grand experiment / grand test

grand experience; grand game; game of duality;

< New Earth 12 > From the very time that you first came to Earth until this event approximately one year ago, there has always been the set up of duality, of two forces in your consciousness on your Earth and in your physical universe. It has been the "yin and the yang," the "light and the dark," and in your judgement the "good and the bad," although that is purely a judgement. It has been "male and female," "young and old." Duality has been something that has been a way of life with you. It was the set up, the condition of your consciousness from the very time that you came here. It is the condition that allowed for this, how to say, grand experiment, grand test, but the test was not about you. You were simply facilitating the test.

< Ascension 8 > You have done so much to avoid the lows and the pains and the darkness and the negative and the bad. But, it has all been part of you. It has been part of this grand game, if you call it that, or grand experience. Embrace all of it now. Release the agendas about the right and the wrong. Release the agendas about what others need and about what the world needs at this point. Embrace the highs and the lows, because they ARE all part of the same.

< NewEnergy 7 > You had played on all of the other dimensions, all of the etheric dimensions. But, you had never played in matter. It was… it still is the grandest experience, grandest experiment of them all. The things you did on the other dimensions are nothing compared to this. There is a difference… you see. In the non-physical dimensions things are very temporary. Things are very fleeting on our side of the veil where we do not have human bodies. As we have said, we can imagine eating a meal, but we also know that it doesn't contain the fullness and the richness of when you eat a meal. We are simply imagining it. It goes away quickly.