< Embodiment 3 > I smell you (more laughter). I smell you, your energies. And, you can do this, too. Yes, you can smell energies. It is the easiest way to feel all of that within you. So, I invite you to smell energies right now, to breathe it in through your nose. Yes, breathe in… and then blow it out (Kuthumi demonstrating). Now, smell Kuthumi… breathe me in… and blow it out. And, now smell yourself. Indeed, you can - not like that (more laughter as some in the audience move as though to physically smell themselves) - smell you, who you are, for you have an energy essence. Yes, smell… take that deep breath… and then blow it out.

< Returning 4 > Be aware of things you see and smell. Smell - it's one of the greatest ways of waking up the intuition at a divine sacred level. Do you realize people's sense of smell is at the lowest point it's been in hundreds of years, maybe thousands of years? It's indicative of the fact that they're not sensing things around them. So it closes down the sinuses, the nasal, the sense of smell. They're in a little hypnosis. Little hypnosis.

< Returning 9 > Distinctive odor that humans have. You don't notice it because, well, you're human. You're smelling yourself all the time. But you know, when little babies, when they're born, the sense that is first comes alive within them is the smell. Long before the hearing or even the touch - the physical sense of touch - long before their taste, but their sense of smell, and they smell humans right away. They smell their mother and they smell their surroundings. And from there they reconnect with the part that has been human before.

< (Next) 9 > You smell the energy. You smell the consciousness. It's in the air. Now instead of breathing into your brain, breathe into your Body of Consciousness. Breathe into yourself. Breathe into your I Am. Without trying to achieve anything right now, you're sensing energies. You breathe in and feel it. Don't try to define it. You feel it. And then after you've allowed yourself to feel into it, again, without trying to define it, you let it go. Let it go. The definition will come to you, whether it's in the next moment or whether it's tomorrow, and suddenly you'll have the answer.

< (Next) 9 > The eyes are the greatest deceiver of reality. Yes, absolutely. The eyes will deceive you every time. When you breathe in, let yourself smell the energies. Any time something is going to happen, any time there's an energy movement, it tingles, it resonates in the air, not just the oxygen, but it's all around you. All you have to do is smell it. I would say it's the best sense, because sometimes your hearing is distorted, hearing's really tied into the brain, taste is basically half dead, so smell into it. The sense of smell is intuition. So you smell into it without trying to get an answer in the brain.