cycle / cycle of high and low

universal pulse
; waves of duality; duality cycle; old sabotage system;
cycle of on/off; ups and downs; swing; vibration; frequency; pulse; waves; fluctuation;

< Ascension 6QA > There is a high end of this cycle or frequency, and there is a low end. You are feeling this pulse, this universal pulse. It is a type of spiritual energy, but one that can be brought to Earth. It has a high point and a low point to it. Now, we will speak much of this in the future of how these highs and lows work in tandem with each other, and how you can take advantage of the high point and for your expression, but how in a low point not get yourself bogged down, but to understand it is like a propellant. That "low" will help soar you to new heights. So, when you are in the low portion of this energy cycle, of this wavelength, so to speak, use that to propel you.

< Ascension 7 > Perhaps you thought that as you walked into this New Energy - into your ascension status - these sensitivities would be less. You thought you would feel others less, be less affected by them. You thought you would be less affected by your own cycles, by your own ups and downs. You are now learning that you are more aware of them. You are more sensitive.

< Ascension 7 > You experience depression, and periods of frustration on your journey into the New Energy. You fight the lows. You try to avoid them like the plague. You wonder what's wrong when you go into the low cycles. You even go to the doctor and get drugs that will take you out of this.

But, we are here to tell you that these cycles are appropriate. We are here to tell you - and we know Cauldre is already trying to stop us. (audience laughter) We will be patient. (more laughter) Do not try to fight the low cycles. It is natural that these cycles occur. It is natural that you go through them. Dear friends, in your New Energy, in your new vibration that you are in, you cannot - how to say - you cannot bottom out. You cannot lose touch of yourself. We know there is this concern - how low, how low can you go? You feel that if you do not hang on, and if you do not try to crawl out of that low cycle, it will consume you like a tidal wave.

But, dear friends, we will speak directly of the energy that causes these and how to work with it. But, we can tell you now to stop trying to fight these low cycles. They are as important as the high cycles. If you do not have the lows, you will not have the highs. Soon you will learn that it is all part of a whole. Soon you will learn that the highs and lows, in a sense, only represented the old balance of duality. And, now you can look at them in a different light.

For those of you who are going through these cycles, it is natural. Allow it to happen. There is as much, perhaps more, to be gained in these low cycles. And, yes, we know they feel terrible. They feel terrible because you are resisting them. You are not gathering the energy from them. They feel terrible because you have a preconception, based on the energy of duality, of how you should feel or not feel, what you should think or not think.

You are going through these cycles so intensely now because the duality within your being is heating up. It is heating up, so that it can be changed into something else. You try to avoid the lows. You will only knock out the highs. We will talk more of this, and that is part of the reason for Metatron being here. We will speak directly of the physics and the energy behind these in our lessons to come.

< Ascension 7 > In the omniverse, there is a flow of energy. At the core of all things there is an energy that is always illuminated. It is always flowing. It is not in cycles. It is not "on/off." It simply is. This is the energy that you brought with you when you left Home, when we all left Home. This is a constant, illuminating energy. As the energy spreads out into the omniverse, it becomes somewhat like an on/off energy. We will get into more of that later, but think of the energy flow like a river, flowing smooth, flowing free, flowing openly. Agendas are like boulders in the river. They block the flow of energy. And, as enough boulders are placed in the river, it creates somewhat of a dam. As the dam is created, it blocks up the flow, and debris collects on the dam. Then all sorts of problems start, dear friends.

< Ascension 7QA > There is energy that comes forth from Source, from the core of all things. And, as this energy goes deeper and deeper into the void, and even into your creation, it is transformed into cycles, into frequencies, or pulses. There are some on your side, on our side even, who see this as a pulsing, as an on/off pulse of energy, on/off, like a blinking light. There are others who see it like waves, like frequency waves. Either way of thinking works with this.

As you bring in the energies into your life, into your consciousness, it does go in cycles, or waves, or pulses. There is a reason for this. It is part of duality. It is a way of generating more energy. What we are saying is that the "highs" and the "lows," or the "on" and the "off" are important right now.

< Ascension 7QA > The problem with these psychotropic drugs is they tend to flatline cycles of energy… spiritual, raw energy, that is coming in. It levels out everything. The cycles of energy (universal pulse), from the core of all things (Source), were not intended to be flatlined, like you are trying to do with your drugs, or like you are trying to do with your own attitudes. You want to take out the "lows," but, dear friends, it is a natural part of All That Is.

In order to truly walk into ascension, in completeness and fullness, you will have to leave these drugs behind. You fear this because you are in duality and because you have so much agenda with yourself. You fear that if you go off of these, you are going to "bottom out." You are going to commit suicide. You are going to go crazy.

We will tell you how to release these drugs. It is to release your agenda! Then, there will be no fear of bottoming out. Then, you will be simply riding wonderful waves of energies that don't have any points of duality associated with them. That pill that you take represents your agenda. It represents your fear of duality and of yourself. Look at it. Look at your agendas that are incorporated into that pill and all of your belief systems around it.

< Ascension 8 > The energies of duality are like waves, or wave lengths. There are highs and lows. They play off of one another. The lows propelled you to highs. The highs brought you to new insights that could sometimes be called low periods. They worked with each other. It is now about embracing ALL of that, the highs and the lows, the white marble, the black marble, the positive, the minus. Embrace all of it. Don't focus on just one energy of duality. Embrace all of it. This will give you a new understanding of love.

< Ascension 8 > You have done so much to avoid the lows and the pains and the darkness and the negative and the bad. But, it has all been part of you. It has been part of this grand game, if you call it that, or grand experience. Embrace all of it now. Release the agendas about the right and the wrong. Release the agendas about what others need and about what the world needs at this point. Embrace the highs and the lows, because they ARE all part of the same.

< Ascension 8 > That is why we have spoken so ADAMANTLY about these drugs of yours. They take away the light and the dark. ALL of those elements are important. You need the ups and downs. It is how they are polarized now, how you work them within you.

< Ascension 8 > The reason why the soon-to-be children come in today is because they want to understand this also. They have a journey in front of them. But, they want to see a group of humans who has come to the point where duality can be released. They want to see a group of humans who has transcended the old energetic ways of duality. They want to see how this new group accepts the dark and the light, the up and the down… accepts all these… no longer struggles, trying to get out of the void… no longer tries to cling to the high points… but understands that the rhythms of this are all appropriate, and in doing so, that there is no energizing of the old elements of duality.

< Ascension 8QA > When you hit some low points - and you will, you will - it is part of the cycles of the ups and downs, the on and off of energy. It is part of the way duality itself is releasing itself. When you go into the lows, that helps duality transform, release. So, do not scramble to try to get out of the lows, but honor the space that you walk in. So many of you are concerned that if you let go when you are in a low, you will fall into the pit, into the abyss, never to return again, to be eaten by some dragon of the deep dark. (audience laughter) Dear friends, it does not work that way for you any more. It does not work that way. When you are in a low, don't try to force yourself out of it. Understand it is an energy cycle. Understand, in a sense, with all that is happening within you, that there is a spiral that will take place that will work you through it at the appropriate time.

< Ascension 8QA > We have talked to you today about grand information: Home finally, finally being able to have the first rays of its energy touch you. Home, now for the first time, being able to touch you and to acknowledge you and to share with you once again. It will take place over a period of time. It will start small within you. It will grow, and then it will touch more and more of mass consciousness. This is grand information, and it opens the door to grand self-doubt. That is part of the energy dynamic of what is going on right now. That is part of this whole process of the transformation of duality into the New Energy. This is appropriate. When the self-doubt comes in, dear friends, this is one of the cycles, what you would call perhaps a low cycle or a down cycle. Do not try to put the blanket over it, or to extinguish it, or to deny it. Walk through it. Walk through that self-doubt. It is one of the snakes on the road. It is there for a reason. It is still helping to produce energies that will propel you, that will propel your own divinity to new levels of understanding.

< Ascension spQA > Understand that you are more sensitive than ever in this New Energy. You are opening up right now. You are feeling the sadness that Metatron spoke of earlier, a sadness brought in by the winds of change - both literal and figurative winds - that are upon the face of Earth right now. You are feeling others' suffering and pain. You are taking it as your own in so many cases. You are feeling the burdens of others. Understand what it is, and honor it, but understand, dear ones, that it does not necessarily come from you.

You are also riding many cycles within yourself, ups and downs. They are becoming more intense and more frequent. It is the energies of duality, seemingly going out of phase, because, in a sense, that is literally what they are doing. Light and dark were always phased appropriately. Now they are going out of phase. You will feel these dips. You will feel the peaks also. They are going out of phase in order to realign in this new marriage that we spoke of earlier. In doing so, you are creating a New Energy.

First go within to know if this sadness, is coming from you or from the outside. If it is coming from you, understand that it is part of a process. Understand that the lows are helping to build a momentum to move through this energetic shift, to move you into the New Energy.

< Ascension 9 > The energies of duality, in a sense, are like waves that occur after the boulder. In the waves, there are highs and lows, ups and downs. Duality is like a wave of energy. You have seen how this is drawn - a wave of energy going up and down, up and down. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, there was - we know there are some who will want to argue this - but there was a finite amount of energy that went with you. When you left Home, there was a finite amount of energy that left. Now, this finite amount is vast! As a human, you do not have to worry about running out of energy. But, everything outside of the First Circle contains a finite amount of energy.

< Ascension 9 > Now, in your lifetimes there are highs and lows. These are the waves of duality that come through. You experience them at many different levels. You experience highs and lows, emotionally, and physically, and even spiritually. As humans, you try to get out of the lows and only experience the highs.
The lows are appropriate. Look back on your life. Was it not the lows, in the most challenging times of your life, that you had the greatest insights, the greatest understandings? And, you also had the greatest desire to get the heck out of that low! (audience laughter) You would do anything to get out of the low! You were not complacent in the low.

< Ascension 9 > Neither was Gautama when he went through his period of denial. He was in the lowest state of lows, physically and mentally. But, yet this provided the energy and motivation for him to keep moving along. In duality, the lows provide - how to say - a roller coaster effect to take you to a high. The highs periods are when you solidify the enlightenments and the wisdom that you gained in the lows. It is here that you bring the new wisdom into a more tangible, crystalline form.

< Ascension 9 > But, do you know what happens, dear Shaumbra, when you get to the high peak? You want another roller coaster experience! So, you allow yourself to dive back into the low. Do you see yourself in this? The lows help you to gain the potential for wisdom, to gain the motivation to continue moving forward. Then, you bring these into your high states, and in a sense, anchor them there before you go into your next roller coaster ride. That is how duality has worked - highs and lows.

< Ascension 9 > It is very detrimental to try to avoid the lows. That is why we have spoken against these psychotropic drugs that put a blanket on living in the now. Ah, the lows! They have been so precious. They have been such a part of your journey, and such a part of Gautama’s journey. This is the way duality has worked. We know so many of you fear these lows. You loathe the lows. You do not want to be in these. You think there is something wrong with them, but they are a natural part of duality. The waves of high and low have brought you to this point on your path.

< Ascension 9 > Now, the waves (of duality) have never created New Energy. They have simply brought new understandings to the energy that was already there. Now, comes the time that Metatron spoke of when you enter into the New Energy. You are entering into it now. It is no longer like a wave of high and low.

< Ascension 9 > It is difficult to describe the New Energy. Indeed, even the words we speak today will evolve in later discussions. The old energy was like a linear wave of highs and lows, going in one direction. The New Energy is like adding another wave that runs sideways. It interweaves with the old wave of duality - one wave still going up and down, but a new wave that goes sideways, that goes left and right. These waves intersect each other.

< Ascension 9 > Now, we will have many more discussions about this. But, it is to say that duality is not destroyed or denied. It is expanded. You go from "2" to "4." You will see that there are four wave patterns in the New Energy, ups and downs, but also side to side. They intermingle with each other and intersect with each other. This changes the perception of the lows, because there is a new balancing wave that flows on its side. This is the New Energy. It still contains the essence of duality, but it has a whole new dimension to it.

< Ascension 10 > Yes, indeed, duality has its own identity. It has its own vibration. In a sense, it is like an entity, much like you. But, as you know from your own experiences, duality also is tired. Duality knows it is time to transform into the New Energy. Even duality is at odds with itself, part of it wanting to hang on, part of it wanting to let go. What a beautiful orchestra! It is beautiful indeed! All of this creates higher highs, and lower lows, and faster cycles, which all indicates that large changes are taking place and will continue to take place.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, embrace all aspects. We understand that the light, and the dark, and the neutral serve a purpose. We embrace all of the things we have done in the past, whether we have judged them to be light or dark. We embrace all of the things of other humans that we meet along the path. We understand some of them are playing out old roles, old karma. We embrace them. We do not judge them. We understand where they are on their jouney. We understand that the darkness also serves the light, also creates the new experience. We embrace all elements… light, dark, neutral, and everything in between. For, in this completeness of energy, we truly then know we are Divine Humans.

< DivineHuman 1QA > The world around you will continue to have these ups and downs, and the highs and lows. Well over a year ago of your time, we told you that the stock market would be on roller coasters. We are not predictors of the future; however, we can see that right now things will be going back and forth, up and down. That is the natural course. In a sense, it is designed that way by you, because it builds momentum, and it builds energy. If it were always going up, there would be no corresponding energy to provide the momentum or the fuel. So, you experience highs and lows. You, Shaumbra, are getting used to this. You are learning how to stay in a place of balance, even when the world around you might be going through storms.

< DivineHuman 3 > You will continue to see all of this turmoil all across your world. It is appropriate. There are energy cycles. There are highs and lows, and they work together. The lows are as appropriate as the highs. When you go to a low in your own journey it creates a momentum and an energy that will then propel you into a whole new consciousness. It is not a series of up-and-down cycles that follows a linear path. At some point it propels you to a new consciousness.

< DivineHuman 3 > The up and down cycles of your Earth are appropriate also. When you see these things happening around the world, when you see all of these shakeups, and when you hear the talk of war, stand behind the short wall. Step out of duality for a moment. Step into your own divine grace. Take a look at what is really happening, not what appears on the surface and what is written in your headlines. Stand behind the short wall and take a look at what is truly happening.

< DivineHuman 10 > The economy will continue on a roller coaster, up and down, no apparent logic to it. You will watch your news shows, and you will hear the so-called experts debating about why the economy is doing certain things. And, the very next day everything they said will be proven wrong. Dear friends, there is no logic to what is happening right now in the Old Energy standpoint. There is, from a New Energy standpoint… there is a momentum that is building through this roller coaster effect. Every time there is a dip, it helps to build an energy to catapult into a New type of abundance.

< DivineHuman 10 > We have said before that there will be a major revision of the overall world monetary system in these years ahead, not so many years away. You are still dealing with an Old Energy way of money. And, it will change. It has to change. In the meantime you will see the ups and downs. But, it does not have to affect you. You can create abundance in every moment. You can do that best by letting go of every preconceived notion that you had about what abundance is. You can do that by not hoarding money away for a rainy day, because, as you know, if that's what you are doing - if you are stockpiling it (acorn hunter), you are fearful of spending it - you WILL get a rainy day. So, dear friends, it does not have to affect you. You can be totally, totally abundant in this New Energy.

< NewEnergy 6QA > Understand that there are many, many humans on Earth that love drama. It is an up-and-down cycle that they need to feed them. It is duality at work. They love it. So, as we said, be compassionate, but also be compassionate with yourself. You don't have to stay in that situation. Now, you might wonder how to remove yourself from this. Some of the fear elements come out. Simply go to this platform of safety, and from there make your choice. Make your choice to not be embroiled in all this. And, you'll be amazed again at all of the new dynamics that come into play.

< Clarity 10 > One of the things that you're going to notice in this whole process of disconnecting is the lack of cycles that take place. Energy flows and works and then manifests in cycles. Nature has its own cycles, for instance. It has its summers and its autumns and winters and springs. And the cycles keep repeating themselves over and over and over again, because that is the way the nature network is programmed. And humans, therefore, have learned to accept that.

< Clarity 10 > These are times that are simply patterns that have been built and you've gotten used to and you've accepted these cycles. But these are all part of networks. These are all illusions and they are all false. You just happen to have been hypnotized into believing them.

< Clarity 10 > But what happens in that cycle - in the old duality cycle that you're used to? What happens? You get to a certain point and then it goes down. You're so used to it that I see many of you are already anticipating it. You're getting ready for the fall. You're getting ready to lose it. You're on the downward part of a cycle. That is an illusion. That is an old belief system and it doesn't need to happen.

< Clarity 10 > One of the things I want to do here today with Shaumbra is to put an end to those cycles - the ups and the downs. They serve the rest of humanity in a way because that "up and down" does a certain job of clearing out old energy. In a sense it's a purification process. It is also a process that develops a momentum - an energetic momentum. But it is no longer important for you Shaumbra. Tobias, in a sense, alluded to it a number of Shouds ago when he talked about the destroyer energy, the Shiva energy, coming in. That's what you do, right in the top, right when things are going good, you bring in the destroyer energy.

< Clarity 10 > No more, Shaumbra. The New Energy, first of all, doesn't allow it, will not allow cycles into the New Energy. New Energy is not cyclical, it is not a wave form. It doesn't have ups and downs. The New Energy won't allow it. But more than anything else, it doesn't serve you anymore at all.

Shaumbra, let us make a choice today not to have that anymore. You don't need it. You don't need the ups and downs. Now, right away, I can feel many of you saying, "But then what happens? Do I go up and up and up?" No. You get off the track completely. You get out of this cycle completely.

< Clarity 10 > If you have the illusion that you keep going up and up and up, in old duality, sooner or later, it has to come down because that's the way duality works and that's the old belief system. We go out of the cycle belief system - the cycle illusion - and that energy altogether. You don't have an up and a down any more. You don't have a good and a bad anymore. It (New Energy) just is. It just continues to expand. And, as Tobias says, it expands in and out, all at the same time. Expansion isn't just one direction. It isn't just one dimension, either. It goes every which way.

< Clarity 10 > I see that so many of you have been making such incredible movements in your life, on the verge of great breakthroughs... and I don't say this lightly... great breakthroughs in your life. But I see that sabotage system, or the old cycle system, ready to take hold and pull you right down. You don't need it. Let's get off of it permanently.

< Clarity 10QA > Most humans do not make choices in their life. They simply go through life. I suppose that in itself is a choice, but not a very enlightened or liberated choice. Most humans don't consciously make choices about what they want to do, or how they want to express themselves in this lifetime. They get caught into their cycles, they get caught into their dramas, and pretty soon they're making no choice at all. They are simply experiencing life but from a very nonauthentic point of view.

< e2012 2 > When you get into New Think, the drama goes away and with it the need to have highs and lows from a mental or emotional standing. You're going to feel a bit odd, because emotion even starts going out the door, and you're going to say, "Geez, I just feel emotionless, but funny, I feel much happier."