melding of Old Earth and New Earth


< Clarity 9 > A very heavy energy on Earth right now. Part of this is because of the impending Quantum Leap. Part of it is because there was an opportunity in this past month for a melding of the energies of Old Earth and New Earth, the beginning of a melding of these. And it did not take place Shaumbra, and it's not going to take place for quite a while. We know it was the desire, it was a dream of so many of you to have this energy of New Earth and this old physical Earth meld together so they can have a type of a marriage and type of a blending. So the two could work together, so that there wouldn't be a separation of the Old Earth and the New.

< Clarity 9 > There was a type of a measurement that was taken a few days after our last Shoud. It was a type of time to either move forward or not. After the measurement was taken it was very well understood that Old Earth doesn't want to move forward. It doesn't want to meld with the New. So we'll continue to have a separation for a period of some thirty or more years, where the two energies still don't come together (audience disappointment). And you've been feeling that. You've been feeling the sadness, the disappointment. You've been feeling that perhaps it could be much longer than 30 years or more before the two even begin to meld.

< Clarity 9 > But looking at the brighter side, there's a wonderful reason for this to have happened, and we want you to always understand, things are MORE than they seem. More than they seem. When the Old Energy and the New Energy communicated with each other... the Old Energy, even though it was resisting, even though it was holding back, wanting to maintain its old ways... there was equally a desire for the Old Energy to want to free itself and liberate itself.

When the Old Energy took a look at the consciousness of humanity, the consciousness of Old Earth, it said to the New Earth, "I will only hold you back. I will only hold you back, so I choose not to meld with you right now so you can move at light speed. So you can change and grow and expand, even if it is without me. I would be a hindrance and a burden to you right now, and more than anything I want to see... I want to see you go into the true New Energy and create a potential - potential that may not be there if we melded together." So the Old Earth said, "I will stay back and let you move forward. I will always love you, and one day perhaps we will... we will meld together. But for now, New Earth, you go forward and I'll stay here."

< Clarity 9 > This also, dear Shaumbra, in a very interesting way, has provided some new opportunities for you. Yes you still are going to be here for a number of years on the Old Earth, working in your physical body. And we know there was the great passion or anticipation that the two could meld together because each one of you is working on the New Earth right now. You are going there on a regular basis. Even when you're sitting here right now or listening in to this, a part of you is working on the New Earth. Part of you is there. You go there in your dream states. You go there in your multi-dimensional state of being. So in a sense, this offers you a new type of opportunity to go even faster in building the New Earth.

< Clarity 9 > So the Old Earth, and many of the people of the Old Earth, by agreement, have said, "New Earth, you go forward. Shaumbra, you go forward. We're going to stay here. We're going to go at our own pace. We weren't ready for the marriage yet between the two. Come back later and check on us, but we're not ready." For many humans it means additional lifetimes, reincarnating, but please have compassion and honor them, because this is what they are choosing.

< Clarity 9 > For Gaia it means holding an Old Energy for an even longer period of time. And she does this lovingly and willingly, but She has to release some of the energies here in these coming months of time. She can do it gently and easily, but without the integration into the New Earth understand that there is a different type of energy burden that She takes on. So... Gaia is very prepared to do this and very prepared to deal with all of these energies, but understand that it changes things, and you've been feeling this also. You've been feeling how the separation continues, but understand the separation was actually done in love.

< Clarity 9QA > First of all, from your standpoint, it's going to actually allow you to move faster or at least less encumbered, less held back. It's going to allow your expansion and evolution to come more gracefully and in - what you would call - a shorter time period. Therefore, if you have gone through your integration into the New Energy that much smoother and quicker, think perhaps for a moment or feel how you can be a more effective teacher and guide and helper for those others who've chosen to remain back.

< Clarity 9QA > You can come back to them as a teacher, as an example, in a much clearer way than ever before. You can be a better human guide for them when they choose to make their transition into New Energy as well. So, in spite of it appearing that this is bad news or negative news, it actually has many, many built in benefits to it. And while this whole feeling of separation will continue for a time, understand that they are choosing it, you are choosing it, and honor the appropriateness of all of that.

< Clarity 9QA > It has been a difficult month because you are quite sensitive and Shaumbra in general is quite sensitive. You were feeling this whole, very thick and very heavy energy on Earth right now and so many of you take it on as your own. You take it on as your own issue. We keep encouraging you to understand that it's not about you. You are just feeling this Old Energy Earth and New Energy Earth deciding to postpone the marriage for a while.

It's a good opportunity to remind Shaumbra, once again - again and again - it's truly not about you. You are feeling things that are taking place on Earth, sometimes you're feeling past life aspects, sometimes you are feeling new energies rolling in. You pretend - not just you, dear, but Shaumbra in general - you pretend that it's about you. You pretend that you created some sort of difficulty in your lives, but you're really just feeling other people's energy and the energy of mass consciousness in all. If you allow yourself to not let that inhibit you or affect your own life, you're going to be a much better and wiser teacher to the others.

< Clarity 10 > There are many angelic beings who are working to maintain a constant moving and balancing of energies of this planet Earth. As Tobias talked in your last discussion, Earth (Gaia) is holding many, many old, old energies and will continue to hold old energies for a course of at least another thirty years. So there are legions of Beings. You could almost see them lined up working with Earth, working with Earth on inter-dimensional levels, not just the physical Earth level but on inter-dimensional levels.