< Clarity 4 > Some of you feed yourself on work. You work very, very hard. You work long hours. You're always working. You justify it. You say, "But I have to. I have to work. There is so much to do." We say that you are just feeding yourself. You like that work energy. You like bringing it into your life. It's serving a purpose. What is it? What is that purpose? Now, be mindful here. It's not just about that you have some goals to achieve. It's not just about that you have a limited number of years, or that you're supporting family members and you have to work so hard. Those are all the surface level issues and reasons. There are some bigger reasons. How is it feeding you? What energy is that hard, hard work giving you? What is it doing to sustain your spirit and your being?

< Returning 4 > "What kind of work should I be doing?" And the answer to that is really quite simple - "What you want to be doing," but we recommend doing it on your own. You're moving out of a time of working for other companies. Part of what is really taking your energy away and that of the people immediately around you is that working for a company is really draining you. How can you be a sovereign being beholden to another company?

It's different when you are an integral part of that company, one of its top leaders or one of its founders. But when you are just in there hanging on to survive, it's going to wear you out at every level. It's also going to limit your ability for abundance. You'll find that although it's frightening moving off into your own venture for some of you, it is a lot more rewarding, a lot of more potential for abundance, and it is also a lot more satisfying.

So our answer to that is work for yourself. Create your own company that's your passion, that gives you a reason to be here, because the longer you continue working for those other companies, the more it's going to wear you down.

< Returning 6QA > I want you to look at many others who sit in this room who have made that leap, sometimes with a lot of struggling and screaming. But they've made that leap. And they will tell you from their own experience that it was frightening, and it was exhilarating. It was all or nothing. But it's so liberating. And how long have I told you - we talk so often - how long have I said in the New Energy, sooner or later you have to leave that job of working for somebody else, working for the man, 9 to 5, or whatever the songs are.

< Returning 6QA > The work that you're doing in the other realities has to do with integration, similar to Aspectology, but working with beings in other realms who are very, very shattered, which you're very good at. Helping bring back the pieces. This is, in itself, tiring work, even without having to have a physical body.

< Master 3 > You are going to end up working for yourself or at least doing something you absolutely love. But if you're in that job and that cycle … I can't even believe that it still exists on Earth today, and it's actually going to get worse. The system of hourly enslavement, working for somebody else, working for 'the man,' the paycheck, and sit… Dear lord, if you sit in a cubicle, go in with a sledgehammer on Monday, knock it down. (laughter) And then get a good lawyer and go to court and say, "That was inhumane to put anybody in a cubicle," and then sue for a lot of money and you'll probably win. Either that or you'll just have a good time doing it. But it's all wrong. It's all wrong.