to be or not to be / should I stay or should I go

If stay, what am I going to do?

< (Next) 3 > It's almost impossible to answer that question, because what is available to you right now in the field of your potentials is not even something the mind can understand. But yet you were feeling it. You were feeling "There is something for me to do. There's something I don't have to do for humanity, something to do for myself. I don't even have to do it for my aspects. I can just do it for me." You were feeling it, but when you tried to really articulate it, tried to put it into words, it eluded you, went away. That's very, very natural.

< (Next) 3 > Go with the feelings. You don't have to define it. You don't have to be able to write it down on a piece of paper exactly what you want to do. Get into those feelings. Something that is fulfilling, something that is fun, something that is liberating - perhaps that's what you want to do. And I didn't ask the question what job do you want. Maybe you don't want a job. You know, you can survive without a job. You really can. Ask Aandrah, ask On -Norma, Garret. Ask so many of the others who aren't in the old world, old consciousness type of job. You can survive outside of that. Absolutely. That's what we call being a sovereign being.

< (Next) 3 > So you come to complete trust, you give up the game. And part of you says, "But well, if I don't have games to play, why should I stay here?" It's a new game, and it's not a game of duality. It's a new joy of being here on Earth in the physical body without pain, without aches, without all of the other issues. So, good.

< (Next) 5 > A lot of you have been saying, thinking, feeling that you wanted to go teach on the New Earth full time, not just occasionally. Some of you were saying that perhaps it was time to go, to leave; that you had done everything you came here to do and that you could be more effective helping others on the other side. Some of your Shaumbra affiliates have gone on. You know who they are. They've crossed over, they've been there helping you, working with you, sometimes laughing at you. But some of you have been feeling, thinking that maybe it's time. Not in a dramatic suicidal desperate way, but just, eh, kind of "Maybe it's time."

< (Next) 5 > We're asking you, dear Shaumbra, to stay, and we're asking you right now. This is a pivotal point, particularly in the next couple of weeks, energy-wise, the way things move and shift. In the next couple of weeks, between now and about January 5th, it's a pivotal time. I guess you could say it's choice time, voting time. I'm not saying that suddenly all of you are going to start disappearing, but you could be setting up the process to do that. And some of you have already been contemplating your way out. Metatron, a lot of the others from the Crimson Council, myself, are asking you to stay. Why? Just for the fun of it. Just for the fun of it. And why not? Think of it in terms of reenlisting. And think of it in terms of you don't get a bonus for reenlisting Think of it in terms of your original service being done and you can leave, but do you really want to?

< (Next) 5 > We would like you to be here first of all - first and foremost - to experience what it's like to have joy on Earth. We don't want you leaving here with some old hard energies, bitter energies, old stuff left behind. We want you to celebrate what it's like to be on Earth, particularly to be on Earth in the midst of chaos all around you, and have the time of your life. Second, it's more effective when enlightened beings are here rather than there. You go over there and, you know, your energy changes. Your connection with Earth and people and everything else changes. It's not as effective as if you're sitting right here in the chairs.

< (Next) 5 > When you consider potentials within yourself, as you have been doing for years now, when you consider choices you would like to make in your life, it's not just about you. It's affecting the planet. It's putting energies into the strata. It's putting potentials into the dynamics of Earth for true change. The reason why we're asking you this is there are actually more people now than ever before that really want change; actually, more than three percent that want change. It's about four. (laughter) But there are enough that are saying, "We choose change in our lives." That affects everything, particularly for those still connected into mass consciousness. It literally shifts the balance of mass consciousness.

< (Next) 5 > We're saying what a wonderful time to be here on Earth. Why leave now? Why start setting up the process for your exit? Why not breathe life into life, into what you have right here? Enjoy what could be the finest, finest experiences in this lifetime. Finally having abundance in your life. Finally having joy. You've cleaned out the closets and the drawers. You got rid of the old karmic relationships that really didn't look very good on you. And now are going to be the best years. Dear Shaumbra, some of you are thinking, "Is this real?" Well, it's as real as you want it to be. Yes it is. We measure and monitor the energy balances and consciousness levels on Earth all the time. There is no greater time on Earth than right now. There is absolutely no greater time.

< (Next) 5 >There's not just one New Earth anymore. The original New Earth that we talked about, this mirror of physical Earth, was a starting place. Remember, there are billions of angelic beings who have never been embodied in matter, who've never had a physical experience, that have been waiting to come in. Your spiritual families, standing back and watching as you've been going through your experience, wanting to go through their own. This Earth, this physical Earth that you live on, can accommodate about 10 billion, maximum, right now, for a lot of reasons. So where do the others go? To the new New Earths. What are the templates for those new New Earths? Right here.

< (Next) 5 > That is why we say, dear Shaumbra, we would love if you stayed. We would love if you continued being in physical body, but now did that in joyful experience - clear, joyful experience. It has a profound effect on all of these other New Earths that are coming into being, on all of those you call your spirit families that are going to be taking on the attributes of physical reality.

< (Next) 5 > Some is altered from what you have come to know here on Earth. Some of the very harsh things of this physical Earth won't necessarily need to be implemented on these other New Earths. But these beings - the angelic beings, billions of them - are wanting to go through their ascension, their discovery of the I Am. They want the answer to the question "Who am I?" That's why the New Earths are being built. That's why this Earth - what this Earth is going through these next few years - is so important, is so profound. And that's why you've chosen to be here.

< (Next) 6 > What's the biggest Shaumbra symptom right now - awakening symptom - that people are going through? What we hear more than anything is Shaumbra saying, "What am I supposed to do right now?" 2011 is a good year to discover it. You don't have to think about it, actually. You don't have to try to analyze it or anything like that. It will come to you, if you're willing. It's a potential that is there. All of these things have been in a state of flux and evolution, because you've been going from an Old Energy consciousness into a new, and it had to be in this state of flux. This year it comes to you. It comes to you. And all the energy to support it comes to you.

< (Next) 10 > Keahakenergy wants to serve you. As Cauldre said before, to bring in new levels of Source energy. Humans, by nature, have a habit of keeping Source energy somewhere else, keeping it separate from this Earth, from this reality. Afraid to bring it in, perhaps, because it will mark the beginning of the end of a long journey. Bringing in those levels of Source energy, perhaps, is the last step before the final step, going on to your sovereignty, your ascension. Sounds great, but yet you have trepidation. You wonder if you're ready to leave. We'll talk about that more in a moment, reasons why you might want to stay.

< (Next) 10 > Some of you are a bit hesitant about bringing in new sources of light energy, because you have such a deep love for this planet. You have an intuitive understanding of what's going on right now - call it a point of separation - that part of you dare not want to leave now. This is when the show gets good. This is when the fruits of your labor, of your breathing, of your dreaming is coming into being here on Earth. And it's going to happen.

We measure energies in the other realms. We don't have little mechanical devices; we feel into them. We measure a variety of things, then, that tell us where consciousness is going, including everything that's happening with Gaia - a wonderful way to measure energies - and we know that consciousness on this planet is going to break through. But there are forces that don't want it to. On the other hand, there are enough humans that have said, "It's time. It's the place. This is where it's happening."

< e2012 3 > So many of you came to this planet on behalf of your angelic spiritual families. You came here to learn something that would eventually set them free. Everything in the cosmos had kind of come to a big stop, and couldn't move anymore, and you came here to learn what had happened. You came here to go through a series of lifetimes, kind of reliving some of the events. They weren't in physical form but physical form allowed you to have a whole different understanding. The work that you did has freed the energy in creation with your spiritual family. That's why there's so many in line now to come to this planet or the New Earth. They are free. It is moving again. You're out of a job.

< e2012 3 > And that's a tough one, because that's really one of the core reasons you came here. You dedicated yourself to that, and when that's done, you do feel kind of like, "Well, now what? What do I do?" This is at a very deep level. Your mind may not recognize it, but you do. So you tend to have strange things - dreams of reenlisting in the military, reenlisting in a service organization, wandering around aimlessly trying to find if anybody needs your help, and they don't. You know, it's kind of an aftermath of getting the job done.

So you say, "Where was the grand celebration? Where was this big celebration for the work I did? My spiritual family's free now." They'll have it later, but right now they want to leave you alone. They know what you did, but they want to give you time, right now, for yourself. It's been a journey. It's been a lot of battles, been a lot of trials and tribulations just doing this, and they know right now that you just need time for yourself, with you.

< e2012 8 > Staying in the physical body is going to be a challenge for many of you when you come to your enlightenment. Enlightenment happens in the simplest moment. Not when you plan it. Not when you even think you've earned it. It just happens because you allow it. So you come to that moment in enlightenment, which seems like an eternity of time – it happens in a second, but it seems like an eternity – you come to that moment, and it's very difficult to say “I'm going to stay in the physical body,” because it is harsh and it hurts and there's the aches and pains. And you could say it's the illusion. You're going to come to that moment, every one of you, “Should I stay or should I leave?” There's no right or wrong answer. So what are you going to do? Only you can answer that question.

< e2012 9 > Energies are serving you literally right now. If you're not really sure you want to be on this planet, you're sitting on the fence, you're waiting for a breeze to come along and push you off one way or the other and then you can blame it on the breeze, not take responsibility, that's exactly the level of energy that's going to come in to support you. Not much. Just enough to survive. Just enough to live. Just enough to get by. And that's where a lot of you are. It's not because you haven't figured out abundance. It's because you haven't chosen whether you want to be here or not!

< e2012 9 > And I will make a very direct statement here. If things aren't happening in your life, if everything seems to be kind of on hold, you're able to get through the day, but it's just everything's on hold, it's because you're on hold. You don't know whether you want to stay or leave. To make a commitment right now to be here, to make a commitment to stay, is huge. And a lot of you don't want to do that. You take the attitude “Let's just see what happens next.” What's going to happen next is nothing. A lot of waiting to see what's going to happen next.

< e2012 9 > To make a commitment right now to yourself, to your soul, to all of the aspects, that you're going to stay, that you're going to live is big, because then right away you start thinking, “Well what about this? What about that? What about my health, my wealth, relationships,” all of that. So what happens is you tend to just wait. “I'll think about it tomorrow when I'm feeling a little better,” you see. And then the energies support that literally.

< e2012 9 > Big question, “Should I stay or should I leave?” I can't give you the answer. There's no right or wrong. The only thing I can say is please make a choice one way or the other. The in-between, the on hold, is what is really driving a lot of you crazy. Being on hold. Not really knowing. So feel it for a moment. Don't think about it, but feel it for a moment. Do you want to stay and why?

< e2012 9 > And I don't want to put words in anybody's mouth or in your minds at all, because this is a very personal decision. But so many of you may not be able to articulate it, but you've gone this far with it, this many lifetimes of integration, of understanding the divine. You've gotten this close. It's the 11th hour, 59th minute and 59th second. Why not?! Why not just see what it's like to be enlightened and divine and human at the same time?! Yeah! Yeah!