Ascension Series 5 (Yeshua speaks)
Presented at the Crimson Circle December 8, 2001
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Tobias: And, so it is, dear friends, that we gather together again in this sacred space that you have created, and that you have allowed us to come into with you on this blessed and sacred day. We are honored to be here with you.

(chuckling) Yes, indeed it has been a while since we have been in direct contact. But, now notice… notice, dear friends, how different the energy is! We talk to you from a different place here. We flow through Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). We flow through each one of you in a different place since we met last time. Indeed, the divine language - the Language of Ah - is beginning to come through; therefore, we can touch you different and feel you different. We even see you different. In all ways and all senses you are different. You have changed, dear friends.

Breathe in the sacred energies that come in today. Breathe in your own divinity. Do this now. Do this now. Let this flow within you. Let it flow out now to those around you. Breathe in your divinity, and then allow it the freedom of expression as you breathe out. Let it touch the one next to you, the one in front, the one behind. As you breathe out your divinity, it indeed takes on a sacred and blessed life of its own. And, it touches all things. Ah! Dear friends, it is so simple.

Now, before we continue on this day, it is to let you know that I, Tobias, am honored to be here. I am honored to be here at this time of celebration (referring to the Christmas season) that you have. Your room is so festive! It is so lit up! It is so filled with the colors of red and crimson. It is so filled with the energies of your holiday. This is the one time of the year that you truly allow yourself to be, to express, to share with others, to give. It is so sad that there is only one time of the year when you are so open like this! But, this is a lovely time to come in to visit.

Now, before we continue here, we must stop for a moment and ask Cauldre to please loosen his tie. (audience laughter) We do not understand why humans wear funny clothes. (more laughter) When I walked upon the Earth over 2000 years ago, we did not wear such tight things upon our bodies. You wear these belts. And, these ties do not make sense, for they restrict the energy. It is that I wore a dress in my days, (audience laughter) a robe, as it were. But this allowed the energies to flow through the entire body. So, with Cauldre’s approval, we will relax a bit here. (Cauldre moves to adjust his necktie.) We will not go any further and take off more garments (more laughter). But, this is much, much better.

Now, it is for all of you to relax a bit, for we are friends here. We are family. We are Shaumbra. Relax in this place that we gather in today. Feel the difference in energies from when we met last month, especially those of you who have been working on the Language of Ah, those who have been calling up this divine language from within. We have seen many interesting and many funny things in these past weeks of how you have been approaching this. But, we are so delighted that you are attempting to work with it, that you are putting the time and the effort in.

Now, that is not to say that all of you have been practicing. We have seen many who have begun working with this, and after one attempt, they felt it did not work so well. They felt that they would just wait. They would wait to come back into this room and into this energy. They would wait for another time.

But, dear friends, we are challenging you right now. We are pushing you in a very playful way to work with these tools. They are difficult at first. And, as you know, we do not have the specific answers. We cannot tell you where to go for this divine language within. We can only tell you that we see it, and that we sense it within your entire being. We know it is there.

But, you must be the ones to bring it up, to use it and to apply it in your life. Many of you walked from here the last time. Many of you put your computers down after reading or listening, and you felt that you must work hard on this. And, you set it up as a difficult or challenging exercise. Indeed, in a way, it is because it is so new, this Language of the Ah.

But, dear friends, what we would suggest to you, and we will talk about much today, is to play with these things. Yes, challenging, but when you play with them, it can be much more rewarding and much more fun.

This Language of Ah will emerge from within you one way or the other. It is like a seed that is germinating and sprouting within you. It will continue to do so one way or the other. The Language of Ah, the divine sense, will come through. But, dear friends, if you play with this tool, if you put it to practice, it will come up faster. It will come up healthier, and you, as a divine human, will be more balanced than if you just let it come up any old way.

Take this divine language. Play with it. When you walk from here on this day, play with it. Have fun with it. Experiment with it. The more you do, the faster it will come through you and the better understanding you will have. The more you play with it and practice, learn how to use it, the more the consciousness of Earth will change, and the faster you can become a true teacher of divinity.

We bring you these words each month because they are things that are already happening within you. As we have said so often, we channeling you. We tap into the overall consciousness of Shaumbra, of Lightworkers, of humans, and of Gaia. And, we speak back to you the energy and the words of what is already happening. But, perhaps you may not have known how to articulate it, how to understand it. We are mirrors for what you are going through right now.

This Language of Ah, the Divine language that we spoke of in our last gathering, is the most basic and the most powerful tool for bringing your divinity into your human reality. It is a tool that can be applied today, that can be applied now, and that can begin working for you in this lifetime.

Shaumbra, you have been searching for the way. You have been searching for the understandings that will bring balance to your life. You have been searching for the tools that will bring you to the levels that you have dreamt of. The Language of Ah is the most basic in your new ascension status. Play with it. We challenge you to play with it. And, when perhaps it does not work as you expected the first time, continue playing with this. This will give it vitality and energy and freedom to burst forth in your life.

It is not an intellectual game, dear friends, as we said so many times at our last gathering. The Language of Ah is a vibration of your divinity that is coming into your reality now. It is not an esoteric tool. It is not a game of the mind. It is something new, and we will talk more about it today. It is so important that in Lesson Five of this ascension series… we will continue speaking of the Language of Ah. This is the first time that we have devoted two lessons to a single subject. We want you to understand how powerful and how real it is.

This language of Ah is not reserved for the few who are psychics or sensitives or mediums. It is not reserved for ones who channel. We joke with Cauldre because he and the others here who channeling will find it even more difficult to use, in a sense. It is so new… it is so new that those of you who thought you never had the sense for beyond will find it the easiest to grasp.

As you know, we backed away for 30 days of time to allow you the space to work with this, to look inside yourself. (teasing) Now, we caught some of you cheating! (audience laughter) We caught some of you going to other entities for support and guidance! We cautioned you of this last time, but yet some of you did away. And, this is fine. But, did you notice that the response that you got back from them was either very muddled, or it wasn’t what you thought it would be?

In a few cases you were asked to not call them up! (audience laughter) It is not that they are so busy on the other side, but it was to nurture and to encourage you to go within, to begin using this. It was very interesting to see how so many of you approached this in different manners. Some of you worked on it diligently. Some of you treating it like a ceremony, in a sense, some of you thinking that you had to do daily ritual at the same time and the same place. This is not how it works.

But, we thank you for trying. We thank you for working with this. Others explored realms that you have never explored before. You went outside of the ordinary to look, to find this Language of Ah. Some of you came to wonderful new insights and new feelings. Some of you hit it right on the point. Some of you opened the doors to it immediately and felt that sensation and felt the feeling of "Ah, now I get it."

Many who went there right away tried to repeat or to replicate this process at another time and another situation, and found that this divine language did not come through. And, then they got frustrated, and then they went back and looked at their path and said, "How did I cause it to happen in the first place? I will repeat the same procedure. And, if I do, the energy will be the same, and it will come through again." And, you found out that it did not, because you went back into the mind to try to figure out how it works.

What you should know is that it works… it works in the moment, and it works spontaneously. It works without effort. It works with ease. The reason why it worked for you the first time is because you simply let it, because you acknowledged your own divinity and your own God-self. And, then you let it come through. And, it did, as if by magic, but the magic is you. When you went back and tried to repeat the process, you were now in your intellect, and you were blocking the natural flow of this coming through. That is why you went into the wall. That is why you got frustrated.

But, to all of you who have been practicing… to all of you who have been playing with your own divinity… we give you thanks for focusing on this. We give you thanks for trusting yourself enough to do this, as crazy as this all seems at times. We give you thanks for doing this.

For those who tried once and became frustrated - and yes, even a few cursed Tobias and some of the others on our side - and said, "This doesn't work. This isn’t meant for me." We ask you to be more playful. Be more playful with yourself, not only with the Language of Ah, but also in all aspects of your life. It is okay to be playful.

Do you know, when we sat together with you in the Order of the Arc, creating the very reality of Earth and your dimensions around it… do you know, it was designed as a playground? It was designed for you to go and play. And, along the way perhaps, you have forgotten who you are, who you were, and you have forgotten how to play.

Play more, Shaumbra. Sing more. Dance more. Laugh more, Shaumbra. Indeed, you have a tremendous responsibility at this time, carrying much of the energy of change with you on this Earth. But, play more. Enjoy more. And, celebrate more. Be gone with your ceremonies! All of them! With the exception of the ceremony of joy. Release all of those, because they are burdensome. Have ceremony of joy in your life, ceremony of joy with the others around you.

Today, there is a grand ceremony of joy (referring to today's Christmas celebration) we have together here. There are no rules. There are no requirements. There is no - how to say - kneeling for hours of time or sitting in some meditative position for hours or days on end. We gather here in a ceremony of joy. We gather here in this energy, in particular, because you come to that time of the year, the end of your calendar year, when you allow yourself to let your hair down, to take your tie off, to relax and to enjoy. You allow yourself the space to feel like a child again.

You do this in honor of the one called Yeshua. And yes, he is our very special invited guest here today. Some of you already knew this because you let go, and you allowed yourself to feel Yeshua through the energy of the Language of Ah. Yeshua, for those who are feeling this energy, and who can see it, he was on my left, your right. The energy of Yeshua sits on your right, here with Cauldre on this stage. I am on your left. No, the other left. (audience laughter) Very confusing at times, we know.

Yeshua has been here since you first started gathering on this day. His energy is in this room with you in a ceremony of joy, in celebration for all that you are. You think that it is about honoring him? Indeed, it is not! It is about honoring you for your journey.

Many of you felt a new energy come into this room when we started. Indeed, it was the energy of Yeshua. So many of you have walked with him. So many of you are connected directly to this master of love. So many of you work with him each day, work with these energies. Perhaps you have not even realized it is Yeshua. But, indeed, my friends, he is Shaumbra, just like you.

Now, Yeshua would like to speak a few words at this time to you. And, we see now, Cauldre… he is panicking. (audience laughter) And, we tell you - with Cauldre’s permission - a little bit of a secret. Cauldre… he is overwhelmed by this energy. He does not think he is worthy to channeling this one that even he has walked with, to channeling Yeshua. So, we are challenging Cauldre to let go of this and to allow Yeshua to come directly through him and through each of you. We will be in pause here for a moment while we make this adjustment.



Yeshua (speaking through Cauldre): This issue of worthiness… all of you… is one that I would like you to release. That has been so challenging for all who are here and connecting. You have felt unworthy of the god that sits within you. You have felt you have done things wrong in your lives or in the past or before you came here. In this New Energy that you walk in, release any feelings of unworthiness, and know that it is time for you to integrate your birthright as God, as a divine human.

When I walked the Earth with so many of you, I shared a message that "You are God." It was difficult for most to understand then, and difficult for most to understand now. But, what I did, dear friends, was because of you. It was because of the work that you did. It was because of the efforts that you put into your journey that it was possible for a human, for me, to truly manifest this on Earth. But, understand what I am saying. It was not me. It was because of you. It was because of all that you had done.

It is time for you to accept this within yourself. Oh, we are such a family, and there is such support here. It is time to accept the god within, to bring this through. And, as my dear friend Tobias has been saying, "It comes up from you through the Language of Ah."

The message that all of us brought to this Earth thousands of years ago was so simple. Go back to that energy and remember, "You are God also. You are God also." You are worthy of all that comes with this. You are worthy. And, Cauldre is worthy of having me sit here with you. As a matter of fact, dear friends, it is I who am honored. It is I who am honored to be here.

And, on this season that you call Christmas, it is not about a child Jesus being born, or a man Jesus walking the Earth. This season is about the birth of your own divinity within you. Use this time to nurture yourself. Use this time to celebrate your own God-ness. Use this time to be in joy. And, remember always, you are family. We are always here with you. We do not need a big ceremony or long periods of time to bring this energy in. We are here always for you, walking with you, sharing your journey with you. Feel the energy of I, Yeshua, and all of the others who come in. Indeed we are your family.



Tobias: Now, dear friends, Yeshua stays in the room with us for the rest of our time here, but always accessible, always open to you through the Language of Ah. Yeshua is not some grand master who is different than any of the rest of you. Yeshua is you. Yeshua walked with you, and ate with you, and shared with you.

And, yes, Yeshua did things that may be questionable. He was not always such a saint, but it was important to get things done at that time. There were rules that needed to be broken. He cursed on occasions. He drank too much wine (audience laughter) - with some of you here! (more laughter) He had all of the desires of a human. He did not fight them. He understood them. He worked with them. He understood his humanness.

You are no different than Yeshua. He stands here today as just another one of you. Understand this, and release these things holding you back. Allow yourself to soar to new heights.

Now, dear friends, we will take a brief pause here to rearrange energies. And, we will continue to talk more of the Language of Ah. We will continue to speak of this, because it is such an important tool at this time. We will help you to understand more of how to bring it into your life, to make it part of you. We will be in pause for a moment, and during this time, breathe in and open yourselves to this divinity that is awakening within you.


Now, Yeshua says, if you do not mind, that he would like to come off the stage and walk amongst you at this time, to be with you. So, if you feel a breeze near your hair… if you feel a light touch on your shoulders… if you to feel a presence around you… he will just be visiting with you during this time.

Today we will tell a story today of seven farmers. We will tell a story here to help you understand better what is happening within you.


There were seven farmers who each had their own property. Each had their own products or produces that they were growing and offering back to others. They lived close together, so they formed a co-op amongst themselves. Each one of them was independent, yet they found that when they put their collective energies together, they were stronger, and they were more efficient.

There was one farmer who grew wonderful corn … large, succulent ears of corn on his land. And, when it was time to harvest, he would go out in the fields and collect all of the ears at one time. Then he would put these on trucks or other means of transportation, and he would ship his corn off to a central location that was managed by one of the other seven farmers. At this central facility, his ears of corn would be processed. Some would be canned, some would be wrapped, some frozen, and others dried for sending out to market later.

There was the second farmer. This farmer grew beautiful, beautiful strawberries. They were a sight to behold. They were plump, and they were red, and they were delicious. Like the corn farmer, this farmer would plant his seeds at the same time each year, and then he would tend to his crop. He would pick out the weeds… he would shoo off the bugs. And, when the time was appropriate, this second farmer would harvest his crop of strawberries, and they would be sent to the farmer who managed the central facility for the co-op. At this facility the fresh, ripe strawberries would be processed. Some would be made into juices. Some of the strawberries would be frozen. Others would be put into different forms where they could be stored and distributed and shipped out at the appropriate times.

There was the third farmer. He grew wonderful melons and delicious cantaloupe so sweet that when tasted it would make the mouth tingle. He, like the other farmers, would also add his love to the crop. He was diligent each day in going out, tending to the fields, assuring that the crops had the proper moisture, that they had the proper nutrients. And when it was time for harvest, he would bring in his crop of melons. He would send them off to the central processing facility that was managed by one of the seven in the co-op. From there the melons were put into all sorts of different forms, some to be stored, some to be sent to market immediately as fresh produce, some to wait until the appropriate time.

There was the fourth farmer who grew vegetables. He grew lettuce and broccoli, cauliflower, and radishes. All of these crops that he grew were so fresh, and they were so filled with the love of Gaia, the love of Spirit, and the love of the farmer that you could literally smell them, even before they were cut open. You could smell this aroma of freshness, of nature coming through, even when the crops were growing in the fields. You could smell the crispness of the lettuce. You could smell the strong scent of the radishes. You could literally sense the freshness.

And, when the time was right, this farmer of the produce gathered his crops up. Like the other farmers, he would send it to a central processing facility that was managed by one of the other seven farmers. From there it was packaged in many, many different forms. Some of his produce was stored, and others were sent to market immediately.

There was the fifth farmer who grew carrots in the ground. This farmer loved to go out and put his hands in the dirt, and feel Earth itself, and feel the carrots. When he pulled them from the ground to inspect them, he loved the texture and the feel. He loved the firmness of these carrots. He loved the texture of the stalks, the sensation of the vegetable itself.

And, this farmer also loved the work that he did and put his heart and soul into it. And, when it was time, he too went out and put his hands in the dirt and harvested the crops. His carrots were sent to the central processing facility that was managed by one of the others. The carrots were put into many different forms, some as juice, some as fresh produce, others to be frozen for later use.

There was yet another farmer. This sixth farmer grew onions. And, these onions, he knew, would be used to flavor and to enhance and to bring forth a passion when mixed with other foods. They would be used to make fine meals. They would be used to bring life to foods that might otherwise carry many nutrients but be somewhat boring in taste. His onions were so large and so succulent that it made not only his eyes tear up, but also the eyes of any who ate his onions. And, like the others, when it came time for harvest, he would gather up his crops, and they would be shipped off to the central processing facility. They would be changed into many different things, some stored for later use, others sent off to market immediately.

And, there was the seventh farmer, the one who managed the central processing facility for the co-op. Now, this farmer also raised chickens. His chickens were treated with great honor and great care. These chickens then delivered wonderful eggs, eggs that supplied protein and nutrients, eggs that helped people wake up in the morning and give them the appropriate type of energies through the day. The hens joyfully produced eggs over and over again for this farmer. Each day he would collect the eggs, and they would be sent to the central processing facility that he managed. Some of the eggs would be sent to market immediately. Yet many others would be changed in nature for storage and distribution at the appropriate time.

All of the farmers sent their harvest to the central processing facility, which oddly enough was located at the very furthest point of all the farmers' lands. All the goods were being shipped there, for this was the most efficient way at the time. Collectively, the farmers could be more efficient and more profitable. So, everything was sent to one location, and then resent to market or stored.

Now, at a certain point the farmers learned of a new processing machine. This machine allowed each individual farmer to process his crops at his own location. This seemed like a true breakthrough in technology. No longer did the carrot farmer have to send his goods to the chicken farmer for processing. No longer did the one who grew the strawberries have to send them to a central processing facility. Each individual farmer could process their own goods and deliver them immediately to market.

So each of the farmers invested in one of the new processing machines. These new machines were smaller and lighter and less expensive than the large machines at the large central processing center. The new machines were convenient. They were fast. They could respond to the changing needs of the harvest. It was no longer necessary for the farmer to plant and to harvest all at one time. Rather, it could be done in stages. The farmers could plant seeds in small plot of land one month and another plot another month. The new small, on-site processing machines could handle this much better and more efficiently than the large machine.

So, all seven farmers in the co-op agreed that each would have their own new high-speed, high-tech processing machine. They would continue to work together, for they felt there was strength when they were connected. So, they hired an expert who came in and set up what you would call an "intranet system" between the farms. This intranet system allowed each farmer now to communicate with the others automatically. The carrot farmer could see how many pounds of melons the melon farmer was harvesting. They could access each other's information. It was very fast and very efficient. Based on the information that was coming in over this intranet system, they could measure and monitor and adjust their own planting and harvesting so all of this production would complement each other.

Now, the seven farmers in this co-op made a large change, dear friends, when they moved from a central processing center where goods were stored and shipped. They made a large change when they each took over their own processing, but yet were connected by intranet.

As so many of you know, they had problems with this intranet system. It was frustrating at first. There were some who cursed. There were some who wanted to go back to the old ways. Some were afraid of this technology. They felt it did not have the grounded energies of the old ways. There were some who were not so willing to learn how to use their new processing machines. They were used to putting their goods onto a truck and sending it off to the central facility.

And, now they had to take responsibility for their own harvest and for their own processing. They had the assistance of all the others in the co-op through the intranet, but it frightened them to a point. But, each worked with the others. They shared information. They got together on a regular basis to discuss the pros and the cons, how to get through the difficult and challenging times. They learned the software capabilities of this system. They learned how to make their processing systems run very smoothly.

Soon production increased like never before, like they could never have imagined. They were much more efficient. Their shipments now to the market were done on an "as-need" basis - what you would call a "just-in-time" system. There was no longer the need for massive storage and freezing and packaging. Their products came from the fields, went through processing, and were shipped directly to the market. With the information provided by the intranet system, they understood how to plant, harvest and process on an as-needed, just-in-time basis.

The farmers got together a year or so after they implemented this new system. They got together over strawberry juice. And, they chuckled. They chuckled amongst themselves at how daring they were transition to this technology. They chuckled at the difficult, challenging days … the days they lost money, the days that they would much rather have retired from farming than go forth with this new technology.

But, they chuckled now, because they were much more efficient. They were much happier, and they were able to pursue new activities now. They chuckled, and they said, "Could you have imagined just one year ago where we would be now?" They all shook their heads "no." They could not possibly have imagined where they would be in their new way of doing things, because there was nothing to compare it with in the old days. When they sat and planned for their new method and their new technologies, they just had a glimpse and a hope of what it could do for them, how it could make them better, more productive farmers.

But, they chuckled now - a year later - with the understanding of what had really happened and how it had transformed them. It made them so much more responsible and productive. Each of them now owned their own crops and processors, everything from start to finish. But, yet they were still in this co-op together.


Now, you say, "Why, Tobias, do you tell us a story about farming today? What relevance does this have? We are not farmers in this room. We do many other things, but farming is not what this group is known for."

We tell you this story to help you understand the Language of Ah, the Language of Ah that we spoke of last time.

And, as a reminder, "ah" is not an energy. It is not about sitting in your chairs and having a mantra, saying, "Ah." It is not about that. Nothing will happen if you do that! The Language of Ah is quiet, yet powerful. It is an invisible, but yet omnipresent energy. It is your awakening divinity that comes in. It cannot be chanted. It cannot be demanded. It cannot be made to work. It can only be accepted and played with, and then integrated into your life.

Dear friends, all of you who have been searching this past month or so for the Language of Ah within you… we tell you now where it comes from. It comes in through your seven senses. That is not a mis-channel. It comes in first through your seven senses. It is much like the story of the farmers. The Language of Ah comes in through the senses that you are already using and already aware of.

It comes in through your sense of hearing, but it is not hearing like what you have known before. It is a new way. In the Language of Ah you will be sitting with a group. You will be sitting with an individual perhaps. And, you will be listening to their words, but yet as the Language of Ah emerges through your sense of hearing, it will it be like having an expanded or new sense of hearing. You will not just hear the words of the others around you. You will hear something between the words, and it will be a knowingness, and a deep understanding that causes you to go, "Ah!" The Language of Ah, the Divine language… it comes in through your sense of hearing.

The Language of Ah comes in, dear friends, through your sense of vision. It comes in through your eyesight, but in a different way. When you are in a situation, you’ll see it one way through your literal, visual eyes. If you stand back just a moment, and you allow the Language of Ah to come through your sense of sight, you will see something new. There are those who have seen something in this room today, the energy of Yeshua. They have seen it with their eyes. That is what is happening. It is coming in through your sense of vision, this Language of Ah. And, you will begin to see things that have always been there, energies that have always been present, but your sense of vision was limited. And, now it is opening up, and the Language of Ah, the divine language, comes through the eyes.

The Language of Ah comes through your sense of smell, dear friends. It does. Your sense of smell (Tobias, taking in a deep breath)… it is, in a way, an intuition. It is feeling. You use it much more than you are even aware of. Some of you classify it as one of the cruder senses of the human experience. But, your sense of smell is very subtle. You don't just smell odors, dear friends. You smell energies.

The Language of Ah… it is like a new sense of intuition, a "sense of scents." As you allow it to come forward, you will have a knowingness that comes through your human ability to smell out things. You will have an intuition when you are in situations. You will have a new understanding that comes in through this nose of yours.

Breathe in for a second. Do this now. There is much more to the breath than you thought. There is this sense, this smell, this intuition that comes in. When we tell you to breathe in, it is not just about air in your lungs. It is not just about expanding your divinity. It is about a new intuition that comes in through your smell sense. But, in this it is expanded. It is new. It gives you insights and intuitions that you have not had before. Breathe!

The Language of Ah… it comes in to places that you are already using in your human experience, dear friends. It is not in some elusive place. It is not outside your energy field. It is not in your heart chakra. It is not in your toe. The Language of Ah comes in through all of your current human senses.

The Language of Ah also comes in through your human sense of taste. Taste. But, when it comes in through here, you have a new and a better level of judgment and discernment. Instead of things being black or white, good or bad, you will have a new taste, a divine taste of things. It is also a type of intuition, but it is centered in a type of judgment. You will not so quickly go to a black and white judgment, rather you will go to a new level that is tied in to the Divine Will. The Language of Ah… it comes in also through your taste, through your discernment. You will have a new type of discernment and understanding of things that are in your reality.

The Language of Ah also comes in, dear friends, through your sense of feel, through your sense of feel, or touch, as you would call it. You are used to nerve endings in your skin. You are used to the physical, the body touch. But, as the Language of Ah emerges, it will come in through that sense also. You will have a new touch of things, a new feeling of things. It will allow you to do things much more powerfully than ever before, such as healing that is associated with the hands, feelings and sensations that are associated with the skin. You will have a type of intuition and understanding and premonition that comes in through the touch, through your skin.

Now, we pause here for a moment to explain something to you, to all of you. The Language of Ah emerges from your current human senses. It will birth. It will blossom from within through that you are already using. But, it will add new perspective to your hearing, to your sight, to your smell, to your taste, to your touch. It will add a new dimension to each one of these things.

But, what do you think happens in the meantime, as this language is coming forth? You will have change and transformation in each one of these human senses in the meantime, much like the farmers went through much change when they went from a central processing center to an intranet system with individual processing centers. It was not easy at first. There were challenges. There were some breakdowns. There were days they each wished they had stayed with the old ways of doing things. There were days when they wondered why they were such crazy pioneers.

Dear friends, in this process you are going through, there will be days that your eyesight seems worse than ever. You will attribute some of that to old age. You will cuss Spirit, and you will cuss Tobias, and perhaps even Yeshua, and wonder what is happening to your eyesight, because it is blurrier than ever. It is going through changes, and these changes are necessary. This transformation is a natural process.

There will be days when you don't hear so well, and you say, "Huh?" a lot. (audience laughter) And you say, "What?" Or, you won’t ask somebody to repeat themselves because you are embarrassed of your hearing. And, you are thinking, "I'm growing old. I cannot hear so well." But, dear friends, it is not about that. Your sense of hearing is changing, so that you can hear the divine Language of Ah from within and from others. There is a transformation process, and there will be a period of time where perhaps you do not hear in certain ranges and certain frequencies. Do not be so worried. It is simply a change, much like the farmers went through their change in technology. You are going through a change in the senses that have been with you since all days as a human.

Many of you think you have lost your sense of smell. It is almost non-existent. But, once in a while, we know you smell something different. You try to put an identity on it, and you cannot. You smell something that is so unusual, but yet so familiar. But, you cannot remember where that is coming from. Your new sense of smell and intuition are awakening. And, while it does, the old sense of smell may seem dormant. It may seem like it is not working so well, but dear friends, it is just so that you can go through this changeover process.

The same with your sense of taste… it is changing. You wonder why things either taste much worse than they ever did, or why they lose so much of their flavor. Your taste buds… they are changing so that the Language of Ah can come in from within them.

The Language of Ah is singular, but it shows up in many different places. Your intranet and internet are singular, but they show up in many different places.

Now, about your skin… you will notice changes here. You are not going through puberty again. (audience laughter) Those rashes and that itching and the dryness and all the problems with your skin, dear friends… this is the biggest organ of your body. Your sense of feel, touch, sensation… it is changing, and the Language of Ah is singing out through every nerve ending that you have. Certainly it will effect your skin for a period of time. It is not to worry here.

If you run off to a doctor - (chuckling) as even Cauldre was known to do recently - dear friends, they will not understand what you are going through. And, we caution you - we cautioned Cauldre - do not glop yourself with these ointments that the doctors give you, for you are preventing the new sensitivity from coming through. These things that are happening to your skin… they will balance out shortly, just like with the farmers, and their intranet, and their new equipment. It took a bit of time to make the changeover.

And, there were days when the farmers lost money and lost production. There will be days when you will be sick. There will be days when you will be down, when you cannot hear a ___ we say (blank space left on purpose by Tobias). (audience laughter) There will be days when your skin and your body itch. There will be times when you think you are just getting old and decrepit, but dear friends, the Language of Ah… it comes from within. It comes through all of your senses.

Then, there is the sixth sense. We always wonder why your scientific types have not identified it, for it is there. You have a sense of emotion. It is a sense. It is different from any of your physical senses, yet it is a very important sense. Your emotions. This will be changing also. The Language of Ah will burst forth through your emotions. You will have new understandings and new passion as this does. In the meantime, you may cry a lot and not understand why. Your emotions may be up and down like a roller coaster, all over the place. The Language of Ah is coming through this basically non-physical sense called emotion, and as it does, you will have so much more compassion for yourself and for others.

And, there is the sense of mind, of the brain. It has not been called a sense in the typical terms by any of your scientific types, but it is one of your seven human senses. The human mind is a place that brings in information. It stores information, and it judges information. It is valuable, but its main purpose has been to catalog and then judge information, to decide if something is right or wrong, to decide if you should go left or right. It catalogs past experiences to help you make decisions for what is going on today in your life.

The brain, the mind, the intellect is a valuable human sense. It is frustrating at times, for it is so limited compared to what it could do. And, what it can do is not about intelligence, and not being able to recount historic facts that happened 3522 years ago. That is not the value of the human brain. This sense is wonderful at bringing information and deciding then how to use it. And, as the Language of Ah comes in through the mind, it will bring a new form of knowledge and understanding into your life.

The central processing center for the farmers represents the brain. All of your current human senses are connected to your brain, even though it is a sense in itself, even though the farmer who managed the central processing facility was also a farmer. All of your other senses of feel, touch, taste, sight, all of them are connected to your brain. They have been connected to your brain.

But, now each one of your seven senses with the Language of Ah is getting their own processing center. In the new divine energy, information does not have to be processed through the brain, the sense that is the furthest away from the other senses. Things do not have to be shipped to the brain anymore before they are distributed into your life.

Each one of your senses in the divine energy has its own form of intelligence. And, we do not like to use even that word. They have their own form of responsibility and responsiveness. In the Language of Ah you will not send the information back through the brain. The brain does not really want it anymore. The information will come independently through that hearing, the knowingness; through the sight, the insight; through the smell, the intuition; through the taste, the discernment; through the touch, the sensitivity.

Understand the Language of Ah works through each one of your current seven human senses. But, now it operates individually. Yes, they are all intra-connected. They all understand when you have an experience through your new sense of touch, using the Language of Ah. All of the other senses will be aware. They may pitch in to help at the appropriate time. They may limit their production in order to make the production of the hearing the most powerful at that time. They will work to balance each other, for they are connected. But, much like an intranet, there does not have to be a central processor. They are independent, yet they work together.

Dear friends, as you have been looking for the Language of Ah within you these past 30 some days, know that it comes in through your seven current human senses. Do not look for it outside of you. Do not look for it behind a hidden door within. It comes in through your senses. It is that simple.

We wanted you to spend a bit of time over these past weeks, working with this, playing with it, discovering it on your own before we revealed to you how it comes in. But, now we share with you - and for so many who are connecting with this information - now you are going, "Ah, that is why I saw something but I was not so sure I saw it. That is why I had an emotion, a feeling, a passion, and a compassion about something, but I did not know exactly where it was coming from." The Language of Ah, seven senses. Is it not interesting - seven senses and seven former chakras?

The Language of Ah, dear friends, in a sense, is also its own language, but it comes in through all of these very important points, in very important parts of your human experience. It would not dare to come in at some other place. It comes in from what you are already used to and what you are already working with. That way there can be a balance of the divine language with your current human experience. If the Language of Ah came in from some totally new and foreign and different place, it would be hard to integrate in your day-to-day life. So, it comes in through the senses that you are already familiar with and already working with. Allow it to work through these. Play with the touch, and the hearing, the sight, and all of these things. Allow it to come in through here.

Dear friends, this Language of Ah is the first and the most basic and the most powerful tool of all the tools in the New Energy. Some day you will sit in front of your students who come to you. You will try to help them to understand. You will help them try to play with it, this Language of Ah, the divinity that is coming up. You will explain to them how it comes in through their current seven senses. And, you will help them to understand the power to see things that they could not see before, to hear beyond words, to feel beyond the physical sense, to taste, to smell in new areas. This is a very important tool that we ask each of you to continue to play with.

We will talk about it more indeed. But, until we get together again, play with this. Understand where it is coming in. Work with each other. Spend time with each other playing with this. There are no rights, and there are no wrongs here. No one has written the book yet. So, play with it. Be the ones who discover this Language of Ah, the divine language, coming in through the brain, a sense of its own, but in a way that no longer judges, in a way that doesn't have to store vast quantities of information anymore. That is the old way of storing things. It is old. All things now will be brought to you appropriately in the "now," just like the farmers who adapted and adjusted to their new technology. They no longer had to store goods. It was all done just in time, on demand.

Your new Language of Ah will not be stored. Your divine energy does not need to be stored for a long, hard winter, or a cold and rainy day. It comes to you just in time at the most appropriate moment when you need it - in the "now." No more storing and saving. Release that. It will happen in the "now." A bit frightening for many of you, for you are used to having great storage bins of information, of emotions, of money, of goods, of all sorts of things. But, now it will be just in time.

Lesson Five of the Ascension Series - the Senses of Ah. Work with it. Play with it. Allow it to come in through you, and allow the changes that are occurring in your physical body as you adjust to the new language. It is powerful!

Even the musicians who have been brought here on this day and who agreed to play… they are now incorporating the Language of Ah into their work. They are incorporating their divine vibration into their work. It is coming out, and you are sensing it through your hearing, and your feeling, and, your brain, and your eyes to a degree. They are performing their music at all those levels within, from their brain, through their feelings, through their hearing, and their other senses, and their touch.

This is an example of the Language of Ah being created by two (musicians Peter Sterling and Stacy Frank) who are talented and gifted, and share it with all of you, so you can sense this within yourself. When you listen to it later today, be in your Language of Ah. We helped to orchestrate these musicians coming here specifically so you could use this occasion to play with your own seven senses. Listen beyond just the ears. Know beyond just the brain.

Yeshua will be singing tonight. Yeshua will be sending his vibrations through the instruments, through the voices, through the fingers. He will be guiding these two tonight. He will be helping them to bring through this divine language, so that each of you has the opportunity to experience it, and feel it, and know that you own it. It is yours.

Now, we are indeed having a ceremony of joy here with you. We talk long, and we talk loud sometimes. We do this, in a sense, to help you - how to say - bring in the energies at other levels. We distract you at times to help open things up, with your permission of course. But today we are truly having a ceremony joy with you.

And, yes, that was Yeshua that sat beside you, and rubbed your shoulders. That was Yeshua that touched each one of your senses as we were talking about them. That was Yeshua who wiped that tear from your eye. Yeshua will stay here. His energy will be most present throughout our entire gathering here on this day. He will dance in the aisles with anyone of you who dare to get up. (audience laughter)

Dear Shaumbra, we love you immensely. We thank you for taking on the challenge of playing with the Language of Ah in your life. It comes through your seven senses. We are back after 30 days of silence, talking to you, communicating with you, being with you now. Let us do it together through your divinity.

We love you dearly, and you are never alone.

And so it is.



Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

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