death process / cycle of death


< Ascension 11QA > The cells, the molecules, the atoms of your physical body have a certain memory to them. They have a certain pattern that has been established over generations and over eons of time. They are in the pattern, so to speak, of going through a birthing, a living, and a death process. Now, how do we change this? Well, the easiest way is through your consciousness. That is not, by the way, through your mind. You cannot WILL yourself to live longer, but you can ALLOW yourself to live longer. Look at the stone that this one has in the question that came up earlier. The stone shows the effect of consciousness on matter. As you change your consciousness, you can change the patterns of the cells and the molecules within you. You can expand your health. You can expand your life.

< DivineHuman 3 > It will take a bit of work on your part to be present. You are so used to living in the past, or worrying about the future. The past, dear friends, was killing you. Living in the past creates death - period. When you live in the past, you are thinking about what happened before. It sends a signal to your system, to your biology, to begin the death process. When you live in the future… when you worry about what will be… when you worry about your retirement… when you worry about what the world will look like in 10 or 15 years… when you worry if you are going to get a pink slip at the office next week… this causes you to suffocate, to suffocate, to extinguish the fire of the divinity that is birthing within you. The past will kill you. The future will suffocate you.

< DivineHuman 11QA > We see so many of you get up in the morning, and look at the mirror, and count the days and the years going by. And, you are simply triggering your biology into a death process. You hold onto a date when you were born onto this Earth, even onto a sign that you came in with. None of these are truly appropriate anymore. Yes, you can still mark that date. You can still chuckle to yourself on that date. But, you're all being rebirthed. You are all being reversed. You CAN rejuvenate yourselves, particularly with some of the energies brought in today by Gaia. You can rejuvenate. You don't have to hold onto an aging process anymore. You don't have to hold on to having a specific number of years. This is still ingrained within so many of you. And, so many of you still follow the - how to say - the birth, and the age cycles, and count the years. It is time to release that, to release your consciousness from that Old pattern.

< NewEnergy 7 > I'm concerned because I see so many of you dying… yes, indeed. You're not sure if you want to live. You don't necessarily want to die, but you're not sure if you want to live. So, you simply exist. And, then your body starts crumbling out from underneath you. Your mind isn't as sharp. You feel a depression, a sadness. You feel that everything is being pulled out. It is because everything is responding to you. If you're not embracing life, then life is not so sure it wants to be with you. It will start to go away. This will only serve to reinforce some of that Old thinking, simply reinforce that perhaps it is time to come back Home.

< Teacher 3 > You're on an aging cycle right now. As an angelic being in a physical body, you're on a cycle of death. Every since the day you were born, you've been on the cycle to death, on a pattern to death. So the consciousness - high consciousness in the Standard Technology - comes in, finds this belief in death, in this pattern in death, and then goes in compassionately, without force, without agenda even, and just radiates.

< Teacher 3 > So this pattern that you're on, this pattern of death, starts to feel something different, starts to feel itself different. And instead of identifying itself as death, as belief in the death and the eventual experience in death, it says "Am I needed anymore? Does death have to mean finality? Does death, as I know myself, have to be fear?" And you see how this simple morsel of high consciousness starts to change everything, even at the smallest level, the small cycle.

< Master 6 > And as I said a number of times before, birth is much more difficult. That's why babies cry. Birth means forgetting, in so many cases - forgetting why you've come here. Birth means a long life ahead. Birth means having to repeat a lot of the things that you went through before. Birth means having to put up with the biological family that you chose in haste, so often. (laughter) Birth means having to catch up where society is. So death actually is much easier. Death actually is much easier, and when you realize that, the rest of your life can be so much more dynamic.

< Master 10 > So, dear Shaumbra, everything starts to fall apart here (the "Ouch" zone). It looks dismal. It looks dark. You're at the end. It is really the biggest death process you'll ever face, including physical death. Physical death is a walk in a park on a sunny day compared to this, truly, because you just go. Generally, you go days before your body does. You lose connection and consciousness, so you just evaporate away over into the other side, and then your body dies and everybody cries - most everybody.

< (Next) 5 > We're asking you, dear Shaumbra, to stay, and we're asking you right now. This is a pivotal point, particularly in the next couple of weeks, energy-wise, the way things move and shift. In the next couple of weeks, between now and about January 5th, it's a pivotal time. I guess you could say it's choice time, voting time. I'm not saying that suddenly all of you are going to start disappearing, but you could be setting up the process to do that. And some of you have already been contemplating your way out. Metatron, a lot of the others from the Crimson Council, myself, are asking you to stay.

< (Next) 7 > Dying is much easier than being birthed. You've died thousands of times, and your consciousness generally leaves actually before you die, several days. Now, your physical being and your mind are still working. Most people wouldn't suspect a thing, but you leave before you leave. And if you think, "No, it's some car accident or sudden heart attack." No, no, no. You're already gone. You're really just acting at that point. Your body is still carrying on. The vitals are still there, and you're kind of acting in an autopilot, but you're already gone. Because you were smart enough, you've done this - you've crossed over - enough times to know "leave before you go." (laughter)

< e2012 8 > As I've talked about before, generally, in going through death, there will be no pain for you, because you leave first. The mind and the body continue operating, but the consciousness has left. No pain, no regret, no remorse. The only grieving is for the ones that are grieving back here. I'm hearing screaming, cheering, encouragement from the other realms – “Tell them it is not the end. It's a new beginning. Tell them there is no heaven or hell. There is yourself and a lot of friends. Open your eyes. Not your literal eyes, but open your senses. We are right here. We're not gone. We're right here, all the time.”