wisdom from within;
inspirationintuitionknowingnessdivine intelligenceenlightenmentclarity;  crystalline energy;

< New Earth 5 > They (your past life aspects) have designated you - the human in this lifetime - to be the "ascendee" for all of them, to be the "healee" for all of them. For as you heal and as you ascend, you rewrite the history of every past life you have had. You literally, my friends, change the outcome of those past lives. It is like taking the script of a movie - a movie that ends tragically, that ends in tears and destruction, that ends in anger and hatred - and rewriting the last page to end the history of that past life, with understanding and compassion and insight into the balance of the light and the dark. In this lifetime your journey has not been what you think it has been. It has not been about the jobs, even necessarily about the people that you have known. The journey has been about healing the past, about rewriting your own history.

< Ascension 5 > Each one of your senses in the divine energy has its own form of intelligence. And, we do not like to use even that word. They have their own form of responsibility and responsiveness. In the Language of Ah you will not send the information back through the brain. The brain does not really want it anymore. The information will come independently through that hearing, the knowingness; through the sight, the insight; through the smell, the intuition; through the taste, the discernment; through the touch, the sensitivity.

< Ascension 9 > Now, in your lifetimes there are highs and lows. These are the waves of duality that come through. You experience them at many different levels. You experience highs and lows, emotionally, and physically, and even spiritually. As humans, you try to get out of the lows and only experience the highs.
The lows are appropriate. Look back on your life. Was it not the lows, in the most challenging times of your life, that you had the greatest insights, the greatest understandings? And, you also had the greatest desire to get the heck out of that low! (audience laughter) You would do anything to get out of the low! You were not complacent in the low.

< Ascension 11 > You are in the end times now. Much has been written about this. Much has been discussed of the end times. You are in the days of revelation. And, what a wonderful thing it is to have the revelation of who you truly are and where you have come from. It has been written in your holy scriptures, this Book of Revelations, to be a dark, and punishing, and ugly thing. But, dear friends, the name of the book itself - Revelations, new revelations and new insights… it is what happens indeed.

< Clarity 8 > Now, the good news is that you'll find yourself filled with great amounts of energy at other times. You'll have tremendous bursts of creativity and insight. Your mental process goes from being very linear or analytical into being very creative and you find solutions to answers very quickly, and they're very big solutions as well. You find yourself very intuitive about other people, and you find yourself, more than anything, coming up with very simple but profound understandings. Simple - meaning that you see the basic, simple quality of life. You see the core energies of things. You don't have to get muddled in the mind with all of the different analyses that go on. You can see very simply and very clearly and profoundly.

< e2012 2 > What happens with New Think, …Your thinking starts going beyond the speed of light and beyond, and it goes beyond the need for any speed registration at all, beyond any sort of speed. And when that happens, you're going to suddenly discover what real insight is all about. You're going to discover how you really got trapped in a lot of needless old, slow, labored, boring thinking. You're going to realize exactly what we've been talking about for many years now that everything you need is in the Now. That's not just a nice little cliché.