intuition / intuitive awareness

feeling;  sensing;  divine sensesdivine intelligence;
inspirationinsightknowingnessenlightenmentclarity;  crystalline energy;

< Creator 5QA > Now for each of you, you will come to understand these communications from your divine being in different ways. Some will literally hear these. Some will have a knowingnesses. Others will have a very strong sense of intuition. There are many ways this will manifest for you, and again we will get into more detail of this in upcoming sessions. But it is to know for all who are Shaumbra, all who are connecting with us now, that now is the beginning time for a new type of divine inner communication.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah comes through your sense of smell, dear friends. It does. Your sense of smell (Tobias, taking in a deep breath)… it is, in a way, an intuition. It is feeling. You use it much more than you are even aware of. Some of you classify it as one of the cruder senses of the human experience. But, your sense of smell is very subtle. You don't just smell odors, dear friends. You smell energies. The Language of Ah… it is like a new sense of intuition, a "sense of scents." As you allow it to come forward, you will have a knowingness that comes through your human ability to smell out things. You will have an intuition when you are in situations. You will have a new understanding that comes in through this nose of yours.

< Ascension 5 > Breathe in for a second. Do this now. There is much more to the breath than you thought. There is this sense, this smell, this intuition that comes in. When we tell you to breathe in, it is not just about air in your lungs. It is not just about expanding your divinity. It is about a new intuition that comes in through your smell sense. But, in this it is expanded. It is new. It gives you insights and intuitions that you have not had before. Breathe!

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in through your human sense of taste. Taste. But, when it comes in through here, you have a new and a better level of judgment and discernment. Instead of things being black or white, good or bad, you will have a new taste, a divine taste of things. It is also a type of intuition, but it is centered in a type of judgment. You will not so quickly go to a black and white judgment, rather you will go to a new level that is tied in to the Divine Will. The Language of Ah… it comes in also through your taste, through your discernment. You will have a new type of discernment and understanding of things that are in your reality.

< Ascension 5 > The Language of Ah also comes in, dear friends, through your sense of feel, through your sense of feel, or touch, as you would call it. You are used to nerve endings in your skin. You are used to the physical, the body touch. But, as the Language of Ah emerges, it will come in through that sense also. You will have a new touch of things, a new feeling of things. It will allow you to do things much more powerfully than ever before, such as healing that is associated with the hands, feelings and sensations that are associated with the skin. You will have a type of intuition and understanding and premonition that comes in through the touch, through your skin.

< Ascension 5 > Many of you think you have lost your sense of smell. It is almost non-existent. But, once in a while, we know you smell something different. You try to put an identity on it, and you cannot. You smell something that is so unusual, but yet so familiar. But, you cannot remember where that is coming from. Your new sense of smell and intuition are awakening. And, while it does, the old sense of smell may seem dormant. It may seem like it is not working so well, but dear friends, it is just so that you can go through this changeover process.

< Ascension 5 > Each one of your senses in the divine energy has its own form of intelligence. And, we do not like to use even that word. They have their own form of responsibility and responsiveness. In the Language of Ah you will not send the information back through the brain. The brain does not really want it anymore. The information will come independently through that hearing, the knowingness; through the sight, the insight; through the smell, the intuition; through the taste, the discernment; through the touch, the sensitivity.

< Ascension 5QA > You take classes. You take courses in many things, such as reading auras, such as - how to say - understanding past lives. These things have all been appropriate. They have gotten you to this place. But, dear friends, we ask you now to use your new sense and your divinity to feel whether these things are appropriate. There are many new and emerging techniques, and we feel many of these facilitators will be consciously or subconsciously integrating much of this Language of Ah. They may not call it that. They may call it a "divine vibration." They may call it the "god sense". But, they are beginning to understand that there is a new energy emerging. Use your own intuition to understand. Your intuition will come faster than your mind goes to work. You will know the answer before you hear it in any of your other places in your mind.

< MNEC2006-T > It's not intuition either. It is the ability to bridge between the nonphysical realms and into the crystalline realms and bring that energy and that consciousness down into the earthly realms. It is the ability to very rapidly manifest dreams using the balance of body, mind, gnost and spirit. But that piece has been missing for a long, long time, and it's time for it to come back, but in a different way. We're not going to go back and activate the old gnost. We're not going to go try to dig it from the depths of wherever it's been hiding. It's been hiding for a reason and wants to come back in a different way now.

< QuantumLeap 5QA > When your doubt came in you noticed how it suffocates the feelings. Then it goes in and confuses the mind. Then it takes away your sovereignty. It takes away your intuition, your natural ability to feel things and to understand them and to deal with them but not to own them. You had a wonderful experience in true feeling.

< QuantumLeap 5QA > Now, imagine for a moment what it would be like the next time this avalanche of feelings comes into your life if you didn't doubt, if you didn't wonder what you had done wrong. You didn't wonder what was going on or how you could escape from it. Instead of doubting, you used your pure intuition. Your intuition would allow you to absolutely feel the depths of the experience, of the energy, to feel into its many layers, to feel into all of the potentials of why it was there and the potential of the outcomes without having to manipulate it but just to feel it.

< QuantumLeap 5QA > Imagine using intuition instead of doubt, how much richer your life - not just as a human, but as a divine angelic being - how much richer it can actually be. Remembering all of the time that it's not yours. It's not yours. Oh, there is going to be times when you feel your own energy, but your intuition will be discerning enough to let you know is it you or is it something else.

< QuantumLeap 6QA > First of all, staying into the intuition and the feelings and these things, is a matter of choice. The mind will tend to rebel and tell you that you don't know what you're doing. It will want to try to maintain control because it is just trying to protect you, but as you continue to make the conscious choice to be intuitive and feeling and sensory, your mind will finally acquiesce. It will give way. It will understand that actually its freedom is also through letting go.

< (Next) 4 > You've been programmed out of intuition, gotten into the brain. Intuition is either considered frivolous or dealing with the darkness, you know, the unknown realms. Intuition also is something that all of you were programmed to no longer trust. It was convenient, because if you were programmed not to trust yourself, you followed the systems. Well, there were those who ruled and governed and cranked out belief systems that said, "This is better. Intuition's a bad thing. And as a matter of fact, it will burn you if you use it." So you have these patterns of staying away from intuition, not letting it come into your life. Intuition is a natural state of being. Mental is not natural.

< (Next) 6 > It's not about being intelligent or smart. It's about being the I Am. The intuitive nature is quantum leaps ahead of the mind. The knowingnesses that come in, the ability to just energetically tap into the Akashic Records, which are just a small part of everything, the ability to tap into mass consciousness and future potentials will never come from the mind. It comes from the Body of Consciousness, which is the physical body, the mind, the spirit, the gnost - every part of you coming together.

< (Next) 9 > The eyes are the greatest deceiver of reality. Yes, absolutely. The eyes will deceive you every time. When you breathe in, let yourself smell the energies. Any time something is going to happen, any time there's an energy movement, it tingles, it resonates in the air, not just the oxygen, but it's all around you. All you have to do is smell it. I would say it's the best sense, because sometimes your hearing is distorted, hearing's really tied into the brain, taste is basically half dead, so smell into it. The sense of smell is intuition. So you smell into it without trying to get an answer in the brain.

< e2012 1> And then finally there is what you would call more esoteric, spiritual intuition, knowingness. I'll use the word intuition here (he writes), intuition awareness. Now, this is something that actually is constantly, constantly connecting and communicating within you. You're all very intuitive beings. However, you let the mind overcome it, and you let your doubts then push it off somewhere else. But the intuition right now is actually bringing in feelings of things that are going to show up in the newspaper on Wednesday.

< e2012 1> You say, "There's something wrong with my stomach. It must just be because I'm having problems at work." No. You're intuitive beings. You're picking up on things that are moving and shifting in the Earth. Lovely smell, mmm. You're picking up on anxieties from people in the cities where you live in. You're picking up on the spooks that have been walking through the room here, always fascinated by you, that are earthbound, but your mental processes convert it, put it off in some different area, cause you to doubt yourself, so you're really not allowing yourself to perceive on an intuitive awareness basis.

< e2012 1> It's already there. We don't need to take class in intuition, in knowingness. You know why I don't want to do classes on that? Because then you'd go mental about it. It's already there. It is you. It's already at work. It's really about trusting that it's there, trusting that it's not your garbage anyway, and trusting that when it comes in, particularly the mind tries to take it over.

< e2012 1> Consciousness is awareness, but put more concisely, distilled down, consciousness is your presence. That's a little bit different than being in the Now moment. Very similar, they're like cousins, but it is your presence. Your consciousness is your presence and what you are allowing yourself to be aware of. Your consciousness is your presence, and your presence right now is right here, is sitting right here. Your consciousness is your awareness of sensory, of mental, and intuitive. And the question that I have for each and every one of you: How present are you? How real are you in the moment? How conscious are you?

< e2012 1> As you start to become aware of it through the senses, your physical senses, even through your mind, and the mind starts saying, "Am I present?" and then through your intuition, you're finally going to start feeling yourself more present. You're going to start feeling more around you. You're going to have more awareness of yourself present.

And the moment you have awareness of what is present, what is here, you're going to start understanding what is not present. You're going to understand what you've been holding back on. Then, my dear, you get that state of pure consciousness that goes beyond any of these types of awareness. It becomes the I Am awareness. The I Am awareness, and the fact that "I am present and that's all that counts. I Am that I Am, every part, every piece, the Body of Consciousness, every aspect, every thought, every feeling. I am fully aware. I Am that I Am."

< e2012 1> Mass consciousness is going through that right now. It's not going to settle down right away, but sooner or later mass consciousness will evolve beyond the mind. You're doing it right now. You've been doing it for a while. What is beyond the mind? Awareness and consciousness are all beyond the mind. Intuition. You don't have to think about things anymore, you just know them. Where you don't have to try anymore.

< e2012 2 > Science validates what's happening in consciousness. Science is the beauty of discovering all the things that you've already created. Yes, you've already created them. Now you're discovering them. Interesting, isn't it? But it's very true. It's the same principle as walking backwards through time to discover what it was like to already ascend. It's the same with where the tools, where the balance, where the answers are, allowing the intuition to let you find them.