potential) is in a generally neutral state and it can be activated by desire. It can be activated by passion or need or fear. But it is just in a neutral state waiting for you to activate it and do something with it. Energy that has been activated by individuals or groups at some point can be released from them, and it just goes back into its neutral state after a certain evolution or time progression. Other energies are activated and never released but rather put out into mass consciousness. Sometimes when these energies are not tended to they tend to go into a bit of a state of confusion. So we use the term "Order" meaning that we are bringing direction and we are bringing a specific motive to energy.

< Teacher 4 > Look at the core energies causing the battles, causing the conflict to take place. It is about the reuniting of the masculine/feminine. It is something that has to occur as you move into the New Energy. It occurs first within individuals and then makes its way to groups, but it is something that has to occur. And as you are getting closer and closer to the point of the quantum leap, the forces that have kept these two precious elements separate, are going to be acting up. They're going to become more violent, they're going to become more vocal and they're going to particularly become more of an influence in mass consciousness, and that will affect you if you are not aware of what is going on.

< Teacher 4 > The energies of a very thick and old mass consciousness will have a tendency to affect you, to come into you. And as we've talked about before there is the wonderful capability that your mind has of making everything seem like it's your own problem or issue when it's absolutely not. It's coming from the outside, coming from somewhere else. To make matters even more confusing right now, what happens on Earth is also happening in the other realms. To quote one of the sacred books it says, "As it is in heaven, so is it on Earth. As is above, so is below, and is below, so is above." You are intimately connected to everything that is happening on the other realms although you may not be consciously aware of it.

< Teacher 4 > But there are those who can see through the veil or feel through the veil, and there are ones on the other side (near realms) right now - deliberate and very specific groups - who are working very hard right now to maintain the old balance and the old separation. I don't want to say this is a conspiracy. It is just a group. It is just entities of similar consciousnesses, entities of similar agenda, and much of the work that they are doing right now is deliberately influencing mass consciousness and therefore deliberately influencing what you do and sometimes even what you think.

< Teacher 4 > These energies coming from the other realms, as I said, are very vested into the old division of masculine and feminine. They are sending so much energy to Earth right now that it is causing things like battles and wars and it is causing people to go crazy. When one person goes crazy, when one person loses their mind, ends up in a mental hospital, that's more than just that one person. It affects the balance of human consciousness - mass consciousness - and that is exactly what these beings, what this order on the other side is trying to do right now. They are trying to affect and hold back mass consciousness.

< Teacher 4QA > One of the things that is going to be very important in this process for you to do personally is to make decisions. This energy of separation and confusion has it so you find it very difficult and challenging to make any decisions, and by default then the decisions are made for you by mass consciousness, by your old ghosts and demons or by things outside of you. Once you assume or re-assume authority of yourself as a sovereign being and start making decisions, this energy from the outside sources will blow right through you. It will keep you unaffected. You won't be diminished by any of these energies that are trying to hold back this reunion of masculine and feminine.

< Teacher 6 > There is also a spiritual gravity - the closer you get to human consciousness, the thicker and stronger it gets. It pulls energy into it. It sucks energy into it just like a black hole will suck energy from the cosmos into it. That's what human consciousness does. It does it to you every day but you're so used to it you don't even notice that this consciousness gravity is just pulling you in more and more and more wanting to make you part of it, wanting to have you conform to it. You're learning to break free of all that. You're learning to be sovereign but yet, as you have discovered, there's some issues about detaching from all of this.

< Teacher 7 > If you can't - if you can't see the humor in this blessing called life, if you can't see the humor in this... basically this theater of life, this game that is being played by humans... it's going to suck you in. It's going to take you right into its drama. It's going to feed off of you. It's going to twist your thinking, and it's going to get you to believe that it's you. It's going to get you to believe that you're the one with wars going on, you're the one with disease, you're the one with deep and dark and depressed feelings. It's going to get you to buy right into this game that we've called mass consciousness. And as you know, then it becomes so difficult to get out.

< Teacher 10 > If you could measure human consciousness, and you could measure it over the millions and millions of years that angels have been embodied on Earth, you would see that there is a type of ... oh, I hate to use such 3D terms, but it's a type of chart. We're going to say it's a chart but it also spirals, so it has a circular or a spiral motion to it. It has a type of speed associated with it, and you can almost see at one end of the graph, which you would call your left hand side of the graph, that it is a very small tight spiral. That is because in the beginning, the consciousness of humans was very small.

And you have to understand this graph is actually many ... it is multi-dimensional. But for the sake of understanding here, we're going to explain it as a three dimensional graph. But understand, right behind the three dimensional version of the graph there is a very large counterpart. It is what we would call the soul or the spiritual consciousness of the angelic part of yourself that is not embodied or conscious on this realm. That is always a layer right behind the graph showing the 3D interpretation of human consciousness.

So here we have, at the Beginning of Embodiment, B.E., that we have this very tight small spiral that represents consciousness - human consciousness. Now, as time goes on over a few million years, the spiral starts to expand but at a very slow and a very calculated rate.

< Teacher 10 > Then you hit this time of what we call Atlantis, and it takes a leap. Towards about the middle times of Atlantis you see that it doesn't follow the same linear path that it was on before. The speed of the spiral is faster. The spiral suddenly seems to grow bigger - it takes a jump - and this is the Atlantean time. At the end of the Atlantean time, looking at this graph of human consciousness, you would suddenly see that spiral now seem to reduce in size but not in speed. The spiral reduces in size but not in speed. This represents the end days of Atlantis where consciousness seemed to fold back on itself, but yet it really didn't. The speed was still there. The rate of acceleration had created an established pattern that allows it to keep flowing so it doesn't crash.

< Teacher 10 > Then about, we're going to call it about ten thousand years ago, this spiral was growing at a very predictable path. Its speed was increasing at a predictable rate, and all of a sudden it seemed to take another leap. Not a large one, not what we would call a quantum leap, but it took a directional change. And here, once again, the spiral opened up, back to at least the level that it was in the Atlantean times, but its speed was going at a faster rate now than had ever been experienced in Atlantis. This is human consciousness.

< Teacher 10 > Over the period of particularly the last, from about ten thousand years ago to about eight thousand years ago, the spiral of human consciousness kept on expanding and kept on speeding up at a fairly consistent rate. But then, again, two thousand years ago, it took another change. The speed became even faster, so much that, from your human perspective, you could say you almost couldn't even see the speed of the spiral, it was going so fast. And now it was opening up, this spiral, but the distance between the circles of the spiral were no longer consistent.

You see, the spiral in the past always had a very patterned or very predictable spacing between each cycle of the spiral. This is like a big spiraling wheel that's turning. Two thousand years ago the spacing between the individual circles within the spiral changed the spacing so that the more further out levels of the spiral had much more distance than the spacing of the inner circles of the spiral two thousand years ago. And once again the speed picked up.

< Teacher 10 > Now, here we are in very recent years, in the past, oh, let's call it seven years of time. Again, the speed is going faster and faster and faster. The spirals are growing bigger and bigger. This is human consciousness. Taken into its measurement are things like human activity; brain power; what you would call the spiritual consciousness or recognition; one's relationship with themselves; and one's relationship with others in their outer world. These are all part of the quotient of human consciousness.

< Teacher 10 > And here we are now, less than five months away from the next big shift. But this spiral called human consciousness doesn't just expand further, doesn't just have more difference between the points within the spiral, doesn't just get faster. It changes its entire nature, where speed is not a factor anymore. You see, speed tends to be linear, tends to be three-dimensional. Speed will no longer be a factor in the New Energy. And I'm not just talking about the speed of your car or how fast you can work on a given day. We're talking about the ability to expand - not just in this fairly predictable spiral fashion, which is occurring in your third-dimensional reality - but now, basically you can say an explosion. An explosion. September 18, 2007 - and we're measuring this, watching it very carefully - on this date, speed no longer matters and spiral no longer matters. They're off the chart.

< Teacher 10 > It's going to, in a sense ... if you were observing this chart in the way that we have just talked about, it's going to appear that everything disappears, that the spiral exists no longer, that everything stops. And that's, by the way, what happened when the Mayans, so, so long ago, looked at the progression of human consciousness. They saw that it disappeared. Their prediction, of course, was the year 2012. They were close, but not precise. Things have happened. This was not destiny, this is simply pattern and patterns are subject to some change. September 18, 2007 it goes off the chart.

< Teacher 10QA > Right now all of these, what you would call the grids - whether they are the internal grids of Earth itself or the external or overlaying grids - are all changing. The grids do not change the consciousness. The consciousness changes the grids. The grids are used to move and to store and to - oh, how do you say - traffic energy. And as consciousness changes, the grids naturally have to change, because your relationship right now to this intense or very detailed web of inter-dimensional energies that make up Earth is all changing. The way that you receive energy from outside or inside changes. Your connection between what you would call your human aspect and your soul aspect - some of you have called it like a golden or a silver cord that connects - these are all changing. So absolutely, right now all of the grids of Earth are simply energy in motion.

< QuantumLeap 8 > In order for Earth to continue to be able to sustain itself now with the responsibility placed on the humans and being taken, gently, but being taken off of Gaia, consciousness needs to continue to expand but at a greater rate. New technology needs to come in to support a larger population or, in a way where things tend to work themselves out, the population will not be allowed to go beyond a certain point. Or, as you can imagine, it opens up the potential of things like disease, large natural destruction and all of these things that would bring the population back into a more reasonable level. I don't want to get dramatic here, I'm not sounding any alarms. I'm trying to state that consciousness on Earth right now... consciousness needs to grow faster.

< Returning 1 > You don't have to have the answer. The answer to the fuel and energy situation on Earth - it's in mass consciousness. It is in this potential of human mass consciousness, and when the inspiration is there, and when the heart desire is there, and the level of consciousness is appropriate, then it finds its way through one of these inventors or scientists. They are the ones who bring it down into the practical methodical methods where it can be used on Earth. But it takes the ones who inspire consciousness to have that spark to ignite the consciousness in humans. And that is what so many of you are doing right now.

< Returning 8QA > This potential of change and evolution and what could be called enlightenment doesn't necessarily feed into the matrix - the matrix meaning mass consciousness or the type of grid or the type of energy field and overlays that are set in place that so many people are just automatically bought into. The potentials lie slightly outside of that matrix for those who are willing to look somewhere other than the matrix, other than to old consciousness for answers.

< (Next) 1 > The mind has been tied into mass consciousness. Mass consciousness, for the most part, does nothing but to govern and to rule and to manage and manipulate mind activities of humans. Now, you think of mass consciousness as perhaps something grander. The way mass consciousness works right now, it has its tentacles into every human on Earth interconnected with every other human, it is now actually being infiltrated by ETs and angels, and so the control, the manipulation is at a very intense form.

< (Next) 5 > When you consider potentials within yourself, as you have been doing for years now, when you consider choices you would like to make in your life, it's not just about you. It's affecting the planet. It's putting energies into the strata. It's putting potentials into the dynamics of Earth for true change. The reason why we're asking you this is there are actually more people now than ever before that really want change; actually, more than three percent that want change. It's about four. (laughter) But there are enough that are saying, "We choose change in our lives." That affects everything, particularly for those still connected into mass consciousness. It literally shifts the balance of mass consciousness.

< (Next) 5 > By the way, as mass consciousness shifts, so do the poles of Earth. The magnetic poles of Earth shift as well. The axis of Earth shifts. There's a direct correlation between those. So just a little shift in consciousness creates just a little shift in the magnetics and the axis of the Earth.

< (Next) 6 > It's not about being intelligent or smart. It's about being the I Am. The intuitive nature is quantum leaps ahead of the mind. The knowingnesses that come in, the ability to just energetically tap into the Akashic Records, which are just a small part of everything, the ability to tap into mass consciousness and future potentials will never come from the mind. It comes from the Body of Consciousness, which is the physical body, the mind, the spirit, the gnost - every part of you coming together.

< (Next) 7 > So communal was good to a point, but it took away the individuality. Communal was a good way of assisting each other, but it also helped to develop this thing that we call mass consciousness or extreme hypnosis, because in a commune it's much easier to psychically and energetically and mechanically program the mind. So you've spent the next 100,000, 150,000 years trying to get out of that, and I'm amazed some days when you talk about living in a commune together. Do you know how long that would last? One afternoon. (laughter) Because you, Shaumbra, are aspiring for your own sovereignty and your individuality.

< (Next) 10 > If you could imagine for a moment this influx of energies and intensities; if you can imagine for a moment the consciousness of this planet, of mass consciousness, has been stretched to the limit, has been expanded further than it's ever gone before; the frequencies and the resonances of Earth are operating at totally different - almost out of sync or out of cadence - rhythms to what they've normally gone at. It's a surprise that you haven't gone crazy, and it's a surprise that this planet hasn't almost collapsed on itself.

< (Next) 11 > Why are there so few that have really gotten to that point of pure consciousness? Because you came here as a representative of your angelic families, and you still have that attribute, that responsibility is a large part of you. You are connected into mass consciousness of the planet, because you love the planet. So naturally you would be very connected to mass consciousness. Mass consciousness is not something that you can do just a little bit of or get a little bit away from. It's kind of an all-or-nothing, and it's difficult to make that kind of split.

And then on top of that there are those who profess the grand oneness (angelic family). They talk about "You are all one." Do you really want to wait for the last one to pass through that? No. No, and for a very good reason. They need you. They need to see your light. They need to see the walking conscious Master on Earth, otherwise they're not going to come through. Otherwise, they're going to stay back there. And that big oneness, that big Borg, is just going to stay stuck in its big drifting square in the ethers. ("Borg" refers to a collective portrayed in Star Trek)

But it's very difficult to let go of the oneness, of the spiritual family, of the Order, of the commitment. That's why there's been so few. That's why so many have turned back when they're within sight of the ascension, of the understanding, the knowing of the I Am. They turn around.

< e2012 1> Mass consciousness is going through that right now. It's not going to settle down right away, but sooner or later mass consciousness will evolve beyond the mind. You're doing it right now. You've been doing it for a while. What is beyond the mind? Awareness and consciousness are all beyond the mind. Intuition. You don't have to think about things anymore, you just know them. Where you don't have to try anymore.

< e2012 3 > When you do, that creates a Standard. That creates a template and an energy that then radiates into mass consciousness. It becomes part of mass consciousness, a new wing of mass consciousness for those who are willing to make the changes. You see, by doing these things, you're not directly changing the planet, but you're providing the planet with the tools or the format or the essence that it can change itself - anyone who wants to step up, anyone who wants to do it.

< e2012 6 > There’s a lot of energy out there in mass consciousness that you are still tapped into, that you still buy into. And within mass consciousness there are a lot of imbalanced energies, a lot of disease. You’re picking up colds and flus from others. Why? Not necessarily because your system is run down. Not necessarily because you picked up a bug, but because you’re buying into mass consciousness. Colds and flus are like that. They’re passed on. Not little germies. I mean, that’s eventually what does it, but it’s mass consciousness.

< e2012 6 > There’s a new epidemic you’ll probably see a lot more of in the coming year or so, a lot more. Unexplainable tics. Tics. We’re not talking about the little bug tick. We’re talking about that. (Adamus is jerking and twitching) And what happens is it’s literally spread through the waves of mass consciousness, and one or two people get it – see, I’m giving it to all of you right now (some laughter) – and then suddenly everybody’s got it and the doctors investigate, and they come up with some really B.S. answer. “Must be the water that you’re drinking.” I don’t think … (he twitches) I don’t think so. I think it was a mass consciousness influence.

< freedom 2 > It had a tremendous impact on what I would call the grid or the matrix. This is the human consciousness. You could almost, in a funny way, you could almost digitize it and put it up there as a digital network – almost, not quite – and it develops structures and patterns. It's like a huge software program, and it's very difficult to change. There's not – using this bad analogy – any single programmer that really knows how to change it. And there's not a team of consciousness software programmers that know how to change it anymore. It's too complex. It is software gone awry. Software that is protecting itself now, and it has been programmed with defense mechanisms that prevent change.

That program up there, out there, that program is designed to keep tomorrow just like today. Yeah. No conspiracy. No government. No alien forms. No nothing. It's the choices and the thoughts of humans that have been going on for thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years that have created this software program. And it's really easy to get stuck in it and to think that you don't have a way out, and then to live with that inner misery and that lack of hope and that frustration – “What do I do to get out of this?” And once in a while you make some lame effort to get out and then you're sucked right back.

< freedom 6 > You came into Humanity now, joining with the others, the pioneers that came to this place called Earth, and immediately joining into this thing called mass consciousness. Initially, it was pure. It wasn't distorted. It wasn't in any way twisted. It was pure, the pure heart desire of the angelic beings from the Order of the Arc coming here. Humanity – and you have worn that badge ever since. You're proud of Humanity and you're ashamed of Humanity. You find great joy in Humanity, and especially now you're feeling a certain shame for Humanity, because you know you were part of creating this new species.