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Aspects of you has already worked out all of other potentials.
Be in the Now
and integrate them, and everything you need will come to you;

< New Earth 12 > Recognize what brought you here to this place on this mountain on this night. It was not curiosity. It was synchronicity. It was a calling from Home that brought you here. Each of you knows that the time is now to begin your new life, your new way, your new path. That is what has brought you here.

< New Earth 13QA > It is truly you that is taking care of the details at all levels. Then the appropriate things will be brought to your very doorstep. You will notice an increase in synchronicity as you work with the energy of your new house. You will notice many things calling for your attention. You will notice that when you voice intent and the appropriate person or thing is brought to you, but you tend to overlook it, it will tap you on the shoulder to get your attention. It will continue to do so until you pay attention. It is to understand that you are indeed setting intent and your True Self is indeed taking care of the details. You do not need to worry about the details in your intellectual mind.

< New Earth 14 > Our third truth on this day is one that may be difficult for you to understand, but there are some here that are truly beginning to grasp the concept. Dear friends, God and your angels and all who are on this side - we cannot do it for you. We hear your prayers. We hear you asking for help. We hear you asking for us to change situations in your life. The enlightened mind, the enlightened heart understands that we cannot do it for you. When something happens in your life now that is synchronistic… when something happens at the appropriate moment or the appropriate time, we thank you for thanking us, but, my friends, you should be thanking yourself for all that happens in your life.

< DivineHuman 4 > Be in the Now, and the road moves through you. We know you are still grappling with this, trying to understand what this means. But, you are coming to the understanding. As you work with it, you will begin to understand the magic. Indeed, we use the term magic, the synchronicity. When you are fully present in the Now, breathing and feeling, you can attract all of the appropriate things to you. You are like a magnet. Everything will come to you in the moment. All of the resources. All of the tools. And all of the work of service that you will do will come to you.

< DivineHuman 10QA > These are all synchronicities that will come more and more into your life. It will just be there. When you try to manipulate it or control it through your mind, it will not. As a matter of fact, it will be counterproductive. And, it will become even more difficult.

What we have done is tried to move all of the Old ways out, have you in a totally open and pure space to watch the synchronicities naturally come in without forcing or without trying to control. Once you begin to see how all of the synchronicities occur, how everything is just there for you, then we will be to go into more details of how now you can do this on a much more proactive conscious level. It has been our concern, and in a sense, your concern, that if you tried to do this New Energy synchronicity, but yet with an Old Energy mindset, that it would cause so much difficulty and pain.

So, for all of Shaumbra right now, for all of Shaumbra, it is about just watching how everything comes to you. Don't try to limit it. Don't try to define it. Just let it come in. We will get into these details in future discussions with you. But, now just watch how everything arrives in your life.

< DivineHuman 11 > When you allow yourself to be relaxed and in the moment and hear with such wonderful energies (music), you open a phenomenal dynamic energy that allows everything appropriate to come into your life. We have stated this over and over again. We know for so many of you it is a difficult concept. But, it will come to you. Release the expectations of what you thought should be in your life. Open your heart and feel all of the potential. It comes to you.

< NewEnergy 9 > This is where all of these things you call "synchronicity" start happening. All of the pieces start coming together. The flow happens in your life. It comes to you… everything. The present in the Now moment comes to you. It is so different than the way you have lived before and the way other humans are living right now (new way of living). It will take a little bit of work. Oh, let's not call it work. It will take a little bit of using the energy, of applying the energy. What you will find is when you make it complex - and you have rituals and techniques and methods - it will go away. When you keep it at its finest simplicity is when it can have the truest freedom. It can have the highest Truth in your reality. It is SO simple, Shaumbra!

< Embodiment 3QA > You've all experienced some moments in your life where you are in such a place of joy and passion and with melded energies. You are doing something that you absolutely enjoyed, and everything just flowed. You know the feeling - it just came together. It was synchronistic. It was flowing. Everything worked together. It was a point of joy and creation. You know what that feels like. As you release the Old story… as you let go of the worry about tomorrow… and all of these are the things we talk to you about - that can be in your life every moment. Every moment can have that blended, melded flow of spirit and human and self with all of the answers being right there.

< Embodiment 10 > What this all leads to, Shaumbra - the release of controls, letting go of your story, blessing every part of you and letting the energies become unstructured, become free and open - what this leads to is something that you're all going to be talking about and writing about and teaching to others. It's called the "synchronistic life," the "Shaumbra synchronistic life." What is that? It is when you have no more control in your mind. It's coming from your divine inner knowingness where you're not trying to control your life. You are simply living it. The synchronistic life is when everything truly comes to you, every energy you ever need.

< Embodiment 10 > We have talked about this before. It has been a concept. And, now it is time to put that into reality. Everything is suddenly there. You don't have to control it into reality. It appears out of service to you. The synchronistic life is there when every resource and tool and bit of energy is there at the appropriate time, perhaps not before, but always at the appropriate time. The people… the coincidences… everything becomes synchronistic. It just is. It defies even explanation and certainly defies analysis. It is beyond control and now into flow. The synchronistic life is where everything happens so appropriately, gracefully and divinely in the moment, where the fears of tomorrow are gone and the remorses of the past are released. The synchronistic life is where everything simply appears to you almost out of thin air.

< Embodiment 10 > The synchronistic life, Shaumbra, is when the answer is there before the question is ever asked. That is true synchronicity. And, that is what some of you are beginning to experience, and all of you will experience. It is when it is there before the need ever, ever comes about. That is the synchronistic life. We will speak more about this in our next gathering of Shaumbra. But, for a moment take off the controls. Feel the energy of the synchronistic life… your life… without controls… without limitations… where everything is in a flow. It is flowing from you. It is not being set up by the others. It is your flow. It is your divinity, truly brought to Earth, living on Earth.

< Embodiment 10QA > But, you see so many things every day in your life all around you that will try to tell you otherwise, that will try to say that you are less than God also, you are less than capable of walking out on your job and having an abundant life.

So, yes, indeed you do feel trapped. And, you do feel stuck. You can feel how close you are to this freedom. But, yet you still feel that all of the doors are shut. You still feel it's not quite there… so a very frustrating time. And, it is easier to work through this than what you have built up in your mind and your belief systems. It is as easy as taking off the controls, letting them go.

They (controls for yourself) don't really want to be there anymore. They weren't put there for any negative purpose. They weren't put there by alien beings, or they actually weren't even put there by your true biological parents. It was a series of energetic maneuvers that had to be done by you and by humanity to create this beautiful experience (living in a biology on earth). So, now you, God, can begin releasing the controls.

< Embodiment 11 > But, once he (Luke) did, once he felt "the force" (divinity) and allowed it to race through him, allowed his mind to handle the things it was supposed to, but allowed "the force" to flow through, there was that golden feeling when he first did that. There was that feeling of euphoria. There was that feeling of remembrance when he connected once again with "the force." And, then it flowed. He knew what to do before he had to do it. He knew what his opponent was going to do even before his opponent did it. It was just there. It flowed.

Shaumbra, many of you have already experienced that. You have experienced that, would we call the divine knowing, that golden moment that transcends the normal state of human consciousness. That's the cosmic consciousness. It is the golden moment where you just know. You can't explain it to anyone. You can't even explain it yourself. You just know.

That is that moment when you let go of the controls… sometimes because you have to. Luke had to let go of the controls. He knew that he was out-maneuvered by his opponent. He knew that it was going to be certain death if he continued using his old warrior ways, his controlled warrior ways. He didn't have a choice. He had to let go.

< Embodiment 11 > Control limits the ability for energy to expand in you. You have been controlling your energy for every moment of this lifetime. You have been the potter, shaping your story. You have shaped it well. You've cleaned off many of the rough surfaces. You've reshaped it at times to fit your new consciousness. But, in a sense, it is still controlled. It is still formed into a very specified vessel. It is called your story. Now, it is time to take those controls off of your story and watch what happens in your life. Watch what new synchronicities come to you. It is time to have this radiance of energy take place.

< Embodiment 11 > Now, what comes back to you is a free-flowing energy that absolutely serves you, absolutely serves every need and desire that you have. It comes back to you as clear and as pure as what you allowed to go out from you. It's the very nature of Creator-ship - taking raw potential, bringing it into energy form, creating with it, and giving it life. Where so many have run into difficulties is that you are beginning to understand the nature of energy and the nature of Creator-ship, but you are still limiting your creations. You are not allowing them their expression. You are trying to limit and restrict and to hold ownership over them. Let them go, Shaumbra. Let them go. Watch how this whole new flow occurs. Watch how the synchronicities become the way of life, rather than the exception of life.

< Embodiment 11 > So, we know there are many times when you are trying to consciously create that you run into these roadblocks and these problems. But, with this integration and melding you will begin to make more sense out of all of this. You take off the controls. You radiate your energy. You give blessing to your creations. And, they come to life. The energy comes back to serve you. The energy comes back to serve you in grand new ways. It is called "the synchronistic life."

< Embodiment 11 > In a sense, you could say that in the synchronistic life there are no needs. Everything is already there. You don't have to struggle with it. You don't have to arm-wrestle with life anymore. It is just there. In a sense, in the synchronistic life there is no forced creation. You don't need to even define what you need. You don't need to ever worry about this thing you call abundance or health or any of it. It is just there. In the synchronistic life there are no needs because everything has already been met. There is a flow that comes into you that you can simply reach in and take out what you need in that moment.

< Embodiment 11 > In the synchronistic life, as we have said before, the answers are there before the questions are asked. In the synchronistic life there is a constant ongoing reunion with your divinity and with Spirit. You don't to try to force it. You don't have to try to will it. It is just there. It just flows. To get to the synchronistic life, Shaumbra - it is not that far away - to get to it, it is simply a matter of letting go of the controls. It happens naturally. We have said a long time ago - the best thing to do, the best thing you can do is just get out of your way. The controls are in your way. The controls are providing a type of veil or barrier, a separation between you and divine, between you and synchronicity.

< Embodiment 11 > Let down the controls and the fears and the belief systems. Let that all go. The synchronistic life then begins to immediately connect, take place in your life. It is all there. It is difficult to describe because it is not a formula. It is just a way of being. In the synchronistic life there is that flow. Yes, you do; you're still living in the human reality. You are still going to have to get up in the morning, if you choose. You still have to participate in the material world. But, it becomes so much easier. There's not the stress. There's not the push. There is not the mental battling.

< Embodiment 11 > You see, when it's already there, how could there possibly be a need? The right place to live, the right vehicle for you is already going to be there. The need is satisfied before you even know it. That is flow! That is synchronicity! This is not some type of hand-waving magic. This is not some type of psychic activity. It is grace, divine grace that you bring into your life.

< Embodiment 11 > The synchronistic life is one that others will not understand for quite some time. The ones who are still in the duality world… they will not understand at all. They will envy it. They will envy you to the point of perhaps scorning you, rejecting you, or possibly trying to harm you, to find the secret, the elixir. They want it. They want it so very bad, but they don't understand what's truly in it. They want to make their old story just a little bigger and better story. They want to be a superhuman, rather than a divine human. And, there's a huge difference. They want superpowers instead of divine beingness. They want to create and control, rather than creating and blessing and allowing, allowing your creations their own beingness.

< Embodiment 11 > Shaumbra, so many of you lately have been experiencing this whole - how to say - phenomena of being ejected from the duality world, from your jobs and from your families and these other things, being popped out of them because your energy is no longer compatible in those environments. But, you are creating new environments for yourself. It's a bit scary sometimes, letting go of all of the old ways. But, you are creating a new environment of synchronistic living for yourself. You had to be ejected from the old way so that you could discover the new. You could discover that it is already there.

< Embodiment 11 > So, we do this quite simply through the breath. Take the breath in and allow yourself to take that leap of trust, even letting the fears go, the worries go. When we say letting it go, it doesn't mean trying to block them out. Just let them go. Walk right through them. This is about the knowingness that you are so divine. You are such a blessed Creator that you can live here on Earth in this human condition. You can be a Creator of New Energies, of new concepts. You can grant them beingness. You can grant them their own existence and that everything then comes back to you, graceful, pure.

< Embodiment 11 > Being in this pure moment together like this without expectation, literally allows you to spiral and to transform into a new level of living, a level that you could not comprehend in your Old Energy human mind. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to know details, structures, controls. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to have everything defined through the brain. You transcend that. Let us just sit here in this moment, not trying to do anything, not trying to force anything. As you do this in this sacred state of being, the radiance, your radiance, expands. Your divine comes in and melds with your human. Everything starts expanding, glowing, radiating.

< Embodiment 11 > You're the flame. You are creating. You bless your radiance. You bless your energies that are going out with livingness. Then, the flip, or the turn, the transmutation - whatever you want to call it - occurs as the flame just radiates, just glows, just rejoices in creation. Then, everything comes back to you. That is the synchronistic life. You never have to define it. You never have to structure it. You never have to worry about it. It is that simple.

< Embodiment 11QA > We give you a bit of riddle, a bit of an understanding here about who you are, who Spirit is. You see… Spirit was… and now is… and isloves… and expands… loves to find joy in creation. Yet, in creation Spirit finds that everything is, and it always was (All that was). That will give you something to reflect on for a period of time. It is the basic understanding of Spirit and of creation. You see… Spirit is this dynamic energy that always was. It changed into "is" when it wanted to find out more of itself and to express itself through creation. But, it found creation simply is. Everything is there, and it always was there… you see. And, that is where you are at right now, Shaumbra. The synchronistic life: it already is, and it always was. It is allowing yourself to be the radiant Creator… always is… and always was.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed… again, as a Creator, a dynamic Creator, you can leave whenever you choose. Simply don't let yourself get fenced in by again belief systems or overlays, the overlay that you're not going to have the money, that it will not be there for you. If you truly let that job go in your heart, and take away the issue of money and abundance… let it go… so pure and so trusting… let it go. You actually don't need to leave the job. It will leave you and something else will be there that will make you wonder why you didn't leave a long time ago.

So, energetically let the job go. Bless it. Thank it for serving you. Thank it you for being there in your life. Let it go. Release it. Now, that doesn't mean you have to walk in and quit or hand in your resignation. You are resigning in your heart. Let it go. And, then watch how all of the energies change because you have let it go with no fear. You're not worried about the money because you still have the money coming in. But, you've let it go. Now, that sets up all of the dynamics for new things to come in, new opportunities, and new things that you can't even imagine about today. That is the wonderful way of the synchronistic living.

< Embodiment 12 > The synchronistic life is when you open up… when you embody… when you love yourself… when you grant yourself freedom… when you get out of the worrisome way of thinking and go into the New Energy way of being… everything is synchronistic. It does happen in that moment. All of the events just seem to flow in. Literally, the answers are there before the question is ever asked. That is actually the true and natural way of the New Energy. The answers are there before the question is asked. That is the way it is supposed to be. How it got out of polarity we're not quite sure. It is time to return to that state of being where all of your needs are there before you even know you that you need them. Well, then it truly eliminates the need for need.

< Embodiment 12 > But, now in the New Energy, God (all that is/all things) is simply expression (of neutral poential/source). It doesn't need power. It doesn't even need the old negative and positive. Imagine and feel for a moment, existing and creating in your world that doesn't need to activate negative and positive. It doesn't need the Old Energy balances. It operates in a New Energy type of expression. You see, expression and force, or power, are two different things. We know we are dealing with semantics here. And, the English language sometimes is very limiting. But, imagine… feel for a moment operating in a synchronistic life where you don't have power. It is simply pure, clear expression. That is one very important thing to remember. God is not power. God is expression.

< Embodiment 12 > And, yes, we know so often you say, "Before I choose the potential, I have to know exactly what is contained within it (some laughter). I want to read the script. I want to know what the fine print is. I want to know all the details and ramifications. I want to analyze all of this before I make a choice." You have just lost the potential. It goes back out of your grasp at that point… you see… because now you are trying to pull it in through the head; you're trying to analyze; you're trying to dissect. And, it loses the Now moment, the spontaneity and synchronicity that is contained within it.

< Embodiment 12CC > You've been embodying in every way, learning to embody those people that are close to you in your life. And, sometimes you found out that embodiment actually is release, the acceptance of them, the acceptance that they were your partner, or your child, or even for some of you your parent. You embodied them. And, then, you can release them. What a blessing that you don't have those connections, the Old Energy connections, with them… what a blessing that you can let them go because when you let them go, you also let yourself go. These are beautiful, simple principles of energyNew Energy… beautiful, simple principles of Spirit… the continual creation… a continual embodiment… and the continual release. It is the flow. It is what brings about the synchronistic life.

< Clarity 6QA > We continue our gathering here in the Shaumbra Service Center. A place where you can truly just be. A place where you can ask the questions of yourself, put them out, let them go. And the answers come back. Sometimes from this place we call the crystalline realm. Sometimes from synchronicities all around you. Sometimes it comes into your heart or into your mind. Sometimes the answers are delivered by other people or circumstances into your life.

< Clarity 6QA > St. Germain a while back announced that he was going to be doing a very special retreat with a small group of Shaumbra that he, and only he, selected for a variety of reasons. This retreat was going to deal with the whole issue of new energy hypnosis (energy centering). What overlays are, how hypnosis works right now in old energy, and literally how to use, work with, a new type of hypnosis - a new energy hypnosis that is very compassionate. It is not manipulative in any way. It is simply allowing. The new hypnosis has to do with the synchronicity of events, more or less, being the creator of synchronicity rather than having synchronicity as something that happens to you if you are fortunate enough.

< Clarity 7 > So you'll find that this synchrotizing - this method of choosing and having synchronization return to your life. It's very intuitive. You're going to feel that you already know it. We do go through some steps very deliberate and specific so that you can get back on track. Also, so that you can start working with others. This isn't - by the way, others that you're going to work with in this, they aren't Shaumbra. They are outside of Shaumbra, but they're people who are stepping forward in their consciousness. They're not satisfied with the old ways or their old self. They want some different answers. So we've laid out this program for Shaumbra to teach and to charge for. I'm going to insist on that right now. Cauldre didn't mention it before, but if you're going to teach it, you have to charge for it. The energy does not work otherwise. Trust me.

< Clarity 7QA > Too much in your head. Way too much trying to analyze this, trying to figure money out. As soon as you let go of trying to manipulate it and just become self-sufficient, it is there. There are too many Shaumbra now that have learned that. They would tell you the same thing. You have to let it go. You have to stop trying to push on it. It is just there. Energy abundance, energy manifestation and realization is a natural thing. It is unnatural to have lack. Look at how much work you had to do to create lack in your life. Now let that overlay go. It is just always there. Everything you need just comes in. It is such a simple principle but you all want to make it so complicated.

< MNEC2006-K > But when gnost comes in, the solution comes in. You'll have this incredible creative knowingness. You'll just know it. If you try to explain it to others right then and there, it would be very difficult, because it is a creative knowingness. It is an "Aha." It is warm and golden. It is the answer before the question (synchronicity).

< Teacher 5 > All the time remember it (New Energy) is you. It is just a different you, a new experience of you. It starts making its way into your life and at first it may appear to be a little clumsy to work with. It doesn't respond like the old energies responded, so it may be a little frustrating at first. But as you continue to allow this New Energy in, you'll begin to notice little things in your life. Synchronicities start to occur more frequently. Things seem to just get a little easier. Old things seem to dissolve away faster. Even down to simple things like requiring less time for sleep, requiring less food for your body. This is all part of the way the New Energy works.

< QLCeleb 4 > We are in the era now of "I" and it is time to shed some of the old, old hypnotic beliefs that it's about everything else. "Give up the self, be of service to everyone else, do everything for everyone else to earn your way back to heaven." We're beyond that. It is about you. Put yourself in the center of your reality. It is the energy of Yo-ham, I, the presence of God, not just in the moment or in the Now, but in the reality, in the space, in the consciousness. When your I Am presence allows Itself to be in this conscious presence, this conscious moment, anything can happen. This is where what others will call miracles will take place. But you'll understand there is no such thing as a miracle. It's all about the "I" in the present conscious moment. I am.

< (Next) 11 > So your consciousness doesn't have all within. As a matter of fact, the pure consciousness doesn't need anything, but yet it has a way of calling out to energies, calling out to light that are there to help it play, to help it experience, and then it brings these energies, not in, but kind of close by, and these energies, in response to the beauty of your consciousness, will align themselves. Consciousness doesn't need to align anything. Mind, brain needs to align. Consciousness doesn't, because it's already done in a brilliant way, in a perfect way, in a totally resonant, radiant and synchronistic way.

< WalkOn 2 > Some of you are really starting to understand. And it kind of rings a bell within you, this “I Exist,” this consciousness, and it strips away all the makyo. It strips away all the old beliefs systems. And it washes away things like what you thought were your problems and your issues and everything else. And you suddenly realize “I Exist.” Death doesn't matter. Your relatives don't matter. Your job doesn't matter. When I say, “It doesn't matter,” meaning you've been putting undue effort and focus into these things. They don't matter. With true consciousness all of this just kind of falls into place. Life becomes synchronous. It just happens, and the leading edge of all of it is consciousness. Where do you want your consciousness to be?