< Ascension 5 > And, on this season that you call Christmas, it is not about a child Jesus being born, or a man Jesus walking the Earth. This season is about the birth of your own divinity within you. Use this time to nurture yourself. Use this time to celebrate your own God-ness. Use this time to be in joy. And, remember always, you are family. We are always here with you. We do not need a big ceremony or long periods of time to bring this energy in. We are here always for you, walking with you, sharing your journey with you. Feel the energy of I, Yeshua, and all of the others who come in. Indeed we are your family.

< Clarity 5 > Santa representing the spirit of Christmas for so many who have grown up in the Christian culture. Santa was basically invented over 100 years ago. And, the energy of Santa has been built upon ever since. Most of you have had that magical experience with Santa when you were very, very young. Yes, Santa helps all of you to remember the magic of this season and the magical potential of life.

< Clarity 5 > This energy of Christmas - and represented through Santa Claus - does allow miracles to happen. It does allow young children who have - how to say - were in families that do not have the abundance. Suddenly the gifts do appear. Oh, perhaps you could say it comes from a charitable organization or humans who are just trying to do the right thing. But, it comes through this energy of Santa Claus. So, it is real.

< Transhuman 4 > I still like to call it Christmas time. That may not be politically correct, I guess you're supposed to call it the “Holiday Season,” but to me it's the time of the year when we all remember why we came here – to plant the Christ Seed consciousness on Earth. It's not really about the birth of Yeshua, which didn't take place in December at all. He was a Pisces. It is really about that time to remember why we came here, the Christ Seed consciousness. We came here for a new hope, something on Earth, ultimately what would be the integration of humanity and divinity together. That's what Christmas time is all about.