miracle / magic / mystery

things out of the ordinary;

< New Earth 3 > You, the Divine Human, will not need to worry about your humanness any more. You will not need to worry about other people. You will be able to accept where they are and where you are. You will be present in the moment, creating in the moment, creating miracles in your now. You do not need to worry of what comes next. All of this comes simply out of trusting from the deepest level of your being. Trusting your own soul. Trusting your own True Self.

< Ascension 2 > When miracles happen, when things out of the ordinary happen, it is not because the angels have interfered, or intervened, or done it for you. It is because for a moment of time, even with all the tension or stress of a traumatic situation taking place, you call on the help of the angels and of Spirit. What is happening is that you are letting your guard down. You are letting your mind get out of the way. You are opening up to the energy of love that comes flowing through the veil at that moment. It is not the angels who lift a car to enable someone to get out from underneath. The prayers you have prayed have been heard, but when miracles happen, it is YOU allowing our love to come in.

< Ascension 2 > We have stayed away on purpose. We have not manifested before you. We have not come forth to you in vision for a reason. Oh, yes, there are others who see us, who see others. There are others who have appearances by those on our side. We have not done that with you. And you know why. It is because we love you. It is because, dear friends, we do not want to distract you from your own journey.

< Ascension 2 > There is one person here who begs almost nightly for us to show up, to give her a sign, and then she will believe. She says that when we show up, and we give her a sign, then she will believe. But dear friends, that is not believing. That is not believing. That is dealing. That is bargaining. Take ownership in your own divinity. When you do… when you do, then we will appear to you, and we will shake your hand. We will thank you for the work that you have done.

< Ascension 2 > How do you take ownership? What do you do? We hear you asking now, frantically, in your mind. "How can I own this divinity?" First of all, you will never own it through your mind. You will never own it through your mind. Your divinity - and it is there - we can see it all around you. In many of you, we can see it emerging from within, because you are breathing it in. There is person who is reading this, and continues to intellectualize everything we say. He breathed three times, and because great miracles did not occur, he was upset. And he says, "So, Tobias, this does not work so well." And we remind him - this is an ongoing, conscious process.

< Ascension 6 > When combined with the seven human senses, you will find it so possible to do things that you would have called magic or a mystery or a miracle only a few years ago. But, the interesting thing is when these things happen, they will not appear so miraculous. You will have the understandings of the physics and the science behind them. And, you will say to others when they are standing in awe and marvel of what you have done… you will say to them the words that the Master of Love said to you and to the others, "And this, you can do also." It is not a miracle. It is not a gift from God in the sense that God gives this gift everyday. It is not a special gift. It is one that God, that I Am created… what you call this miracle.

< Ascension 8 > What do we see ahead for you and Shaumbra? A new way of living, a way of living that is already within you and already beginning to take shape. A way that is easier. The more mundane things in life will somehow magically, mysteriously take care of themselves. You will not need to put specific energy into the specific details of life. They will take on a life of their own and seem to work for you automatically. And, you will know that this is not a miracle. When others around you want to know how these "miracles" happen to you, you will chuckle, because you will have known how hard you have worked to get to this point. Where there is an alignment and a melding of energy now, it comes together in a very divine way. And, it is YOUR energy. And, it is YOUR God-self. It is not some Higher Self that you do not even know so well. It is within you. It IS you now.

< Ascension 9 > "I do teach each person that the divine is within, that the Enlightenment is within. They will never find it in another person, or another place." And, a sadness came over Gautama. He said, "Do you know, dear Tobias, that this is my message, and yet so few want to hear it? They want to see miracles." He continued, saying, "I can perform a few miracles. They are tricks, in a way, perhaps miracles. But, I choose not to, because I do not want the energy focused on that. They want miracles, and they do not want to hear that it is within. They want a savior. I cannot be that for them, so I continue to search for my expanded truth. I can only hope that the message of the divine within reaches some ears."

< Ascension 9 > What happens here, dear friends, is a miracle. It is a miracle. As you put it to the side, you let the Fruit of the Rose bring forth the divine solution. As you allow this to happen, something takes place that is precious, that is fulfillment. It is something even Gautama could not realize in his lifetime. When you let your divinity find the solution, new energy is created. New energy.

< Ascension 11 > Something miraculous is happening here. When you left Home, there was a limited or finite amount of energy that left with you. There was a finite amount of energy that entered the void, what is now your known universe. Oh, that amount of energy was vast, but it was finite. Through the journey that you have taken ever since, and the journey of many lifetimes on Earth, you are creating New Energy. That is a miracle! You do not see it yet in your own life. But, you will come to understand what we are talking about. You will understand why the Kryon is so excited about the work you do, why all of us who gather here honor you.

< Ascension 11 > Something is happening. Never before has "new energy" been created. Energy was transformed and changed, but never created. You are creating New Energy. You are releasing your past lives. You are, in a sense, leaving them behind. You are releasing them. And, as you do, they take on their own identity. They go off to other parts of your multi-dimensional universe to begin their own journey. You have birthed these new aspects. These are your past lives. They are the ones who gather in the circle outside of Metatron, Michael, Kryon, and Mother Mary on this day. They are now off in other multi-dimensional areas, beginning their own new journey. These are your children. They are your creations.

< Ascension 11QA > What can you do right now in your journey? It is to let go. We have been speaking about this. We have been speaking about "no identity," releasing the old. We have been speaking about the Void of Ascension - that is, standing out of the way when there is a situation or a problem. Stand out of the way. Get out of your head. Allow your divinity to come forth. Then, you will see miracles. Releasing is… the most difficult thing you will ever do as human angels, for there is a desire to build layer upon layer. But, at some point the layers have to come down. That is what you are doing in this lifetime.

< DivineHuman 6QA > It is about trusting your own divinity to provide the solution and the resolution. It is about learning to release the old ways of going to the brain, going to the logic. It is about feeling. Dearest friends, you will call it a miracle when it starts happening in your life. It is not a miracle at all. It is the spiritual physics of the New Energy - fulfillment, total fulfillment where you do not need to worry about the details. Your Self handles the details on other levels.

< DivineHuman 7QA > We will continue giving the message - YOU ARE GOD ALSO. You are Divine Humans. It is all contained within you. For the great master of love, Yeshua, this was his simple message. But it was distorted over and over again by the churches, so we have to keep bringing it back through new voices and new ways. Yeshua would meet another human on the road. He would tell them, "The Father is within you. God is within you. You are God. Do you want healing? I cannot heal you. I can do no miracle for you. But, I can show you how to heal yourself. I can show you how to come back into balance." There were many who followed his words. There were many who ridiculed Yeshua. There were many who followed his words and learned what it was like to have Spirit come up from within to heal their physical bodies , and many other miracles. And, yes, indeed Jesus never performed a miracle on someone else. He showed them how to perform it for themselves.

< DivineHuman 8 > Dear friends, the energy of Moses and Mohammed come back to the Earth right now so very strong. He will be here for a while, particularly during the transition time for your churches. He will be here for a while. Moses' energy will continue to be here - and, yes, to the one who just asked - yes, indeed there were what would appear to be miracles created at the times… the parting of the Red Sea, not so much a miracle, but at the time it appeared that way.

< NewEnergy 12 > You sit in this Now moment in a safe energy, in a sacred energy. And, it is safe to open up to everything… everything… everything that you are. We have talked about being in the Now moment and allowing yourself to express once again… no more holding back… allowing yourself to be grounded in the Now moment… but so fully open and expanded that you can express. Dear friends, this safe energy - this fully expanded energy, grounded in the Now moment - is where the miracles occur. But, the true miracle - the true miracle - is the remembrance of why you are here, the remembrance of who you are. The true miracle is the open and free consciousness.

< NewEnergy 12 > Even Yeshua talked to you back when about this. The miracle isn't healing another's arm. The miracle indeed is not transforming water into wine, or multiplying the fish and loaves. That is children's play that comes as a natural result of having a fully opened consciousness and the remembrance - the full remembrance - of who you are. In that space, that safe space, all of these other things happen quite easily. What you would call the physical or the 3-D miracles no longer are miracles because you understand how they happen.

< NewEnergy 12 > You don't have to waste lifetimes of energies trying to be an energy miracle worker or a magician. It happens naturally when the miracle of the open and free consciousness occurs. But, it can't occur unless you are in that safe energy. It can't occur if there are still things that are being held back, things that you are frightened of, things that you have locked away in the closets of your soul. And, you already know this, Shaumbra. You already know this.

< NewEnergy 12 > Take a moment to look at the OH energy, the dark energy. It isn't what it appears to be at all. Humanity, individual humans continue to fight the light and dark within themselves. This provides a barrier, a wall, which prevents them from integrating everything of who they truly are. It prevents them from truly living in the New Energy. By separating the light and the dark within themselves, it prevents them from experiencing the joys and the miracles that life offers. Dear friends, we ask you to take a moment with us. Look beyond the obvious of the darkness, of the OH energy. Let us feel the compassion that this energy has had, the lover who would do anything for you.

< Embodiment 1 > He (Yeshua) went off into the desert to be away from the crowds who were actually beginning to drive him a bit crazy at that point (some laughter). They loved miracles. As you have found out, or will find out in your life, the humans love a miracle. They love a good show. Oh, but it can be so distracting because give them one miracle they want two (more laughter). Give them fish and loaves, and they're going to want wine from water. And, it continues to grow and grow. What we have then is nothing but a bunch of dis-empowered human beings.

< Embodiment 1 > As we said before, the miracle - that true miracle - is the open consciousness. And, the open consciousness allows you to break out of that limited linear human condition, go into the multi-dimensional while still staying present, fully present, fully present and alive in the Now moment.

< Embodiment 4 > Many of you are holding energies from the Arthurian times… King Arthur and Camelot and Merlin. You are holding this so that magic comes back once again. We talked about magic recently in the land of Slovenia. We explained exactly what magic is. We brought in the energies of Merlin. We talked about Camelot. We talked about how all of this can be integrated into your day-to-day life. We talked about the fact that magic is nothing more than a belief system that you get other people to buy into. And, Cauldre says here that the tape will be available soon.

< Embodiment 5 > So, the energies of St. Germain are present with us today… helping you to become the true magicians… helping you to understand how transmutation works… helping you to understand that it is important to break out of your Old mindset and Old belief systems. Change that benchmark. That is what he had to do literally in his lifetime to understand how to transcend this thing called physical death. He had to change the benchmarks. He had to change the measurement system that he had for himself.

< Embodiment 6QA > We have to say for you - for all of you - that sometimes that you reach the darkest levels, the levels of the most despair when you are about to make the greatest changes. Why is that? It is because it forces you to give up everything that you thought you were. It forces you to give up Old stories. It forces you to release things that no longer serve you. And, yes, it does feel terrible to go through. And, we have talked about this with you over and over again.

Now that you have gotten to the point of basically total release, you are finding that the Old doesn't work anymore, a primary cause of the depression and the frustration. The Old doesn't work. It's simply not responding. But, yet you keep going back and trying to use the Old over and over and over. And, you get more filled with despair and depression until you finally give up, until you finally surrender.

And, in that surrender are the answers. You are surrendering only to yourself. You are giving up all of the Old stories. You are surrendering to the higher nature of yourself and allowing that to come in and to be with you. We love and admire you, all of you who say, "I am at my end. I am in the darkest of the dark. I don't even know who I am anymore. But, yet I am going to continue to give it a try."

What we are going to ask you today is no longer give it a try because you keep trying with Old tools… you see. There is no need to struggle anymore. You can absolutely let go and trust your Self, your divine self, your human self. All of you… you can let go. You can understand that it may feel like falling off the edge of a cliff into an abyss.

But, that's when the true miracle happens. That's when you are at such a point that you allow your own divinity to come up. You release the limitations and the restrictions of the Old human way. You don't have to end your life to do that. You only need to end trying ending the Old ways, and allow all of this New that we have talked about today to come out. You are truly ready to set yourself free.

< Clarity 5 > This energy of Christmas - and represented through Santa Claus - does allow miracles to happen. It does allow young children who have - how to say - were in families that do not have the abundance. Suddenly the gifts do appear. Oh, perhaps you could say it comes from a charitable organization or humans who are just trying to do the right thing. But, it comes through this energy of Santa Claus. So, it is real.

< Teacher 1QA > Now if you combine that idea... by the way, it is floating out in the etheric realms right now. It is not a dead idea., it is hovering out there and there are many, many of them out there. But now using gnost you can bring that in and actually manifest it or bring it to life here on Earth. And it's not that difficult. We were able - you were able - to take pure energy, angelic energy, and somehow bring that to Earth and manifest it in biology and here you stand now. That in itself is proof that the miracle can be done again. You can bring in your idea now from the outer realms and materialize it.

< QLCeleb 4 > We are in the era now of "I" and it is time to shed some of the old, old hypnotic beliefs that it's about everything else. "Give up the self, be of service to everyone else, do everything for everyone else to earn your way back to heaven." We're beyond that. It is about you. Put yourself in the center of your reality. It is the energy of Yo-ham, I, the presence of God, not just in the moment or in the Now, but in the reality, in the space, in the consciousness. When your I Am presence allows Itself to be in this conscious presence, this conscious moment, anything can happen. This is where what others will call miracles will take place. But you'll understand there is no such thing as a miracle. It's all about the "I" in the present conscious moment. I am.

< e2012 2 > But the real magic is the awareness of yourself, of your presence right now, in every dimension that you're operating. You like to think that you're just operating here, but you're operating in a multitude of dimensions. This (human reality) is kind of the center where so much of it's happening. Yes, a lot of amazing things are happening for you, with you, in these other realms. This is kind of the point where it's all coming together, where it's all coming into focus and it's all coming into materialization.

< Kharisma 4 > A miracle occurs when you’re willing to get out of old limitations, when you’re willing to go out of your mind, when you’re willing to go out of character, that character that you identify with so much. Suddenly, the miracles happen because you’re more available to the energies that were just waiting for you. Just waiting for you. It’s all there. That’s why I say it’s easy. I use this term “Kasama,” which some would translate to the word “Kismet,” which means destiny, but not the regular linear destiny. Kasama is the destiny of the soul.