< New Earth 2 > Each of you has chosen a path to be at the forefront of transmutations of energies. This lifetime is not about your job or your prestige or your finances. None of those, as you know, truly matter. It is about the transmutation work that you are doing on the inside. Each day you get up and feel that there are challenges, emotional challenges in front of you, but yet you walk through them. You walk through fear and you change old feelings. That is what it is about. That is the path that you have chosen.

< New Earth 5 > They (your past life aspects) have designated you - the human in this lifetime - to be the "ascendee" for all of them, to be the "healee" for all of them. For as you heal and as you ascend, you rewrite the history of every past life you have had. You literally, my friends, change the outcome of those past lives. It is like taking the script of a movie - a movie that ends tragically, that ends in tears and destruction, that ends in anger and hatred - and rewriting the last page to end the history of that past life, with understanding and compassion and insight into the balance of the light and the dark. In this lifetime your journey has not been what you think it has been. It has not been about the jobs, even necessarily about the people that you have known. The journey has been about healing the past, about rewriting your own history.

< Ascension 11QA > With your job, or lack thereof… you are trying to hang on to the Old. But, dear friends, let go so that you CAN go into the New, so that your divinity - and everyone of you here, everyone of you who is touched by this message has a divinity, make that very certain. No misunderstandings about it… none of you was missed in the divinity department. You all have it. You've been stuck in things because you've been wondering, wondering if you are truly ready, if you are truly worthy to have that final letting go of the Old.

< NewEnergy 3 > Your job… it's not the work you do when you get up in the morning, and you go to some office. That's not your job.

You are energy movers and energy holders. You are the ones who are helping consciousness to expand. You are the ones going through all of these things in your body, and your mind, and your spirit - all of these changes and transformations - going through them very rapidly. You're the ones that are blazing the trail for the others.

While you are creating and moving New Energies, you are also holding energies. That is why so many of you have been moved to different geographic areas. You have a type of energy quotient within you, a type of bright light so to speak, that is needed in certain geographic areas to maintain a balance and to provide a new potential for that area.

Your job isn't about how you earn a paycheck. Your job is to break through Old paradigms. And there are so many Old paradigms right now. We need you. We need all of you to be the ones who are challenging the Old ways, moving into the New, but yet maintaining a balance through the whole process.

< NewEnergy 3 > You ask us all the time about your jobs. "Tobias, when am I going to get a job that's meaningful?" Look at what you are doing. You're helping to change and to expand reality. You are helping to move to this point of quantum leap of consciousness that makes a whole New type of energy available.

< Embodiment 9QA > Indeed… and we brought up the issue of stepping out of mass consciousness to give all of Shaumbra a taste of what mass consciousness is truly like. When you agree to step out of this, there are still many things that will try to hold you back in, in particular, your own belief systems. You have been having your own challenges within yourself about where abundance comes from and about jobs. And, we do want to clarify the record - we never said you should leave the job. We simply said that there are new types of jobs. You don't have to hold an Old Energy way of manifesting.

Abundance is strictly a set of belief systems. Abundance in your own life is also about allowing yourself to have it in. It's about stepping out of your limitations, as Adamus said today. Some of you think that because you are spiritual that alone will bring the abundance in. You have to understand that it still - how to say - takes a type of energy moving on your part. As we told a group a number of years ago, abundance begins when you begin. Abundance is sitting there waiting for you in your life. You don't have to work in the Old Energy way to achieve it. As a matter of fact, it's really quite simple. It is waiting for you right now.

But, now we put the question back on you - What do you want to do? What do you want to… how do you want to move energy to have energy then come and move back with you? That is how abundance works. When you begin a process, everything around you responds accordingly. So, we are going to ask you to begin anything… to do anything… not feel trapped or stuck anymore… but to begin any movement… and to understand that even if it is not - how to say - the correct movement, you will adjust and correct yourself accordingly. There is absolutely nothing that is limiting abundance from coming into your life. It is there. It is ready for you.

< Embodiment 10QA > But, you see so many things every day in your life all around you that will try to tell you otherwise, that will try to say that you are less than God also, you are less than capable of walking out on your job and having an abundant life.

So, yes, indeed you do feel trapped. And, you do feel stuck. You can feel how close you are to this freedom. But, yet you still feel that all of the doors are shut. You still feel it's not quite there… so a very frustrating time. And, it is easier to work through this than what you have built up in your mind and your belief systems. It is as easy as taking off the controls, letting them go.

They (controls for yourself) don't really want to be there anymore. They weren't put there for any negative purpose. They weren't put there by alien beings, or they actually weren't even put there by your true biological parents. It was a series of energetic maneuvers that had to be done by you and by humanity to create this beautiful experience (living in a biology on earth). So, now you, God, can begin releasing the controls.

< Embodiment 11 > Shaumbra, so many of you lately have been experiencing this whole - how to say - phenomena of being ejected from the duality world, from your jobs and from your families and these other things, being popped out of them because your energy is no longer compatible in those environments. But, you are creating new environments for yourself. It's a bit scary sometimes, letting go of all of the old ways. But, you are creating a new environment of synchronistic living for yourself. You had to be ejected from the old way so that you could discover the new. You could discover that it is already there.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed… again, as a Creator, a dynamic Creator, you can leave whenever you choose. Simply don't let yourself get fenced in by again belief systems or overlays, the overlay that you're not going to have the money, that it will not be there for you. If you truly let that job go in your heart, and take away the issue of money and abundance… let it go… so pure and so trusting… let it go. You actually don't need to leave the job. It will leave you and something else will be there that will make you wonder why you didn't leave a long time ago.

So, energetically let the job go. Bless it. Thank it for serving you. Thank it you for being there in your life. Let it go. Release it. Now, that doesn't mean you have to walk in and quit or hand in your resignation. You are resigning in your heart. Let it go. And, then watch how all of the energies change because you have let it go with no fear. You're not worried about the money because you still have the money coming in. But, you've let it go. Now, that sets up all of the dynamics for new things to come in, new opportunities, and new things that you can't even imagine about today. That is the wonderful way of the synchronistic living.

< Clarity 1 > For those of you in your jobs who are wondering about what to do, and you ask so often, "Dear Spirit, what should I do about my job? I'm so unclear." Breathe in. Go back to your root. Oh, stop trying to evaluate why that workplace is doing what it does. Go back to your root. Go back to your core energy. You brought that (bubble of potential) to you somehow or the other. And, you can get back to its simple basic understanding of why it's there. Then, you can determine whether you should leave or not.

< Clarity 3 > You have so many of your beautiful creations right outside the doorway of the Earthly realms. You're afraid perhaps it won't pay the bills. "But, I have to keep my regular job so I can pay my bills." Once again, remember Edgar Cayce. Talk to other Shaumbra also. It is becoming a very common occurrence for Shaumbra to become highly unemployed. Or, as Cauldre likes to call it - they are self-unemployed. They have gone beyond the regular belief systems for earning money. They have taken a big step across a very big chasm. And, what has happened? Nearly all of them are finding the abundance flows in much easier and much grander than before. They don't quite understand how it's all working. But, they know it's there.

< Clarity 3 > So many of you use your human job as an excuse. "But, I have to pay the bills. I have to feed my family." What a burden you are putting on your family! You are using them as an excuse. It is time to move beyond that. It is time to open the doors, begin doing your work. Nobody said you had to quit your job to begin. That was your belief system that was screwing it up.

< Clarity 3 > We know every Shaumbra here and Edgar Cayce walking around the room and talking to everyone who is listening in today has been working in their laboratories. That is one of the reasons you're a bit weary. You've been working in the outer realms, playing with energies and now ready to bring them in. Perhaps, it is an invention. You say, "But I need the money first." Think again… old belief systems. You need the invention first. The money will show up. It comes to you.

< Clarity 4QA > And, I make a very broad and general statement to all Shaumbra - sooner or later you're going to go out on your own. You are not meant to be employed by others. You're meant to be actively self-unemployed (audience laughter). You are meant to create your own. Yes, perhaps, you will have some partners. But, in a sense, it is still your creation. As long as you are working for others, you're working for industry or government or others, you are limiting your ability. Now, you have been there for a reason. It has fed you, and you have fed it for a reason. But, for the ultimate freedom and the ultimate expression of your Shaumbra energies, you will want to go out on your own.

< Clarity 6 > There is nothing, absolutely nothing, other than consciousness overlay, that says time is fixed. But, you have bought into it. You said that "I have to be to work at a certain time." Well, first of all, you should quit your jobs. Then, you wouldn't have that problem (some laughter), as we have said over and over, Shaumbra. Ultimately, you want to become self-employed, actively self-unemployed, if you want to put it precisely.

< Clarity 6 > You see... you ask for that new job. But, you want us to guarantee that you're going to get it before you leave the old one. Ah… ah, dear Shaumbra, that is a chasm you must cross over. You must in your own heart lovingly and fully release what you are ready to release. And, if you're not ready to do it, hang onto it. If it still serves you, hang onto it. But, when you're ready to let go, let go completely and see what happens.

< Clarity 7 > So you cut yourself off. You cut yourself off so you would have to go inside and begin looking. You would have to explore yourself. In the same token, along those same lines, you've cut yourself off energetically in this life from things that you knew didn't serve you anymore. You cut yourself off from families, because it's been difficult to an extent. You've cut yourself off from jobs and businesses and lovers. Not because you did anything wrong, not because you didn't deserve it or because you were abnormal. You have cut those things off so you continually, working together with your soul based energy, have to go in and in and in - the Self discovery.

< Clarity 7QA > When you're connected to the Field, you are indeed connected to mass consciousness, angelic consciousness, to everything. By disconnecting, by getting off that feeding, you learn how to go inside and awaken those things within you that give you total freedom and total independence. It doesn't mean that you will never have loved ones, never share with other people, never have groups that you associate - it means that you're going to be doing it in a different and an independent way. Instead of feeding off of your job... which by the way, that's going to have to go sooner or later. Instead of feeding off of your family and your mates, instead of feeding off of mass consciousness, you become energy independent. Sovereign. Complete unto yourself.

< Clarity 8 > We said to Shaumbra all over the world that sooner or later you're going to leave your jobs where you are employed by other people or corporations. You're going to disconnect from those. What a wonderful example to show someone: You don't have to work for something else, you just be for yourself. Do what you choose to do. You can break out of some of the patterns of working a certain number of hours, going to a certain number of meetings, performing certain routine or mundane tasks. You can break out of that. It is not always easy to do because there's great comfort and security in staying in those jobs. At least you know what to expect each day. When you break out of that, you're into the unknown but also into the true joy. It's also where you're the true example, the teacher to others.

< Clarity 8 > Your relationships and your connections with other people change, again. They've changed before but they change yet again. The way you employ yourself... the work that you do, even how you get paid... starts to change. You're used to very old energy ways of getting paid; for instance, by the hour. What should be by the creative expansion of what you do, not by the hour. The symptoms for this disconnection go on and on and on. They're very similar to the original Shaumbra symptoms - the awakening symptoms - but there are some differences. Yes, different body aches and pains now, so often in the legs. Where before you were feeling it in the shoulders and back, now you're starting to feel certain aching in the legs. It is because the energy is running in and through you differently now.

< Clarity 8 > Your idea... based on a general desire... your idea now starts to come into manifestation. The idea has a certain energy characteristic to it and it will attract the appropriate energies. If your idea is to write a book, now you're going to find that you are automatically - just like a magnet - you are attracting energies in. Energies even from our side, entities who will support you during the writing. We're not going to write the words for you but we're going to help you to keep the ideas flowing. You're going to perhaps attract people who are going to support you financially in this, or perhaps you're going to attract a type of job, or lack of a job, that allows you the space to write.

< Clarity 10QA > We're not saying make a particular choice about what job you want or what work you want to do because your choice may be to not work at all. And who's to say that you have to work at all. That is an old overlay and belief system that you have to have a job to survive. It is one of the greatest - how to say - forms of mass hypnosis that we see today. You don't have to work at all.

< Clarity 11 > Now we don't want to - how to say - be trapped in the old definition of teacher, because it has very different connotations in the New Energy. But your work is going to be shifting, your job, everything is going to be shifting. You're going to have all the resources and the tools coming in for you so stop worrying about it. Stop trying to set up your tools or your - how to say - your energy resources in advance. They are going to occur in the moment - in the moment - and they are going to be all yours and no one can take it away.

< Clarity 11QA > Most jobs are from the Old Energy. They were kind of a type of holding pattern for you. They are a way of just existing while this New Energy came into being and while we were going through our discussions about preparation for being a teacher.

So the best thing with any of you who have jobs is to let them go! And what we mean by that is: energetically disconnect. Even imagine yourself just letting it go, letting it float off like a balloon filled with helium. That doesn't mean that you have to quit. It doesn't mean that you're going to be fired. It means that you're releasing your dependency on it so that a different type of - how to say - passion can come into place. And when you release that old job and the old way of getting a paycheck, you're going to be surprised at the type of - how to say - new... we don't want to say the word "work," but the new opportunities that come into your life.

So many humans - and Shaumbra - are still dependent on a job. We have said this to so many before: when we get into this true teaching, you're going to find that it's very difficult to work for another company. It's going to be very important for you to be doing your own type of work. So let the job go. It is a wonderful thing.

< Teacher 9 > Take a look at your own personal life, your job situation. Look at the compromises you make there, and why are you compromising? I've told you before and I'm going to tell you again - sooner or later, Shaumbra, you're going to have to work for yourself. Sooner or later.

< Master 3 > You experienced certain things in the past - you got fired from a job, for instance. That's a good thing. Tobias had mentioned it and I will reinforce it. Sooner or later, dear friends, you're going to have to get out of that heavy mass consciousness grid of enslavement - and I call it that openly. It's modern day slavery. Please. Please - they tell you you're free, but you're not. You know it. They say, "Oh, you can do anything you want." Try doing it just once. You're not free. It's slavery and we'll play with that also. We're going to get over that.

< Master 3 > You are going to end up working for yourself or at least doing something you absolutely love. But if you're in that job and that cycle … I can't even believe that it still exists on Earth today, and it's actually going to get worse. The system of hourly enslavement, working for somebody else, working for 'the man,' the paycheck, and sit… Dear lord, if you sit in a cubicle, go in with a sledgehammer on Monday, knock it down. (laughter) And then get a good lawyer and go to court and say, "That was inhumane to put anybody in a cubicle," and then sue for a lot of money and you'll probably win. Either that or you'll just have a good time doing it. But it's all wrong. It's all wrong.

< (Next) 3 > And I didn't ask the question what job do you want. Maybe you don't want a job. You know, you can survive without a job. You really can. Ask Aandrah, ask On -Norma, Garret. Ask so many of the others who aren't in the old world, old consciousness type of job. You can survive outside of that. Absolutely. That's what we call being a sovereign being.

< (Next) 7 > But hardly you could call it a developed country anywhere if people still have to go to a job, if they have to derive their income by going to a job at a prescribed time. Now, many of you here have become jobless. In other words, you've created your own jobs. Now you are free. You work hard, but it is your passion and your choice. So as long as there is still this structure, there's really not freedom.

< Discovery 3 > If I sound like a broken record is because a lot of Shaumbra do. Oh, eh … but there is this mentally, “Geez, I have to have a job to make money.” Who invented that? That’s the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard in my whole life. Actually, having a job will limit your abundance. Yeah. That’s not saying to park your Shaumbra butt on the sofa, but you don’t have to work for somebody else. As a matter of fact, I think it was Tobias that said you need to work for yourself.