< Clarity 6 > So, what else is holding you back from this whole concept of potentials, new potentials brought forth? Well, there are very heavy overlays coming from outside of you, coming from other people - your co-workers, people you meet on the streets. There are particularly heavy overlays from television and the media because they are feeding everyone else. Oh, the media is the greatest feeding mechanism that we possibly know of because it can feed many at one time. It feeds realities and belief systems. And, it supports the manifestation of beliefs all over the world.

< Clarity 6QA > But what is happened because of the overlays - actually, the conflicting overlays and hypnosis that are taking place, it leaves the smokers who are trying to quit in a dilemma. Plus you add the fact that nicotine, in itself, is perhaps one of the most influential ingredients on Earth. Nicotine can lead you to believe anything - can reinforce belief systems very easily. It can be used to reinforce a belief system that smoking is bad or addictive. So when this is fed to you through media or through other people, even through quote/unquote "scientific studies" that smoking is addictive and it's bad, the nicotine responds to that, because it is a belief system that you at least, in part, hold for yourself. So now, you're deep in the trap of this whole thing of smoking.

< Returning 9 > Forget about the news because it focuses on some of the dramatic parts, the feeding parts. The news media, in my opinion in this Tobias Editorial, have become feeders - unfortunately. The sexual energy virus or whatever you care to call it has infiltrated into this, because it's a banquet for feeding for the sexual energy virus, and it's gone right into the media.

< (Next) 10 > They (aliens) are not stupid. They're not very conscious, but consciousness and intelligence have nothing to do with each other. These beings are very well trained, you could say. They are very focused in their work, and they don't come close to Earth. They don't come here in little metal ships. Get over that one. They don't do alien probes up your … nostrils (laughter) … or other places. But they do know where to manipulate and influence. Oh, and it comes in sometimes very obvious places, sometimes what might surprise you. They'll influence things like media, because media has a direct wire into mass consciousness, into the brains of humans. They will work on drama.

< (Next) 10 > Now, don't blame it on the journalists. Don't blame it on the media company. Blame it on humans who don't feel or read between the lines. They work on, dare I say, churches and religions and, my dear friends, spiritual organizations. They're the easiest of all. I go on record. They are the easiest of all. Why? Because most spiritual groups - and I'll say this loud - are simply extensions of religions. They use these type of groups - self-improvement, self-development to manipulate energies. And they're at work right now.

< (Next) 10 > There is everything to behold right now - everything, no excuses - to do what you want to do. To breathe in this energy even if there are crazy headlines, even if there are weird events going on, even, especially even - remember this, underline it, boldface it, put it in my next video - even if little metal ships arrive on Earth. That is not Jesus or the savior or anyone else coming; they are ones that are interfering. They're not here to do you any good.

< e2012 4 > There is an unrest around the world, and there should be. There should be the fall of any walls that suppress human angels, whether it's a church or a school, whether it's businesses, whether it's anything. It doesn't have to be violent. It actually can be done easier with what you would call love or compassion than with all this anger, but they're using some crude methods. It's called media. That's all it is. It's a manipulation of the media, and the media manipulating them. But it's okay, because it's pointing out some of the flaws in the old systems – financial systems, government systems.