< Clarity 4 > Perhaps, with a book… perhaps with television… perhaps with a movie. What is happening when you're deeply engrossed in any one of these entertainment things? When energy is coming back to you, you are feeding yourself. You've allowed yourself to go off into the ethers and to open consciousness and experience what is being written about or acted about. But, there is something that is feeding you. What is it? What is the energy that is coming back to you? "Yes," you say to yourself often, "I just need a break. I need to read a book or watch a movie." You think you are going into a neutral zone. But, you are not at all. Many things are happening.

< Clarity 4 > Perhaps, you are feeding yourself by getting out of your mind for a while, and allowing your heart and your emotions to open. Perhaps, you are feeding yourself by shutting off the outside world during that time so you can get back in touch with yourself. Perhaps, you are feeding yourself by activating your imagination, particularly if you are reading a book, but also watching a movie or watching television. If you observe what is going on, not just in your head, but throughout your entire being, it is not quiet at all, even if you are watching some television program. You are feeding. You are looking at the screen. You are observing the actors and the characters. You are observing their environment, the roles that they are playing out, and you are feeding back into your consciousness. You are feeding back into your reality.

< Clarity 7QA > So many of the - what you call - television shows and movies and these type of things, they are based on rising consciousness. They are not necessarily channeled directly as in what we're doing right now. But as consciousness rises and consciousness or humanity is more willing to accept a broader sense of truth, this opens the doorway for the writer or writers of such a show to tap into new script material. So it's not channeled from entity to entity, it's channeled from consciousness through entity and comes out as a television program. But it is only as good as the level of mass consciousness and the acceptance of the writer.