finite anount of energy from the sourse / source energy

universal energy
; cosmic lattice; The Field;
singular flow of energy from the sourse; energies in the Kingdom; divine energy;
a finite amount of energy of the first circle left with you which changed into energies of duality by boulders of you out of the first circle;

The true source of all is in a neutral state of being, all potential, all neutral. It has no agenda;
it has no movement of its own until it is activated by consciousness. When it is activated, it takes on attributes of duality that is energy.

< Ascension 6QA > We cannot do it for you, but there are energies that can be brought in to assist. We cannot lift your hand for you. You have to do that. But, when you do lift that hand, and you do begin the work, you will feel an energy of not only support and love, but we can help you to create new energy for yourself that was not available before. In a sense, we can help you take a limited and defined amount of energy, and expand it. We can help you create more than was there in the first place. It is a type of energy birthing that we help you with, but you ultimately bring it into expression.

< Ascension 7 > In the omniverse, there is a flow of energy. At the core of all things there is an energy that is always illuminated. It is always flowing. It is not in cycles. It is not "on/off." It simply is. This is the energy that you brought with you when you left Home, when we all left Home. This is a constant, illuminating energy. As the energy spreads out into the omniverse, it becomes somewhat like an on/off energy. We will get into more of that later, but think of the energy flow like a river, flowing smooth, flowing free, flowing openly. Agendas are like boulders in the river. They block the flow of energy. And, as enough boulders are placed in the river, it creates somewhat of a dam. As the dam is created, it blocks up the flow, and debris collects on the dam. Then all sorts of problems start, dear friends.

< Ascension 7QA > The problem with these psychotropic drugs is they tend to flatline cycles of energy… spiritual, raw energy, that is coming in. It levels out everything. The cycles of energy (universal pulse), from the core of all things (Source), were not intended to be flatlined, like you are trying to do with your drugs, or like you are trying to do with your own attitudes. You want to take out the "lows," but, dear friends, it is a natural part of All That Is.

In order to truly walk into ascension, in completeness and fullness, you will have to leave these drugs behind. You fear this because you are in duality and because you have so much agenda with yourself. You fear that if you go off of these, you are going to "bottom out." You are going to commit suicide. You are going to go crazy.

We will tell you how to release these drugs. It is to release your agenda! Then, there will be no fear of bottoming out. Then, you will be simply riding wonderful waves of energies that don't have any points of duality associated with them. That pill that you take represents your agenda. It represents your fear of duality and of yourself. Look at it. Look at your agendas that are incorporated into that pill and all of your belief systems around it.

< Ascension 9 > The energies in the Kingdom were a singular flow. Now, your new identity (mirror image: two opposing energy) was like a boulder in the stream of divine energy. When you put a boulder in the water it creates turbulence. It breaks up the flow. Some water rushes over. Some water rushes around the side, and vortexes are created at the other end of the rock. In a sense, that is what duality is. Your sense of identity outside of the kingdom sits like a boulder in the stream of energies. All of this is appropriate, all appropriate. It is helping you, dear Prince and Princess, to develop new understandings of who you truly are.

< Ascension 9 > The energies of duality, in a sense, are like waves that occur after the boulder. In the waves, there are highs and lows, ups and downs. Duality is like a wave of energy. You have seen how this is drawn - a wave of energy going up and down, up and down. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, there was - we know there are some who will want to argue this - but there was a finite amount of energy that went with you. When you left Home, there was a finite amount of energy that left. Now, this finite amount is vast! As a human, you do not have to worry about running out of energy. But, everything outside of the First Circle contains a finite amount of energy.

< Ascension 9 > We said earlier that when you left Home, the Kingdom, a finite amount of energy came with you. No new energy has ever been created outside of the First Circle. You have just changed and transformed the existing energy base. And do you remember when we have spoken to you about all things in the Second Circle coming to an impasse? The energies of the universe came to a standstill at one point. Duality could no longer re-express itself. It was the "star wars" period where energy could move forth no more. It came to an impasse. It stopped. That is when the Order of the Arc was created to find a solution to the impasse. Earth was created to find solution to the energetic impasse that occurred. When you gaze into the stars at night, you are looking at your past. When your scientists use the new, sophisticated telescopes to probe the universe, they are also looking at your past. They are looking at what you left behind, at what you created. That is what it is.

< Ascension 9QA > You are coming to a point of fulfillment, not to the end of a journey. Even Gautama found that the journey continued. The journey continued. Truth evolves. You are coming to a point of fulfillment, of completion, before going into a next cycle. The fulfillment is creating New Energy from a finite source, getting out of the game of duality, where you were just changing the appearance and the looks of two energies of duality. Now with your new identity and knowingness, you are making it possible for the creation of New Energies, and, at the same time, making it possible for Home to come to you.

< Ascension 9QA > From our perspective, and talking to those who crossed over to our side, there were so many humans who sat in meditation with expectation. There were so many who attempted to clear the mind. And, as you know, this does not work so well. These were times of denial when you put up the blocks and keep the waves of energy from coming through. Ultimately, you struggled so much with this thing called meditation. Others used meditation to deny living in the "now." They used meditation to escape duality, their humanness and life around them. Being in ascension status means being in the moment. If you are in the moment, there is really no need to meditate. You do not need to DO meditation. You ARE a walking, living, breathing meditation.

< Ascension 11 > Something miraculous is happening here. When you left Home, there was a limited or finite amount of energy that left with you. There was a finite amount of energy that entered the void, what is now your known universe. Oh, that amount of energy was vast, but it was finite. Through the journey that you have taken ever since, and the journey of many lifetimes on Earth, you are creating New Energy. That is a miracle! You do not see it yet in your own life. But, you will come to understand what we are talking about. You will understand why the Kryon is so excited about the work you do, why all of us who gather here honor you.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth, you will be working with and studying and playing with New Energy. As we have told you before, New Energy has never been created before. There was a finite amount of energy that left the Kingdom, and you have just been switching its forms and its ratios (of light and dark) back and forth. But, now, you as humans on Earth have created New Energy for the first time outside of the Kingdom. The New Earth is the place where you will study this energy. You will learn about the potentials of New Energy. You will learn what can be done with it. You will learn how to be true creators. The biggest difference is you will no longer ask the question, "Who am I?" You will understand the statement, "I Am."

< NewEnergy 12 > When you left Home - the Kingdom - there was a finite amount of energy that left with you. And, part of what you wanted to experience, part of what you wanted to create eventually was New Energy. So, for eons of time you simply took the energies that already existed and learned how to sculpt them… learned how to play with them… learned how to transform them from one energy to another… from one vibration to another… until quite recently simply playing with existing energies.

< Embodiment 2 > This is where we are going to start picking up on the thing we call The Field. Some call it "the cosmic lattice," "the interwoven web," "the zone." There are many, many names for this. This is a source energy. This is where you come to new realizations and understandings. We will discuss more of those today. This is where you transcend. This is where… oh, you expand in ways that the human mind of yours right now could not possibly imagine.

< Embodiment 2 > The Field… "the zone"… as we understand how energy really works at this point in The Field… oh, this is something Ohama is going to get into in great detail in his school. The field, Shaumbra, is where the New Energy comes through. And, by being able to access this source energy, you also have New Energy… New Energy. It is phenomenal to work with. We have been working with it somewhat on our side here, helping to prepare it for you actually. And, it defies any type of description. It is New Energy for the first time ever.

< (Next) 10 > Keahakenergy wants to serve you. As Cauldre said before, to bring in new levels of Source energy. Humans, by nature, have a habit of keeping Source energy somewhere else, keeping it separate from this Earth, from this reality. Afraid to bring it in, perhaps, because it will mark the beginning of the end of a long journey. Bringing in those levels of Source energy, perhaps, is the last step before the final step, going on to your sovereignty, your ascension. Sounds great, but yet you have trepidation. You wonder if you're ready to leave. We'll talk about that more in a moment, reasons why you might want to stay.

< (Next) 10 > There are others who are in convents, who are doing their … well, they call it their prayer, but it's a type of chanting, meditation. They have been in these convents for lifetimes. Lifetimes. Yes, hidden away under the banner of the church, but they're really not at all. They have been holding the energy for the right time, holding what you would call precious crystalline energies - not physical, but within them - waiting for the right time, for a group of humans, serious and dedicated, to bringing in Source, Source energy, and this group of humans willing to expand their consciousness far beyond their minds, out of their minds, crazy out of their minds. Yes.