feeding / feeding energy

taking energy from others;

giving your power

< Clarity 4 > There are many, many things that feed the spiritual and human being. These things that feed the spiritual and human being… they are like cords or connections that literally feed into the consciousness of the human being on Earth. And, today we are going to take a look at what feeds you. We are going to take a look, just like our group of guests has been doing. They have been asking what fed them when they were on Earth. What is feeding them now when they are in the other realms? Once you understand what feeds you, what sustains you, then you can begin to understand your belief systems, your consciousness. Then, you can begin to truly work with changing it.

< Clarity 4 > Do you feed your physical body with life-force energy foods, like vegetables and fruits? Do you feed your body meats, or starches and breads and grains? Do you feed your body with water? Do you feed your body with alcohol? Do you feed your body with sugar? And, again we are asking you to be the observer. There is no judgment at all, for you can indeed live an entire life feeding yourself with high sugar and very little other nutrients, whether it is from the plants or from the animals. And, you can sustain your body. But, be aware of how you feed your body, how it goes in, how it feels, what you are thinking as it goes in.

< Clarity 4 > Do you have the belief system that you have to eat breakfast? We hear these authors and these supposed experts talking about what is the optimum time to eat and why the breakfast is so important… perhaps, it is… but perhaps it isn't. They are all belief systems. It is all consciousness. It is all about how you are feeding yourself as a human, spiritual being on Earth right now. The food feeds the body but much more than that also. What you are doing is feeding consciousness at the same time. You're digesting a whole set of belief systems, whether they truly serve you or not.

< Clarity 4 > Our spiritual being has to be fed from something. Something has to sustain consciousness. So, even we are always bringing in things. Something is feeding us. Basically, if you want to the look at the physics of it, we are taking energy from "the field," which is neutral; in a sense, it doesn't even exist. We are "dualizing" it. We are then breaking it down into duality elements. We are shaping it into potentials. And, then that energy flows into - whether you are an angel, whether you are human - that energy then flows into your reality. It feeds you and sustains you. You are the one determining the vibration (Old Energy) or the expansional (New Energy) characteristics of that energy coming in that's feeding you. It's coming from the Source of All, coming into you. But, you are shaping it.

< Clarity 4 > So, we are asking you now once again to look at what is feeding you in your life right now. Is it anger? Anger is an energy, a very strong, a very dualistic energy, and it comes into your life. Yes, anger can feed you. It feeds the spirit and the consciousness. Some of you wonder why you're trying to live these calm and peaceful lives. You think you have to be peaceful to be spiritual. And, that is a bunch of crap (some laughter). And, then you bring anger in. Why are you doing that? Why do you feed yourself with anger? And, there is no judgment here. Anger is - we feel - is very appropriate sometimes. But, what does it do for you? How is it serving you, Shaumbra?

< Clarity 4 > Sometimes you feed yourself with laughter. It sustains the spirit. You bring laughter in in a variety of different ways. You tell jokes, or you associate with people who are funny. Or, perhaps you sit down and watch a movie or a television show that has comedy. And, there is laughter in that. Laughter is an energy, and it feeds you. How are you bringing it in? Why are you bringing it in, Shaumbra? How does it feed you? Again, we are asking you to be the observer here.

< Clarity 4 > Everyone gets fed. Everyone brings in energy, whether you're human or angelic. Everyone is being fed. Once you understand how you're being fed, how you're bringing energy into your reality, then you can understand how consciousness is shaped, how belief systems define reality and how then you can expand outside of what you believe to be the limitations of reality.

< Clarity 4 > Some of you feed yourself with victim-hood. It is a very delicious food, isn't it? You like to be victims. Oh, you complain about being the victim. You whine about being the victim. You like to blame others. You like to always talk about outside energies that are keeping you down and out. You love even making up things from past lives that will enable you to continue to be a victim in this lifetime, even if they didn't really happen to you. You are feeding yourself with victim energy. That's not so bad. It allows you to play an incredible role. It allows you to not have to face the high potential of who you are. You get to play this thing as a victim. It is feeding you. It is like an intravenous tube going right into your system, going right into your consciousness. And, you continue to feed off of it.

< Clarity 4 > Some of you feed yourself through accolades from others, from others who praise you for being a grand being, praise you for being a loving and wonderful human being. You need that food from the outside, those who tell you how awesome you, how they've never met such an incredible human before. Some of you feed yourself that way. Again, there's no judgment. I love doing that (some laughter). But, I would have to say that at a certain point you get balanced enough to know that this is just flattery. Flattery is an energy. And, it comes into you. And, you can chuckle at it, and you can also change it so it doesn't - how to say - explode you from the ego. You literally can change any of these feeding energies.

< Clarity 4 > But, some of you do that. It is a fun thing to do, unless you get caught up in it, unless you get so addicted to that energy of having to receive praise and thanks and acknowledgment from others that you have to continue seeking it out. Well, then you start creating a reality where you are always on your "white horse," always having to save and help others. Why? Well, not for the sake of saving and helping others! You're doing it to feed off of that energy and have everybody tell you how wonderful you are. And, again we find it incredibly delightful… if you don't take yourself too serious about it.

< Clarity 4 > Some of you feed yourself creatively. This is one I love. You love doing creative things because it brings about an energy. And, it feeds you; it sustains you. Well, you are at your very core a creative being, or a Creator being. So, when you do things like painting, when you do things like even a sketch on a notepad, idling your time while you're sitting in a boring meeting… well, that is feeding yourself. You're not doing it to show anybody else in the room. You're not even doing it because you think you're a grand artist. It is feeding a creative desire deep within you. It is actually helping to connect you to that creative center inside.

< Clarity 4 > Perhaps, it was money. Money is an incredible energy unto itself. Money can be addictive. Money can also be a beautiful thing. There are a few in our group today of guests who were caught up in that. Their whole life from childhood until death was about making money. They were born into it, in a way. It was their karma. They spent their whole lifetime trying to make money. They measured themselves and their consciousness based on how much money they made. Oh, the money itself is just paper. And, now in your new society it is just a digit going across the Internet into a computer in a banking system. But, they were caught up in the energy of money. It would feed them.

< Clarity 4 > Status… another one. Status is interesting because most of the time those who are fed by status don't recognize it. They don't even see it; it is so unconscious to them. They are fed by their status in the community. It is also their way of looking at themselves as others consider them to be the best in the neighborhood, the best in the community, the best in the state. It feeds their energy. And, they continue to need more and more of it, more status, more acceptance by others. So, status can be a way of feeding the self as well.

< Clarity 4 > Self-righteousness is another way of feeding yourself, becoming so righteous with everything that you are, even though you know inside that you may not be right. We have to laugh sometimes. The self-righteous are screaming out inside for somebody to truly prove them wrong so they can get off their stupid horse (some laughter). But, they will continue to present this self-righteousness. It is feeding them. It is a way of them validating themselves, even though something on the inside doesn't feel right. But, they feed themselves with this type of thing. Again, no judgment… self-righteousness can be a wonderful energy to play with, as long as you recognize that it is just a game.

< Clarity 4 > Perhaps, with a book… perhaps with television… perhaps with a movie. What is happening when you're deeply engrossed in any one of these entertainment things? When energy is coming back to you, you are feeding yourself. You've allowed yourself to go off into the ethers and to open consciousness and experience what is being written about or acted about. But, there is something that is feeding you. What is it? What is the energy that is coming back to you? "Yes," you say to yourself often, "I just need a break. I need to read a book or watch a movie." You think you are going into a neutral zone. But, you are not at all. Many things are happening.

< Clarity 4 > Perhaps, you are feeding yourself by getting out of your mind for a while, and allowing your heart and your emotions to open. Perhaps, you are feeding yourself by shutting off the outside world during that time so you can get back in touch with yourself. Perhaps, you are feeding yourself by activating your imagination, particularly if you are reading a book, but also watching a movie or watching television. If you observe what is going on, not just in your head, but throughout your entire being, it is not quiet at all, even if you are watching some television program. You are feeding. You are looking at the screen. You are observing the actors and the characters. You are observing their environment, the roles that they are playing out, and you are feeding back into your consciousness. You are feeding back into your reality.

< Clarity 4 > Drama… some of you love the drama. You feed off of it. Either you're intimately involved in it, or you're on the peripheral of drama from others. Sometimes you say to yourself, "But I'm Shaumbra. I am a spiritual being. I cannot get involved in the drama." But, yet you are always around it. It is always happening with people around you. And, you perhaps say, "Well, why does that happen? Why does there always seem to be drama around me?" It is because you are feeding off of it. It is a very strong, seductive, dualistic energy. It feeds your spirit. It feeds your reality and your consciousness.

< Clarity 4 > Some of you feed yourself on work. You work very, very hard. You work long hours. You're always working. You justify it. You say, "But I have to. I have to work. There is so much to do." We say that you are just feeding yourself. You like that work energy. You like bringing it into your life. It's serving a purpose. What is it? What is that purpose? Now, be mindful here. It's not just about that you have some goals to achieve. It's not just about that you have a limited number of years, or that you're supporting family members and you have to work so hard. Those are all the surface level issues and reasons. There are some bigger reasons. How is it feeding you? What energy is that hard, hard work giving you? What is it doing to sustain your spirit and your being?

< Clarity 4 > Some of you love gossip. You love to gossip. You love to talk about others. There is an energy of gossip that is very real, very potent, very, very strong. You can't avoid gossip, it seems. Sometimes you chastise yourself afterwards. You say, "I say I shouldn't have gotten involved in that gossip." All it is is food, food for the soul. Even gossip is food for the soul. How is it feeding you? What is it doing? What are the dynamics? Is it just because it is highly charged energy? Now, don't go intellectual here. The answers aren't that deep, and they aren't hidden anyway. Sometimes it is just an injection of strong energy that you bring into your life. Sometimes you feel you need that energy to get you going. Sometimes after a good gossip session, you feel more energized, more alive than you did before the gossip session. So, somehow it's feeding you.

< Clarity 4 > Here is another one - depression. Now, a lot of you will say, "Well, depression doesn't feed me at all. It takes away from me." Oh, not at all, not at all. It is like a very thick soup, depression. It is very thick, very heavy. But, it is feeding you somehow. It is a type of spiritual food. It's there for a reason, not because you are bad, not because you have a chemical imbalance. My God, the last thing that it is is a chemical imbalance! That is only what science sees, but it is something much different. It is an energy. And, it is feeding you, even though you think it is robbing life force energies. Take another look at it. What is behind this energy of depression? Why is it in your life? Why is it a constant battle and a challenge?

< Clarity 4 > Relationships - how do they feed you? How does the energy of your mate, your partner, feed you… or your children? Many times you tell us that your partner is taking away from you, keeping you back. No, your partner is feeding you. Somehow, some way, there is an energy there that is serving you in a way. It is bringing you energy… it truly is. It is helping to support and sustain your consciousness and sometimes even your illusions. It is serving a purpose. Your children, the same way… they are feeding you somehow. What energy is coming in from that?

< Clarity 4 > Gaia feeds you all the time. That is what Gaia is here to do. She feeds you an energy, not just for your physical being, but for your overall spiritual, mental, physical. Gaia is like a manufacturing plant. This energy of Earth… she is continually cranking out energy, a very base or very root energy, something that is going to help sustain your physical body. But, there are other energies associated with Gaia, consciousness energies that she is constantly manufacturing, constantly making available to you. Some of you discover that when you go for a walk in the woods or a drive in the country or you go out to the ocean. But, ask yourself next time - how is Gaia feeding me? And, again there is no wrong. There is no wrong being fed. Every entity needs to be fed somehow, needs a sustaining energy. So, how is Gaia is serving you in your life? What is Gaia doing?

< Clarity 4 > Some of you have to have suffering in your life. Perhaps, it is physical or emotional. You say you don't like it. But, if you didn't truly like it, didn't truly want it, it truly wouldn't be there. You're bringing suffering in at some level because it feeds you. It is an energy. Imagine it is an energy that flows along a type of etheric pipeline, coming right into you, right into your consciousness, into your Now moment.

< Clarity 4 > Joy is an energy. It can feed very well. Many of you receive joy in your life. And, it feeds you just like any of the other energies do.

< Clarity 4 > Religion - one of the most toxic foods of all (some laughter) - religion can feed those who are in that belief system. It continues to reinforce what they feel about themselves. It continues to reinforce their reality and their consciousness. Again, we are not saying that there's anything wrong with it. It is simply an energy, a food that comes into your being, particularly those religions that have a lot of dogmas, a lot of rules, a lot of books and a lot of studying. All that is, Shaumbra, is food, spirit energy food, consciousness food. That's all it is.

And, then they write more and more books. They have to because you have to keep feeding. And, if you are feeding from a - what we would call - a limited source, a defined source, you have to keep feeding more and more. You have to keep making new rules, writing more books, creating more laws, creating more concepts about God. It is just food for the soul. That's all it is.

< Clarity 4 > Shaumbra… it's a food. You're sitting here right now, sucking off the tit of Shaumbra, feeding yourself (audience laughter). This energy of Shaumbra, of Crimson Circle, of Tobias and the Crimson Council, it is a food. Again, no judgment. Why are you bringing it into your life? What is it doing for you? Again, this is not a matter of deciding what's right or wrong. It is simply a matter of taking a look at how you're being fed because once you understand how you're feeding yourself, then you understand how your reality is being created, then you can understand how to change that reality, then you can give yourself grander permission… you see.

< Clarity 4 > You feed yourself through the air, just through breathing. Breathing is an incredible way of feeding yourself. It feeds your reality. It feeds your reams and desires. Breathing feeds your spirit. It is more than just taking the oxygen from the air. There is spirit energy in the air. And, you breathe that in. That feeds your reality base. It feeds your sense of beingness. When you do the deep spiritual breathing, it feeds partly your own desire for grander consciousness and expanded consciousness.

< Clarity 4 > Sleeping… it feeds you. It's not just about resting. There is an energy associated with sleep and with dreams that is feeding you. So often in your dreams you do go out into the other realms. You go out harvesting or shopping. You go out picking basically celestial fruit from the tree and allow that to come back with you into your reality here when you wake up. What happens when you are sleeping?

< Clarity 4 > Be aware of how you are feeding yourself, how you are feeding your consciousness. Everything you do in your life… the healing work… the facilitation work… whether you are giving it or getting it… is about feeding yourself. Whether you are the victim or the victimizer…whether you are the creative or the intellectual…whether you are the child or the parent… all of it is feeding you one way or the other, creating your reality. So, when you are ready to change your reality, when you are ready to change consciousness, you have to be aware of how you are feeding it in the first place, how you are sustaining yourself.

< Clarity 4 > Some of them had actually dabbled in what you call dark or evil energies, as you know. They had fed themselves that way; that is another type of food, another way of giving yourself energy. Some of them did it by being what we would call the spiritual social workers, always having to counsel others, always having to be there, the listener, the counselor. You know the type. You are the type, many of you (some laughter). You always are the ones your friends can come to. Well, they're feeding off of you for one. But, you're feeding off of them.

< Clarity 4 > Health issues, health… you feed yourself through health. You thought that health was the byproduct of how you fed. But, you feed yourself through your health and health issues. If you are constantly sick, constantly getting colds or the latest and most fashionable disease, you are feeding yourself with that energy somehow or the other, just as much as if you are always healthy. It is feeding you.

< Clarity 4 > There is always energy input into your reality base. And, it creates consciousness that creates your true experiences in life. How are you feeding yourself, Shaumbra? Sitting by a fire at night, just relaxing, drinking a glass of wine is more than sitting by a fire drinking a glass of wine. There is a feeding that's going on, energy coming into your consciousness, into your reality, shaping and defining your reality.

< Clarity 4 > It is happening when you are driving down the road. There is a feeding that's going on at that time. What is happening when you're driving down the road? Perhaps, the impatience of needing to get somewhere… perhaps the living by the clock, needing to rush off somewhere… that feeds you as well. Perhaps, you daydream when you're driving down the road. That feeds you. Whatever it is, Shaumbra, look at it. Every aspect of your life, feel it. Feel exactly what's going on.

< Clarity 4 > Conversations you have with others are more than conversations you're having with others. When you join together with friends, loved ones… you go out to dinner… you just have a talk over the phone… you are being fed. They are energy exchanges between you and the others. But, there are also different types of energy coming in from other places, other sources once again helping to define your reality.

< Clarity 4 > Sex… you always like to talk about sex. So, let's discuss it. It's not just about sex. You are feeding yourself somehow. You're bringing energy in, perhaps the energy of love from the other person, perhaps the energy of physical satisfaction. But, there are more; there are other layers and levels, other things that are happening. If you could - and not dishonor your partner - take a moment while you are engaging in love and sex. Take a moment and say, "What is happening here?" Don't tell them that's what you're thinking at the time (some laughter). But, say, "How am I being fed? How is my spirit, how is my reality, my consciousness being fed at that moment?"

< Clarity 4 > Everything you do is about being fed somehow or the other. That's why you are doing it. Perhaps, you are teaching others right now or facilitating others. You are being fed. It is not just about working with them. Somehow you are being fed as well. It's an amazing thing to discover, an amazing thing to become aware of all of the different ways you're being fed. You want to do this without the judgment. You want to do it without determining right or wrong. Embrace every way you're feeding yourself. Love every part of it.

< Clarity 4 > Alcohol and drugs… they can serve you. They can feed you. Oh, it's not just about getting drunk, or taking a trip, being doped up. There is another energy that comes in when you use alcohol or the drugs. It is not just about the high that you get at that time. That is only what you think it is. Something else is happening there. You're feeding yourself somehow. What is it? Is it that you are feeding yourself an escape energy, or perhaps a relaxation energy? Are you feeding yourself a way to expand your consciousness? Or, are you feeding yourself a way to collapse your consciousness, or perhaps deny it? You have to answer that for yourself. We can't answer that for you. But, somehow you're getting fed on it.

< Clarity 4 > Your pets… they're feeding you, not just with love, not just with acceptance. There is another exchange taking place. How is that pet feeding you? Some of this you might not able to figure out in your mind right now. So, just feel the energy. Don't even try to put definition or words to it. Just feel it. "The energy from this beautiful pet is feeding me. I ask myself how." And, then wait for the answer. It will come to you. Oh, it's not that the animal has to serve you and is going through a long and miserable life trying to make you happy.

< Clarity 4 > Some of you get into that low self-esteem energy. And, it's a way to feed yourself. But, my gosh, there is tastier food out there than that! Sometimes you just can't accept that things are just beautiful and wonderful no matter how it is. Perhaps, that pet just would have done anything to come back and be with you in this lifetime, just because it loves you for no other reason. It's not that it was indentured to you. It's not that it had to be with you. It's not its bad karma that it ended up with you one more time. But, some of you feed off that energy of low self-worth. "A dog couldn't have possibly wanted to come back," you say. "It probably had to. It probably felt so bad for me that it had to be here." Well, now you're feeding off an energy of low self-worth, one of Kuthumi's favorite topics. It's just a food, Shaumbra. It is just something that's feeding you.

< Clarity 4 > As you understand what feeds you, you understand why your consciousness is where it's at. Then, when you start questioning the belief systems, you are questioning your reality, your reality that exists all around you. You question, "Why am I in this body? Why does this body have to sleep eight hours at night? Why does this body have to consume certain types of food?" You start questioning the belief systems, even about the law… you see. Now, we are not encouraging you to go out and be lawless. But, we are encouraging you to question why you accept it. Who wrote it?

< Clarity 4 > Who wrote the Bible? There are those who believe that it was written by God. We saw it was written by man. And, it was changed many times over, many times over. It is a wonderful story, but not wonderful enough for me to want to stay in it (audience laughter). I didn't want to be just another character in a book. I wanted to write my own books. So, Shaumbra, there are those who believe it, and the fear energy feeds them. Yes, fear energy feeds you too sometimes, doesn't it? You create fears in your life, and then it feeds you. You think it is hurting you. It is helping you somehow.

< Clarity 4 > How has law, how have rules fed you? How have the rules created by your office… those are some of the silliest rules that we've ever seen created in the work environment. They are designed to limit consciousness - that's all - limit consciousness. Oh, it's not a bad thing. It's a food. Limited consciousness allows a focus that allows everybody to - as you would say - be on the same page. And, it keeps you from going off in different directions. But, belief systems like that can only last for a short period of time because they're not based in a higher consciousness, especially consciousness like you are achieving.

< Clarity 4 > There are so many beliefs about death. Saint Germain has been talking about this, some of the oddest, strangest beliefs about death. And, they are true because what you believe is then what you bring over and experience when you get to our side. And, there is no one, single right answer… other than what you believe is what you get when you get to our side. You will create it. If you believe in hell, you're going to be in hell. If you believe, as Cauldre does, that hell can be fun, hell will be fun (some laughter). You see… there is even a belief system or food behind the word "hell." It's become so much a part of consciousness. You say "hell." You say "Satan." It immediately starts feeding.

< Clarity 4 > What happens as your consciousness expands and your reality starts changing all around you, you begin to feed in a new way. You begin to feed in a new way. And, this is where the most amazing - how to say - drastic results, the most tangible things start happening. You see, you're going to have to spend some time looking at how you feed yourself. And, then you're going to allow your consciousness to change… if you desire.

< Clarity 4 > You're going to find that the feeding of self comes from self. It comes from within, as you would say, that the feeding tube that was always there from the divine to the human… from the divine to the one… the one that was always there… feeding you from the very beginning… sustaining your life… the pure, single breath of spirit that has always fed you. It is always there… going in… going out… going in… going out… predictable… always there… always with you. Then, you can start disconnecting all of those other feeding tubes. They were just temporary. Actually, they were just getting in the way. They were just hindering you.

< Clarity 4 > You'll find that things start truly changing. You feed from within. You don't need it from the outside. Now, you have so many more new and free choices. You're not in bondage. You're not held hostage by any of these external feeding methods. Your consciousness then will start changing very quick. And, your reality will seem so fluid, so open, so malleable by you, the Creator. It's very simple, very simple indeed.

< Clarity 4QA > You probably would assume that even the angels in heaven are taking a look at what feeds them. But, most don't, particularly those beings who have left Earth and who have not gone beyond the Earthbound dimensions. Most of them will never even look at these things, what feeds them. They simply try to jump right back in, coming back to Earth, taking on another lifetime and physical body without the true understanding of what's going on, what's sustaining them and how they're developing and maintaining their consciousness.

< Clarity 4QA > There is a simple principle. Everything, all energies, come in to serve you. It is a very simple principle. So, anything that is happening in your life is bringing in a supporting energy just for you because it loves you so much. It may wear the disguise of anger. It may have the disguise of being drama. It may have the disguise of being happiness and joy, or achieving success. But, underlying all of that is an energy that is just supporting your current consciousness. When you understand these simple principles and can understand how it is coming in to support you in any way, then you can understand how to start working with it.

< Clarity 4QA > It is not a good idea to carry the sins and the burdens and the sufferings of others. Not only is it difficult on your spiritual and biological system but, in a sense, it's not honoring others. If you try to take on everybody else's sickness, thinking that you are the one that will help cure and heal them, but you are just taking on their sickness, you are not honoring the sickness that they gave themselves or could be giving themselves. They are feeding themselves in a way that they are choosing. And, now you are discrediting or dishonoring their reality creation. So, we don't recommend that at all.

< Clarity 5 > There is a belief that you can only express one reality at a time; you can only choose one experience at a time. Some of you are already discovering - the rest of you will discover - you can express multiple probabilities, alternatives, whatever you want to call them simultaneously, to move in and out of those you feel are almost appropriate. It begins with giving yourself permission to be who you are. And, it continues by recognizing what feeds that reality, as we discussed in our Shoud last month.

< Clarity 5 > What is Santa? Well, Santa is real. Perhaps, he doesn't have a physical form that you can touch, although we have known children who actually have… you see… young ones who are open to potentials. Santa doesn't necessarily have a house at the North Pole. He doesn't necessarily have all of these elves working for him. But, yet Santa is as real of an entity as Shaumbra, as real of an entity as Yeshua, for instance. Because humans have brought it into their consciousness, it has been - how to say - fed into their consciousness and then fed out or projected out of their consciousness to other humans. And, pretty soon what was just once an idea, an imagination, a fairytale, now becomes a reality.

< Clarity 5 > When you're looking at all of these things that feed you, now take a look at them from a different perspective. How many of the things that feed you are there because of an old vow or oath? Like we said, we have spoken about this before. We have spoken about how you create a belief system through a vow or an oath that is - how to say - very energized, very strong. And, vows and oaths have a tendency to then go invisible, you see, because you've asked them to. You forget that they were ever there. You forget that you ever vowed something. Then, they become part of your feeding, but you don't even see it or recognize it. Or, perhaps you see it for something else.

< Clarity 5 > So, we talked about what feeds you, meaning how all of these - how your belief system is created, and then how you pull in energies from the outside to help sustain that reality. It's very simple. It doesn't take - how to say - a rocket scientist or a Ph.D. to figure that one out. It is all of these things feeding you in your life… neither good nor bad… they're just feeding. They're helping to create your reality platform. That's all they are doing. That's a blessing no matter what because it's helping to create the reality that you're calling for at some level.

< Clarity 5 > Let's bring it to another level now. How do you feed beyond the physical realms… you see? And, how do you receive from the non-physical realms? How do you connect with the angels and archangels? How do you feed them? You see, "archangel" means archetypical energy, not a souled being. You are putting or feeding your energy into that archetypical being, that archangel. You are helping to create them. Archangel Michael doesn't have a soul. He is part of you. You are helping to create that composite… Archangel Gabriel, the same way. How are you feeding into that?

< Clarity 5 > What we are saying is you are not just locked into this body that you have. You're not defined by this singular bodily expression anymore. All of the other potentials are already inside of you. And, it's only a matter of letting them come out, only a matter of, as we say, looking at how your belief systems feed your reality. And, when you want to change the reality, you change your belief systems. And, then all of these potentials can go to work for you. "Shadow biology" can clear cancer out of the body, if you belief it and if you allow it to happen. The "shadow biology" is in you right now.

< Clarity 6 > So, what else is holding you back from this whole concept of potentials, new potentials brought forth? Well, there are very heavy overlays coming from outside of you, coming from other people - your co-workers, people you meet on the streets. There are particularly heavy overlays from television and the media because they are feeding everyone else. Oh, the media is the greatest feeding mechanism that we possibly know of because it can feed many at one time. It feeds realities and belief systems. And, it supports the manifestation of beliefs all over the world.

< Clarity 8 > Symptoms like unexpected tiredness. It happens because, as you are disconnecting from the old way you were feeding yourself, it has to bring up something new from within you. You're in transition from the old way of getting your energy to the new. So, from time to time you're going to have very unexpected tiredness, when you'd least expect it. You're going to have different sleeping patterns, because as your new crystalline self comes on-line, so to speak, within you, you're not going to need the old patterns of sleeping for eight hours. Everything begins changing. The food that you eat changes because you're fueling yourself in a different way.

< Teacher 2 > It perpetuates itself. This whole thing of giving it away creates up a crazy feeding, an energy feeding scenario. So when you're working with your student, the first thing to understand, the core of all of their problems, the root of all evil for humanity and the reason for darkness on Earth: humans give away their energy balance.

< Teacher 5 > Now sharing is an interesting energy. It doesn't mean giving yourself to others and feeding them. It means mutually enjoying the moment with them. It doesn't mean trying to fix them. It doesn't mean giving everything you have to them. It means enjoying that moment. Being together, sharing an experience. You know, when you share an experience with another human, no matter what it is, that goes on record. You have that in common from here to eternity. You have now a wonderful, beautiful bond between you that can never be taken away, can never be buried or destroyed. It is one way that you get to understand yourself by sharing with the others.

< Teacher 9QA > All Shaumbra have the potential to understand the true magnificence of the sexual energy and to understand that, more than anything, it is just self love. It is not necessarily physical, not even necessarily about what you would term pleasure.

Pleasure - we could do a long dissertation about that - but pleasure ... there's still very old Atlantean implants based on pleasure. It is a trigger. Used inappropriately it can be a method for stealing energy from others, entrapping them, manipulating them and controlling them. So there is always that fine line, that fine balance. You have to answer the question within yourself.

I would give you one hint though. If it is just about sex, whether it is in a physical act with a physical human or in the perception of a physical act with a non-human, I would take another look at it, because there is so much more to sex than the physical. Sex can be enjoyed ... Saint-Germain says he can bring a person to a point of orgasm without it becoming physical or even what you would say is even sexual. It is an energy exchange that is equal and balanced, but more than anything else, has to start at home. It is about self love.

What happens if you are not in a place of self love, when you go out and have physical or even non-physical sexual relations you will find yourself ... you're going to be feeding off of others. You're going to be looking for completion. When you can absolutely love yourself then you will absolutely understand what this whole thing is about energy exchanging and you won't be using terms like "divine prostitute" anymore.

< Master 1 > This totem is also going to help - protect is not the right word, Cauldre - it's going to keep you aware of energies all around you. Yes, there are some very dark energies, very manipulative energies out there on Earth right now, and they're actually intensifying. They actually would like to come in and strike fear in you, because that's the way they feed. They actually like to get your energy in a place where they can manipulate it. These are nonphysical for the most part, but there are physical beings too who are still practicing some of these dark arts. They haven't learned yet that it just works against them. But your totem is going to help keep you aware of energies all around, in the dimensions right around you and the dimensions that extend a long way out.

< (Next) 8 > A lot of sexual energy feeding taking place, going on, and a lot of relationship issues, mostly based on energy feeding. Most relationships in the Old Energy were based on feeding. Really. Relationships were meant to fill the void of your masculine/feminine imbalance or your karmic imbalance or your doubt imbalance or … It doesn't need to be. The greatest relationship in the world is the relationship with yourself. When you have an intimate loving relationship with yourself, then any other relationship can be so beautiful and liberating and joyful and unencumbered. You can actually enjoy life with another human. That is a true gift. And it can be sexually.

< e2012 1> If you're a victim, you're going to be an abuser. Period. If somebody has taken your energy, you're going to sooner or later go out and take theirs, even if you're not conscious of it. It's the way feeding works. Some of you had drama this last week in your lives. There is that kind of a boost for a brief moment. Even though it was drama, it gave you a little feeding, and you're starting to become more aware of it and maybe even feeling a little bit guilty about it. But it reminded you you're alive. It actually revitalized your body and every other part of you for a little bit.

< e2012 2 > I would have to say that most humans are addicted to drama. They really are. You've seen it. They can't live without it. The moment that drama goes out of their life, they get bored. They get uneasy. They get desperate. So they will create something. They will destroy something of their own, or usually something of somebody else's, in order to feed. Now, feeding is just energy that's kind of gotten into motion - kind of a weird motion - and then they take a big bite out of it. They just like being around it. It's stimulating. That's a vampire, somebody who's feeding off of others.

< e2012 6 > Your own personal karma, your aspects that are out there. They have an influence on your physical health. Let’s say you have a very dissociated aspect, a very traumatized aspect. They tend to hang around. Why? First of all, they want something you have that they don’t. A soul. The aspect is a fragment of you, but it doesn’t have a connection with the soul. You do. So these aspects, the, what we call, gray or dark aspects, they hang around, just waiting for the chance to grab that soul. They haven’t figured out where it is or how to get it, but they think if they wait long enough, if you go through enough hell, that they’ll reach in and grab it.

In the meantime, these aspects are hanging around, and grabbing you like claws digging in. Digging in. They’re literally taking energy. This is what keeps … it’s their food. You. You. You’re like a big muffin for them. That’s how they stay focused, connected and present. So if you have a lot of these, you’re going to get real tired. They take that energy. Now, not that you can’t take more somewhere else, but you’re used to being connected in a certain way, receiving a certain amount of energy, so you don’t bring more in, and even if you did, you’d probably just give them more. So you’ve got this kind of interesting, weird balance worked out.

But in the meantime while they’re taking a little energy – no offense here – but while they’re taking a little energy, they could be affecting a vital organ, particularly the kidneys and the liver, taking that energy right out of you. It’s weakening the vital organs. It’s going to compromise your immune system, and no matter how much Spirulina or Echinacea or any of these other things that you take, they’re weakening your immune system.

< e2012 6 > True love will never be found in another person until you find it in yourself. You’ll never have a partnership with anyone else that’s healthy and balanced until you have it with yourself. Then every relationship will be different. They won’t be feeding. They won’t be used to balance your masculine or feminine side or balance whatever. You’ll never select a partner again to complete something within yourself.

< Discovery 5 > I'm going to come to those who are going to go with me, I'm going to come as the Master, but I'm going to require, expect that you come as the Master also. In other words, no “I don't know.” No victims. No energy feeding. No power. So, my dear friends, you have the opportunity – and again, it doesn't matter, this is not about numbers or anything – you have the opportunity to come to this next level. It's going to be, I hope, exhilarating on one hand. It's going to be tougher. I'm going to have no tolerance for those who are still victims, for those who are still thinking about awakening. It's mastery or nothing. Mastery or nothing.